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January 5, 2015 8:41 am

Iran’s Plan to Wreak Havoc on Israel With Missiles

avatar by Herbert London

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Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons.

The Iranian desire to acquire nuclear weapons involves several political and military scenarios, including the oft repeated desire to “annihilate” the state of Israel. However, Supreme Leader Khamenei has made it clear that even without nuclear weapons, he intends to surround Israel from the north (Hezbollah), the south (Gaza and Hamas), and the east (the West Bank) with an unbroken ring of rocket and missile arsenals.

Since the end of the summer war between Hamas and Israel, Iran has openly supplied advanced missiles to its surrogates in the region without a word of condemnation from the West.

As expressed by Supreme Leader Khamenei during the International Congress on Extremist and Takfiri [apostasy] Orientations, “We have passed through the barrier of denominational discord. We helped Hezbollah (Shia)…in the same way that we helped Sunni groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.” Of course, few things unite disparate Muslims more than hatred of Israel.

Ahmad Bakhsharyesh, a member of the Iranian National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, emphasized the belief that in arming the areas contiguous to Israel, a blow has been struck against Israeli security. He also argued that through encirclement, Iran has forestalled any Israeli effort to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. Khamenei has noted that in bolstering the missile arsenals of Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel’s security will be challenged and “the liberation of Jerusalem – which is the duty of every Muslim” will be achievable.

Moreover, the Fateh-110 Missile, developed in Iran, has sufficient range to strike at every target in Israel – from the north to the south. While Iran has been engaging in nuclear negotiations in Geneva and Vienna, its arms industry has been working overtime to develop advanced offensive rocket capability and has made it part of its military planning to place these upgraded weapons in the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah.

With the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the region, the rapprochement towards Iran by the Obama Administration, and the strengthening of Iran’s influence in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories, Israeli security – to some degree – has been compromised.

Surely Israeli military planners understand the new challenges that have emerged. Terrorist mobilization in the Golan has increased dramatically in the last year. At the moment, Israel is quiescent, but this is likely to be a temporary reprieve from battle.

Each day that passes introduces new complications for Israeli security. Israel won the war against Hamas, and from a tactical point of view, Operation Protective Edge provided information about Hamas’ leadership, and planning and infiltration methods. But it is also true that the enemy learned a good deal about the capacity of Iron Dome, the deployment of Israeli forces, and Israel’s intelligence apparatus.

Iran’s transparent encirclement strategy is not entirely new, but it is being reinforced based on accumulated knowledge. Encirclement is also a variable that must be entertained in any preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iran’s obsessive desire to destroy Israel must be met by an equally obsessive desire to defend the Jewish nation. If encirclement compromises Israeli defenses, a strategy must be developed to break through missile intimidation with a clear and unequivocal response.

Herbert London is the President of the London Center for Policy Research.

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  • Monica Kell

    Iran and Palistine elite have prospered for 70 years at the expense of their poor 99%, to oppose the destruction of their Ottoman Empire by Britain and the UN approval of 2 states in the territory of Palistine. Like German, Japan and Italian former Nazi soldiers, when given the opportunity, most Muslims want the same: Disarm and Prosper. Russia will trade a post Syria/Hez/Hamas world peace in exchange for acquisition of E. Ukraine, Putin kissed Net. On the cheek 8 weeks ago on Al Jazeera and said he “loves the Israeli people”. The Mooz elite are responsible for returning billions in global aid to Palistine as global investment transforms their people into a nation of peace, wealth and a good future. The Imams of Europe have fostered social apartheid for 1400 years, Muslim women have been denied marriage with Infidels, there can be no peace without their cooperation.

  • charlie johnson

    Well ,Maybe Putin does not trust Iran so much.But to him it is like a football game ,He lets Iran run interference while he hands the ball to one he does trust.He did not advance to KGB Colonel by being less cunning than the other guys he worked with.

