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January 1, 2015 12:47 pm

Abbas’s Fatah Movement Marks Fiftieth Anniversary With Image Inciting Genocide Against Israelis

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Fatah published this image inciting genocide against Israelis hours after the PA joined the International Criminal Court. Image: Ali Faour

Barely 24 hours after the Palestinian Authority submitted its application to join the International Criminal Court (ICC,) the Fatah movement of PA President Mahmoud Abbas has published a gruesome image on its Facebook page inciting genocide against Israeli Jews.

The image, by Arab artist Ali Faour, was published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Fatah’s founding on the terrorist organization’s Facebook page. The anniversary was celebrated at a ceremony in Ramallah on Wednesday morning, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

Faour’s image shows a Fatah flag attached to a gun emerging from a pile of skulls, several of which are marked with a Star of David. The image conjures up memories of the corpses which Nazi execution squads dumped into mass graves during the Holocaust.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW,) an Israeli monitoring group, noted that incitement against Israel’s very existence has been a key theme in Fatah’s celebration of its anniversary.  “Central to the visual images is the map of ‘Palestine,’ used by both the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, which includes both the PA areas and all of Israel, thus denying Israel’s existence in any borders,” the group said.

PMW also highlighted the host of a children’s program on PA TV who praised a young girl for wearing a pendant shaped like “occupied Palestine, which will return to us some day.”

As The Algemeiner reported yesterday, the PA is focused on joining as many international organizations as possible, following Tuesday’s failed vote on Palestinian statehood at the UN Security Council. Membership of the ICC would, the Palestinians calculate, provide a major opportunity to focus attention on Israel’s alleged “war crimes” while keeping the focus away from the PA’s long record of incitement.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to counter the PA’s moves at the ICC.

“We will rebuff this attempt to force diktats on us just as we repelled the Palestinian appeal to the UN Security Council,” Netanyahu said on Wednesday, insisting the Palestinians had more to fear from the court than Israel.

“It is the Palestinian Authority that has formed a unity government with Hamas – an avowed terrorist organisation that, like the Islamic State , carries out war crimes  – which should be concerned about the ICC,” he said.

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  • Derick S

    The 50th anniversary being marked is not the creation of Fatah, which was founded in 1959, but of its first attack against Israel, an unsuccessful attempt to bomb a pumping station of the National Water Carrier on January 1, 1965.

  • And this posting is not grounds for Israel to take him to the ICC ? Do the Israeli’s have the guts ?

  • They can huff and they can puff but they will never blow our house down.

  • judithg

    the scum want war. Israel will destroy them and their progeny. we will fill up the hog pens and pig stys with their rotting bones.
    we will shove grenades into their filthy mouths. that is how you stop this spewing of hatred against Jews and the Jewish state. the puppetmouth supporters of these muslim worms will also halt because they will join them.

  • victoria brandeis

    may 2015 be the removal of all the scum from the earth…..muslim terrorists and more……i have no breath for their safety and no breath of kindness for their children….WHO ARE BORN DEAD…>>.

    sill people….questioning ‘ again ‘…….yesterday and last year or before you can sway with questions…its evident that this is at a peak for viewing and the oy vey does not work now…….

    what you do in the narrow sense of your minds hurts and kill someone somewhere else.

    grow up……afluenza

    • Paul

      It is impossible to understand your english.

      • Esa Rintala

        I agree.”Is difficult to unerstand Your English. It’s diffucult to understand for example meaning of words: incite and genocide. But the reason isn’t the bad english. There is obviously two different kind of world we are living now. We don’t use those words here in scandinavia…just because there is no need for those words…in everyday life I mean. But in Israel everyday situation seems to be different. So language is allso bit different too.

  • Lauren Goldman

    The thing that surprises me is that people are surprised. What we are seeing is the anti-Semitism, which has been hiding since WWII, reemerging. This summer’s war of defense against hamas provided a cover for anti-Semites to speak openly that which they have felt/believed their whole lives, in relative anonymity. I found that if a person were to be allowed to speak on the pro-‘palestinian’ issue, long enough, their Jew-hatred would creep into the conversation.

