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December 29, 2014 4:30 pm

Brandeis Radical Who Insulted Murdered NY Cops is Backed by Students for Justice in Palestine

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Khadija Lynch was backed by hate group Students for Justice in Palestine when she ran for the Brandeis student senate. Photo: Truth Revolt

Khadija Lynch, the Brandeis University student whose obscene tweets about the recent murder of two New York City police officers have become a national scandal, won the backing of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP,) a violently anti-Semitic group, when she ran for election as a student senator in 2013.

Lynch’s tweets about the murdered officers were highlighted by Daniel Mael, a leading pro-Israel activist on the Brandeis campus, in an article for the Truth Revolt website that subsequently went viral. Mael, who has energetically countered SJP’s activities on campus, is presently facing harassment and calls for his expulsion from university radicals who have decried him as a “white supremacist” for the offense of drawing attention to Lynch’s extraordinary online rant, which included such missives as “i just really dont have sympathy for the cops who were shot. i hate this racist f**king country” and “amerikkka needs an intifada. enough is enough.”

When Lynch ran for student office in 2013, she gushed that she “fell absolutely in love with Brandeis” – a university that she denounced in a separate tweet as “a social justice themed institution grounded in zionism. word. thats a f**king fanny dooley.” The two organizations that endorsed her manifesto, which included a commitment “to make Brandeis a safer, more tolerant, and friendly environment,” were the Brandeis Black Student Organization and the Brandeis chapter of SJP.

“An apathetic attitude toward the murder of innocents and calls for violence are entirely in-line with the actions of Students for Justice in Palestine chapters across the country,” Mael told The Algemeiner. “Unfortunately the vicious rhetoric of Ms. Lynch is echoed by many other student activists across the country. This language helps fuel a disturbing atmosphere of hatred and fear.”

Mael’s own expose of SJP, published last October in The Tower magazine, detailed a number of violent attacks on pro-Israel students by members of that organization. In August 2014, for example, Temple University student Daniel Vessal was punched in the face by an SJP member, two of whose comrades referred to Vessal as a “kike,” according to witnesses. At Loyola University in Chicago, SJP thugs harangued Jewish students with slogans like “How does it feel to be an occupier?” and “How does it feel to be guilty of ethnic cleansing?”

Since Mael’s article about Lynch appeared, both he and members of his family have been targeted for abuse. Lynch herself tweeted “i need to get my gun license asap” after Mael contacted her for comment regarding her tweets.

Meanwhile, Brandeis University President Fred Lawrence weighed into the controversy today, releasing a statement in which he confirmed, “We have no greater concern than the safety of our students at Brandeis.” Lawrence did not, however, specifically address the threats made against Mael and his family, nor the involvement of hate groups like SJP in the verbal attacks and threats made against him.

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  • charlie johnson

    There is no justice but on the African continent where the law of the jungle rules.The policeman is respected by all. Where human dignity is the byword. The police have no need for a weapon .A kind word and loving smile is all that is required to maintain peace and harmony among the masses.The judges hear all evidence and judge without regards to color,Race or creed. No man is an island.Equal opportunity is the standing rule.We are held captive within the borders of the USA because the entire population would flee this racist and greed controlled nation to the great Utopia beyond the sea.

  • victoria brandeis










  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    It would be nice if that race baiter Al Sharpton took a moment to say his regrets about the killing of the two cops and tell his people to cool it. If he is struly looking for social justice, this kind of barbaric behavior is not the way to go. I also include his saying something the the likes of this student who represents the worst of what the Black community can be. He should tell these type of people to stop mouthing off in irresponsible ways. You reap what you sow.

  • charlie johnson

    There was a great wise man who coined the term. “LEADING FROM THE REAR.” As events unfold in the USA it would be wise to keep that in mind. An alibi can be concocted by the innocent smiling villain whacking a little white ball around on green grass . The devil always puts forth his best act to deceive his fools.

  • Nomoresympathy

    These simple minded children have gone far enough. Stop helping these people; that’s all there is to it.

  • Michael

    Prior to college,in most schools there is a zero toleration policy for bullying fellow students. Sadly, that discipline is lacking throughout the college/university campuses of America. Disrespect and divisiveness tears humanity into positions of us and them. If you are not for me, you are against me and I will take you down using words and physical violence to silence you. The debating clubs have rules and boundaries which seem lacking in the hate clubs on American campuses.

