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January 17, 2015 10:10 am

Swedish FM: Israel Over-Reacting to Recognition of Palestinian Statehood

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Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

JNS.orgSweden’s foreign minister believes that Israel has over-reacted to her government’s recognition of Palestinian statehood and that the Jewish state’s response has irritated many of its close allies.

“It is unacceptable how they have been talking about us and everybody else,” Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. “It has irritated not only us, but the Americans and everyone who has anything to do with them right now.”

Sweden, under newly elected socialist Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, recently became the first European Union country to recognize Palestinian statehood. The move prompted Israel to recall its ambassador from the country. Since then, lawmakers in other European countries, including France, the U.K., Ireland, and Spain, have symbolically voted to recognize a Palestinian state.

Wallstrom said Sweden still supports Israel, but believes that Israel’s policies have been “extremely aggressive.”

“They have continued with their settlement policies, they have continued demolitions, they have continued with their occupation policies which entail a humiliation of Palestinians, which makes the [peace] process difficult,” she said.

Wallstrom was scheduled to visit Israel this week, but postponed her trip due to “scheduling reasons.” Swedish radio quoted an Israeli foreign ministry official as saying that Wallstrom would not receive an official welcome in Israel.

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  • mika

    Sweden is NOT an independent country. That should be obvious to all. Whoever is looking at this needs to look deeper than what’s presented at the surface here.

    Given past history, my strong suspicion is that these EU directed actions are themselves directed from the Vatican via the Jesuits and Nights of Malta fascist mafia. Sweden at the moment is a convenient mask for the “NWO” globalist nazi blood vultures.

    They do the same with gullible and ignorant individual “Jews” that they sponsor to front their agenda and hide behind. Then they spotlight these individuals on their propaganda outlets and use them to scapegoat “DA JOOS”. All the while, these Vatican nazis remain in the shadows directing their machinations, and in complete control of the propaganda narrative via their media, publishing, educational, and other gov mafia institutions.

  • Carl

    To Sweden, Israel is merely causing an “irritation.” To Israel, however, Sweden’s policies represent a grave and existential threat. Israel cannot afford to gamble with her security without concrete, verifiable and enforceable measures. By unilaterally recognizing “Palestine” and demanding permanent and irrevocable concessions only from Israel, Sweden is moving farther from peace. They only serve to embolden the Palestinians to end negotiations in the hope of being handed everything at no cost. You might be insulted, Ms Wallstrom, but you are threatening the very existence of a sovereign state with your one-sided policies.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    First, Israel has every right to build in its cities because Israel is a sovereign country; whereas the Palestinians do not have sovereignty recognised by the international community. The so-called West Bank is mostly disputed territory which never belonged to “Palestine” because “Palestine” has never existed. Accordingly, what Israel decides to do within its internationally recognised borders is beyond international discussion as would be building in and around Copenhagen, for example. Secondly, it would be most interesting to see how Sweden would deal with the same terrorist activities–people mowed down by cars driven by terrorists, people murdered during prayer a place of worship by terrorists, people kidnapped at bus stops or murdered at bus stops waiting for buses by terrorists, people murdered while asleep in their own homes by terrorists–if these activities occurred on a regular widespread gruesome frequency as in Israel. Would the Swedish government not devise some sort of powerful means of deterrence, such as demolition, a means of deterrence which has been proven to slow down the rate of terrorist activity? Thirdly, what land is being “occupied by Israel” that belongs to the Palestinians? Is it Jerusalem, Jaffa, Ashkelon, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva–all of the above? When did the sovereign country “Palestine” ever exist in the physical–geological and topographical–places occupied by the latter cities?

    Ms.Walllstrom, please critically read the PA and the Hamas charters to know what the intentions of these two polities truly are toward the State of Israel. When you finish reading, please think about whether Sweden would accept being replaced–that is entirely supplanted–by Norway or Denmark or Finland or Iceland or Holland?

    Please endeavour to empathise, not just sympathise with Israel. Israel is a sovereign country, not just a terrorist entity trying to force its way onto the world stage by literally overrunning the Jewish state diplomatically as your country seems to accept.

    Whatever happened to direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians as in the Oslo Accords? Unilateral recognition of “Palestine” will not ever lead to the sovereign country “Palestine.”

    Perhaps you would prefer that some new accord be created to replace the evidently defunct latter one so that a new line of direct negotiations between the sovereign country Israel and the wanna-be sovereign country”Palestine” might finally to navigated to its desired end for both the sovereign State of Israel and the some day extant “Palestine” if such a country would ever resolve to live in peace with the Jewish State of Israel.

    At this point in time, the PA and Hamas both desire and plan to extirpate the State ofIsrael from the world map and replace it with Palestine with your diplomatic help.

  • elixelx

    Margot, dearie…
    Hope you don’t over-react when you are raped by your Muslim acolytes

  • victoria brandeis

    i believe we need a battling field to toss the garbage of voices, heads and insults to the wind……a country once white blonde and drunk now seeds to their new darkness…..heads of rags,,,,,,woman with eye slits and then whack……israel is to blame…..

    thank g-d for good manners and the veto…….

    thank g-d for senseless souls willing to awake but why does opening ones eyes come with such an expense……

    the world is to blame….the pope….the president of the united states and sadly j street, soros’ pet toys……..but, then if this is how we are to awaken then i hope we do so quickly……

    ms. blondie i think you need to research who you are beyond the veil.

  • Is there some kind of weird water that the majority of this world’s leaders are imbibing that makes them “meshuggah”?

  • Sadie

    Socialism is a whore with an intellectual venereal disease.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Margot Wallstrom then called for the extermination of all Jews everywhere and waved an RPG over her head.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Sweden is by now virtually a Muslim satrapy.

    The world need not expect anything better from this dhimmi state in the future.

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