    Over this summer, a few people with whom I have spoken for quite some time, showed their true feelings about Jews. It was disheartening, and made me wonder what their real feelings toward me had been all along. My hope is to make aliyah sooner than later.

  • george beacock

    He [the devil] comes to kill steal and destroy, he abbas is a wolf in sheeps clothing, wake up governments of the world you are being deceived by a maniac

  • honnest comment

    Richard. YOU are are a sociopath.The Prophet Mohammed, Peace be Upon Him) was a man who protected the Jews in his time. Read about this. Do Not spread lies. The crimes of Zionists is being exposed for the first time in history with many universities in the US choosing to opt for BDS against israel. People of your ilk have very little say. The BDS noose is tightening. Israel’s number is coming up soon.

    • Milhouse

      That is not an honest comment. You are lying your face off. The madman Mohammed, filth be upon him, did not protect Jews, he massacred them! He broke his treaty with them, murdered the men in cold blood, enslaved and raped the women, so that by the time he died there was not a Jew left in all of Arabia. That is a fact, recorded proudly in your own depraved “holy book” that he claimed came from Jibreel (except for the part he withdrew because he “discovered” that the one who had told him that part was really Satan).

    • Neil

      Dear Dishonest Commenter:

      BDS is guilty of the international crime of advocating genocide. The poster that is the central feature of this article is in violation of the same convention. If the International Court had any integrity, its prime focus would be on those who advocate genocide, like the PA, Hamas, BDS, and you.

    • Michael

      Better a sociopath then a psychopath. You obviously have mental issues and forgot your meds this morning. Israel grows more confident and stronger by the day. Terrorism is the chosen path of the Muslims. Ugly intolerance and hatred will never defeat Israel.

    • Michael

      Lying is ingrained in the Muslim culture. the Quran allows for lying when it serves Islam,so you can’t get too concerned over the passionate blather of Muslims or their political leaders. Abbas understands that on the street, Hammas is far more popular with palestinians then is the Palestinian Authority. So, to compete, Abbas must appear more fanatical then his competition, Hammas. It’s all political jabawaki,Palestinian style. Corruption rules in a psychopathic world of bluff and bluster.

    • Eco

      honnest comment /BRAVO, BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      WE AGREE WHIT YOU 100 % THE SOONER THEN BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • IDecimus

      Liar, the pig Mohammad killed 600 Jews by beheading them and ax he wrote “I smiled upon their necks”

    • Ha!

      Israel has never been stronger or more economically secure.

    • Was wiping out a whole Jewish village part of that protection? More Islamic rhetoric and revisionist history (which is in itself a lie).

    • Is their no end to your Muslim lies?
      Look up surah 33 verses 26-32.
      Look up quaran 98.6

  • Alan Kennedy

    Arabs worshiping their infidel cult of death

  • Peter Joffe

    Obama is in a very difficult position as the worlds leading Muslim he has to keep the Muslim world happy and his supporters in the USA who don’t think that he is radical. Soon he will be kicked out and will leave a legacy of hate for Israel and the Jewish Nation. I never understood why he authorized the hit on bin Laden but perhaps that was to convince the world that he was in favour of democracy.

  • judorebbe

    Don’t worry about Fatah. They’re “moderates” … Just ask Team Obama, “progressive” American Jews, and the Western media.

    • Eco


  • Les faucons des deux bords en sont de vrais.

    • Pierre Elie Mamou

      où avez-vous lu, vu, un appel à la haine, au meurtre, de la part d’Israel. Les 7 guerres, comme cette 8e de l’été sont des guerres défensives. Ne perdes pas de temps à répondre, informez-vous plutôt.

  • john rowan

    I just can’t understand why the hell the world is the way it is today. I pray for the Jewish people and their families every day .. I am not Jewish but some of my favorite people and friends are Jewish ..