    Under the guise of democracy and freedom of speech, the incendiary behavior of anarchists is not only tolerated but encouraged . In truth, democracy is not free and its limits need to addressed within a framework of responsibility.

  • Dougie Freish

    President Lawrence does not speak out enough. He has been a disappointment since being appointed as President. Brandeis has an identity crisis and it is high time he takes a side and supports truth and Israel. Sometimes taking the right road isn’t easy but that university was founded to uphold truths, not made up lies that are stated so many times the masses believe them as truth. What Ms. Lynch stated was on a public forum. Mr. Mael just exposed this angry woman’s own words. That isn’t slander or libel. That’s called journalism. Bravo Mr. Mael. I hope the cesspool mobs of hate look at themselves and their parents or caretakers who invoked hate into them and leave you and your family alone.

  • David H Cordle

    Send that hateful bi87ch back to wherever she came from and hope she feels the pain of the murdered officers families everyday of the rest of her pitiful life.

  • David H Cordle

    How would this useless, shameful bigoted woman feel if it was her loved one murdered in cold blood? I hope she changes her tune or has a hurtful life everyday for the rest of her ignorant life as do the survivors of the MURDERED officers.

    P.S. Don’t EVER call 911 for help you piece of trash.

  • Here in Israel the Zionists actually arm the terrorists as well as giving them huge chunks of Israel! So Brandeis has a way to go before it fits within the Zionist framework.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    An “anti-Semitic” group at Brandeis? A pro-Arab (I don’t use that made-up term by Yassir Arafat Palestinian) group at a Jewish university.

    How sick is that and the fact that the Jews aren’t fighting back is even more disgusting.

    Black students and PLO students. Show me a university that allows this self-hatred.

    This black hater should be thrown out but this self-hating make believe Jewish university would sooner throw out Jews than blacks or Arabs.

    Tom Friedman must feel great about now.

    • Robin Benoff

      Amen, if thats jewish funded Brandeis what kind of self hate is allowing that kind of Rhetoric? Despicable

    • Ive always thought that arab palestinians should be referred to as “palestinians” (not capitalized) While the Jewish Palestinians of pre-1948 Israel should be in Caps.

    • Jon R.

      “Black students and PLO students. Show me a university that allows this self-hatred.”

      Self-hatred is not something that is allowed. It is exercised by the self. You’re so enraged that you can’t even write a coherent post. Better stop and take a breath next time.

      “This black hater should be thrown out…”

      Yes, what an ungrateful shvooga!” Back in the good old days when righteous Jews dominated the Portuguese slave trade, we gave these people free trips to the Western Hemisphere with luxury accommodations no less, and now they turn on us! Where does the hatred come from???!!!

  • old.frt

    “Students for Justice in Palestine” AKA Swine in Palestine.

  • Give K. Lynch a one-way ticket to IS controlled territory and let her live there since she hates America so much! It’s only because of the Judeo-Christian American Constitution that she can make such anti Judeo-Christian anti-American remarks and not be jailed or worse. If she lived in IS controlled territory and made a negative or disparaging comment she would be sentenced to death. Such absolutely stupid, ignorant hate mongers truly gall me as they should anyone with any modicum of intelligence!

  • It’s good that you published this article as people need to know that there is a Palestinian connection to most if not all of these riots. It’s now being reported that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are now weighing in and telling the rioters to go after police, etc.
    One reference is…..
    ‘Don’t Shoot’: Al-Qaeda Magazine References Police Protests And Ferguson

  • old.frt

    Students for Justice in Palestine AKA Swine in Palestine.

  • Helena

    What I really do not understand is that there is absolutely nobody around who can give an adequate answer to these people who are just bullies. Why don’t they come up with facts of the most terrible events in the arab/muslim world . Why can’t they show these in pictures and ask them why that is ok with these mindless, arrogant and fanatics?Why don’t they show them what is being done to minorities and these minorities are not becoming terrorists , like they are.
    Armenians have been butchered by the muslims, copts have been and are still being butchered and persecuted. Christians and jews all over the muslim world are in danger.Yet, not one of them has become a terrorist, why is this so?

    • these anti-semites never fight with facts. they just throw blind insults out there. Never do they use verifiable facts. We have to force them to use facts, verifiable facts in any debate/argument/fight. They need to be called out every time they use an insult rather than a fact. it shuts them down right away.

