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January 7, 2015 5:01 pm

‘The Muslims Have Turned Paris Into a Battlefield:’ Islamists Celebrate Terror Attack Against Charlie Hebdo

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Charlie Hebdo's editor was included on an Al Qaeda "Most Wanted" poster in 2013. Image: MEMRI

Jihadi terrorists and their sympathizers have flocked to online forums in celebration of the attack earlier today against the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in which twelve people were murdered.

The attack, denounced by French President Francois Hollande as an act of “exceptional barbarity,” drew enthusiastic praise from supporters of Islamic State (IS) and other jihadi terrorist groups.

A report from the Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI) quoted a number of jihadi sources expressing their approval of the attack. One contributor to the Jihadi Media platform, a pro-IS online forum, declared: “France is one of the harshest enemies of Islam and of the Islamic State in particular.” Another contributor wrote: “France was [once] part of the land of Islam and will return to be the land of Islam, in spite the worshippers of the Cross.”

Over the last several months, France has emerged as a top target for IS. In September 2014, IS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al Adanani urged IS supporters worldwide to mount attacks in their countries of residence against both military and civilian targets, using any means available. Al Adanani  specifically identified France as a recommended target, a separate MEMRI dispatch reported at the time.

Similar themes were echoed by several jihadi sympathizers on Twitter. A user identified as Najam wrote: “#Paris Is Burning. Oh Allah slaughter them, Allah attack them. This newspaper insulted the Messenger of Allah and Islam.” Another user commented: “France turned the lands of the Muslims into battlefields, and now the Muslims have turned Paris into a battlefield. Allahu akhbar.”

In March 2013, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) placed Charlie Hebdo editor and cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier on a “most wanted” poster published in its English-language magazine Inspire. Charbonnier, who was murdered in today’s attack, declared in a 2012 interview, “Without freedom of speech we are dead. We can’t live in a country without freedom of speech. I prefer to die than live like a rat.” Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters had previously been firebombed in 2011 after the magazine published images of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb embedded in his turban.

The Long War Journal, a Washington, DC-based publication focused on the war on terror, underscored the professionalism of today’s attack, asserting that it “appears to have been executed by hardened and well-trained fighters who may have received instructions at a training facility overseas, or locally in France. The attackers may also be ex-military.”

Analyzing video of the attack, the Journal observed that “the two attackers move in side-by-side formation and fire deliberately while shooting at a French police officer who is four to five car lengths away. After the officer is shot and downed, the two gunmen move quickly towards the policemen. One shoots and executes the officer in stride. Both men move past the body, peer up the street for additional targets, then peel off and move back to the black car and leave the scene of the attack.”

The Journal concluded: “The tactic of using heavily armed gunmen to attack well defended military targets or lightly defended civilian targets is commonly used by jihadist groups, including al Qaeda, the Islamic State, the Taliban, and a host of allies in the war-torn countries of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Nigeria. But jihadist groups have also executed such attacks on civilians outside of war zones, including in Mumbai, India in 2008 and Nairobi, Kenya in 2013.”

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  • aiko

    Jesus Christ revealed Himself 600 years BEFORE Muhammad came. Jesus said He is God and that He came to die on the cross for humanity. Jesus died so that we can live, Jesus saved us, made us children of God and forgave us our sins and delivered us from hell and sinful nature and punishment and established a close personal relationship with God who is now our Father, our Daddy. So why would God then send Muhammad? what for? epecially that Jesus fulfilled the WHOLE will of His Father, especially that God always used only jewish prophets who were in covenant with Him. Muhammad was not a jew and had no covenant with God. so all that shows islam is false, based on a man who raped killed lied, was an adulterer (polygamist), was a pedophile and who denied Jesus and who Jesus said he is.
    i love muslim people and i am telling them the (harsh) truth about ther prophet and religion- not to hurt their feelings but to help them break free from falsehood so that they would be saved and know the true only God who revealed Himelf in Jesus Christ.

    • Patrick Carroll

      As if any of that matters to the death cult.

    • yugusgcys

      we want the truth

    • yugusgcys

      we want the truth
      ignorance is terrorisms greatest weapon

    • yugusgcys

      politics or religion??

    • yugusgcys

      religion has nothing to do with it. This is all political propaganda . if you can handle the truth follow the money. 9 11 solomon building 7 , proove me wrong

    • Me

      Hogwash and rubbish. Grow up already, there is no God, we’re on our own.

  • M.A.Batta

    Although in your article you attack radical Islam , it is obvious that you demonize all Muslims and Islam starting with your unacceptable title.
    If an Arab, or Islamic newspaper dared to call the war crimes, and crimes against humanity Israel committed in Gaza last summer “Jewish brutality” or savage terrorist Judaism, you would have been talking tell now about antisemitism.
    Why the tow standards, and why is this disgusting Hypocrisy

    • Daniel O’Connell

      M.A. Batta: If you read the “unacceptable title” again you will see that it is a quote from a tweet by a pro-jihad sympathiser, as paragraph 5 explains. If anyone is demonising Muslims and Islam, it looks like it’s the Islamists.

      • Patrick Carroll

        Well, truth be told, the Islamists are simply doing what Muslims in general want done.

        • yugusgcys

          keep spreading hate and fear

    • Mr.Batta no religion in this world says to take someone’s life for it’s own sake.

    • Patrick Carroll

      My experience of Islam is that the extremists want to kill you, and the moderates want the extremists to kill you.

