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January 25, 2015 1:24 am

Some Urgent Questions for the Publisher of ‘The Christian Century’

avatar by Dexter Van Zile

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The Jewish Community Center in Overland Park. Photo: jcckc.

On Sunday, January 25, Rev. Dr. John Buchanan, editor and publisher of The Christian Century – the house organ for mainline Protestantism in the U.S. – will speak about interfaith relations at the Grace Lutheran Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Buchanan is giving his 7 p.m. talk just hours from a Jewish community center in Overland Park, Kansas, where, on April 13, 2014, a white supremacist killed a physician and his 14-year-old grandson, fled the scene, and then killed a woman outside a Jewish retirement home a mile away.

His three victims were not Jews, but the killer admitted that the attack was motivated by anti-Semitism. While sitting in the police car after his arrest, Frazier Glenn Miller shouted “Heil Hitler.”

The New York Times reported that he was the “founder and grand dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.” Miller, a big fan of David Duke, was looking to kill some Jews, but in his haste decided that killing people outside Jewish-owned and operated buildings was good enough.

The attack demonstrated once again that anti-Semitism is a threat to Jews and non-Jews alike. Jews are merely the first, but never the last, targets of anti-Semitic killers.

Sadly, this is not a lesson understood by Rev. Dr. Buchanan. The masthead of the magazine he edits includes the name of James M. Wall, who promotes the type of hate that caused the deaths of three people in a Kansas City suburb in 2014. He does this by contributing to and serving as editor of a website that portrays Jews as the eternal enemy of American democracy and of humanity itself – exactly the type of propaganda that causes people to attack Jews throughout the world.

If Rev. Dr. Buchanan were serious about promoting Christian-Jewish relations, he would remove the name of James M. Wall from the masthead of the magazine he edits.

But he hasn’t.

Here’s the background. Wall, who served as editor of The Christian Century between 1972 and 1999 (with two brief sabbaticals while he worked on both of Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaigns), is currently listed as a contributing editor for the magazine.

Between 1999 and 2008, Wall served as senior contributing editor for the publication, and wrote regular columns that vilified Israel, its leaders, and its supporters in the United States.

Wall’s past columns are not why his name needs to be removed from the masthead. Wall’s name needs to be removed because the man legitimizes the Jew-hatred that caused the deaths of three people in a Kansas City suburb last year – and countless more deaths in tons of other attacks.

He does this by contributing to a website called Veterans News Now (VNN), where he is listed as “associate editor.” VNN publishes the type of articles and graphics that would have fit right in on the pages of Der Sturmer and Der Volkische Beobachter in the 1930s and 40s. No responsible commentator would have anything to do with such a publication.

Nevertheless, Wall has been serving as associate editor of VNN since mid-2012. (His bio and a list of the articles published at VNN can be seen here.)

Readers who peruse VNN’s website will discover hateful commentary about Israel, the Jewish State, and Jews themselves. Just plug words like “Zionist,” “Israel,” and “Rothschild” into its search engine (which is available at the bottom of VNN pages) and you will find Jews accused of perpetrating 9/11, conspiracy theories about Jewish bankers destroying economies, preventing important inventions from coming to market, and bringing about the decline of the United States.

The words “Jew” or “Jewish” will lead readers to similar articles. “Protocols” works too.

One VNN article (“Earth’s alpha Predator: Zionist Mafia”) published on June 29, 2013, declares that “9/11 was trademark Zionist false-flag testing of what they might get away with, a pushing of boundaries that, magically, stayed in bounds. Zionists third-rail magicians still brag about 9/11.”

This same article declares that “The whole Rothschild Usury Mill (RUM) offers only one destiny or conclusion, only one horizon: Rothschilds will own the entire planet. They are already closer to global ownership than few people other than the elite might imagine. The US has a potentially-fatal RUM infection.”

Another article posted on VNN’s website (“The Rape of Greece by Jewish Bankers,”) blames a “a Jewish banking cartel” for the collapse of the Greek economy. This article was initially published by Press TV, an anti-Semitic news organization headquartered in Iran.

There’s more. On May 26, 2014, VNN published an article (“The Relevancy of the Illustrated Protocols of Zion”). This article promotes David Duke’s updated version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semtic forgery originating from Czarist Russia. Duke reports that while the original Protocols were a forgery, they still serve as a reliable guide to Jewish villainy. He writes that “the reality of present-day Jewish Supremacism—in terms of media control, financial manipulation, control of governments and outright Jewish racism—were all accurately predicted and mapped out in the Protocols.”

This is just one VNN article featuring David Duke’s anti-Semitic commentary.

These and other articles have been published at VNN during Wall’s tenure as associate editor.

