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January 7, 2015 11:42 am

Car Explodes Outside Paris Synagogue Hours After Magazine Attack

avatar by Ben Cohen

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A burning car outside a Paris synagogue hours after the Charlie Hebdo attack. Photo: Twitter

A car exploded outside a synagogue near Paris just hours after Islamist terrorists murdered twelve people in a gun assault on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Initial reports were unclear as to whether the cause of the explosion was a bomb, with some correspondents suggesting that the blast was the result of a mechanical failure.

The explosion, in the mixed Muslim-Jewish suburb of Sarcelles – the site of violent anti-Semitic demonstrations last summer, during the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas – took place at approximately 2:30 pm local time.

Sarcelles Mayor Francois Pupponi said that the car explosion was an “accidental, unrelated incident” not connected to the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

French Jewish news outlet JSS News reported that an initial police assessment concluded that the explosion was an accident. However, JSS also pointed out that the car was parked by a roundabout where “it is strictly forbidden to stop.” The paper also questioned whether a mechanical fault could have caused such an intense explosion.

This story will be updated as further reports come in.

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  • glenda urmacher

    The French will have to wake up eventually, and deport all, en mass, and their extended families, to their country of generational origins.
    Mass deportations, but first not allow anyone to return to France who has participated in guerrilla warfare in Syria, Lebanon, etc and fought on the side of jihad!
    My favorite city in the world is going to hell in a hand basket!

    • Stuart

      Citizens of all countries should hold official public referendums to determine action on solving the problem and then politicians must act upon the descision. Politicians will not take action of their own accord as it is seen as politically incorrect. The longer they ignore the situation the more difficult solving will become …… until it is too late.

  • VictorMc

    Yes, I’m sure it was set off by a mentally unstable individual. France has 10 million of them.

  • Of course it was a bomb! Have you ever seen a car exploding due to “mechanical failure”? And naturally, it was not reported on the international news media because attacks on Jews don’t count.

  • Daryl Temkin

    If this was mechanical failure, let’s see if there is an international recall of all cars of the same make?

  • judithg

    pathetic response as usual from the grifter in the WH, who wouldn’t care even if there were a pile of dead bodies outside the oval office.
    if this guy is not a mental case then there are no mental cases.
    all this time that Jews have been targeted with these vile attacks the paralytic world “leaders” make sure to
    equivicate to save t heir own skanky stinking skins. this leaves Israel alone on the front lines to defend all of western civilization.
    france is dreyfus and vichy and train stations and their
    filthy collaborators. the frogs are a slimy bunch always have been. with the exception of the french Jews i don’t care what happens to them. they’re already in the abyss.

  • Fred

    Mayor Francois Pupponi has acquired the Obama interpretation method “it was accidental “a true wallop close to its target the Synagogue.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Why is it that terrorist acts are whitewashed by the media and the western governments. It seems that the western world is one big ostrich farm.

  • Tony Rice

    The French police protected mosques after the outrage this morning, obviously under instruction from” The Authorities”, and my immediate thought was synagogues would/should have been the more appropriate choice. Now tell me there is no anti-Semitism in France these days, almost with collusion ,one could be excused for thinking?

  • Alan Bly

    Sure, cars just explode everywhere these days. Everyone better pay more attention when they take a stroll down Main Street or Elm Street because those Chevys and Subarus can just go “Boom,” for no reason at all. Everyone’s seen it happen, haven’t they? This kooky-talk about it being an “unrelated accident” harkens back to the French Authorities claiming that “gang animosity” not anti-Semitism was at the root of a 12-year old Jewish talmud student when he was walking home from synagogue and then beaten up by a large group of North Africans. Maybe blaming everything under the sun from the Jews and Israel to unemployment, rather than addressing the real Muslim problem they have is the reason why those wild animals are as bold, aggressive…and successful in destroying Western Culture in France as they are. Will the French EVER wake up?

  • If it looks a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, etc.

  • Of course the police whitewash this explosion as they are as disinterested in investigating acts against Jews as is evident in the shooting at synagogues.

  • isahiah62

    “Sarcelles Mayor Francois Pupponi said that the car explosion was an “accidental, unrelated incident” not connected to the Charlie Hebdo shooting.”

    funny how he thinks he can say that without any actual investigation or evidence.

    DENILE ain’t just a river in Egypt
    keep prostrating before the Muslims Frenchman, but the thousands of your fellow citizens in the streets won’t!

  • Eely Baboon

    What is the building located next to the roundabout and behind the burning car. Looks like a shul to me!

  • A. Sanders

    Where are all the Muslim leaders, surely throughout the world they should be condemning this horrific and vile act? Where all the celebs supporters of terrorist groups condemning this attack and wearing I am Charlie T shirts like they do when they support Hamas and other terrorist groups?

  • charlie johnson

    Typical Islamic style.They never create any useful item to contribute any good to the world. They get big in the field of reverse engineering as you may notice in the picture.A once good machine turned into melted metal and glass. It indicates a defective brain at work. Yet these kind of fools want to rule the world. They are smart enough to have estimated that the ratio of fools to wisemen is in their favor.

  • Eric R.

    Either the Socialist -Jewhating President of France declares Martial Law – now – or the military must step in and oust him from power and declare it.

    The Jidhadists have declared a civil war today. Either France fights back, or Israel will have to be ready to land the IDF in France to defend Jews and Jewish insitutions, likely sparking a nuclear war in process.

    • dante

      the situation is not improved by panic or hysteria. france has failed to understand and confront its enemies and it has, consequently, allowed some of those subversive enemies to insinuate themselves into french society. france is in danger but, if the danger is to be eradicated, it will have to be at the initiative of the french. even though other european nations and the civilised int’l community has a stake in the outcome of the struggle, it is the french,themselves, who are responsible for their own defence.

    • Lee11

      I hope and pray that the several hundred Jews in France decide now or never. MAKE ALIYAH!
      Things are going to get worse and worse all over.
      Chas V’shalom to send IDF to France.

      They let them in, let them solve their own problem. pull head out of sand, out of lower-regions. Same for UK, where basically they have already rolled over. Overtaken by Muslims. what is this? they (the UK) wanted the Koran read at coronation? I did, did I not, read that? Just how PC can one former world power get. Muslims have overtaken entire school districts. And that, without the TSA, the DHS, Common Core, UN relocations, etc.
      The continent is gone. Unless we in US have a changing of the guard, we will soon join them.
      It’s not going to be pretty.

      • Lee11

        that was meant to be several hundred thousand.

    • racy

      I feel sorry for the people that were murdered and I extend my hand and heart to their families during this time of deep sorrow. However, it is the policies of the President of France that contributed to today’s
      tragedy. The French political leaders let terrorists
      Arab Muslims into their country, provided
      for their needs, do not monitor their Mosques or schools, let them burn Synogogues, beat up Jews,
      rape and murder, firebomb restaurants, etc.
      The political leaders are afraid of the Muslims.
      Some want their votes so they don’t criticize.
      This tragic outcome is their fault too.

  • Lynne T

    And he knows already. Is this the same mayor of a smaller French municipality who made Marwan Barghotti an honorary citizen?