  • Anatoly Tsaliovich

    Brandeis events are a warning symbol forestalling the future of American Jewry at large. But the majority of the present and future victims of this malaise have little grounds for complaints since the desease has been created by the feckless and small-minded behaviors of too many among them.

  • Jon R.

    Typically pathetic Algemeiner attempt to conflate any negative story it can find with opposition to Israel and its 5th column in the US. So SJP supported her in a student election last year (2013) and now she is sounding off about something unrelated.


    And by the way, this statement of Lynch’s does not qualify as a denunciation of Brandeis: “a social justice themed institution grounded in zionism. word. thats a f**king fanny dooley.”

    Actually, it’s probably a pretty good description of Brandeis. A “fanny dooley” is a slang construction indicating a contradiction. Brandeis certainly imagines itself to be dedicated to social justice and certainly does support the state of Israel which denies basic rights to the conquered (yet unconquered) Palestinian people. Hence, it IS a contadiction.

    Stop whining.

    • LBJeffrie

      “Stop whining.” says Jon R. on completion of 3 paragraphs of whining.

      • Jon R.

        Very substantive! No doubt the best you are capable of.

  • Michael Sunshine

    There should be some questioning of the quality of education at enormous expense that is being offered at the major universities that produces student leaders with this level of critical thinking ability. One wonders if the administrations of these institutions have any understanding of the classical liberal ideas they should be teaching or the likely results of the appeasement policy they seem to follow. While student security is important and a very minimal requirement for any university there are clearly educational standards that should also be seriously addressed.

  • mh8169

    So what is new here? This twerp apparently feels the same way about Black on Black crime. Her morality or lack of is appalling.Brandeis has lost its moorings.

  • Isaac brajtman

    It’s about time that the abusers of our freedom of speech are sent to the countries they support. Where there is No freedom of speech. In fact, no freedom of anything

  • Eric R.

    And to think this filthy Marxo-Nazi POS is fouling up a University founded by a Jew.

    What a disgrace.

  • ate dege

    These criminal and toxic hate-mongering “students” are an insult and a danger to all American institutions of higher learning.
    Why is it that no-one has the gumption to expel them and banish for life?

    • Kerry Berger

      Honestly, they are no worse than the right-wing hate mongers of the religious right at their institutions and non-profit organizations. Extremists and crusaders of any sort are people with psychological problems and basically morally weak individuals. We should shun all of these asshats.

  • steven L

    Muslim fanaticism is combined with self-victimization. This cocktail is used to enhance antisemitism and demonize the West. The decision of the West to refuse to face this situation emboldens the Muslim fanatics to be more violent and fanatic. Brandeis silence condones the fanatic’s behavior under the excuse of appeasement believing that it is the way to deescalate from the madness. Fanatics never deescalate as Germany and Japan have demonstrate.
    The Alinsky model will lead to a catastrophe for the western world because it pits the left against the right.

    • LBJeffrie

      They’re whining like Jon R.

  • Terry Sack

    It seems to me that this whole thing likely spun out of control when Michael Piccione sent out the e-mail to 200+ members of the Brandeis community mis-characterizing the on-line publication in which Danny Mael writes, Truth Revolt, or, as a publication “largely followed by white supremicists (sic)”. He either purposefully misrepresented Truth Revolt, or never even bothered to look at what the publication is. It is edited by 30 year old Ben Shapiro, a young Harvard-educated lawyer, writer, and radio talk-show host who was writing in while he was still in law school. Given that it is quite obvious that both Shapiro and Mael are Jewish, it should be highly apparent to anyone, especially one who is at Brandeis, that the publication in which Mael or Shapiro writes is hardly followed by white supremacists, so I would venture to guess that Piccione employed a frequent strategy used by so-called “progressives” or leftists to purposely misinform and/or mis-characterize things to shape their own political agenda.

    Take the term “white supremacist(s)” out of the equation, and this whole story does not spin out of control as it did. Unfortunately, those on the left looking to vilify Mael got all the ammunition they needed by Piccione’s mis-characterization. I would bet that very few of the leftists (or, as most would call themselves, “progressives”, which has replaced “liberal” as the word of choice by those on the left) ever bothered to check Piccione’s characteriztion of Truth Revolt, which is especially disconcerting considering that many on the receiving end of Piccione’s e-mail were Brandeis faculty!

