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December 30, 2014 3:49 pm

IDF Highlights Hamas Spokesman Video Calling for Anyone With a Weapon to ‘Kill Zionists’ (VIDEO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum says Palestinians must use all means to kill Zionists or they do not belong to Palestine. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Palestinians living in the West Bank must use all means at their disposal to kill Jews and Zionists if they wish to be considered part of the Palestinian people, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum says in a video highlighted by the IDF on Monday via Twitter.

“Anyone who has a knife, a club, a weapon, or a car, yet does not use it to run over a Jew or a settler, and does not use it to kill dozens of Zionists, does not belong to Palestine,” Barhoum said. “Palestine says loud and clear: real men are those who avenge the blood of Gaza… Real men will not sleep until they have avenged the blood of Gaza.”

The clip, which was first published and translated by media watchdog MEMRI four months ago, begins with Barhoum declaring that he wants to relay a message “loud and clear to our people in the West Bank.” He then proceeds to ask Palestinians why they do not use their possessions to attack Jews.

“Don’t you have cars? Don’t you have motorcycles? Don’t you have knives? Don’t you have clubs? Don’t you have bulldozers? Don’t you have trucks?” he asks.

To those living within the Green Line, Barhoum announces that it is time for them to declare “a new phase in this struggle.” He says, “Political and social considerations are worthless. Blood and martyrdom are the only considerations that matter. Palestinians have no choice but to wage this battle in Gaza, in the West Bank, in Jerusalem and in all the cities of occupied Palestine.”

Watch Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum speak about killing Jews below:

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  • It is time to implement population transfer for all the Arabs who create violence, riot and attack Jews and anyone else. They could be relocated to the home and land of the million Jewish people, expelled from Arab countries.
    A Jewish person and any other person in Jerusalem and the rest of Greater Israel has the right to live and walk in his own country in peace and tranquility without fear or intimidation.
    I suggest a massive demonstration by Israelis, demanding the government to restore peace without fear or intimidation at all costs. Israel must ignore world opinion and the Media, they will criticize and defame Israel no matter what.
    Eventually the world at large respects a government that protects its people.
    According to International Law All Jews have the right to live in any area of the original San Remo Treaty of 1920 and the Mandate for Palestine adoption in perpetuity by the League of Nations.
    It is interesting to note that the World at large is not questioning the State of Jordan and its territory, which was taken from the allocation to Jewish land. Jordan a State that has never existed in history prior to WW1. But Israel that has existed on its land for over 4,000 years which included The land Jordan occupies, they are questioning Israel’s land. They do not mention that The Arabs ejected a million Jewish people and confiscated their homes and assets and that about 650,000 of them were settled in Israel’s LIBERATED TERRITORY.
    Arabs are the occupiers, they have 21 Arab States that were granted to them after WW1 by the same powers that granted the State of Israel. The Arabs countries also expelled over a million Jewish people (who have lived there for at least 1,800 years) from their countries and confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land (5 times the size of Israel) valued in the trillions of dollars.
    There is no other term for Jewish villages and towns in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem than Liberated Jewish Territories.
    To negate any claim of Arab ownership of the land, Read and study the Ottoman empire land title. It states that approximately 98% of the land was owned by the government, some of it was leased to the Arab population as sharecroppers, not owners.
    The balance 2% was owned by Arab land barons who sold the land at premium prices to the Jews.
    Here is the incredible testimony of The Mufti of Jerusalem on January 12, 1937 when he documents in testimony for the British Peel Commission that the Jews did not steal land from the Arab Palestinians but by the year of 1920, the time of the “Occupation” meaning the British Palestine Mandate, the Jewish people had already purchased 1,500,000 dunams of land in the Land of Israel which is 375,000 acres.
    The Mufti also testified that the land was not bought by “forcibly acquired-compulsory acquisition of land”. That kind of ruling behavior was the action of the Ottoman rulers and not the Jews. Also the Mufti admitted that any evictions done were by absentee landlords who chose to sell “land over the heads of their tenants, who then were forcibly evicted”, and that the majority of these tenants were not Palestinians but Lebanese.
    It is a common practice by the Muslims to obfuscate, distort, outright fabrication and misrepresent facts to their benefit, it is even permitted under their religion, in order to accomplish their goals.

  • If you feel it is moral to express your sympathy for those Arabs who colonized and occupy all but a sliver of land in the Middle East, those who stone women to death, execute gays and rape little children? Those who kill people indiscriminately, suicide bombers, teach hate and violence to their children! If you believe that making Judaism illegal in every Arab country is OK? Really? The Arabs have also forced most Christians out of their countries. You leave me no choice then, but to assess you moral indignation as meaningless lawless revolting and vile. I laugh in astonishment at what hypocrites and naked bigots you are.

