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January 29, 2015 12:51 pm

Leading British Jewish Actress Says Antisemitism May Drive Her to Leave UK

avatar by Ben Cohen

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One of Britain’s best loved actresses has admitted that she is contemplating leaving the country amid a sharp rise in antisemitic attacks against the UK’s Jewish community.

Maureen Lipman, whose extensive credits include a starring role in Roman Polanski’s 2002 film about the Holocaust, The Pianist, was speaking to London radio station LBC following Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies around the world.

“When the going gets tough, the Jews get packing,” Lipman said. “It’s crossed my mind that it’s time to have a look around for another place to live. I’ve thought about going to New York, I’ve thought about going to Israel.”

Lipman described as “very, very depressing” statistics released by the Community Security Trust, the official security body of British Jews, which last year recorded the highest level of antisemitic attacks in Britain in more than three decades.

“There are 245,000 Jews in this country; I’ve been talking like this for a long time, and my kids are very bored with me,” she said. “But it is only in the last few months that they have to begun to say: ‘Mum you may have something’.”

Lipman has become increasingly outspoken on the subjects of antisemitism and the demonization of Israel in recent months. As The Algemeiner reported in October, Lipman launched a fierce attack on Ed Miliband, the leader of the British Labour Party, for supporting British recognition of a Palestinian state independently of any negotiations with Israel. Lipman also accused Miliband, who is Jewish, of “pandering to the antisemitism masking as anti-Zionism, which is once again sweeping across Europe.”

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  • Andy

    I have absolutely nothing against any Jew that lives in Britain. But I have everything against Israel and it’s stance on the Middle East, including the expansion on the West Bank, the blockade of Palestine and Netunyahu’s latest rejection of a Palestinian state. If Maureen Lipman sees an attack on Israel as an attack on all Jews then I can only conclude that she supports Israels’ stance, and that is her problem not mine. The Jews were given Israel in 1948, and it’s about time that they recognised the fact by extending that benevolence to their neighbours. Stop all aid to Israel tomorrow.

  • Eric R.

    Britain has always been a Nazi state. The country was completely Judenrein for four centuries. Now, Britain wants to return to that state of affairs.

    Even if it means enslavement under Sharia Law.

  • Ed Greene

    Bruno is exactly right. The Anit Israel talk is anti Jewish. It’s that simple. Where is the concern for any other refugees? Why are Palisinians attracting support? What about the refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon? It’s all anti-semetism.

  • Michael Glickman

    I am afraid that anti-Semitism is back again in Europe.
    Like Spain the the 15th century, when the Jews leave the
    country experiences a downfall. Let it be. Hate and war are nothing new to Europe. Europe!s loss is Israels gain.
    So Europeans let your hatred of Jews backfire and you lose your best brains.

  • I think we should invest more in explaining why anti-Zionism *is* anti-Semitism, even anti-Semitism squared. Such explanation should take into account that many people are lied, so documentaries must be provided. The problem in Europa is the lack of good education, the powers are no more well separated, the democracies are rotten. That process has begun with and since prohibition. We lost the right to say that 2+2=4.

    • Julian Clovelley

      Alternatively the sector of the “Jewish” community currently ideologically, politically, and spiritually dominated by Zionism could perhaps realise that to be against Zionism in its present incarnation – has nothing to do with antisemitism. Many people see Zionism as the driving force of a Settlers movement that steals land on the basis of a long discredited group of myths – historical, religious and Genealogical. The result of the myths is to impel a once progressive Israel in the direction of a racist Apartheid, separating it from the very forces that gave it birth in the 1947 Resolution for Partition

      Zionism currently presses an alliance between the American Right and the Jewish community – a political policy that, in the past, in the European context, led to betrayal and eventual victimisation and Genocide. Zionism ultimately relies on the hope that Israel could win a regional nuclear conflict – forgetting conveniently that there already is an Islamic nuclear power. At what cost would the victory be as the fallout of a nuclear conflict blew into Israeli homes, with its legacy of sickness and cancer?

      The opposition to Zionism is a recognition that Zionism in the 21st century is once again off with the fairies. Zionism is a world view that ensures the conflict will never end, and that there will be no reconciliation between communities in the Middle East. It is not the future most Anti Zionists would choose for anyone in the region – a future in which hatred permanently dominates more positive emotion.

      Extreme Zionism has squandered a sympathy that it took decades to create. Where differences had for the most part been forgotten, Zionism returned them to the foreground, such that both Israel and Jewish communities are generally viewed through the distorted lens created by Zionism.

      Here is something to think about – Greece rejected Austerity policies outright – and other nations will quickly follow in their own local elections. Europeans are polarising politically in relation to the question of whether Capitalism can ever be a functioning Economic system benefitting the majority of people, and preserving representative democracy. The past response in Europe’s Right has been military coup and Fascism – supported by the Right in politics, both in Europe and in America. Under such circumstances a successful militarised Fascist Europe will no longer need the Jews, and indeed they will offer – together with Islamics – a convenient scapegoat

      It is not antisemitism to perceive that Zionism is helping fuel such a nightmare – that it is part of the structure that could drag the whole world into an antisemitic Fascism.

      The answer to it all lies in the Zionist mythos – if you believe that in this day and age, are you really that bright?. The anti Zionists are with the Rabbis and Jewish leaders that right from Zionism’s birth in Eastern Europe in the late nineteenth century considered it dysfunctional and just plain wrong.

      If we look at the myths of Judaism one stands out – that of the Golden Calf in the Book of Exodus. That story told how the Hebrews escaping Egypt were misled by a small group of extremists. The result of their gullibility and disloyalty was disaster. That generation never gained the Promised land

      Zionism is the Golden Calf of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. That is why so many from religious Jews to secular Gentiles – if such real division exists – reject it outright as just plain wrong..,

      • guardião gabriel

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