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January 16, 2015 1:02 pm

Obama Accuses Senators of Bowing to ‘Donor’ Pressure on Iran, Vows to Veto Sanctions Bill, as Tehran Accelerates Nuclear Construction

avatar by Ben Cohen

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President Obama is set to clash with Congress over new Iran sanctions legislation. Photo: Twitter

Hot on the heels of Iran’s announcement that it is building two new light water nuclear reactors, President Obama has vowed to use his veto powers to block Congressional efforts to introduce new sanctions legislation targeting the Tehran regime.

In doing so, Obama also set the stage for a new battle over Iran in Congress, as he accused Democratic senators opposed to his policy, including New Jersey’s Robert Menendez, of kowtowing to “donors” for the purpose of “short-term political gain.”

The President outlined his intentions at a summit in Baltimore with Senate Democrats, many of whom are skeptical of the White House’s diplomatic outreach to Iran. According to Politico, Obama was in a defiant mood, promising more executive actions to implement his agenda, despite his lame duck status. “I’m not going to spend the next two years on defense; I’m going to play offense,” Obama reportedly told the gathering.

With negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program at a delicate point, the White House is anxious that new sanctions legislation drafted by Senator Menendez (D-NJ) and his colleague Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) will antagonize Tehran’s negotiators. “We in the administration believe that, at this time, increasing sanctions would dramatically undermine our efforts to reach this shared goal” of reducing Iran’s nuclear weapon capacity, said Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, at a Louisville event with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) earlier this week.

Iran, however, remains determined to limit any outside attempts to limit its nuclear ambitions, simultaneously insisting that its nuclear program is a civilian one. On a visit to Bushehr province, where the regime is building the new facilities and where it already operates a nuclear power plant, President Hasan Rouhani asserted that “Iran is only looking for a civilian use of the nuclear energy and for power generation.”

The new nuclear plants are being constructed with assistance from Russia, which signed an agreement in March with Iran to aid in the construction. Neither the Iranians nor the Russians need fear American objections, though; as an unnamed State Department official told the Washington Free Beacon, “in general, the construction of light water nuclear reactors is not prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions, nor does it violate the JPOA.” (“JPOA” stands for the “Joint Plan of Action” negotiated between Iran and the P5+1 -the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, along with Germany – in Geneva in November 2013.)

The Washington, DC-based advocacy organization The Israel Project pointed out in a briefing issued this week that the “JPOA was supposed to freeze the Iranian program to prevent them from improving their position as talks proceeded. It failed. Instead the Iranians spent the last year building up their nuclear program – and their leverage – across all areas.” These areas include uranium enrichment, continued work on the Arak plutonium factory, and “unlimited” work on ballistic missiles, The Israel Project observed.

The widening distance between the White House and Congress over Iran was dramatically underlined by reports of the clash between Senator Menendez and President Obama. According to the New York Times, at the Baltimore gathering, Obama “said he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others, but he urged the lawmakers to take the long view rather than make a move for short-term political gain.”

“Mr. Menendez, who was seated at a table in front of the podium, stood up and said he took ‘personal offense,'” the Times reported. Menendez said that he had worked for more than 20 years to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and had always been focused on the long-term implications. He also warned the president that sanctions could not be imposed quickly if Congress waited to act and the talks failed, “according to two people who were present,” the Times said.

Writing on the blog of the Council on Foreign Relations, Elliott Abrams, a senior official in the George W. Bush Administration, described as “remarkable” the exchange between Obama and Menendez. “No wonder Sen. Menendez took ‘personal offense,'” Abrams wrote. “What does a senior Democrat get from the leader of his party when he spends years working on the Iran file? The accusation that it’s all about politics and campaign cash. Mr. Obama remains unable to respect differing views; at bottom he considers them not only wrong, but corrupt.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) also weighed in on the dispute.

“What exactly was President Obama suggesting when he said opposition to his Iran policy is due to ‘donors’?” asked RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. “No one would say opposition to his Russia policy is due to ‘donors,’ or his Cuba policy is due to ‘donors,’ or his general foreign policy is due to ‘donors.’ So why did President Obama single out those who seek tougher sanctions on Iran and say their viewpoints are based on ‘donors?’ The threat Iran poses to Israel and the western world is a national security issue. Attributing opposition to his Iran policy to the views of ‘donors’ is an inappropriate statement and it underplays the serious threat that Iran represents.”