  • charlie johnson

    Hum,, I got it from the grapevine that the fuzzy face man in the picture above wrote a song melody,Added the lyrics ,The sent it to a man up in New York to record.You may want to hear the words as they are his secret desires of the future.It’s kinda sentimental but you get a good picture of this mans thinking.>>

  • a adane

    King James Bible
    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
    Isaiah 54:17

  • charlie johnson

    Iran is a very large country with a lot of unused land.They could just give the people of Gaza a little section for their own and build each on a nice little home.The cost of a war would be far greater.

  • Rick

    The God of Israel will protect Israel. All of Israel’s enemies will be destroyed.

    • tao

      Now why does this sound like what ISIS fighters say about their Allah ?

  • Aaron Cohen

    It’s a mistake for good Christians to feel that they can sit back and wait and watch for Israel to be victorious against its enemies and the forces of evil. Pastor Hagee and other evangelical leaders and groups, like CUFI, Christians United for Israel, take pro-active steps to help Israel. They raise money for Israel. They fight media bias. They lobby politicians to help Israel. They educate people in the west about the evils of radical Islam, and the hypocrisy and anti-Israel bias in the United Nations. The is a world of physical beings and things. We need to take action to bring about the physical recapitulation of God’s will on earth. As JFK said in his inaugural speech, “here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”

    • You know, the education that people get in America about Israel is much like the education people get in Iran about Israel in a sense that both of them only focus on one side of the coin. Americans come to believe that Palestinians want all Jews dead, that they hate peace, that they are all terrorist, that they are the new Nazis killing Jews. And Iranians come to believe that Israelis are all racist sadistic psychopaths who take pleasure in slaughtering Palestinian innocent children.
      This conflict between Palestinians and Israelis have been going on for more than 50 years. Both sides have done terrible things which should be blamed on the individuals responsible for it not the whole nation.

      • charlie johnson

        In the fifty to sixty era the agnostic Chairman Mao said that political power comes out of the barrel of a gun,He proceeded to demonstrate his scientific theory on the millions of Chinese who would not hang a picture poster of him on their town square. So after you consider all the dead produced by agnostics you may conclude that this world has a lot of killers who do not attend religious meetings of any sort.

  • Lauren Goldman

    The Ass-a-hole-a should understand that if it comes down to a doomsday scenario, Iran will end up being represented as a big glass ashtray on future maps. Regardless, the best plan is to arm Israel to a level which, if a major war were to be fought against her, the response would be scorched earth. No prisoners, no questions, no mercy.

    Never forget. Never forgive. Never again!

    • Jack Smith

      If the Almighty American power, lost the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and of course thanks to Iran.
      Do you think ,little country as Israel will survive in Middle East. I have my doubt . Sooner or latter Israel will cease to exist.
      American taxpayer should demand f rom Congress safe their earned hard money. Stop funding Israel.

      • charlie johnson

        I am not sure Israel will cease to exist.The Roman military was the only world super power of the times that they destroyed Israel but they only scattered Jew around the world.Before that Babylon had a great army and hauled them away for awhile.They came back.No matter what happened in the past the Jews survived and Israel is still a nation.Don’t count the Jews out yet. God may have a plan for the Jews.Besides ,If the Jews were not there to be a problem for the Islamics they would still be looking for people to kill. They THINK god has given them the authority to execute anyone,Even their own. Fear is not much to carry you through life and not much a reason to exist. This thing ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

