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January 26, 2015 9:39 am

Top British Jewish Columnist Blasts Media Hypocrisy Over Antisemitism

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British Jews protest rising antisemitism at a demonstration last summer. Photo: Twitter

A leading British Jewish columnist has charged British media outlets with hypocrisy for decrying the rise in antisemitism on the one hand, while contributing to its escalation through biased reporting about Israel on the other.

Writing in the Jewish Chronicle, Alex Brummer noted that the “campaign of abuse and delegitimization of Israel has been relentless through successive military campaigns in response to terror and rocket attacks. It reached a crescendo during the seven-week Operation Protective Edge operation in the summer of last year.”

Brummer declared it “troubling” that media outlets contributing to this perception are “now laudably publishing articles decrying the rise of antisemitism in Britain and anti-Jewish violence and death in France.”

“What they singularly fail to do is join up the dots and recognise they have contributed to abuse and violence against Jews as anti-Zionism has transmogrified into antisemitic acts,” Brummer said.

Brummer argued that traditional forms of antisemitism have played virtually no role in the escalation of antisemitic violence and opinion.

“It is not the old tropes of ‘Jews chasing money’ that led to the tragic violence in Paris,” Brummer said. “Nor did they cause the surge in antisemitic incidents in the UK that made it impossible for Jews in Pinner [a heavily Jewish London suburb] to go to shul without being subjected to abuse. It was deeply biased reporting from the Middle East that turned Palestinians into permanent victims and Jews into oppressors.”

Said Brummer: “What is really objectionable is that the very same media that for decades has jabbed its finger at Israel, demonizing the Jewish state, is now rushing to the barriers as the defenders of Jews against antisemitism.”

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  • The international media has caused the rise in antisemitism and today all of a sudden they’re broadcasr about the Shoah. They’re on a guilt trip

  • As long as Jews permit such lexicon as:
    “Settlers” for the Jews (who’s ancestry date back over 2,000 years in Judea-Samaria). While calling the Palestinian Arab “Villagers”.. The Press continues to justify the Arab cause.
    As long as Jews continue to allow the press to use such “newly minted” words as: East-Jerusalem, West-Bank. Without exposing their intended subliminal meanings.
    As long as the Jews allow the press to imply that the majority of Israeli Jews are from Western Europe, or Russia as a result of WWII.. Without ever mentioning that the majority of Israeli Jews are immigrants from Arab-block countries.
    Calling “Cease-Fire” lines “borders”.. Or even implying Israel was “created” in 1947, never to mention that Jews had lived and practiced their religion there, for over 3,000 years..
    As long as the Jews continue to allow the western press to intentionally distort history. Without insisting that their articles be corrected. Then it is the Jews themselves who are the blame.

    • Jose Roitman

      Could not have said it any better!

    • Sonia Willats

      You are so, so right! LET’S ASK ALGEMEINER TO GIVE PPL A LESSON ON THE ABSURDITY OF ACCEPTING AND USING THESE TERMS. (I think Danny Ayalon may have some youtube teaching on this subject; not sure.)

  • David Polovin

    Remind me who it was that spoke of “…perfidious Albion…”?

  • Ariely Shein

    The issue is how to put an end to Islamist Iran NUKS program.
    All the others are side issues destructing the focus from the main goal.

    Know Islamist Iran ideology:
    Islamist Iran doesn’t hide their goals-they are saying that loudly:

    1: “the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America”.
    Said Ayatollah Khamenei, supreme leader

    2: “The Islamic revolution is not confined to Iran’s borders and the US must be
    Said Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Jafari.

    3: “This century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government and the downfall of all others”
    Constitution of Islamist Republic of Iran

    4:Since 2011, pressure and restrictions on Iranian churches have increased dramatically,many Christians have faced imprisonment,pressure.
    – Teachers of Bahai religion are hanged up
    – Weep up Israel of the map.

    5: Read the testimony issued by USA foreign affairs about Islamist Iran:
    Few samples- more in the testimony
    **”Iran leaders view terrorism as an impotent foreign policy to export -the Islamsit Iran ideals”
    **For more than 20 years provides financial, material,logistic and training to terror
    organizations worldwide,listed 41 countries.
    **:” Islamsit Iran is the single most significant threat to stability and prosperity”
    **Documents seized from Islamist Iran unveiled the strategy in South and North
    America- saying that Muslim population will be used to penetrate Islamsit ideology in the Americas.