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  • charlie johnson

    Great leaders have common traits.Notice how these pictures reveal the trademarks of great leaders in recent years.It could be listed under the monkey see monkey do syndrome but these great leaders show affection for each other by emulating each other.>>>

  • victoria brandeis






    • charlie johnson

      When he first ran I thought.He has done nothing but the work of a clerk,Has no experience in the armed forces but he seems like nice man and besides ,He is kinda black so we should cut him some slack.Well he took too much slack.He is a run a way locomotive.Out of control . We need to put up a roadblock.

    • Dr.Joji Cherian

      Yes surprising.How he survives the treacherous manipulations and stabbing of the Jewish LOBBY.

  • Dr.Joji Cherian

    My comments will be awaiting moderation.Perpetually

    • Neena Deibler

      You’re an idiot.

      • Dr.Joji Cherian

        Thank you for the compliment.Coming as it from one like you

  • Dr.Joji Cherian

    RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks: Either he believes his readers are naive or he himself is naive in bringing out analogy between Russian, Cuban circumstances and the Jewish pressure where Iran is concerned.Does he want others to believe that Israel has no interests in a war between Iran and the US and despite the known reality that it is detrimental to the interests of America.Obama should use his authority and address from the presidential pulpit to expose traitors like Matt Brooks whose interest is only Israel.US be damned

    • victoria brandeis






  • Dr.Joji Cherian

    Obama should not have been circumspect about the donor pressure.He should have named the Jewish lobby.Also he should have demanded the senators that they should not turn traitors for a few dollars.Now that this much has come out in the open Obama should take the American people in to confidence and tell that their elected representatives have become tools in the hands of Jewish lobby.He should exhort the American people to take active interests in the day today affairs of the nation so that a handful of manipulating anti national fraudsters carry America and the world to disaster for the sake of Israel

  • carolebolotin

    Once again, it is so obvious that obama is manifestly the worst and most b latent anti-Israel, anti-Semitic President in the history of the United States. His remark re “donors” stopping his policy of pro-Iran nuclear policy definitely bespeaks his deepest negativities re Israel.

    • Dr.Joji Cherian

      Being pro Israeli or anti Israeli should not be Obama,s job.He is to be American. That necessarily means anti Israeli as of now.That is patriotism But AIPAC will not let him to be an American and patriot

      • Neena Deibler

        And how is he being pro-American by embracing the very people who want to destroy us?

        • Dr.Joji Cherian

          He (Obama) is not pro American, but American,I believe.He is trying to be one despite the mechanisations of the treacherous Jewish lobby.If any one wants to destroy USA it is because USA is owned and occupied by this treacherous people and thereby doing their bidding.
          You are not American.You are Jewish.Your interests are not of America’s but that of Jews’.Jewish and American interests can not and will not coalesce

          • ViciousAlienCrab

            Nice try but being American doesn’t make us choose either side of the Arab/ Israeli problem. Frankly i’m tired of hearing how muslims attack people randomly just show how carzy they are for Allah. If you believe in God you damn well know you shouldn’t be killing people for HIS message. Radicals ruin everything. It comes down to one statement that the free world must accept. “There is no greater threat to freedom than Islam”.

    • charlie johnson

      You can not blame the man for his failed policies.The process by which is policies are derived could be called into questioning.After all,he is a liberal and logic seems not to be a part of the liberal thought process.The basis for most liberals conclusions rest upon a piece of wood cut from an old growth forest.>>

    • Michael

      The worst president the US can remember is George W. Bush. Obama is a splendid breath of fresh air. Take that to the bank.

  • charlie lines

    That is code for Jewish donors. And to think many Jews still support this enemy of our people. I guess liberalism is a stronger religion than Judaism.

    • racy

      You bet it is! The Liberal Jews sold out their brothers. All of them voted for Obama twice. The Liberal Jews think the radical Muslims are not coming
      for them. Surprise ! Surprise!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Here we have a Muslim, Obama, protecting Muslims who threaten the world

    But, as history has shown many times over, Muslims can not tolerate each other and they will very soon be after each others’ blood.

