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December 27, 2014 9:00 am

Assad Forces Bombard ISIS Controlled Areas Over Christmas

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad waving to an admiring crowd. Photo: Syrianpresidency Instagram account.

Jerusalem Post – Forces loyal to embattled Syrian president Bashar Assad have engaged in a bombardment of territory under the control of Islamic State militants over the last 48 hours, killing roughly 40 people, according to local reports.

Syrian Army helicopters used barrel bombs – barrels packed with explosives and metal shards, with no precision mechanism— to strike the areas of al-Bab and Qabaseen on Christmas Day and overnight.

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  • Kris Kristian

    The world blames Israel and the Jews for all the troubles in the world.
    One only has to watch TV, or read the news. Muslims are murdering and killing Muslims.
    ISIS is killing all Muslims and Christians that stand in their way.
    Shia kill Sunni Sunni kill shia,

    Iran and Iraq had a war which lasted about 10 years/ Hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed by Muslims.
    That small nation, Israel, surrounded by the worst type of enemies, the Arabs and their terrorist forces, have attacked Israel time and again and were beaten each time.
    Surely this must be with the help of the Jews and Christians.
    Hamas attacks Israel with rockets. Israel did not retaliate for a long time, until they were forced to act.
    Israel has been damned by the world, with BDS, and hatred from the Christian and Muslim world.

    What does that tell us?
    That the world is filled with evil haters. There could have been and should have been peace in Israel from day one. But the Muslims/Arabs want to destroy that small country.
    Israelis like a sore thumb. It stands in the way of Islamic spreading.

    Israel is the one country which has given the world so much. More than any other country in the world, combined.
    Now, the Christian world, Britain, Sweden, Spain etc have voted for an Islamic terrorist state next to Israel. And they want to have Jerusalem divided, although Islam has no claim to any part of Jerusalem, except that they desecrated the Holiest of Holy sites of the Jews, the Temple Mount, by building their mosques there.
    Those countries which voted for a Palestinian state, with face the wrath of the God of Jews and Christians

  • charlie johnson

    He may be a cruel and vengeful dictator,I don’t really know what goes on in Syria.But of all the dictators I have experienced in my lifetime this one has the better manners.We need more of this kind.Dictators have always had a knack for making me angry and sending my younger relatives to go confront them in battle.Even Ho Chi Mihn kept his mouth shut and his gun in the closet.