    President Obama has worked enough with Islamist Iran.
    President Obama should impose immediately strict sanction on Islamist Iran.
    The required sanction should guaranty:

    *The Islamist Iran will divert its efforts from Nukes to build a peaceful and prosperous future for all
    *On the long run Islamist Iran will not build NUKS
    *Dismantle centrifuges and don’t build new once
    *Transfer the enriched uranium to a third country
    *Stop building underground facilities and rockets
    —– Peace and equality for the entire world—–

    President Obama faulty policy:
    What former secretaries are saying?
    -Leon Panetta, former U.S. defense secretary, said that Obama’s Iraq policy allowed ISIS to bread in a stinging criticism
    -Hilary Clinton, former U.S. foreign affairs secretary, wrote in her book that
    the all policy is wrong

    Obama issued the Directive 11, concluding that USA should shift its policy
    and back
    **”moderate Islamic movements””**
    Up today Obama couldn’t find any moderate Islam movements.
    During President Obama government, Islamists have advance in Afghanistan, Iraq,
    Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Libya, Mali, Yemen, Mali, Nigeria, Palestine.
    Terrorism and anti-Semitism is gaining ground all over the EU countries.

    However Obama is backing the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother and father of the modern times Islamism.

    Who is not part of Obama coalition?
    Egypt- the most important Arab Sunni country, that agreed to join the coalition
    against ISIL but conditioning that the coalition will fight Islamism in all the ME and Africa.
    Egypt- the only Muslim president Sisi declared that Islam has to revise its dogma and use the Quran verses suitable for the 21 century and get away from the 7 century interpretation

  • Anyone eligible to vote in the May elections should realise that the worst antisemites of the British political parties are the Scottish Nationalists and the Green Party. For many left-wingers antisemitism is a sort of “badge of office” or a “credential”, in the Stalinist mould. Many of these people are not only members of their own political party (such as the SWP) but also of the Labour Party into which they have infiltrated. Make no mistake, there is no such thing as being “anti-Israel”. Anyone who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth wants to make sure there is no safe haven for Jews.

  • steven L

    After all, the Jews kicked the mighty Brits out of the Jewish land the ethical way. Colonel R. Kemp would attest to this fact any time, any day and anywhere.

  • steven L

    The western antisemites don’t hide their bias: BBC, NYT, Guardian, LAT, le Monde. The UN-Etical world of mass media.

  • Edna

    The anti-British roil spuked out is unacceptable! The British are pretty wonderful people. I should know, as I am a Jewish British and Canadian citizen.

    My family and I were welcomed with open arms during the Suez crisis by the parents of those same Brits. We arrived with one suitcase, one blanket and £2 minus 10% tax that the Egyptians deducted.

    We were made to feel at home. The warmth, kindness, and compassion we were showered with, did a great deal towards our ability to set new roots.

    I wish I could say the same for the British Jews of Eastern European descent, who treated us abyssimally, with a superiority complex that was laughable, were it not so tragic.

    The anti-Semitism existing today is caused by British “passport holders” one of whom decapitated the young soldier Rigby..

  • Ralph Bunche, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1950, opposed anti-Semitism while he was a Red in the 1930s, but as Acting Mediator for the UN in 1948, he took the side of the Arabs, failing to see that the Arab-Israeli conflict was NOT about two victimized peoples fighting over a small strip of land, but about elite Arab resistance to modernity. See Odd, because leftists saw modernity as leading ineluctably to communism. But Bunche was a social democrat by the 1940s.

  • danny kid

    They murdered and expelled their Jews and welcomed the muslim arabs. Gezundheit.

  • The antisemitism of the British media led by the BBC and the Guardian is the equivalent of Der Sturmer.

  • anon

    J’accuse! The British media and the New York Times have been relentless in their criticism of Israel. It’s so hypocritical. The US & UK carpet-bombed their way through Dresden and Iraq (as just 2 examples) with nary a care for civilians. Israel was defending itself and they yelled “disproportionate! baby-killers!”