Rev. Wall was editor of The Christian Century for more than 25 years, and a columnist for the magazine for another nine years. He was one of the most prominent mainline Protestant intellectuals on the American scene for more than a quarter century. He has gone over to the dark side of Jew-hatred without one word of comment in the pages of The Christian Century. If a prominent Evangelical Protestant had behaved like this, it would have made the cover of the magazine.

What Rev. Wall has done is news and yet the magazine will not cover it.

The folks who attend Sunday night’s lecture are in a position to ask Rev. Dr. Buchanan two obvious questions in light of his refusal to remove Wall from the masthead of the magazine he edits: Just how serious is he about promoting interfaith relations? And secondly, just how serious is The Christian Century as a journalistic enterprise?

Dexter Van Zile (@dextervanzile) is Christian Media Analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (@cameraorg).

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  • This article is preposterous in its use of smear techniques to vilify Mr. Wall. He had and has no connection whatever to the violent acts with which Van Zile tries to “link” him. This is journalism at its worst.

    I have many disagreemets with Mr. Wall and Veterans News Now, but they have the absolute right to publish their opinions without career or other negative consequences.

    Shame on Van Zile and the Algemeiner for publishing this shameful, censorious tripe.

  • Nancy W

    First of all, this man is NOT Christian. Just walking into a church or going to a seminary doesn’t make you a Christian. A CHRISTian has invited Jesus into their heart and walks and lives in His LOVE, fulfilling the Bible & Torah’s greatest commandment: LOVE! A TRUE CHRISTIAN LOVES, BLESSES AND SUPPORTS ISRAEL! How can a Christian deny Israel if we’ve been grafted into Her olive branch by the grace of God, thereby creating ‘one new man’, Jew and Gentile as ONE, fulfilling prophecy through Jesus Yeshua! The blessings of Abraham are now ours also! Someone needs to tell this Rev Dr Buchanan that his Jesus Whom he worships & prays to was a JEWISH RABBI!!! I pray that this man and all other Protestants repent for what they are doing & invite Jesus into their hearts in a ‘personal’ relationship (Romans 10:9), NOT a religion, & experience the fullness of God & His son Jesus Yeshua! Then, they will no longer be ‘blind” and their hearts will radiate with God’s love & shalom, the fulfillment of the Old Testament in the New Testament through Jesus the Messiah/Yeshua HaMashiach! Amen & amen!!! BLESS ISRAEL/YISRAEL…on behalf of the TRUE CHRISTIANS!!! O:-) <3<3<3

  • John Moyes

    I would not expect anything else from the mainline protestant Churches as they have corrupted the scriptures for many years and have replaced “the apple of Gods Eye Israel with what they call Christianity ( the Church). I am a Christian and an Independent Baptist who as most TRUE Christians believe that Israel is and always will be Gods chosen nation, I also know from Gods word that he will Curse them that curse thee and Bless them that bless thee.When God says forever he means forever.God is unchanging and always will be He said it that settles it.I live in Australia and praise God we are on Israels side.

  • Leo Toystory

    I, for one, always keep my kippa under my Stetson when in Tulsa. That way I can infiltrate amongst the demon seed and observe the wanton growth of their pot bellies from the early bird specials at Ponderosa Steak House and the 2:30 am Moon Over My Hammy at Denny’s. Hell, there’s no damn reason to go home, not to look at old stubble-leg Helen with the hairy mole groin’ right out of her chin. Let’s not get too hysterical about this bunch of losers. They’ve been around a while but the redneck Jew-haters are dying off, and the mantel has passed on to the leftist bastards.

  • Efram

    I would not be surprised of Buchanan was a relative of the Nazi.

  • spktruth

    This is precisely what americans complain about. YOU insert yourselves in every aspect of American life. Take care of your own country….we American citizens will take care of ours.

    • Nancy W

      To spktruth…. Ummm, the country of United States of America was built on Judeo and Christian values! Read your history before making an ignorant statement like you did. Jewish Jesus Yeshua loves you and shed His BLOOD for you, too! God Bless America! God Bless Israel! Shalom! O:-)

      • Nancy W

        Pls delete this comment & use the following one.. as I added “we love you too!”

    • Nancy W

      To spktruth…. Ummm, the country of United States of America was built on Judeo and Christian values! Read your history before making an ignorant statement like you did. Jewish Jesus Yeshua loves you and shed His BLOOD for you, too! God Bless America! God Bless Israel! We love you, too! Shalom! O:-)

  • Michael

    Truth in advertising would require they change the name of their rag to “THE CHRISTIAN 14TH CENTURY”.

  • art frank

    What else do you expect from an adherent of martin luther, one of christianity’s major Jew haters? One scumbag following the tenets of another scumbag.