    • racy

      Obama is a Muslim, identifies with the Muslims, protects the radical Muslim terrorists and puts our country in peril. He identifies with his brother Malik
      in Somalia who has ties with the Muslim brotherhood.
      When his term is up, and it can’t be soon enough, he
      will join a mosque and proclaim that he is a Muslim

  • cant trust Iran, period. They know president weak. Doesn’t want use gorse to stop them from obtaining bomb. Or capacity of making one quick. Not about doners. For Israel its survival. Writing get well noted to supreme leader a joke. Just shows weakness. Supreme leader not friend.

  • Martin Bookspan

    Anther revelation, as if we needed more, of the fealty to Muslim terrorism by the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • He has been chastised by David Cameron, which he most certainly deserves. He’s being outed as pro-Muslim. Nothing could be more clear! Only two more years and this “Omaba-nation” can begin to rebuild itself.

    • charlie johnson

      So,Do you believe that Phoenix arose from the ashes?Maybe we can rebuild America after this fool destroys it. Maybe we could import enough undocumented workers for the labor .But where would we get the money?We already owe China enough to buy every citizen a golf cart and pay their child’s way through Harvard for a Masters in street rioting and demonstrations.

  • Valery

    I agree with President Obama: you have to be patient to wait the end of the negotiations on the nuclear program of Iran.
    The chances of an agreement are high, and all parties to seek a positive result.
    New sanctions will undoubtedly lead to the breakdown of negotiations and unpredictable consequences.
    It is clear that someone is favorable for political and selfish interests of aggravation of the situation in the Middle East. But this is – not in the interests of peace.
    At a time when Iran is reducing its stocks of highly enriched uranium, the new sanctions against Iran – a stupid idea.
    Do not need to be an expert to know that nuclear power plants under construction in Iran, does not threaten the United States.

    • Conrad Nadell

      You do not realize who Obama is dealing with. Iran bragged about how they developed their nuclear industry while all he while denying it was going on. They are the world’s biggest supporters of terrorism throughout the world. This is a country that imprisons and tortures its own people at any hint of criticizing Iranian leadership.
      Senator Menendez has worked on limiting Iranian nuclear ambitions for 20 years. He is a brave and dedicated American. You and Obama have no basis for accusing Menendez of acting out of short term political gain. It is Obama that is threatening world peace by allowing Iran to continue their nuclear and ballistic missile program.

    • Vasiliy

      what r u talking about? agreement of what?
      iran gets nuks with help of your DEAR LEADER Putin which sells weapons and nuks no iran, siria and north korea!
      sanctions leads to the breakdown of negotiations and unpredictable consequences!! LOL!
      upside down!
      iran with nukes lead to unpredictable consequences!!

    • Emanuel

      Who ever said chances of a deal are high? are you high? and you don’t need to be an expert to know nuclear power is not good for the environment and thus is a bad investment when renewable energy and reusable energy exist. Iran is not reducing anything they are increasing enrichment above what is needed for weapons. Sanctions on a state sponsor of terrorism is the right of Congress on our behalf to enact laws for the constituents this is not 1940’s Germany.

    • charlie johnson

      Here is a Valery born in Iran who may know how to deal with Iran.To the advantage of the people of whom she owes her birthright to.I think the story goes that she has a very powerful influence over the golfing parrot. >>

  • howiej

    Someone should press Obama on who the “donors” are that he refers to? Could he be hinting at supporters of Israel? Any action that Congress takes regarding sanctions would commence after talks had broken down. I would not be surprised if Obama tries to drag these talks along until the end of his reign.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    And yet the idiot ‘donors’ still vote for him 62% don’t they. Gee some of his ‘donors’ really are pretty dense aren’t they. Oh well you know how those ‘donors’ are, obsessed with money and whatnot.

  • Up until now, I gave Obama, the benefit, of the doubt. NO MORE, he is willing to risk the whole world . By allowing the rabid ISLAMIC REPUBLIC (IRAN) to continue with its nuclear ambition.
    Just to spite Israel .

  • Ron

    Once again Obama shows his true colours, and his contempt for Congress and the checks and balances which are there to curb a president’s power. Obama is drunk on power, and apparently intends to do as much as he can to damage and weaken America before term of office ends. With all the scandals [or, as he has termed Benghazi for example, “phony scandals”] in his closet, in particular his forged ID documents, it is unfathomable that he has not been impeached before now.

