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January 29, 2015 11:20 am

Putting Netanyahu’s Upcoming Congress Talk in Perspective

avatar by Ron Agam

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Wikimedia.

Much has been made of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent decision to address Congress without following protocol and receiving approval from President Obama.

But lets put things in perspective. During Word War II, six million Jews perished in concentration camps with the knowledge of most of the world’s leaders. The US and Britain failed to send bombers to destroy the murder machine, and their deafening silence amounted to complicity in the deaths of these Jews.

If Prime Minister Netanyahu sees the Iranian danger as a similar existential threat to the survival of his people, it is his imperative duty to repeatedly articulate the danger that an Iranian bomb will present to Israel and the world. A new address to Congress is the best way to highlight this danger (along with the danger of striking a bad deal with the Iranians just as they are in an extremely vulnerable economic position).

Only debilitating sanctions on Iran has achieved results, and Netanyahu has been the main reason that the P5+1 have exercised the pressures that brought Iran to the negotiation table. The end of March is a critical date in these negotiations; time is of the essence, and March is the perfect time for Netanyahu to make his speech.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly articulated, a bad deal with Iran is worse than no deal with Iran. Giving into Tehran will embolden them to continue their nuclear program covertly, and to continue to wreak havoc and terror throughout the world. No one can make this case better than Bibi.

No one should care about the “noise” being heard in Washington. What we must care about is the danger posed by a nuclear-armed Iran. Israel has been the yellow canary in the coal mine regarding the Iranian nuclear threat, but the danger doesn’t stop with Israel. It only begins there. Thus, Netanyahu’s speech is of grave importance to the American people.

There are major differences between Congress and the White House on this issue. But we have just marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and Jewish history tells us that we cannot stay silent in the face of mortal danger. We must warn the world of it, and do everything to stop it.

Pageantry, manners, or “departures of protocol” are not the issue here. The six million Jewish deaths during the Holocaust remind us that we should not be shy or intimated to voice our fear and anguish when our survival is at stake.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: you are the sole, democratically elected leader of Israel. Your moral and ethical responsibility is to your people, not to anyone else.

The speech before Congress is critical for the future of world peace, and Netanyahu must not be kept silent.

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  • Jon R.

    Boehner is a traitor and Bibi is an affront to humanity.

  • Louis Hayden

    The nations of world are like a runaway train about to hit a washed away bridge named “decency” and plunge into a Grand Canyon called the “Final holocaust.” The Holocaust of over 75 percent of humanity is about to occur.
    Most people do not want to believe there are evil Families that run the world’s banks and corporations and delight in devil worship. They have even put their plans out in the open where no one can deny or misunderstand their message. Look at the “art work” throughout the Denver airport. Just look at the Georgia Guidestones . They want total and supreme control over our bodies and souls.
    One main goal is to reduce world population to 500 million “so we can be in balance with nature.” Birth control to be strictly enforce and all mankind speak one language. There are other goals which can be found in internet on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Mr. Netanyahu must speak out because killing over six billion people on purpose is the devl’s way to hide the real goal is to exterminate every Jew and Christian so as to ovethrown GOD…The same story since Lucifer started his revolution in heaven eons ago. We are in the final round!