  • Nora

    So much hatred coming from SJP. No facts, no truth, just misplaced hatred. They should be required to study history (from an honest and truthful source) and be denied access to Brandeis until they do. SJP should not be on any college campus. Period.

    • LBJeffrie

      They’d rather whine, like Jon R.

  • VictorMc

    Brandeis ‘management’ Get a grip you pathetic crowd and expel this piece of rubbish. NOW.

  • RiverKing

    Can someone please explain why Brandeis, founded and funded by Jews and named for a highly respected Jewish jurist, harbors an organization like the Students for Justice in Palestine and students who would be a part of such an anti-Semitic organization? PC diversity can be carried too far. The First Amendment is not a suicide pact.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Well, Khadija, if you truly hate this “f-cking racist country”, move to the Middle East and see where your attitude will get you. Hint; on your knees with a sword at the back of your neck or a gun at the back of your head. They truly do not like outspoken women.

    • David H Cordle

      With you on that. How about the murdered officers and their families; everyone losing sight of that. Ironic an Asian and a Hispanic. Surprised she doesn’t call for more police murders making sure they are white.

  • RiverKing

    Well, that’s a surprise. Imagine. SJP being anti law and order.

  • TheAZCowBoy

    Nasty Jews that massacred 2,186 Palestinians (580 of them babies) in Gaza 07-08/2014 point fingers?!!!

    You have a lot of ‘huevos’ pointing your finger at anyone, BABY KILLERS!

    • LBJeffrie

      The IDF took it easy on them. Grow up and stop whining about Jews.

  • J Feldmann

    Poor Brandeis University. Another fine school, if extraordinarily overpriced, turned into an anti-Israel liberal arts backwater.

  • Michael

    Prior to college,there is a zero toleration policy for bullying fellow students. Sadly, that morality is lacking throughout the college/university campuses of America. Disrespect and divisiveness tears humanity into positions of us and them. If you are not for me, you are against me and I will take you down using words and physical violence to silence you. The debating club has rules and boundaries which seem lacking in the hate clubs on American campuses.

    Under the guise of democracy and freedom of speech, the incendiary behavior of anarchists is not only tolerated but encouraged . In truth, democracy is not free and its limits need to addressed within a framework of responsibility.

  • Pinchas Baram

    The president of Brandeis is a nice guy, he’s pro-Israel, I’ve met and heard him…but he’s a lawyer, and he’s used to academic and legal disputes, not the raw anger of lefty faculty or the threats of the despicable SJP. in short, he’s not up to the task at hand– of standing up to the lefties and the SJP, stating without equivocation that they have crossed a red line, and that if they do not cease and desist, that will be grounds for student expulsion and enforced faculty resignation.

  • Golum

    How do you answer this person without major swearing???
    The Jewish Supporters ought to walk away from Brandeis …the nerve to support this kind of PUTZ!!!

  • Larry A. Singleton

    It would be nice if the people who maintain this web site would take their head out of their ass and create a decent print function. there’ s this thing called “studying the issues” where we actually print the documents and attack them with pen and hi-liter. Boy! What a concept.

  • Paul Cerar

    It is not hypocritical for left-wing fascist Communists to collaborate with right-wing fascist Islamists. Hell calls to Hell.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Vicki Trachten-Schwartz

    Anyone who sends a penny to Brandeis is a fool. Brandeis use to be a place for students who wanted a great liberal arts program education, kosher food and to honor the memory of a great zionist jurist Judge Brandeis. Brandies is now another campus for foul mouthed punks who happen to be smart enough to be accepted to this now garbage educational institution.

  • David M

    Brandeis is that bastion of “liberalism” that withdrew its invitation to Ayan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree. It buckled under pressure from the radical Left that permeates its lovely campus.

    Given its stellar record for cowardice in the face of radical-left intimidation, it should have no place in the debate going on now.

    That “student”, Khadija Lynch, should be given the middle seat on the plane taking the Revs. Wright and Sharpton to exile in Somalia. Here are the America haters uniting with the Israel/Jew haters to spout their radical, anarchist, philosophy.

    Sharpton, despite his published history, has kept his mouth shut as distinct from Khalija who can’t seem to shut up!

  • These vicious, disgraceful rants are happening all too often on campuses all over the United States, but one happening on the campus of Brandeis University, named after the
    outstanding defender of justice, multiculturalism, a Jew and a passionate Zionist himself, is like adding insult to injury.
    I say to this young woman: “do yourself a favor and read some of the many books that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Louis D. Brandeis wrote in the defense of Justice, REAL JUSTICE, and in defending it, defined it, before you embarrass yourself by exposing your profound ignorance in your post.”