    But I think it’s crocodile tears being shed now over anti-Semitism (except for perhaps a few Jewish reporters). If the Jews vanish from Europe I don’t think Europeans will care much. As an American I can’t imaging the US allowing an immigrant group to target and harass another minority but this has been happening all over Europe for years. It’s hard to even point to which country is the worst now – Belgium where Jews cannot go to public schools in the nation’s capital, Sweden where one cannot wear a kippah or France.

  • z

    Jew-hate and malice has ALWAYS been directed from the top by the gov mafia in place. The gov mafia in place in Europe and the ME has ALWAYS been and still is the Vatican mafia. Even the so-called “Israeli” gov mafia is a subsidiary of the Vatican/CIA mafia, as is EVERY government in the ME. That’s why the too stupid to be stupid actions by the “Israeli” gov mafia and its active sponsorship of Jihadistani theater and propaganda. The design and purpose of this Vatican contrived theater is that of predation and genocide of Vatican “heretics”.

    ALWAYS look to where the money comes from, and who benefits. Consistently, and thus it cannot be coincidence, it all points to ROME and its subsidiaries.

    • Y

      I used to think that such thinking had its origins in anti Israel and anti Jewish circles, and I found it offensive. However, I’ve done some research on my own and am starting to see a pattern of the global elite using the CIA, which I’ve known, but also the Vatican and the royal families of Europe and possibly Israeli “mafia” government types totally cooperating with the CIA and the New World Order (Illuminati). Still doing my research, but what you just posted comes very close to what I’ve been finding out as well.

    • Bernie

      Its fine to condemn anti-Semitism, as the author has done and as you seem to be doing. But YOUR comments are so over the top as to be scoffed at.

    • Zucker

      Seems that the blizzard does not keep any far off commentators active.
      Reading so many mishugas from all the mishugenehs out there will help me survive the
      storm. Hope that some of us will still not loose it completely. Keep your hat under this weather …. may avoid further damages.

    • Stan Nadel

      This comes from the well known book “The Protocols of the Elders of the Vatican.”

  • Mickey Oberman

    British superiority and arrogance and stupidity has at last proved its undoing.

    Now that the Brits are finally awakening to that fact they must, as usual, find a scapegoat.

    They haven’t the courage or integrity to blame themselves as they are overcome by the Muslim miasma and they are terrified of enraging their masters to be – Islam.

    So, once again, the Jews are their first choice.

    Remember, chappies, “It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game”

    Try to “Keep a stiff upper lip” as you repeat repeatedly for the rest of your soon to be downtrodden lives “Allahu Akbar”.

    • thor halland

      This is utter nonsense. The social class you chose to mock ate generally pro jewish and islamisceptic and pro Thatcher..that most pro Jewish pm

      Its the socialists who are the enemy of Jews. They control the bbc the universities and the Guardian newspaper

  • Emanuel

    Let them reap what they sow, once enough Jews leave these “British” people will become the new targets.

  • victoria brandeis

    as they say…….’WHAT ELSE IS NEW’>…it is as always…….rome and the romans were awful……the greeks gave a hand of friendship and the worst kind……….

    we know the arabs hate us….its a given …… but when those who hate us claim friendship and its false then the true hateful element is this.

    sorry ,,,,, you just woke up…..many of us over 70 have been awake waiting for you all to wake up………..and, now with sleepless eyes… still don’t see.

    we are at war……..always will be and its about ‘resolution to hire…..isis’

    thanks america…..thanks britain,,,,,, and others, once again your white flag proves wrong just like hitler….and your defending avatar launches itself “isis” as its own rogue element…..

    Obama……..what a stupid man and more stupid are those who are blind and can’t see what Hashem placed before you to be more diligent.

    and i should love Spielberg…….AMERICANS….YOUR THE WORST.

    • Larry

      o even you know what you wrote? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • I have a very hard time deciphering your comments. I totally agree with the Obama part and I think I got some of the other comments but I still find your comments hard to understand. It’s hard to tell which side of the fence you’re on. Are you a Zionist or not? I for my part am a staunch Zionist and make no apologies for it. I think the west is either naive or pretends to be (make that the west and a large part of Europe). Anyway…