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January 30, 2015 5:28 pm

UN is Outraged by Hamas (But Only When Violence Directed at Non-Jews)

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Students at a UNRWA School in Gaza, in 2011. Photo: UN / Shareef Sarhan.

Students at a UNRWA School in Gaza, in 2011. Photo: UN / Shareef Sarhan.

It turns out that the UN is capable of strong language against Hamas – but only when it is the victim:

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Process, Robert Serry, has expressed outrage by the assault on the UN premises in Gaza this morning.

“During a pre-announced demonstration, of which Hamas was well aware, a number of protestors climbed the perimeter wall and entered the compound causing damage to United Nations premises and property,” Mr. Serry said today in a statement from his office, UNSCO.

Due to precautionary measures taken, United Nations personnel working in the compound were fortunately unharmed.

The Special Coordinator noted with “deep concern” that, despite repeated assurances, the security forces in Gaza did not take the necessary and timely measures to protect UNSCO’s compound.

“Pending a full transfer of security responsibilities to the legitimate Palestinian Authority, we continue to hold Hamas fully responsible for the security and safety of all United Nations personnel and operations in Gaza,” Mr. Serry said.

As this serious incident took place in the context of increasing incitement against the United Nations in Gaza, the Special Coordinator is conducting an urgent review of operations in Gaza.

It is very rare for the UN to express “outrage” explicitly at Hamas. They did express outrage over rockets being stored in UNRWA schools, but didn’t blame Hamas explicitly – and in 2006 they said they were outraged at Hamas police stealing supplies from a UN warehouse.

So, in Israel and the territories, the UN only seems outraged when it is the victims of attacks. Even though the UN routinely expresses outrage over terror attacks worldwide, I haven’t yet found any such expressions for Hamas’ explicit policies of using Gazans as human shields, or their terror attacks or rocket fire against Israel.

Hamas reacted to this statement with derision:

Hamas prominent leader Salah Bardawil stated Wednesday that the UN resolutions by Robert Serry to halt aid provided for the victims of the Israeli aggression on Gaza had led to the popular anger the world witnessed Wednesday .

Bardawil said that claims of Robert Serry that Hamas holds responsible for the angry reaction of the refugees towards the United Nations staff are just “an attempt to jump over the reality”, pointing out that the masses wanted to tell Serry they reject the United Nations to be part of the siege imposed on the Gaza people.

“It would have been better for Mr. Serry to consider the serious repercussions of the UN decisions over reconstruction and adis for the victims of the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza, rather that distribution of accusations,” Bardawil added.

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  • estie ash

    you mentioned in your article “Israel and the territories” WHAT ARE TERRITORIES. It is that kind of language that incites the world to condemn Israel for building in her own land. All of Israel is one Country. It does not exist in territories.

  • This article makes quite clear the essential facts: An attack by civilians, brazenly tolerated by Hamas, on UN property.

    What is not clear is the background.

    How and why has the UN in Gaza got into Hamas”s bad books?

  • M.Feuerstein

    File under UN/Hamas

  • RobiMac

    The United Nothing needs to be moved to the middle east.

  • Julian Clovelley

    If Israel wants to see international outrage expressed against an opponents action – such as the alleged use of human shields – then it needs to ratify the International Criminal Court and go through the correct procedures for instigating investigation and possible prosecution

    It is a bit rich to complain about international inaction where you are yourself the cause of the roadblock.

    • Lynne T

      yes, because the UN’s various agencies have never dealt with Israel in such a biased manner as for Israel to give up on it, including the kangaroo court that William Schabbas is presiding over.

      And by the way, the US is against the PA’s membership application as it is just another tactic to circumvent negotiating final borders.

  • David Levy

    Good for them. Hope they drive UNSCO out of Gaza …. be a great step in the right direction.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Mr. Serry is obviously too stupid to have learned by now that Muslims never show gratitude.

  • steven L

    Let them destroy all the UNRWA offices so that They won’t be used by Hamas to attack Israel

  • Fred Chalfin

    Translation! When you stop paying us, we stop protecting you. Oh, and you had better tow the line on hating Jews and Israel or you are in REAL TROUBLE.

  • Sofia Bain

    Too bad, so sad, booohoo, so United Nation has its building vandalized by the same folks that they so dearly love to defend.

    No sympathies there, take your lumps UN, or like the UN Guards on the Lebanon border crossing with Israel, when attacked by Hezzbolah, took off and ran.

    For a change the truth comes out and the world is not buying into the sob stories.

  • Fred

    How dare Serry accuse Hamas. To join the Arab UN ( Tower of Babel ) a primary requisite requirement is: no mater what blame Israel & show outrage , but turn a blind eye at Hamas deviousness .

  • harri

    waaaaah. karma bites. karma due to Jew bashing bites even harder.