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January 9, 2015 12:15 pm

Responding to Paris Terror Outrages, US Jews Highlight Centrality of Anti-Semitism to Islamist Ideology

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Jewish hostages from the kosher supermarket in eastern Paris. US Jewish leaders have highlighted the the anti-Semitism which lies at the heart of Islamist ideology. Photo: Twitter

American Jewish organizations responded to today’s fresh terrorist outrages by highlighting the profound danger posed by Islamist extremism and the need for western governments to adopt a coherent strategy in the face of an ongoing threat.

“The world can no longer pretend that Islamist fundamentalists consist of a few isolated cells,” declared Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, Founder and Dean and Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. “They have millions of adherents around the world of Muslim communities. These horrors will not end until our political leaders come up with a global plan to identify, root out and destroy the cancer of Islamist extremism and until responsible leaders – religious and secular – go on the offensive against their co-religionists who murder and maim innocents in the name of Allah.”

The Anti-Defamation League pointed out the centrality of anti-Semitism to Islamist ideology.  “The attacks on Charlie Hebdo and on a kosher store are linked by the perpetrators’ ideology, not just their acquaintance,” said ADL National Director Abraham Foxman. “Islamic extremism is a common enemy of Jews and democratic states. That message needs to be heard and internalized by governments and mainstream society.”

Foxman added: “Anti-Semitism is at the core of Islamic extremist ideology, interwoven with its hatred of basic democratic freedoms, and continues to motivate adherents around the world. The packaging of anti-Semitic narratives has radicalized followers and influenced numerous international and domestic extremists with tragic results.”

The American Jewish Committee called for stepped up efforts to combat Islamist terrorism in France. “What happened over the past 48 hours was a shock to the entire French nation,” said Simone Rodan-Benazquen, director of AJC Paris. “It was our 9/11.”

Rodan-Benzaquen continued: “Hatred of Jews never ends with Jews. Radical Islamists have struck violently, from the murders at a Jewish school in Toulouse two years ago, to repeated incidents of violence against Jews and synagogues in Paris, to the vicious rape of a Jewish woman in her own home, and today’s assault on a kosher supermarket  in the middle of Paris.”

Conference of Presidents leaders Robert Sugarman and Malcolm Hoenlein urged western governments to make “a total commitment to bring to bear all the resources, both public and private, to end the scourge that has taken so many lives and hurt many more. The urgency to confront the Islamist extremist infrastructure is underscored by the presence of the many hundreds of young French fighters in Syria who are being trained to kill and carry out barbaric acts.”

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  • It sucks , I get stress over reading all about such things , I think I need to psycho loge , to get a treatment for something.

  • victoria brandeis

    sorry american jews…..the crime is you…your secular delivery of your own semitic hatred….J STREET and more…..so please forgive my horror at the idiotic lore that continuously comes from your AMERICAN MOUTHS…..america is like its democratic party……all beginning in the KKK……yes……and you truly believe in Paris buring

    Mississippi burning is more like it and it will come to america…..Obama the tractor and lecture is no more or less than ISIS….who knows perhaps he is……

    you are not innocent American and neither is France….but those 4 JEWISH SOULS WERE…….


  • Bernhard Rosenberg · Top Commenter · Edison, New Jersey

    We always said if we had a strong Israel during the Holocaust it might not have happened. . NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE ISREALI MILITARY TO ACT. AMERICA, WHERE ARE YOU. This is world war 111. Annihilate the enemy once and for all. Obama , where are you.?

  • Everyone calls these acts “radical.” This is simply Islam as practiced by their prophet Muhammed and endorsed by the Quran. Where are all the so-called “peaceful muslims” and why are they not speaking out (with the exception of a very small minority)? Muslims do not immigrate to other countries and then acculturate. They set-up their own separate communities and want “sharia” for themselves (and everyone else). They use their host nations laws to gain extra rights for themselves, live off the host nations welfare while giving nothing in return! WAKE UP IN THE WEST!

  • Jonah

    The only hope France hs is to arm all the French nationals and the Jews. The western liberal mind is in a state of shock. You killed religious children of Islam without reading them the new international sharia Miranda rights. They have rights, they have according to sharia law the right to kill Jews, the absolute right to kill christians, the absolute right to kill all immoral infidels, and the right to kill all those who will not bow to Islam. The left is mourning the loss of their loved ones and they will get even.

