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December 28, 2014 3:03 pm

New IDF Ruling Allows Career Soldiers to Wear Red Nail Polish

avatar by Dave Bender

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Female IDF soldier on maneuvers. Photo: IDF.

Female IDF soldier on maneuvers. Photo: IDF.

In a move likely to raise the ire of the Israeli army’s rank and file, the IDF has ruled that only career female soldiers – and not conscripts – will be allowed to use red nail polish, Israel’s Ch. 2 News reported Sunday.

“The army is a way of life for us. We want to feel good about ourselves as women,” an appeal from female officers to the IDF’s Personnel Directorate read. “It’s not right that we’re included in this restriction. We are not prepared to enforce the rule, and want to differentiate ourselves from conscripts.”

The soon-to-be-implemented ruling does not apply to regular conscripts, who have been allowed to use red shades since 2012, but will now have to make do with transparent, light pink, and “French” (white accented) shades.

In comparison, many other military services worldwide, including the US Army, strictly limit nail polish colors to flesh tones or clear – for all ranks and branches.

“Although it sounds funny and ridiculous, it really makes us happy,” an officer in the Air Force said in response to the ruling.

“All the women have been waiting for it take effect, because it really is ridiculous to tell us what nail polish to apply,” she said.

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  • Nana

    It’s not something that’ll be obstructive in any way (as far as I know) so why not? It can actually be rather beneficial. The bit of red on the nails may seem insignificant, but sometimes that’s all it takes to affect one’s mood. The red polish has always cheered me up. On the other hand, I have never – and still don’t – wear blue (nail polish) because I find it rather depressing. But of course tastes vary and the red may stir different – negative – feelings in others. Especially where the army is concerned. On another note, during periods I work out more I usually don’t wear nail polish at all. It’s too much of a hassle and it barely lasts two days…

  • If you’re in combat (and female military personnel shouldn’t be) nobody cares about your fashion statement. It might just highlight you and get you killed faster! SUCH VANITY! I served in the military over 45 yrs. ago and female personnel did not serve in combat and rightly so. I cannot even imagine fighting alongside female military. HASHEM established His hierarchy not me and He knows best. I challenge anyone to show me in the Torah where women were to serve in the military…and D’vorah who was a judge did not go into battle!

    • Yitskhak ben Avraham

      “I challenge anyone to show me in the Torah where” anyone named Isaac after not being sacrificed ever chose to interact with his parents again. The Torah has its limits when being used to justify arrant nonsense.

    • A.Ross

      Ask the people before you. The ones who founded Israel. Women served in combat roles, then were removed. Because certain men, had issues with their manhood.

    • Anjie Batel

      Excuse me Darrel,
      Woman have the right to fight in war to defend their country the same as men. Of course combat roles are not for all woman, or men for that matter, However if a woman can pass the training the same as a man she can fight along side him. Luckily there are brave women and men that are fighting everyday for your freedom and your right to say such ignorant things!
      US Army combat veteran….FEMALE TYPE!

  • As long as they can shoot the target and the nail polish does not betray their position or distract is fine with me.

  • Pinchas Baram

    the U.S. army regs seem logical– nothing fancy, girls,please, this is the army. but in israel, someone is always kvetching and pushing the envelope. next, how about short miniskirts for the girl soldiers? and then the IDF and secular israelis will angrily complain when religious and esp. chareidi conscripts object or refuse to serve…

  • RiverKing

    Somebody has too much authority, too much time on their hands, and an overweening need to control minutiae. Find another career, for the good of the IDF.