  • Paul

    The Iranians are so devious and so clever. As opposed to the Western democracies, who are very naive.
    No peace-seeking people want to go to war. Often they will delude themselves and try ignore the threat until there is no choice but to face up to it. Somebody said, the US will always step up and do the right thing, but only after they tried all the wrong things first. So, just as all tried to appease Hitler, they will desperately try to appease Iran, will cling to any crumb of apparent compromise while Iran blatantly lies and also continues to state very clearly what they intend for Israel- to their own audiences. We are ALL guilty of this reluctance to face unpleasant realities – Israel too (as evidenced by ignoring the threat of Hamas tunnels until they actually USED them).
    The Iranians seek global domination and nuclear arms will enable them to perhaps achieve this. They promote terror world-wide. If they get nuclear weapons, the most immediate threat is not to Israel but rather to all the oil-producing countries in the middle east. The threat of nuclear attack will force the mideast oil producers under the immediate domination of Iran. They will control the middle east by direct nuclear threat, and they will become an economic superpower, controlling the oil supply of the world.
    Israel is a very minor domino in their agenda. But presenting the nuclear threat as being aimed at Israel is clever disinformation. Are they really harnessing all their economic, military and political efforts to threaten Israel, to help the poor Palestinians, when world domination is in the offing ?
    The Iranians know that if the threat is supposedly against Israel, the western world would gladly shrug and look away, to regard it as just more of the tiring conflict between the arabs and the Israelis. As THEIR problem out THERE. Rather than face the threat to themselves and the unpleasantness of having to do something about it. It is easy to imagine that most western countries would be pleased if Israel attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities, thus erasing the threat without them having to do the dirty work.
    Instead of acting as the principal target and requesting the support of the reluctant, naive West, Israel should have stated: We have no further interest in Iran. What they do there is THEIR business. The west should decide if THEY want to face a Nuclear Iran or not, if they are prepared to have Iran control the world’s oil supply or not by means of its nuclear power. Israel is departing from the scene of the conflict. We are not playing the game any more. But since we know the Iranians have stated their wish to annihilate Israel, we will regard any long-range missile rising over Iran as a Nuclear attack against Israel and we will respond with a devastating preemptive strike. Our nuclear arsenal is our doomsday weapon, and we will assume doomsday has arrived. The same logic will apply if the hundred-plus thousand Iranian -supplied missiles are fired at us from our neighbors in a way that threatens our existence. We will kill the cat, not let the cat hide behind the cat’s paws as Iran does.
    No games. Because on doomsday, games are over.

    It will be interesting to see how the pending US oil independence will affect the games here. The US will no longer have a vital economic interest in supporting their oil supply here. So there will less US motivation to involve itself here. But the US will also be free of economic blackmail threats, and can act more freely in defence against terrorism.

  • Alan Kennedy

    It should be the duty of every Westerner to wrest tbe Temple Mount from islamic hands, as well as Constantinople, and swathes of Eastern Europe…

  • Since “Herbert London is the President of the London Center for Policy Research”, it might be a good idea to use correct translation, huh?

    “Takfiri” does not mean apostasy. “A takfiri (Arabic: تكفيري”Ž takfÄ«rÄ«) is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim (or an adherent of another Abrahamic faith) of apostasy.” (QUOTING FROM WIKIPEDIA) Also, this guy is not using words such as “Islamic Jihad” as they are used in the west to represent terrorism. Iran also does not recognize Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist organization. (And I am not saying Hamas is or is not a terrorist organization, I’m just sayin Iran claims it’s not) Considering this the conference was claimed to be against terrorism and extremist group which was not quite the same message that this writing gives to the reader.

  • The Middle East is so radical, the only way to control it, is to cut off the head to control some of the Poison. Iran, seems to be that head. We have givin Iran enough opportunity, Isreal should do what it needs to do.

  • steven L

    Khamenei goal is doomed. Only because he is a fanatic/Islamist.

  • mercas

    Please do not use the word Iran when referring to Islamic Republic. Us Iranians we have been in captivity in our own country by them bastards and they are occupiers, thanks to our own stupidity and Wests’ false propaganda about Khomeini and selling us a monster as Gandhi!

  • NCS

    G-d will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Genesis 12:3
    Israel is the pupil of G-d’s eye.

  • Leo Toystory

    Mr. London states, “Iran’s obsessive desire to destroy Israel must be met by an equally obsessive desire to defend the Jewish nation.” But for Israel to be safe
    Iran’s obsessive desire to destroy Israel must be met by Israel’s equally obsessive desire to destroy Iran.

  • charlie johnson

    Saddam Hussein played a hand in his own losses .He probably played Frank Sinatra a lot.”I Did it my way”.He did and proved his lack of sense.,He might still be there if he had a brain as big as a bird. His way. He started by the invasion of Kuwait .He held US hostages.He defied the UN inspectors and send planes to shoot at patrols in the no fly zone.He fired Scuds at Israel which was not a part of the forces that opposed him.He used WMD on the Kurds in the form of a chemical attack.There was chemicals found recenty.It was feared that the IS were going to try to use those.Nobody proved that Iraq had no nuclear research . The equipment could have been loaded on Russian cargo planes by their agents and taken away before the troops got to Baghdad.The Russians were in Baghdad and they were not happy to see the US Army 3rd INF Div at the gates.