  • Fred

    Europe Jewry is as safe to day in France & Europe as it was in the 1930. The Imams are doing a perfect job of incitement with good results as there is no control or oversight in the hate preaching. The disaffected Muslim youth feel the world owes the a living for no effort and the preacher guide the way.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    There is a great effort to separate Ilam from extremism. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  • How many people this ‘extremist liberal’ magazine killed with their cartoons? Answer is none! How many people these radical Muslim killed in France yesterday? Answer is 12 . So how are both extremist liberal and radical equally dangerous? Blaming all Muslims for the actions of radicals is like blaming all westerners for the self-serving racist attitudes of some. I detest what those fanatics did and this is not for sure what Islam teach. However, the act of some fanatics and idiots cannot be a base to insult any religion or their religious personality. I consider this attack more of a religious clash than a terrorist attack.Yet it can’t be justified.Prophet himself during his life faced many opposition and blasphemy to which the Prophet reacted in the most forgiving manner. ..It is not the religion that is the problem..it is these idiots who makes fun of the religion. The important question that every Muslim must ask himself/herself in that moment of rage when he/she sees something as insulting to Muslims’ faith is ‘What Would Mohammed Do?’ Every Muslim is taught from the childhood, apart from a lot other forgettable nonsense in the name of Islam, how tolerant the Prophet was to criticism and abuse. Mocking someone’s Race is far, far different than mocking someone’s Religion .

    Freedom of speech and expression is right but it can’t be stretched beyond certain limits. Kindly go through the UN Declaration on Human Rights 1948, or Constitution of India or Bill of Rights of France where Human Rights are said to have originated by modern writers. All speak about reasonable restrictions. If you hurt sentiments of anyone there is bound to be a reaction. The quantum of reaction depends upon the level of patience of a person. What prompts Muslims to agitate? That’s an important question to ponder upon. I give an example. UN Atomic Energy chief visits Iraq and certifies that there are no weapons of mass destruction. He resigns from his post against the decision of US to invade Iraq. But nothing prevents US from invading Iraq. And when the people of Iraq fight back to defend their country they are termed as terrorists. Who is a terrorist? One who defends his home or the one who invades others. Similarly Palestinians are also terrorists for grabbing land of a nation that was nowhere on the world map a century back when Britishers created Israel. To inflict more pain, when you add insult to injury of an agitated people, you can’t simply blame them for their reaction. kindly use Peace be Upon Him against the name of prophet. This is basic tenant of Islam and it prejudices none. To all others friends. Indeed Islam is a religion of peace. But the problem is that it’s not being followed by majority of Muslims in true spirit. And also it has been portrayed by western media as evil for its own interests.

    Freedom of expression & speech is a great concept as long as it does not offend 1/4th of the worlds population. My right to smoke and expressing myself ends when the smoke from my cigarette gets into the lungs of a non smoker. Creative minds? No they were just opportunists trying to get mileage. It was reckless and nonsense behavior by both parties. Why insult Jesus, Mohammad or Ram to make a living? I agree killing people is condemned in every religion and even in Islam . Note that freedom of speech comes with responsibility .i request u journalists not to mock our prophet like this it hurts us more than it hurts u when some street boys mock ur your old father. Please spare all the real religious personalities form ur business comes through these cartoon stuffs. Which gives chance to some so called jihadist to react in such away. Be responsible.

    A terrorist may come up with a reasoning that it’s his freedom of expression. They got hurt mentally and they expressed their freedom which hurt others physically. Mocking religion can’t be a right way of freedom of expression when religions talk about peace. if people distort the religion to suit their own needs that doesn’t mean it’s the problem with the religion rather it is the problem with those sick minded people who distort that religion. Having and sharing fun is good but making fun of others is not. You can be satirical on something that is wrong, to attract attention but bringing in religious figures who stand for peace and tolerance is not right. Now roadside Romeos can use the freedom of expression to pass lewd comments on women and they too can say, well if u don’t like it close your ears. What if this is defended as freedom of expression? There has to be a boundary for freedom of expression too.

    If a bunch of poor Muslim migrants can overturn European way of life, maybe Europeans should think twice about making their culture more creative, their economy more vigorous, their society more appealing? Western so called ethnic unicity is a concept that is completely mistaken. Europeans fled to America in millions and now they try to prevent other human beings from entering their realm of double standards???

  • Nick

    It’s not going to end until Western powers are prepared to issue a threat that the Islamists will take seriously. One suggestion is that these powers, including France, would recognize the legitimacy of an Israeli settlement each time there is an act of violence.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Just wait till thousands of ISIS fighters return home to France.

  • Steven Geller

    A great combination — a black and an Islamic terrorist all wrapped up in one sub-human. The burning question now is did he reproduce and if so, where are those ticking time bombs because they must be done away with as well.

  • The sociopath Muhammad loved personally decapitating hundreds of unarmed Jews…muslims think Muhammad was perfect so they love killing unarmed Jews…This is not rocket science…Antisemitism is foundational to Islam. Because Muhammad was a murderous antisemite…

  • Eric R.

    Foxman and the ADL are such a committed leftists that they think the Tea Party is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS and Iran – combined.