    • victoria brandeis

      thanks for your prayers, all of these work……its all out of control……

  • rachel robinson

    After 50 years of hatred and incitement against Jews and Israel in particular they have no achievement at all. The PA is at the same spot they were 50 years ago, and they still did not learn that they will never defeat Israel. Even when they have more support from Obama than they ever had from any American president they have nothing, they did not advance their cause at all. Maybe the PA should change the leadership which apparently is not only not effective but has nothing but defeat after defeat. Mr. Abbas is not the kind of leader these people need. He does not wish to improve their living conditions and his political standing has not produced such improvement. Hamas is basically defeated, they have ruined buildings and ruined economy in Gaza. Too bad the people under those two leaderships have no way to make changes that will benefit them.

    • Milhouse

      What are you talking about? They have achieved a lot with all their killing and terror. They have achieved rule over a large territory and over a million people, amounting to a de facto state. They would never have got that without the terror; the Oslo accord was essentially an attempt to pay ransom and get them to stop killing, but of course it didn’t work, because it only taught them that what they were doing gets results, so why stop?

    • Yale

      A record of failure ties the initial supporters of a movement, or of a politician, even closer to it/him. Its their only way of denying that they had been wrong in the first place. Just ask Obama and his supporters.

  • Rachele

    What are the criteria of these international organizations and treaties with regard to membership? Can anything be done in this regard? What about incitement to genocide? This is against international law.

    • Julian Clovelley

      This isn’t a competition.

      There are a large number of matters relating to the Middle East and in particular the Israel Palestine region that certainly should be examined by the International Criminal Court

      It is in fact the Palestinian Authority that is leading the way here in seeking to ratify the Rome Statute and recognise the ICC

      Israel could however get there first if it so desires – having already sined the Treaty. All that is required is a vote in the Knesset, I believe, ratifying the Treaty

      Do it, so that all relevant matters can be adjudicated.

      • Lynne T

        It’s not a competition. It’s just part of the usual dog and pony show that Abbas likes to put on. The membership application has to be ratified by the PA, and the PA is very divided.

      • Milhouse

        Adjudicated by whom, a pack of antisemites?! No, thank you.

  • now where is ICC? and those Jew hating europe? is inciting not a war crime?

    • Sonia Willats

      I cannot begin to understand how the USA and Europe can see the PA-Fatah (even when not united with Hamas) as a peace partner. The fact that they pay salaries to people in prison who murdered Jews, and that their Arabic channels constantly call for Arabs in Judea and Samaria to do whatever is necessary to prevent Jews from going to the Temple Mt etc… The fact that Abbas denies the Holocaust, whilst clearly – from this image – supporting it… etc.

      In short, Europe has NO EXCUSE. Europe should walk in shame forever after the Holocaust.

  • art

    what is most disturbing is the complete silence from Obama/Kerry/Hillary speaking out against this incitement and the daily incitement This is just one more bit of proof that the pa has NO INTENTION to have peace, this is also in violation of Oslo.Keep in mind it was Obama who was the first US President to declare the so called settlements illegal and use the term occupation opening the floodgates to others and stepping up the pressure on Israel. His so called warnings on isolation were also a green light

    • Liz

      Thank you!!


      I have to agree … I have been SO disappointed on the Democratic view of Israel. I am one Democrat who is all for Israel, and I know plenty of other Democrats who are pro-Israel. It hurts that our leader is not, and I voted for him. I like what he has done foe economy … BUT I do NOT like his view on Israel.

      • I’ve left the Democrats over this issue.

        I am NOT going to support an American president that supports a genocidally Islamist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Abbas like Mohammed is a sociopath who loves dead Jews. No suprise here. Abbas supports the 1964 PLO Charter which calls for the murder of every Jew in Israel.

  • merci pour ce post

    • theo

      Which emphasizes how sick those nations are which voted for a Palen state Even the abstainers have been infected