  • Yale

    Sen Menendez needs to ask Obama what the end-game for his strategy is and how his approach gets us there. If that end-game doesn’t include Iran renouncing all paths to nuclear weapons, then his goal is unacceptable. If Obama cannot explain how his approach gets us there, which will probably be the case, then having Congress impose new sanctions is the only way forward.

    • Michael

      Menendez has the uncommon ability to give whores a good name.


    I was one of the leaders in opposing the US-led coalition intervention in Iraq. The concept of “neocons” was ridiculous. The debate was robust and open and I was on the losing side.

    However, one outcome was that many in the media and on the blogs made this into a Jewish war. It is interesting that most of the support I received from Israel opposed the war. They like me believed that United States has very few arrows in his quiver and that Iran was a bigger threat. As long as Saddam was there Iran was held in check.

    Concerning the White House staff there is a background rumbling that they are creating that it is Jewish money that is seeking tougher sanctions on Iran. 2 1/2 years ago I was asked at a speech to a Jewish group whether I believed Iran would get a nuclear weapon. I answered definitely yes. My belief was based on the fact that they were in no hurry but that they were determined and that we equivocated and rationalized.

    These rumblings I definitely are a background administration campaign tinged with anti-Semitism. I urge you and your writers to play close attention to what is happening. The article by Ben Cohen is a good start.

  • Larry

    Why doesn’t Pres. Obama just sell the Iranians a nuclear bomb and get it over with. He is allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons while they pretend to look for a diplomatic solution to our sanctions program. How blind can Pres. Obama be?

  • Elle

    Obama’s Muslim policy is certainly attributable to donors-that and the fact that by his own words he “stands with the Muslims” and is readying the US and the West for a jihadi takeover.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Matt Brooks is exceedingly polite; everyone knows “donors” is code for “Jews.”

  • David Levine

    If there is a politician who is “influenced by “donor pressure” in this country it is Obama and most of his fellow Democ-rat bastards who say nothing about the cultural degeneracy of the entertainment industry and allow the tort shysters to raise the cost of every product we purchase due to the high awards they extract from manufacturers. The Democ-rats are bought and paid for by the tort shysters, Hollywood degenerates, environmental extremists(especially Steyer and Soros) union thugs.

  • dante

    “bowing to pressure of donors”? that charge, of course, says a whole lot about obama; campaign contributions are what animates him. was Churchill bowing to donor pressure when he decried British accommodation and appeasement of germany? Congressional anxiety about iran has arisen as a result of a sober threat assessment. that is quite beyond obama, who has been repeatedly out-maneuvered and out-witted by iran: it wanted time and obama has given it more time than any sane observer could have contemplated when the process began. THE TRUTH IS THAT obama does not care what happens after Jan. ’17, when he will have left office; his sole concern is to postpone any obvious break-through before that.

  • Emily f. Korzenik

    The President’s approach to Iran is puzzling to say the least. Iran supports Assad,
    supplies Hamas and Hizbollah with arms, and suppresses its own population. From such an Iran which is clearly determined to gain even more power through the attainment of nuclear weapons Pres.Obama is expecting that he can convince Iran to moderate its nuclear ambitions.
    To top it off he is impugning the motives of Democratic senators who oppose him.

  • myra vero

    it’s wonderful to hear, at leasts somebody tells the truth to Obama, who is lying only all the time. Everything against Israel and the jews always.

  • For an antisemite like Obama, “donor” is a code word for Jew..
    The antisemites understand Obama perfectly. He is speaking their language.

    • Dr.Joji Cherian

      He should not have used the code word.He should have been explicit.If antisemitism is in American interest he should be one. That is his constitutional duty as president and a citizen of America

  • judithg

    obama is a lazy stupid vicious grifter. he has no policies. the mullahs and erdogan who defecates from his mouth are his bff’s. obama is not only the harbinger of a failed republic he is the poster child for it. in the context of our dessicated homeland with its chaos and ignorance this is what one would expect to be its chief blabster. six years in the oval office and the man is without portfolio. he is nothing. that is what defines him as an empty yawning hole where a leader should be. no person exists either. just a slimy worm crawling on its belly to anyone regardless of how heinous and evil, just to have somewhere to go.

