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January 7, 2015 4:19 pm

Gallup Poll Reveals Significant Number of American Jews Shifting to GOP

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Jews have been leaning more Republican than Democrat in recent years, according to a new Gallup poll. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A new Gallup poll has found that 29 percent of Jewish Americans identified as Republicans or leaned towards the GOP in 2014, up from 22 percent in 2008.

Meanwhile, support for Democrats among Jews dropped to 61 percent between 2008 and 2014, down 10 percent.

Jewish Americans’ political leanings vary significantly by religiosity, gender and education, Gallup noted. The poll also discovered that highly religious and Jewish men are more likely to be Republican than less observant Jews and Jewish women. Jews with lower levels of education are also more likely to be Republicans than those with more education.

The poll results were based on 2014 Gallup Daily tracking interviews with a random sample of 4,116 Americans who identified their religion as Jewish. Telephone interviews were conducted from Jan. 2 to Dec. 30, 2014. People questioned were aged 18 and older, and lived in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) said the poll’s findings prove that the GOP continues to make progress with Jewish voters.

“Republicans have gained support in the Jewish community in five of the last six national elections,” the group said in a released statement on Wednesday. “The RJC has worked over past election cycles to increase Jewish support for Republicans, helping Mitt Romney get 31 percent of the Jewish vote up from 22 percent in 2008. We are encouraged by the trend and the continued inroads the GOP is making with the Jewish community.”

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  • Emanuel

    Good anyone voting dem at this point can go to Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, France, UK, go be free! enjoy “liberal democracy” somewhere else! Romney still scares me, Ryan is good but too creepy, Jeb looks great but, Rubio I like but I’m alone in that, Rand I don’t trust at all, please may the GOP get a strong candidate.

  • judorebbe

    Too little, too late. – The damage done by Team Obama to Israel will be difficult to reverse, and the damage done to America will be impossible to reverse.

    And President Pinocchio and his cronies still have two more years to facilitate Iran’s nuclear program, facilitate the Muslim Brotherhood led march of global jihad, facilitate racial divisiveness, facilitate class warfare, and finish trashing what remains of the US Constitution.

  • charlie johnson

    The golfing parrot fooled a lot of American Jews into thinking he was the missing link.He had mystical powers.He made his dad appear on his tenth year with a basketball and a ticket to a jazz festival.Then he vanished in the fog only to appear on the far side of the planet in an out of control vehicle that ,(As I understand) Missed a bridge just like ted Kennedy’s car.

  • Steven Geller

    Hmm, I wonder why the shift. Is it because the Republicans are solidly behind Israel? Or maybe because the president is not so fond of Israel? Or maybe because middle and lower class American Jews are disgusted by the dysfunctionalism of the black community whom, right or wrong, are identified with a black president? Or maybe, all of the above.

  • Robert Weintraub

    The trend is positive but the pace is painfully slow.

  • Rich Kirschenbaum

    About time!

  • BH in Iowa

    “Eff the Jews… they’ll vote for us no matter what.”

    – Democratic party

  • Kerry Berger

    Fortunately, those turning to the GOP are still a statistical minority. Who can trust the racists in the GOP? I certainly can’t. They do not speak for our causes other than their support for Evangelical types. I don’t like them either. They are only interested in saving our souls not respecting our religion or our values.

    • Ra’anan

      Kerry Berger, you remind me of the socialist Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who said they were awaiting the socialists off the world to come & rescue them. The current president is an EXISTENTIALIST THREAT to ISRAEL & THEREFORE to the ENTIRE JEWISH PEOPLE. Millions of Jews were murdered during the Holocaust because there were few, if any, countries who would accept fleeing Jews. The current prez is attempting to shove a 2 state “solution” down the throat of Israel. During the last Gaza War Hamas rockets reached Ben Gurion Airport. If the 2 state “solution” were to be implemented, then Arab rockets could reach anywhere in the whole country. I’d rather vote some who doesn’t respect my religion & values than someone who wants me DEAD!

  • Mickey Oberman

    It is about time they awoke from their stupor.

  • Andrew Gluck

    Wow, 61% still needs to learn who stands with them.