  • Bill

    It interesting how the pro “Palistinian” groups seem to be taking a page from prewar Nazi Germany. Denigrate, isolate, harrass, and lie. There is a stuggle for the soul and spirit of many universities not to mention freedoms you should have when you go to a school of “higher learning” we’re safety and toleration should be a give. I would remind those university administrators and professors who look the otherway or support the harassment of jews because they disagree with Israel that SS had more PHD’s than any other branch of the Hitleriet regime. Be careful what you sow.

  • Sofia Bain

    No comments, to this disgusting SJP group, that should be grateful to be in a University such as Brandeis used to be.
    Shame on these students, especially Miss Khadija Lynch, who should be grateful to be in the United States of America, and does not know how lucky she is.

    She should read up on what is happening in Nigeria, Somalia,and other despot countries where they rape, kill females without any problems.

    We stand for the Police, and for Israel. This comes from Canada, and no, I am not a Zionist, but, what are they teaching in the Universities these days? I was born in Poland during World War II, and know of atrocities, and horrors of this war, including having all my family killed, and no I am not Jewish.
    Shame on all of these despots – and yes I live in Canada, and love the United States of America as well.

  • Simone Miller

    My G-d why did we let such hateful into our country? Let them return to wherever they came from and spew their horrible messages at home…not in my home.

  • Jeff Zucker

    It is highly unfortunate that people like Ms. Lynch cannot be deported. Wouldn’t she love to exist under Hamas in Gaza or with ISIS or with any number of Islamist organizations that feel that women are inferior. Maybe with her mouth they would even saw off her head. She is so lucky that we live in the USA, the most tolerant state where her ranting is allowed. Good people, who she does not appreciate, have died in many wars for her to have the right to be an idiot.

  • Joan Lurie

    Dear Daniel Mael,
    I would like to be in touch with you about how to effectively counter SJP at several units of the City University of New York.

    Thank you,

    Joan Lurie

  • Elliot Altman

    Fred Lawrence, another highly paid spineless administrator. Brandeis needs a new President that can give the University a moral compass.

  • Jacques Bertrand

    Is this a surprise to anyone ? Is it really a surprise that America’s enemies ,foreign AND domestic , would take and are taking all opportunities to destabilise America under the weak and bigoted leadership of the current President ?

    Mr. Obama is the worst President in ALL of America’s history. He has no understanding of nor any affection for the principles which have built and nourished the USA throughout her history.

    Come on America. Wake up and see what is happening under the leadership of the supreme socialist . Dump the Democrats . Get America back . The long “siesta” should come to an end !Your friends want the REAL America back ! So do your own people !

  • CLAY


  • Where are the laws governing hate speech such as calling for intafa , violent acts against Jewish students. Is this what Freedom of Speech is about? This is about creating a climate of intimidation and terrorizing students. How does Brandeis explain these actions and does Ms Lynch receive financial aid from this Fn country or Brandeis.? Who will answer these questions?
    My family attended this once fine university.
    Marion Abramowitz

  • Rosa Lopes

    What kind of an idiot are you? do u perhaps need someone to get killed first in order to realize that this person is not only a threat to the University students but to the whole of United States.This kind of terrorists should be send back to their own lands where they can do as they please.


    The president of Brandeis is apparently unable to stand up and be counted. He should be replaced.

  • That girl is sick. – Social resentment causes people to do and say stupid things like she says on her tweets.

  • Neil Horlock

    “The two organizations that endorsed her manifesto, which included a commitment “to make Brandeis a safer, more tolerant, and friendly environment,” were the Brandeis Black Student Organization and the Brandeis chapter of SJP.” I like how you’ve pointed out the total inconsistency of there argument. They want a safe, tolerant, friendly environment by advocating violence and intolerance to gain those ends. The total lack of logic in their methodology is laughable.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    SJP members are bringing the violent social pathology of the Middle East into the university community. They’ve never heard of civil discourse, only violent confrontations. The Left is duly impressed. They think that people who are that enraged must have a reason, and they sure don’t want to question them. Violent and uncivilized student behavior would not be a problem if universities did what they are supposed to do. Suspensions and expulsions for behavior that crosses the line are badly needed. Most universities have abrogated their responsibility. These universities are every bit as guilty as the offending students. Leaders are few and far between.