  • Israel must declare: Possession is nine tenths of the law

    Netanyahu’s speech in the U.N. is a shining example of a fundamental flaw in Israeli Public relations (hasbara): Israel doesn’t stop apologizing and asking for support. It never stops asking for permission. Other heads of state used the UN platform to tell other countries what to do. If we were a normal country, our Prime Minister would point to his audience with an accusatory finger and say, “you did this!” He would accuse the “moderate” Palestinian leadership of giving its children over to Hamas with their never-ending defiance.
    It is about time we stop apologizing and start accusing the real opponents of peace “Moderate” Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen.
    Netanyahu must make full use of the equating of Hamas and ISIS, an organization seen as a strategic threat to the West, by making clear that the failure to stop the former is a direct cause of the rise of the latter. He would make clear that to protect themselves they need to ensure that Israel, which stands on the front lines of the Islamist assault on the Western world, needs to be defended, as a statement, not a request, a demand, not a plea.
    Our real problem is not anti-Semitism, the Muslims or even the settlements. Our real problem is our desire to be loved. By arguing that Israel is a small country surrounded by enemies and in need of allies we neglect the fact they need us no less than we need them. Just to show how desperate we are to be liked, as opposed to any other country on earth, we see the virulent criticism against our country as something positive to be listened to and absorbed. As though there is truly “constructive criticism” in the messy and Machiavellian world of international politics.
    The EU has an article in every “association agreement” it reaches with Middle Eastern countries which deals with the preservation of Human Rights. Only with Israel does the EU threaten every so often to suspend the agreement for violating this article. Only is Israel subject to the possibility of harming of bilateral ties based on an issue not directly connected to them. Does anyone seriously doubt that the human rights situation in Israel is better than in Egypt, Syria or Algeria? Does anyone doubt that Israeli criticism of treatment of immigrants in Europe would be contemptuously rejected (justifiably!) as an unjustified attempt at interfering in another country’s internal affairs?
    What’s is Israel’s Dignity Worth?
    The Nation of Israel has invaluable assets for a declining Europe. It provides a unique contribution to the west by fighting emerging Middle Eastern threats as the only western forward post in the region with intelligence and operational capabilities which are second to none. It even has what to contribute in helping to ensure and improve moral standards in fighting terror. Time and again, we try to cooperate with a world which speaks of morals and justice but in truth is run primarily by “personal goals, fear and interest.”
    We are so desperate to be a member of the club of liberal democracies that we don’t even try to use these assets as the price of admission, but forgo them in the pointless hope that we will be loved enough on the merits to be allowed to join. We reject with contempt the idea of tying our support for fighting just causes in exchange for support in fights no less just.

    Even the most moral countries (which are not Israel) see first and foremost to their own interests. They have no incentive to help Israel when the price for this is paid in negative public opinion in their own country and abroad, when they can get what they want from Israel for free. On the contrary, they have an incentive to force Israel to standards no other country is held to – and unfortunately, Israel agrees to them far too often.
    After the Six Day War (in other words, right after the infamous “occupation”) the liberation of our ancestral lands, we were admired the world over. Now we’re just repeatedly used. We supposedly dishonored the victory – not the Arab states, not anti-Semitism and not even “Peace Now.” Israel. The Israeli leadership which keeps begging and pleading for the world to “recognize Israel’s right to exist” are helping to cause horrific damage to Israel throughout the world.
    Sovereign states don’t ask or plead for permission, and Israel who is fighting bitter battles for its existence for the past seven decades – as opposed to many other countries – has nothing to apologize for.

  • charlie johnson

    Someone should give the good doctor a dose of his own medicine.

  • It takes more guts (courage) to make peace than to make war

    Making peace is harder than making war.
    Can humanity overcome the urge to make war and pursue peace
    Tolerance and peace is a two way street.
    If you want peace and economic prosperity, both sides, show your resolve by taking bold actions, showing your determination to the benefit of all the people. You can accomplish more with honey than with vinegar.

    We must pursue peace with passionate determination and vigor but we must have all parties desire for true peace.

    A true and lasting peace in Israel and the Middle East will establish an economic prosperity of which the world has never experienced and all the people in the region will benefit from a true peace. Do not waste your time and money in promoting war and hostility. The people in power must utilize the resources and manpower to the economic advancement of all the people, this will promote tranquility in a region that has known strife for centuries. The leaders have to utilize funding to enhance education and promote innovation.

    It is neither a culture of confrontation nor a culture of conflict which builds harmony within and between peoples, but rather a culture of encounter and a culture of dialogue; this is the only way to peace. We should require each party in this conflict to listen to the voice of their own conscience, not to close themselves in solely on their own interests, but rather to look at each other as brothers and decisively and courageously to follow the path of encounter and negotiation, and so overcome blind conflict.

    The “greatest contribution to a sound and continuing peace in the Middle East would result from the development of trade and other economic relationships between Israel and the Arab countries. When nations are making progress and peoples’ opportunities for rising living standards are favorable, it is more likely that they will concern themselves with constructive achievements rather than with hostility and war.”

    “Israel has the talent, technology and skills and by now the experience of dealing with the environment and the resources in the Middle East which are readily transferable. Therefore, it is entirely realistic to expect prompt and major developments in the Arab countries under peaceful and normal relations in that region,” “Israel’s economic growth is reasonably assured under any circumstances but only if she could divert the hundreds of millions of dollars now devoted to defense efforts could she not only speed her own development but also play a positive role in helping the economic expansion of the entire region.”

    YJ Draiman

    • charlie johnson

      Speaking as an outsider Mister Draiman.I too would like to see them working together in peace.There are those who seek justice that are the culprits because justice is a codeword for revenge and revenge is the devils bargain with his Earthly comrades.