  • steven L

    Just like Carter left a nightmare in the arms of Reagan, Obama will live a worst nightmare in the arms of the next President. For this Pr. it is his way or hell.
    That is to be a true American!!!!

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Praise to Senator Menendez for standing up to the president.
    I urge that except for gentlemen such as Senator Menendez who is a Democrat and some others who seem to have been gifted with intelligence, that further voting for the Democratic Party be considered verrrrry carefully. The”gentleman” in the White House has made me, a lifelong Democrat turn from that party. I hope that the Congress makes Obama’s life in the remaining years of his term one bad nightmare and torment. He deserves it. Contempt for him runs even deeper than for Carter, if that is possible.

  • noellsq

    He wants to throw us and Israel under the bus. He is definitly off his rocker with Russia and Cuba also. Oh darn it he would f–k all are allies.

  • Reform School

    It is past time to remove this subversive for High Treason.

    • Reform School

      Congress can veto Mr. Arrogant to preserve the republic. Original authority to do was promulgated back in 1791. The employers’ order to so was issued November 4th, 2014. Must they be vetoed to end their nonfeasance?

  • Jack

    Jewish organizations should not be afraid of calling Obama’s “donor” statement what it is – anti-Semitic.

    • Michael

      The “donors” are in fact American Jews who contribute some 60% of funds to US campaigns. Of course they represent fewer than 2% of Americans, so do the math and whom are you calling anti-Semitic?

  • Sam Goodman

    Making deals with the DEVIL .How can you deal with these people who despise America.We would be deserting the entire middle east.Congress must act on sanctions which are working&keep them in place.

  • Kenneth D Hegler

    Sounds like Louis XIV is in power on Pennsylvania Avenue, and acting like a spoiled child when shown that there is additional pressure from within the Democratic ranks,particularly when there are some who see the wisdom of those of the opposing Republicans. Why does he refuse the attempts at by-partisan agreement? Obama might show wisdom and leadership by not ruling by royal decree!

  • With respect to Iran’s race to nuclear weapons, President Obama chooses to stand between the Iranian ayatollahs on the one side and Congressional Democrats and Republicans on the other. In relation to Congress, Barack Obama volunteers to make himself the spokesman for the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Instead of trying to make the ayatollahs fear the USA, Obama is now trying to make the American people afraid of standing up to the ayatollahs. Obama warns Americans that a tough USA bargaining stance might lead to “war.” However, it is just as easy to see that a weak USA position might lead to a bad deal that significantly hurts the interests of the USA and its friends and allies.

    Should Americans believe President’s Obama’s assessment of how things now stand? Or should Americans perceive Barack Obama as some sort of a lawyer acting for the ayatollahs? Directly relevant here is Barack Obama’s record as a truth teller. Has he ever lied to us about anything really important that is also directly pertinent to the matter at hand?

    Well, there is the crucial matter of his religious history. For example, in Pleasantville, Iowa, on December 22, 2007, then presidential candidate Obama explained:

    “My father was from Kenya, and a lot of people in his village were Muslim. He didn’t practice Islam. Truth is he wasn’t very religious. He met my mother. My mother was a Christian from Kansas. I’ve always been a Christian…. The only connection I’ve had to Islam is that my grandfather on my father’s side came from that country. But I’ve never practiced Islam.”

    Does this unequivocal denial square with the salient facts? Well, I will let you yourself be the judge.

    Theologically, Islam regards all children to be born Muslim and to remain such until adults teach them otherwise. On the balance of probabilities, child Obama was Muslim also because:
    (1) his paternal grandfather in Kenya was Muslim;
    (2) his Kenyan birth-father (though ideologically Marxist) always used his two Muslim personal names; and the President’s autobiography “Dreams From My Father” tells us that, when his birth-father died, his family wanted him buried with Muslim rites;
    (3) he was given his birth-father’s two Muslim personal names, “Barack” and “Hussein”;
    (4) his Indonesian step-father was also Muslim;
    (5) his Indonesian classmates and playmates recall that he attended Muslim religious services both at school and in mosques, when they believed him to be Muslim;
    (6) he was explicitly registered as Muslim at two elementary schools in Indonesia;
    (7) he then studied the “Koran,” as indicated in “Dreams From My Father”;
    (8) an Indonesian teacher recalls that child Obama was also learning Arabic recitation of the “Koran,” a part of which adult Obama could still recite by memory, as demonstrated during his 2007 interview with “New York Times” columnist Nicholas Kristof;
    (9) reflecting on her childhood with her older brother, Obama’s half-sister Maya Soetoro in 2007 told the “New York Times”: “My whole family was Muslim”; and
    (10) speaking to ABC news commentator George Stephanopolous in September 2008, candidate Obama inadvertently referred to “my Muslim faith” — a slip of the tongue that could never have passed the lips of a lifelong Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Jew.