  • Morton Harrison

    Shame on liberal Jews who believe that by turning their other cheek they will garner respect from anti-semetic pro Islamic haters of reasonable intercourse. Any grant or scholarship funds from Jewish donors, graduates of Brandeis or the public at large should cease. Let Islamists stand up and condemn their co-religionists.

  • BH in Iowa

    “Lynch’s tweets about the murdered officers were highlighted by Daniel Mael, a leading pro-Israel activist on the Brandeis campus….”

    Anyone else pleasantly surprised to hear that there is a pro-Israel activist at Brandeis?

  • Elliott

    This is yet another litmus test which unequivocally demonstrates the SJP is a far-left group, irrevocably out of touch with the mainstream, and unabashedly radical in its political views. Fine, they have the right to express their radical views, so they should be recognized now precisely for what those views represent.

  • Just a Jew

    Brandeis must be held accountable if it does not expel this woman immediately.

  • ezra

    Dear Mr. Lawrence,

    As president of a well established and prestigious center of higher learning, I would hope that you took a stand for the rights of those consistently attempt to stifle free speech.

    SJP was founded by anti Semites and has a history of Israel and Jew bashing all through this country. Isn’t it time to speak out for those who do indeed believe in freedom and academic openness, and expose those who use harassment and intimidation to stifle discourse and open discussion? Why not begin with you.

    Ezra Hanz

  • policeman were assassinated.

    Where are the liberals now.? Where are the marchers. ?

    Bernhard Rosenberg commented on a link.

    December 7 at 7:51am ·


    As a police and prison chaplain I can tell you this will only stress out the police more and mistakes will be made. Policeman are only human and if they fear being murdered they will do whatever it takes to stay alive. There are good and bad police officers, just like the general society. IF a suspect resists they are looking for trouble. The PBA will make certain police are not assassinated and the FBI will be called in. Can you imagine a society where all police look away at crimes so that they will be able to go home safely at night. Do you want criminals on the street that out gun the police and more powerful weapons than law enforcement. There will be no law and only disorder. RABBI DR. Bernhard Rosenberg
    . Where are the liberals now

  • J’accuse! J’accuse! Mael and his enablers, which includes you, are guilty of cultural bias that arrogantly imposes Western Judeo-Christian standards of decency and civility on this proud scion of a culture in which such concepts are disdained as effete and degenerate.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Justice Louis Brandeis name should be removed from that disgraceful institution.

    He would be deeply insulted if he knew what evil and disgraceful activities were being enacted in his name.

  • judorebbe

    Gee, what a shocker! Who could have guessed this one!

  • charlie johnson

    The great institutions of knowledge have become a rallying point for mob slogoneers. As you enter you see a hat rack. Hang your brain there because it won’t be required.

  • helen friedman

    oh goody one group of violent, racist and ignorant group of people protecting another violent, racist, and ignorant human being. Fools!

  • Eliezer Eisenberg

    I join those that condemn Mael’s article. It assumes that blacks and Muslims should be judged by the same standards as white Jews or Christians, which is clearly unfair under ADA standards, which mandate reasonable accommodation of physical or mental handicaps.

    • Jon R.

      Well, Eliezer, you can categorize blacks and Muslims any way you want–as long as you don’t whine when Jews are similarly classified.

  • Norm

    Brandeis is a great school, but has a long reputation of tolerating total – even
    homicidal loonies. In the 60’s it recruited ex cons . Three Brandeis students, Stanley Bond, Susan Saxe and Katherine Porter were indicted for the murder of a Boston police officer. it will be superb if Pres Lawrence shows some balls and does more than “show concern” for murderous tbreats on his campus. Of course. Brandeis recently showed its total lack of principle and or courage by banning Hirsi from commencement ceremonies. They seem to have morphed from the voice of American Jewry to the voice of political correctness.

    • charlie johnson

      There is more to it than race alone. The youth have been raised differently than their parents. Both black and white.There are good young people in both groups but a larger number have no respect for anyone including their own elders.They will rob and kill their own parents. They kill their own kind. There are leaders who ignore this because there is no glamor or money in the truth.No matter what the news tells the public there is a great lapse in moral character among the younger generation.Adding race into the issue ,( By certain elements) Just confuses the matter more.But once politicians and the media makes race the main debate it will just get worse. Evil is colorblind . It is universal.