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January 16, 2015 2:56 pm

British PM David Cameron Confirms Extra Security for UK Jews, Says ‘100 Percent Protection’ is Impossible

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British PM David Cameton hailed his government's strong relationship with the Jewish community. Photo: Twitter

British Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed his backing for extra security measures to protect the Jewish community following last week’s Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris.

“The government has a very strong relationship with the Jewish community and talks to them regularly about these issues,” Cameron told the UK’s Channel 4 News.

Cameron, who was visiting Washington for talks with President Obama, confirmed that London’s Metropolitan Police would step up patrols in Jewish neighborhoods. Asked whether the measures were based on specific threats, Cameron said, “We don’t give a running commentary on specific threats, but these steps were taken because of what happened in Paris and because…it’s the right thing to do.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that absolute security was not something that could be guaranteed. “There’s no way you can give 100 per cent protection in an open and free society,” Cameron said. “I would stress that while we have very strong and capable intelligence services…there’s an important role for the public as well.”

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  • There is no certainty in life. Jews though should be made aware that their threat is our threat and all communities must stand shoulder to shoulder with any community under threat. Jews must not be forced to seek to leave a Country they find is Home! All that can be done must be done to protect ALL within our Community’s!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Hello Jews,

    Don’t you think that England’s Jews should protect themselves.

    I remember when the Jews fought in the streets against Mosley’s Nazis. England’s Jews are tough and the sooner they organize and defend themselves the safer they will be.

    i remember when Sir Marks was shot in the face by an Arab. I don’t use that word “Palestinian” concocted by Arafat and accepted by all the Jews. Stop using that word, they never used it until the 1970’s.

    Jews are tough, resilient and intelligent. Chaim Weizman saved Britain by winning WW I war in the N. Atlantic by synthesizing Acetone and 3 Jewish Polish mathematicians gave MI6 the Enigma machine with instructions in 1939 thus Ultra helped Britain and the Allies win WW II.

    A high government official once said, “We won WW II because our Jewish scientists were smarter than theirs.”

    Hiding doesn’t work. Ask the Jews of Babi Yar. Oh, you can’t because they were all systematically murdered by the Nazis without lifting a finger in resistance.

    Remember your heritage and your Bible and be strong. Don’t let the English police and army protect you, protect yourselves.

    • An historical note here. Jews did not stand alone against Moseley! Jews must not stand alone now!

  • Larry

    Do the Jewish people have the rights to arm themselves in England?

  • steven L

    The only protection is the defeat of anti-Semitism, Islamism and reform of Islam. Follow el-Sissi example.

    • antisemitism is a grave wrong! Islam is not at all wrong, merely interpreted wrongly by a fragment!

  • Eco


  • Eco

    BIG B.S.!!!!!!!


    Those islamist terrorists, “Dave.” Isn’t it funny that they believe the same things as the ORDINARY muslims. You know, like, not being able to have their judgement day until they have killed all the Jews and Christians. Did I read that in the koran or hadiths? I forget!!! Shalom!!!

  • charlie johnson

    Dig this one > “There’s no way you can give 100 per cent protection in an open and free society, < He is not lying about this matter at all. But the same government who allows the politicians to take away the citizens right to self defense is the government who fails to have the means to defend the lives of these same citizen. Being dead is not much of an alternative to inadequate manpower and funding.Each citizen should feel the responsible for their own lives and safety if their government fails to provide it for them. At the beginning of world war two mister Churchill came to the USA to beg Americans for privately owned firearms to defend the Brits from German invaders. If your elites are too stupid to know they are putting their citizen at risk then they need to be made ordinary citizen themselves as quickly as possible.