    And, Barack Obama’s personal ties to Islam certainly did not stop with childhood, because there is also a variety of additional evidence suggesting that Barack Obama likely kept something of a Muslim self-identification deep into his twenties, after which he started to ostentatiously practice Christianity, probably for political advantage.

    Certainly, all of this should be a warning bell causing us to listen more carefully to what is now being said by those Congressional Democrats and Republicans who today have deep reservations about President Obama’s conduct of the current negotiations with Iran.

    • Dr.Joji Cherian

      Before trying to make Ayottollas fear America, I would advise you demand that Israel which sucks off America’s blood in money diplomatic protection and is the Casus belli for the hostility of 1.5 billion Muslims, not fear, not to respect but be differential to America.we see practically every day Netanyahoo,Foxamn et al spitting on the face of America. You trace his ancestry as if to be a Muslim is treason.In trying to standing up to the treacherous and powerful Jewish lobby he is trying to be a patriotic American.With all the traitors in the Congress bought over or blackmailed by you he may not succeed.but best of luck to Obama. a patriotic American in his fight against the formidable enimy

    • Emanuel

      Very well said! I think we need to realize he is protecting Islam because he wants it to spread to black people or at least he does not want to fight black Muslims in Africa which is understandable. The problem today is that Muslims are using black people as pawns using Islam and leftist ideologies or financial means to gain black support while spreading lies about America and Jews to gain support. This is worst for black people, they will suffer and the only way to stop it is to displace these lies with our love and support which will alienate the troublemakers. The best way to stop militant Islam may be to improve domestic race relations one person at a time that and exercising the 2nd Amendment.

  • sifter

    He meant “Jews”, cuz he is an anti Jewish Muslim.

    • Dr.Joji Cherian

      And your point is?

  • Jonah

    If anyone believes one word Cameron and Obsma are saying that is one word to much! Obama is attempting to gain some credibility by osmosis appearing with this British puppet. The Middle East is about to go up in flames.

  • charlie johnson

    He runs the USA like a plantation and he is the master.It is all a part of his “DREAMS OF MY FATHER” concept. He probably does a lot more of the “blow” he mentioned in his book now that he makes a half million a year.It has short circuited his brain. He needs to run an ad in a national medical journal for a brain donor as he shows little evidence that his meets even the minimum specifications of moron level thinking.

  • Emanuel

    What a joke. Iran has made no concessions ,they keep saying how they are expanding nuclear program and are free do do as they wish. Every American I have talked to including Persians and Iranians think the President is either wrong or untruthful. Maybe when he said “donors” he meant EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN except him if he even is American. Even Tehran doesn’t win (what do they get? to keep doing what they are already doing when what they are doing is a loser to begin with), nor do Iranian citizens, everyone knows the regime will end one day maybe except the President and I assume other liberals who pander to fascists.

  • Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama … – YouTube

    2 min – Dec 2, 2013 – Uploaded by Bernhard Rosenberg

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have Some Nerve. ISRAEL Will …

  • Eric R.

    Obama unmasks himself as an Islamist Jew-hater. This does not surprise a staunch Republican like me, but most Jews loyal to the Democratic Party will not be able to cope with this.

    • Dr.Joji Cherian

      “Most Jews loyal to the Democratic Party will not be able to cope with this””.Most Jews how much of 2%.It is disgusting to see that the 2% want to control 98%. Unfortunately that is America

      • charlie johnson

        The US liberal Jews think that the golfing parrot is actually going to lead them to the land of milk and honey.He will do just that.But he left out the important details.It is there that these Jews will be hooked by the cows and stung by the honeybees as their reward for loyalty to the Democratic party.