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January 30, 2015 4:47 pm

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Tells Israel, We No Longer Recognize ‘Rules of Engagement’

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah has delivered a bloodcurdling warning to Israel that the Islamist terrorist organization will attack at any time and in any manner it deems fit – but the group’s strategic weakness suggests that his words will be difficult to back up with actual deeds.

Nasrallah made his remarks during a speech commemorating the “Resistance’s Martyrs in Quneitra,” in the wake of an Israeli strike on the Golan Heights on January 18 that left six Hezbollah members and an Iranian general dead, Naharnet reported.

“The resistance no longer recognizes the rules of engagement and it has the right to respond to the enemy at any time or place,” Nasrallah said. “From now on, if any member of Hezbollah is assassinated, then we will blame it on Israel and reserve the right to respond to it whenever and however we choose.”

The terrorist chieftain sounded a note of caution amid the bluster, however, when he added, “We do not want a war, but we do not fear it.”

Nasrallah then thundered, in a reference to Sunni extremist terrorists: “It is our duty, as we commemorate the martyrs of the resistance, to salute the martyrs of the Lebanese army, who were killed in Ras Baalbek as they were defending the Bekaa against takfiri terrorists, who prove everyday that they are fulfilling the Israeli agenda.”

Israel yesterday demanded the full implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1701, passed in 2006, which calls for the complete disarmament of Hezbollah. Moreover, many Lebanese analysts agree that the organization is approaching the current tensions from a point of weakness.

“Hezbollah’s statements have become increasingly embarrassing with each Israeli strike on either their own or Assad’s positions,” wrote Hanin Ghaddar on the NOW Lebanon website. “Its rhetoric has changed from a heroic expression of dignity and victory to a more realistic one with redundant phrases such as ‘wisdom’ and ‘the right time.’ But Hezbollah cannot survive without heroism or victory, especially among its supporters, and this has been dragging them to dangerously low levels of popularity.”

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  • Really good blog, thank you so much for your time in writing this post.

  • Ron

    As many others have already observed, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab…….etc observe only the Qur’an, which mandates unremitting warfare against the unbelievers in general, and Jews and Christians [the People of the Book] in particular. No matter how much and how often infidels attempt to appease islam, IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH. History has proved that appeasement never works.

    The only people that this fact would come as a surprise to would be the ignorant, the naive, and all those who have not read the Qur’an. The tenet of “live & let live” is unfortunately not a feature of islamic teaching, owing to the principle of abrogation [Q. 2.106: “If We abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten, We will replace it by a better one or similar…”. Under the principle of abrogation the early peaceful verses are super-ceded by later, violent, verses, such as Q. 9.111: ” God has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods, and in return has promised them the Garden. THEY WILL FIGHT FOR THE CAUSE OF GOD, THEY WILL SLAY AND BE SLAIN. Such is the promise he has made them in the Torah, the Gospel, and the Koran.”

  • Since when has Hezbollah recognized the rules of engagement?

  • Lauren Goldman

    Well, rug-crawler, if you do not want a war, do not attack Israel. If, however, you and your fellow idiots want to end up as mulch, keep talking big and then do something stupid. It is past time to let these liabilities make their final move, and then lethally neutralize them to the last ‘man’.

  • Paul

    Hezbolla NEVER recognised rules of engagement. They simply have done whatever they have felt to be in their best interest. When they attacked an Israeli Patrol and kidnapped two soldiers (which led to the Lebanses war which has placed Nasralla in his permanent dwelling in his underground bunker), what rules of engagement were they respecting ?
    Israel attacked a Hezbolla unit in Syria, killing the son of their previous hero, his father. Hezbolla replied with an attack on an Israeli patrol – which (despite Israel’s words of outrage) is the least they could do. (Israel’s outrage can only be justified by indicating that we acted against them in SYRIA, and that retaliation from LEBANON is an escalation). And they are trying to back this up with loud words and bluster.
    Hezbolla probably realise that using its threat of firing their 100+ thousand rockets against Israel will not be regarded as an unruly organization acting from Lebanon, apart from the Lebanese Government. Hezbolla is not PART of the Leabnese government, and Israel will probably regard any attacks from there as an act of war by Lebanon. In the last round, Lebanese citizens sat in cafes in Beirut, watching Israeli planes surgically attacking the Dahia suburb. Israel did NOT target Lebanese infrastructure – electricity and water supplies, bridges, radio/TV – it was Israel against the Hizbolla. This will not happen next time.
    And THIS is what they respect – not the rules of engagement, but the reality they will face if they try again. they are not deterred by the lack of fair play – they are deterred by the prospect of the expected consequences.