  • Herb Glatter

    Mr. London i share your concern for Israel’s security. The Islamic Republic of Iran is an existential threat to Israel and Jews worldwide. It is doubtful that negotiations with the P5+1 will deter their desire to destroy Israel and control the resources of the Arabian Gulf.

  • R.L.

    Is this really news? Weren’t all these things written of many years ago? One need look no further than the Old Testament scriptures of Psalms 83 (the attempted annihilation of Israel by her surrounding neighbors), Zechariah 12 (Jerusalem becomes a burdonsome stone – the world gathers against it), and Isaiah 17:1 (the destruction of Damascus) – to see that bible prophecy accurately predicted the outcome of each of today’s events.
    The prophets said that War will come in the Middle East, but also that Almighty God will keep Israel intact – and she will prevail against all who come against her, and all who burdon themselves with the dividing of Jerusalem shall be cut in pieces.
    Genesis 12:3 (God speaking to Abraham of Israel) “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee”
    Sit back and watch, for it is only a matter of time.

  • zadimel

    The Jewish state ought to clearly express its policy to the government of Iran regarding it transfer of thousands of rockets and other armaments to Hezbollah, Hamas and other enemies: If they are launched against Israel,they would be subject to nuclear annihilation.

    • steven L

      That is what the fanatics want. Annihilation and then accuse IL for being responsible.

    • Elmi

      Wrong! Iran strategy in itself is a response to Israel covert war against Iran. Every body knows that Israel killed Iranian scientists and its lobby in the US is supporting sanctions against Iran. Israel president seems to need a threat from Iran to manage his politic situation. Thus Israel is not the victim even if it play as victim. If Iran had killed Israel scientists what was its response.
      Be professional and not one sided!

    • Although I agree that Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas may be facing annihilation through their actions, they certainly don’t need to be told that. They know it already.

      We always need to take into account their world view. The Iranian leadership believe that an Islamic Messiah called The Mahdi is present and living in the world today. Furthermore, they believe that he is waiting for Muslims to force him to appear in the public arena.

      It’s my opinion that they know full well that Israel may attack them, but they believe that such a situation is needed to bring about the Islamic end times scenario.


    • VictorMc

      I do hope that was set in motion a long long time ago.
      But it all sounds the usual hot air rubbish from Iran to me.

  • Joseph

    It’s no doubt,Iran plans or already executed it’s effort to make only one dirty bomb and pass it over to Hezbolla.Iran must understand that encirclement of Israel and defeat of such plans will always remain a big tale told by Iranians.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Why not destroy Iran. Not their nuclear sites but their capital when all the leaders are there.

    How many Holocausts do the Jews have to endure when Israel can end it all and the world be damned.

    • There is a biblical prophecy that tells us that WWIII will happen, and it says that it will originate in the Euphrates Valley. That prophecy further states that 1/3 of the world’s population will die in that war – over 2 billion people.

      Israel will be safe – God has His hand upon the children of Abraham, but everyone else should be prepared to meet their Maker.


  • Alexi

    If only Iran had a natural enemy to deal with right on their border so that they’d not have the type of hegemony over the region they occupy. Y’know a Saddam Hussein type of character right next door…

    Oh, silly me, I forgot, the village idiot decided to make the Middle East safe for Democracy while hunting down fictional WMDs, while a real WMD program was going on next door.

    And everyone applauded.

    • Shalom-Hillel

      Excellent point, Alexi. And right now the Islamic State is on Iran’s border, and what are we doing? Apparently, teaming up with Iran to fight off Iran’s enemy. Another American president is empowering Iran, the country that holds “death to America rallies”. This is beyond appeasement. It is delusional.

    • Reform School

      You really believe Putin trusts Tehran?

      • Alexi

        Putin is busy. And Iran won’t play with Putin because he’ll crush them like a bug.