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January 14, 2015 2:22 pm

Jewish Foundation Urges CNN to Apologize for Anchor Jim Clancy’s Disability Slur

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CNN anchor Jim Clancy tweeted a disability slur that the Ruderman Family Foundation took offense to. The group asked CNN to apologize for Clancy's Twitter message. Photo: Twitter – The Boston-based Ruderman Family Foundation, which promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Jewish community, has called on CNN to apologize for a tweet by anchor Jim Clancy that included a disability slur.

Last week, after the Charlie Hebdo shooting but before the terrorist siege on a kosher supermarket Paris, Clancy tweeted that two Twitter accounts—@elderofziyon (for the popular Jewish-themed blog) and the anti-Semitic handle @JewsMakingNews—are colluding to promote an anti-Muslim and pro-Israel agenda. He received heavy criticism for the tweets and later deleted some of the remarks.

But according to the media watchdog Honest Reporting, when later confronted about his claims, Clancy tweeted, “@HumanRights2K Get a grip, junior. It’s my Friday night. You and the Hasbara (Hebrew from public diplomacy) team need to pick on some cripple on the edge of the herd.”

Ruderman Family Foundation President Jay Ruderman on Tuesday called the “cripple” remark “appalling,” questioning how “in this day and age a senior anchor at CNN, a world leader in the media, would use a word such as ‘cripple’, which is a derogatory term for people with disabilities.”

Ruderman also wrote a letter to the president of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker, requesting an apology.

“If a news anchor had hurled a racial epithet, CNN‘s response undoubtedly would have been swift,” Ruderman said in a statement. “The disability community expects CNN to extend the same sensitivity to people with disabilities as it does to other minority communities.”

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  • Gregory

    Jews are offended when a Palestinian innocent is killed during the course of a war which their own families instigated. My prayer is that some day the Palestinians who provoke Israel to fire back will be equally appalled when their own, as well as Israeli babies are killed. As it stands, they don’t just appear to be nonplussed by death, but leverage it as political capital to gin money, missiles, and sympathy from the unsuspecting global humanitarians. “Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews!” shout Bosnian soccer players. CNN? NBC? NYT? BBC? *crickets*

  • Lisa Berger

    Best way to deal with him- put his money where his mouth is. He may not benefit from ANY Jewish or Israeli inventions! Incuding the polio vaccination,Levi blue jeans, cell phones(chip invented by Israeli), etc. Not to mention he worships a Jew , if he is a Christian.

  • American

    Are any of these Jews offended when Israel murders Palestinian babies and also kills their mothers?

  • charlie johnson

    I also think that there should be an advocate to take them up on the white trailer trash citizen that the big media fluffs all the ills of the nation off on.They who live in ivory towers point outward to turn attention away from themselves when evil creeps about.The big media has caused more violence and conflict than organized crime has in the last fifty years. After all. They employ the most professional and talented liars available.

  • Pat Guth

    I was shocked when I heard what Jim Clancy said. I believe that if he made that statement about almost any other group other than Jewish people, he would have been fired. In addition, I worked most of my career with people who are disabled. I agree that at the very least, Jim Clancy should make an apology to both groups, Jewish people and people who are disabled. I know that I will not ever watch him again because of his biased opinions.

    • Cyrille

      Please avoid confusion: A criticism of Israel does not have anything to do with a criticism of Jews. The journalist statement does not criticize Jews thus does not merit any apology to Jews.