  • Ed

    Nasrallah might think twice about this: If he isn’t going to be bound by the “rules of engagement” he shouldn’t expect Israel to be either. Maybe the IDF should pay him a visit.

  • Naftali

    bloodcyrdling? Same old BS we have heard from our enemies for 60 years. Their goal has always en the same, we have sogpftened, they should be deathly afraid of us

  • Doodad

    Bring it on fat boy.

  • David Hersch

    I think Nasrallah and a bunker bomb are destined to meet soon and, I almost forgot, they had rules?

  • Rabelad

    Here’s another tactical lie. Hizb’Allah is involved in a genocidal war against Jews the world over (according to their own Covenant) so when have they ever applied any form of “rules of engagement”? They have attacked Jews when they felt it advanced their cause and restrained themselves when it was in their interest. They have never observed any “rules of engagement” because they are genocidal terrorists and not gentlemen. So this statement that they are not observing any “rules of engagement” is just bluster in the hope that Jews would think that they’re gonna take off their gloves and get tough. Truth is that if they were really trying to increase attacks they’d be quiet about it and let it come as a complete surprise. For them to claim that they are only now getting really mad is just a psychological ploy to cover their fear of attacking. Their bluster is a cover for their fear so statements like these should be a good sign.

  • Paige Castle

    You and Hezbollah are maniacs. Only crazy men kill without provocation. God will punish you and all of your tribe. You cannot just kill Israelis for no reason! You are psychos!!!

  • RobiMac

    ‘We no longer recognize rules of engagement.’

    Umm…when did they ever? Every sane person knows that muslims are without ethics, without decency of any kind, really.

  • David Polovin

    Hezbollah is a thorn but Iran is the thorn tree. If decent governments treat Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorists but negotiate with and even appease the mother of terrorist sponsors, then their courage and conviction extends only as far as allaying the symptoms but not resisting the disease. Israel together with some members of the Senate and Congress (and perhaps certain Arab states secretly) are facing up to this worldwide threat. The US Administration is following the shameful path trod by Neville Chamberlain. I wish courage and strength to Congress and the Senate as they stand with Israel against the dark heart of Islamic fanaticism.

  • Efram

    Does this statement actually articulate a change? If Hezbollah is weak, maybe now is the time to destroy it.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    when did they recognize the slightest rule except hate?

  • Mandrake

    Since when has Hasan Nasrallahfollowed Rules of Engagement? A terrorist?

  • Mickey Oberman

    Thank you, Nasrallah, for the invitation.

    What you think is good for you is better for Israel.

  • steven L

    Nasrallah is hiding in a rat-hole will get hit and killed soon or later unless he hides in Parchin or Fordow. Deep in a German build bunker. Hezbollah and Khamenei know that they will loose.
    Nasrallah is only a mouth-piece of S…t for Iran cowards.

  • So, Nasrallah, what else is new?

  • Yoni Hallak

    Oh come on, really seriously!
    We can analyze and debate all we want. The fact remain the current Israeli gov should not have provoked them unless they were willing to go it to the bitter end.
    Say it any differently to the family of the Israeli soldiers who got killed in the reprisal.

  • Fred

    When did Hezbollah known rules of engagement ???

  • RiverKing

    “… bloodcurdling warning to Israel that the Islamist terrorist organization will attack at any time and in any manner it deems fit…”

    Bloodcurdling? Why? I’m sure the IDF has been assuming as much for all of their existence. No Israeli should be in the least surprised or overly concerned by such bluster.

  • Roberta Zisman

    Since when did they EVER observe rules of engagement??

  • judithg

    that filthy scum looks fatter in his picture. must be getting potato chips delivered to his hole in the ground where he spends his life.

  • William Hansen

    My Brother’s and Sister’s of Israel. I had once suggested that the best way to deal with these war monger leader’s, who send their men to die against you, was to kill them with smart bombs as they gathered in groups.

    But rather than make martyr’s out of these idiots, why don’t you try a massive media publishing blitz, catching these hypocrite’s in 5 star hotels and engaging in the very acts that they forbid their soldiers to do, as they send them to their death’s in the name of their supposed moral values. You must put doubt in the hearts of the men who are dying and living in misery at the command of their hateful leader’s, as they themselves sit back in luxury and comfort. Godspeed, good brothers and sisters.

    William H.

  • Robert Clack

    Does Iran have an ally in the WH? The following is copied from

    Israel: more alone than ever

    President Obama’s decision, now essentially official*, to appease Iran by doing nothing to help thwart the Assad regime has dire consequences for Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrians will continue to be slaughtered, many of them by barrel bombs dropped by planes the U.S. could have stopped from flying.

