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January 4, 2015 12:47 pm

Islamic State Cell Detained by IDF in Hebron”, Special Unit Established to Track Activities

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ISIS Militants. Photo: Screenshot, Fox News Sunday.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and the IDF in November busted what it revealed Sunday was a three-member Islamic State (IS) terror cell in Hebron, Israel’s Walla News reported, as the army said it has ratcheted up surveillance of the growing regional threat.

Officials said they suspected the trio of planning to carry out attacks in Israel including bombings against the IDF. One of the detainees admitted to planning to kill a local Jewish resident at nearby “Abraham’s Well.”

Ahmed Wadeh Salah Shehadeh, 22, Muhammad Fayyad Abd al-Qader, 21, and Ktzai Ibrahim Dib Maswadeh, 23 admitted to interrogators that they had established the military cell, constructed several bombs, and plotted to kill an Israeli soldier and use his weapons and uniform in a shooting attack.

The cell had actually set off to perpetrate the attack, but did not follow through for reasons not detailed in the report.

Their cases were transferred to court in recent days for indictment on offenses of membership and activity in an unlawful association, and other, unspecified charges.

Also on Sunday, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported that army intelligence recently dedicated a separate force to exclusively focus on IS activities, particularly across social media.

“We have made adjustments inside the IDF’s intelligence-collecting units because we came to the understanding that IS is breaking historic boundaries,” the commander of the “Hatzav,” intelligence unit said.

“Most of the information we gather comes from the internet; IS does not belong to a particular region in which we may have sources,” he noted.

Previously, the IDF primarily tracked IS via its division in charge of Syria. However, senior officials soon began to understand that the organization was a unique phenomena.

“Once we saw the first beheading videos we understood IS was something new, never seen before,” according to the unit commander.

“The IDF is deeply concerned with the fact that IS’s videos affect the Palestinian public which is very frustrated with its leadership; we are following this potential phenomenon closely,” the senior official said.

The recent arrests in Hebron apparently bear out that warning about the emerging threat.

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  • Let Mossad do it’s job,a job they do quickly and quietly.

  • steven L

    Is there a difference between Islamism and fascism? Of course not. Why is then the West refusing to face the Islamic TSUNAMI?
    On a different issue, why are the West and Muslims imposing a double standard on Israel? Very simple: it allows both side to find cover for their lack of ETHICS and moral TURPITUDE.
    Israel is considered differently from ALL other countries, therefore she must act differently.
    Contrary to EVERY SINGLE Muslim country, if the so called 2nd class Palestinians citizen recognize and live in peace with Israel, they will fare far better than any other Muslim in the world. But so far they have no interest whatsoever in that goal. Their goal is to blindly practice a genocidal ideology. Sanity will prevail over insanity. It may take time but we are on the side of human humanity.
    Finally, is Israel going to continue the insane practice of putting in jail those fanatics who openly plan to destroy Israel whenever given a chance and then exchange them for dead Jews?

  • charlie johnson

    Our wise leader said not to worry,I.S. is just junior varsity.He has a plan to diminish the unit. It is nothing that would require any loss time on the fairway.

  • Jerry Rosenberg

    Happy to see IDF on the ball. These idiots from antiquity
    are so brain washed, bullets not soap can cleanse the World of them.
    I fought Arabs in 1948, they were as brain washed then as they are today. Life is meaningless to them. Their culture of death, is their raison De Et.
    If enough of them kill each other, that may solve some of the problems they have created in the World

  • Valery

    I suspect that it was militants ISIS were behind the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers – which led then to the conflict with Hamas and the IDF operation in Gaza.

    • Lenny

      Well Netanyahu did say that Hammas = ISIS….