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January 17, 2015 6:57 pm

International Criminal Court Opens ‘War Crimes’ Inquiry at Palestinians’ Request

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The Palestinian Authority will become an official member of the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands on April 1. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – The International Criminal Court (ICC) has opened up a preliminary inquiry into possible Israeli “war crimes” in the disputed territories following a request by the Palestinians.

According to the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, the preliminary examination is not an investigation, but rather “a process of examining the information available in order to reach a fully informed determination on whether there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation pursuant to the criteria established by the Rome Statute.”

Earlier this month, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed the Rome Statute in order to join the ICC after failing to get a U.N. Security Council resolution passed that called for Israel’s withdrawal from the disputed territories by 2017.

By joining the ICC, the Palestinians may also open themselves up to war crimes investigations and prosecutions, such as for rocket fire from Gaza.

In a statement released hours after the ICC announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the international tribunal for its decision.

“It is absolutely scandalous that just days after terrorists butchered Jews in France, the general prosecutors is beginning an inquiry against the state of the Jews, and this only because we defend our citizens from Hamas, a terrorist organization that is allied with the Palestinian Authority,” Netanyahu said.

“Hamas war criminals fired thousands of rockets at Israeli citizens,” he added. “Unfortunately, [this probe] renders [the ICC] part of the problem, and not part of the solution.”

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  • Julian Clovelley

    The ICC is only behaving correctly in according with procedures drawn from the principles of the Rome Statute, in particular Article 53. It is sheer paranoia to suggest that any surreptitious agenda is being employed here. The Rome Statute is a publicly available document that can be viewed on various websites. Read it.

    Quite what Netanyahu is going on about is totally beyond me. Surely these matters are far better examined in a Court of Law than used as excuses for firing missiles and mortars. Most of the Middle Eastern issues really belong in Courts of Law, or as matters discussed at negotiating tables . To suggest otherwise is to impose a differentiating valuation on an individual’s right to justice. Worst still, since the concepts of a Jewish State and of Jewishness are Genealogically defined (inaccurately in my opinion) that valuation can only be viewed as racist. That is the mentality of the slave state, in which only those defined racially and ethnically “pure”, in accordance with some imposed but generally ridiculous standard, have access to the procedures of judicial inquiry and examination.

    We don’t need that. We do not need the adoption of a state philosophy that is based in the antiquated and erroneous concept of “race” – and that seeks to disguise the reality that all practical policy currently uppermost only serves to distract attention from the all powerful core racial doctrine, that has – in this case – been refined over the last one and a half centuries by Zionism.

    Zionism is not congruent with Israel any more than it is congruent with Judaism. It is a racial-political and territorial movement that is both defensive ad offensive/imperialist. One is forced to ask where else one has seen the combination of race, religion, genealogy and expansionist land claim with denial of access to internationally concluded and administered justice. The answer is chilling. It is that inescapable nightmare that bolsters bad feeling overseas towards people who, under normal circumstances would receive the world’s popular and well deserved sympathy.

    My suggestion to Netanyahu is to fully ratify the International Criminal Court and use it. That is what it is there for. However valid the alternative Zionist motivation may seem to you, it is bogus to the rest of the world. All nationalism is bogus, Zionism is one of the few remaining from that sadly deluded racist era.

    • As to your supposed question…one’s forced to ask where else one’s seem the combination of race, religion, genealogy and expansionist land claims etc. Isn’t that exactly what Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO are claiming for the Palestinians?

    • Zionist

      You are obviously do not understand anything. Criminals bring charges against the victims, people who fire rockets into civilians, bring charges against people who defend themselves. Ludicrous. If PLO and Hammas, really want peace and prosperity why not take all the billions of dollars that they get in assistance and help, and build their own state, instead of trying to destroy the State of Israel. Don’t shoot rockets, don’t commit acts of terrorism. You have physical land so why not build future, raise crups not hate. Just like the Jews of Israel. I m sure Israel would never violate that peace, never fire a single round back. But Instead of bettering themselves they prefer hate and rockets. You think that legal way is the best way, but what kind of justice can we expect from criminals that insight terrorist act. How can you tell your followers to kill Jews and the following day go to ICC to try Isreal for war crimes. Obviously, only a dumb ass European would think of something like that. That is why they commit acts of terror in your countries. Because, you will blame Jews for what happened to them. You and like you are ready to sacrifice Jews, for political stupidity.
      Your criticism of Zionism shows that you don’t understand it at all. Your description is pure Leftist Propaganda. The language you use to describe it speaks for itself.
      Why should you understand? You are not a Jew and that is obvious. No one ever called you a Dirty Jew, followed by an assault because you are a Jew. For those of us, who had ever been through something like that, We understand Zionism pretty good. So how would you ever understand it? I think you are just typical Western European Liberal, idiot who likes to think that they know best. The only think you care about is your Stupid Political Correctness, as long as defend the Arabs. Jews never get the same from you. I read some of your other comments. You and people like you are so progressive in your understanding that you let the Jews be slaughter, because Israel are both “defensive and offensive/imperalist.” Why don’t you be honest and say what you really mean. Jews are subhuman they don’t deserve a state of their own because they are racists. We should all go back where we came from. And French, British and Germans of course don’t forget Russians and Poles, because they all love us so much; and will protect us. Screw You. Why don’t you write your comments to Al Jazeera, they would love them. On this sight there are way too many Dirty Zionist like myself.

    • You are a nutcase. Nevermind your own bigoted view that a Jewish state is racist. There is palestinian representation in the Kinesset so your point is rather moot.

      I guess what makes this ICC thing so absurd is that the ICC apparently doesnt have to time to investigate others, most notably the dictator from Africa whose name escapes me at the moment, but they have time to investigate Israel.

      Furthermore, to join the ICC you are to be a member state of the UN. “palestine” clearly is not. so to reference the Rome statute regarding what the rules are is a joke since apparently exceptions can be made for anything.

      Finally, i was curious…do you troll on Iranian news websites and call their people racist since they live in the Islamic Republic of Iran, or are you just anti-semitic?