    Samatha ( “A Problem From Hell”) Power, call your office. On second thought, don’t waste your time.

    Israel also faces serious consequences from Obama’s Iran-driven Syria policy. Caroline Glick explains why.

    Hezbollah is taking control of parts of Syria that border on Israel. The Syrian military reportedly has ceased to function south of Damascus. Some of these areas are held by the al-Qaida-aligned Nusra Front and other regime opponents. But elsewhere, Hezbollah and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have taken control, using the Syrian militia they have trained since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011.

    This is is the context of the Israeli strike that killed the head of Hezbollah’s operations in Syria, the head of its liaison with Iran, and Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of Hezbollah’s longtime operational commander.

    The presence of these key players near the Israeli border demonstrates not only Hezbollah/Iran’s penetration, but also the significance of the area to the ambitions of Hezbollah/Iran. As Glick says, “the fact that the men were willing to risk exposure by traveling together along the border with Israel indicates how critical the front is for the regime in Tehran.” In her view, “it also indicates that in all likelihood, they were planning an imminent attack against Israel.”

    The effectiveness of Hezbollah’s control of its expanded front became clear this week. Hezbollah forces shot at least five advanced Kornet antitank missiles at an IDF convoy, killing two soldiers and wounding seven. Almost simultaneously, Hezbollah forces on the Golan shot mortars into Israel’s Hermon area.

    However, Hezbollah and the IRGC take a risk by clustering so close to the Israeli border. According to a report cited by Glick, most of the forces are in known, unfortified, above ground positions, and thus are vulnerable to Israeli air strikes.

    Will Israel strike? Iran must believe it won’t. Why would it believe this? Because, says, Glick, it must believe that there is an entity deterring an attack by Israel.

    You won’t need three guesses to identify the entity Glick has in mind. She writes:

    The Obama administration has worked to deter Israel from striking Hezbollah and Iranian targets in Syria. Whereas Israel has a policy of never acknowledging responsibility for its military operations in Syria, in order to give President Bashar Assad an excuse to not retaliate, the US administration has repeatedly informed the media of Israeli attacks and so increased the risk that such Israeli operations will lead to counterattacks against Israel.

    Iran and Hezbollah have a protector in the White House, it seems. No wonder they have the confidence to lay the groundwork for a new, potentially deadly front against Israel.

    A U.S. administration that strives to deter Israel even from limited strikes against murderous Iranian controlled forces assembling near its border clearly cannot be counted on to protect Israel from Iran’s nuclear threat. If Israel wants a cessation of Iran’s progress on either front, it will have to act alone or risk waiting until 2017.

    * This month, John Kerry, abandoning the administration’s past lip-service to regime change, declined to call for Assad to be removed to power in talks with the UN envoy in Syria Staffan de Mistura. Instead, Kerry told Mistura, “It is time for President Assad, the Assad regime, to put their people first and to think about the consequences of their actions. . . .” The Assad regime, no doubt, now will promptly “put their people first.”

  • Julian Clovelley

    To summarise the UN Security Council 1701 of 2006 in the following manner of this article is ridiculous:

    “Israel yesterday demanded the full implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1701, passed in 2006, which calls for the complete disarmament of Hezbollah.

    The full text of 1701 of 2006 addresses many more issues and places obligations on Israel too. It also needs to be read in the 2006 context that led to its passage. The full text is on:

    Half information gets no-one anywhere

    Present situations really ought to be examined by the International Criminal Court. The sooner Israel joins the Palestine Authority in ratifying the Court so it can proceed on all matters, the better. Such action would help bring the entire matter of Israel and Palestine back within the mantle of International Law – where it should always have been.

  • zadimel

    What kind of “rules” are these “rules of engagement?” Israel ought to warn Nasrallah that any future attach against the civilians of Israel or the IDF would ignite a war that would consume these terror groups, including the Sheikh.

  • harri

    hahaha; taquyiyya taquyiyya taquyiyya. can’t go to a liar for the truth. they NEVER DID have correlative rules of engagement. can’t believe ANYTHING these creatures say

  • Reform School

    Islam respects rules of any kind? On what planet?

  • art frank

    When did these savage murderers follow any rules of engagement. They follow rules of cowardly killing. Part of their “culture”.

  • Obama drags his feet with Isis,Bibi drags his feet with Nasrallah. What are they waiting for? What must be done is known to all!

  • When did this bozo, Nasralla, ever recognize “rules of engagement”…or any Moslem monkey leader, for that matter? OOOH! Israel is sooo scared! We have the CREATOR of the world on our side…every…single…time!!! Rules of Engagement…what a laugh!