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January 30, 2015 5:04 pm

Israeli Deaths Glorified at London School of Economics on Holocaust Memorial Day (VIDEO)

avatar by Richard Millett

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London protesters supporting an anti-Israel BDS campaign. Photo: BICOM / khaled via Flikr.

London protesters supporting an anti-Israel BDS campaign. Photo: BICOM / khaled via Flikr.

Tuesday was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, but Tuesday night at the London School of Economics – at a joint Palestine Society and Feminist Society event – Israelis were portrayed as rapists. Also at the event, those who killed Israelis were applauded.

In front of a banner that read “Towards Freedom and Independence the Uprising Continues,” a panel of four women described the role Palestinian women should play in the “uprising.”

Rana B. Baker, a student at SOAS who also writes for the Electronic Intifada, said Leila Khaled‘s”hijacking of planes was amazing.” The only problem, Baker said, was that Khaled had now aligned herself with the Assad regime.

Baker reserved her highest admiration for Sana’a Mehaidli, who she said “deserves a standing ovation.” She described how, in 1985 in south Lebanon, Mehaidli “drove a car full of explosives and blew it up near an Israeli convoy killing two Israeli soldiers and injuring between 10 and 12 more.”

Baker described Mehaidli as “the first female to carry out a suicide bombing in south Lebanon” and said Mehaidli was “more admirable for not being well-known and for not being Palestinian.”

Baker concluded by saying that Mehaidli’s “will calls for men and women to armed struggle against a colonial regime based on violence.”

Zena Agha portrayed Israelis as rapists of Palestinian women (see footage below). She said that “in Israel the view of Palestinian women is very derogatory and that rape had become a very prevalent idea. Rape for Israelis was almost a weapon of war against Palestinian women.”

She quoted Mordechai Kedar’s controversial “rape as terror deterrent” statement which, she said, was “illuminating about Israeli democracy.” She also described a sign in an Israeli coastal town which, apparently, read “Pound Their Mothers” as having “sexual connotations.”

She urged the student audience not to adopt western narratives about Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS, etc. who, she said, are all referred to as “terrorists.” She complained that “calling Hamas ‘terrorists’ robs them of any agency and delegitimizes them.”

Mezna Qato, a research fellow at Cambridge University, said that boycotting Israel “is a small but powerful tactic that allows women to be lifted up by the spirit of the Palestinian struggle.”

And the event was chaired by Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, a research fellow at the LSE’s Middle East Centre, who said that the Palestinians had no choice “but to sacrifice their bodies” and that “radical Jewish settlers are more a threat to Israel than the Palestinians.”

It was a truly sickening event – the most frightening part of which was when Zena Agha proclaimed “We are the future leaders.”

I, for one, wouldn’t want to be living in the U.K. should that ever come to pass.

This article was originally published on Richard Millett’s Blog.

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  • Crazy!

  • How classy, NOT.

  • dextrum

    You may delete my comment “awaiting moderation”.

  • dextrum

    What is this women talking about?
    Is she talking about ISIS or the IDF.

  • Efram

    What do you expect? Feminists invented politically-coerced censorship. It was venal and wrong headed to begin with, and is now out and out bigotry. Feminists are no friend to Jews, or civilization in general.


  • steven L

    Islamism stands for man-induced large scale psychopathology.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Slight case of over-reacting. The conditions for hiring space at the London School of Economics as published on their website include the following:

    “1.”LSE” and the LSE logo are registered trademarks, and the School will take all appropriate steps to protect the use of its name, including legal action where necessary. In particular, please note that your booking at the School is subject to your agreeing that: a) You will not state, imply or give the impression in any information that the LSE is in any way responsible for the management of your event, the provision of teaching or the marking of examinations, or the award of any certificate or qualification relating to the event/teaching/examinations in question; or that participants in your event are students of LSE.”

    The event was an outside run event, nothing to do with the LSE or its students or teaching staff – albeit some may have attended and spoken there

    The lecture theatre was a very small one holding at a maximum 220 people according to the organisers own statement. Fortunately overcrowding wasn’t a problem apparently, even with the chosen camera angle, which one would expect to maximise apparent attendance, it only shows about thirty people there

    The population of the Greater London Metropolitan area is currently just under fourteen million. The organisers are to be credited with securing as attendees to the meeting such a large and representative section of the London Population. I would not have expected so many.

    To give a true picture of their achievement the crowd at a Football Association Cup Final is only around 90,000 – which being the capacity of Wembley Stadium. Such crowds are only 3thousand times greater than the meeting’s organisers’ achievement – although it should perhaps be admitted that every cup final ticket could be sold at least ten times over. Wembley stadium just isn’t big enough to accommodate a million spectators, although thirty attendees to a political meeting might have been able to squeeze in, possibly in the goal mouth. Anyhow happily the LSE minor lecture theatre had room and more for thirty people, and there is a well stocked bar available for the school, in fact several in the neighbourhood.

    Statistically one in sixty people that can be seated in the Finsbury Park Mosque would be required to fill the meetings apparent attendance numbers – or about one in thirty five of those attending Friday prayers. Finsbury Park is on several of the Underground lines and Bus routes that provide easy access to the LSE. The capacity of a six carriage underground train is about 650 people. It would probably be cheaper next time to buy day passes and hold the meeting in one third of a railway carriage. That way it could be combined with a trip to the Zoo.

  • Carl

    Feminists aligning themselves with Arabs is downright laughable. These are the most brutal and oppressive monsters on the planet. Yes, they are terrorists. That isn’t merely a label that paints them in a bad light. It is an accurate portrayal of what they are. Murderous terrorists are not freedom fighters to applaud – they are brutal, murderous terrorists.

  • John

    This is disgusting and an insult to descent people everywhere. This is pure antisemitism.

  • Rabbi Menashe Bovit

    Kedar simply was explaining the Arab/Muslim mindset in which the rape of “his women” could be the only deterrent to the Arab/Muslim desire to murder. This explains why so many Muslim terrorist groups like Islamic State use rape as a tool of warfare. In contrast Israel has very strict rules of engagement with enemy civilians and I know of no case of Israeli soldiers raping Arab women. What we see here is how devious anti-Israel propagandists will take any statement out of context to use in their arsenal of lies against Israel.

    • Another view point. Israeli don’t rape Palestinian women as a form of insult. “They don’t think they’re good enough” claim their leaders.

  • Hill

    G_d help us. I thought incitement to violence is illegal. These are the disease for our future. Women whom Muslims would mutilate, beat, buy/sell etc… are fervent supporters of this scum. What is wrong with them. Could be the genital mutilation they underwent cut out their soul too. Otherwise ship them off to ISIS one way ticket and see how they fare. Especially if they are converted, promiscuous, capricious human rejects and not the virgins those “boys”,( with a lisp), all crave.

  • So sad to read this. I thought academia required actual statistics, critical thinking and such. This is blatant anti-Semitism.

  • We are the 75% the Majority

    The Europeans as descendants of esau (the 10%) are godless and will believe any passing fancy spouted from the filthy mouths of the ishmaelites (the 15%). Let this be a lesson for the rest of the world that is not European or arabic never to trust our enemies.

    Let us unite always and see their false comments as the enemies they are to the 75% of the world that is sick and tired of the 25%.