      • yugusgcys

        ignorance is terrorisms greatest weapon. if you can handle the truth follow the money. 9 11 solomon building 7 bbc report

    • Patrick Carroll

      the Israelis moved out of Gaza, leaving those who remained to govern themselves.

      The result?

      Well, all the Israeli-built infrastructure was destroyed, day one.

      Day two, Hamas killed every Fatah member they could identify.

      Day three, Hamas started raining missiles on Sderot.

      But sure, everyone in Gaza is a victim, not a savage.

    • Melody

      But it’s true. Everywhere you read in the news, every news paper, every station it’s Muslims killing, or Muslims raping, or Muslims buying or selling slaves, or Muslims blowing up this or that, or them self. In fact, if it’s a story about violence against women, or children, or anyone it almost certainly will have one or more Muslims in it. The world is tired of this. Will all the nice Muslims please stand up and help us get rid of this scum before we’re all dead?

  • Bernieberi

    the Bible declares that in the last days a false religion will rise. The Anti-Christ and Fals Prophet will lead this group. Many thought it might be the Roman Catholic Church. They are wrong! I t is unfolding in this day that it is Islam who is the false religion. The seriously bad part of it is that our politicians are to blame for much of their growth. These barbarians care not for anything except their satanic belief system. They would kill their own mothers without a blink! This is truly a horrible religion. Yes there are. Segment of Islam who do not subscribe to this religious dogma but for the most part if they believe the Koran than they are the problem.

  • I agree, France has done this to itself. they didnt listen, Rushdie testified to governments of the danger of islamic radicalism since the early 80s. They were too arrogant as usual. Only that but they are anti israel just to appease their muslim population. We should all pay attention to this, and anyone of Muslim descent to stop justifying and not just saying we are not radical Muslims and dont commit terrorism like this small percentage. But start condemning the terrorists, the terrorist attacks done according their perceived Religions Ideology.

    • yugusgcys

      ignorance is terrorisms greatest weapon and religion has nothing to do with it. look into how it all started to find truth. i didnt believe it either but anyone that investigates will come to the same conclusion. too many coincidences. solomon building 7 bbc news

  • charlie johnson

    How could these criminal terrorist take over a powerful nation ? The citizen were fools to believe in gun control. Or to put it another way. They refused to believe in self defense.

  • Girish Tiwary

    I understand that what has happened was wrong from the Jijadis but still if Charlie Hebdo has had consistent complaints about the cartoons, then of course they would reply. Maybe the only reply they could think of was a mass shooting. But know everyone saying “Je Suis Charlie”. What does that even mean. You want some one to kill you. Is your life that depressing. If you want to die, think of a positive. But anyway Charlie Hebdo was racist and the French government did nothing. If I was openly racist or if I did Fascist comments or anything, I would expect to offend people. So anyone who is protesting, why is my question. The company Charlie Hebdo was very harsh and the French government did nothing. That is the most injustice I can see in this.

  • Spidey

    This may sound heartless, but I hope France does fall under Islamic control. Let France be an example to the rest of the world. At the moment, there is not much to miss anyways. The France I know is long gone.

    • Leslie

      This would be a disaster for France and the rest of the world

    • Jas

      you are literally a moron.

      France is in possession of nuclear weapons!

      It’s already bad enough Pakistan has them.

  • charlie johnson

    If you have seen the videos of the action you can see a lot of citizen just sitting and watching the action.Europe’s gun laws are an invitation to terrorist to enjoy their trade like a turkey shoot.They may have met some resistance in Texas ,(Except in liberal ruled big cities.)The folks in the building were waiting for police. The undertaker had a good day.

    • Jas

      I’m laughing at all the paranoid gun enthusiasts using this as an excuse to spout off their pet propaganda. The truth of the matter, is that if you were there with a weapon your either also hide, or you’d go try and do something and be killed like a pig.

      • Patrick Carroll

        At least you’d have options.

    • Dean Australia

      Australia has gun laws also, the terrorists have killed maybe 20 on our lands, America has no gun laws the terrorists have killed a couple thousand yanks, get back in your box idiot

      • Patrick Carroll

        America has gun laws.

  • BH in Iowa

    Beirut was once known as the Paris of the Middle East. Paris is now the Beirut of Europe.

    • Robert

      How true.

  • Fred

    Oh how wrong ? Islam is touted as an religion of peace.

    • Patrick Carroll

      Peace to other Muslims. Dar al Harb otherwise.

  • Eric R.

    Once the Jews leave France (and the USA takes away the nuclear weapons), the Muslims and Gauls can fight it out for all I care.

    France appeases the Islamist monster, and this is what they get.

    Enjoy Sharia Law, France. Jews have someplace to go. You don’t.

    • paulvlk

      Not much different in the UK

    • Jas

      Do you have a brain problem? How is the US going to take their nuclear weapons? You are ignorant of you believe France possesses US nuclear weapons.

      • lal

        It appears that the nuclear weapons will fall into islamists hands if the Americans do not intervene. It is too late now for France to save herself. The civil war just started, it will be great carnage. But eventually the islamists are defeated. It takes years, but until the end France will almost be destroyed. How stupid were you the French people to let the enemy in your midst since 1960th until now!!! Islam is the greatest social cancer of humanity today. Pray for kings Carol Martel and Charlemagne to save France now. Get your weapons home or you will be killed by Islam, the Beast of the New Testament.

      • Patrick Carroll

        Please consider precision strike weapons.

        A nuclear missile, despite its destructive power, is actually quite a delicate thing.