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January 30, 2015 2:00 am

Why the Israel-Bashers Request Anonymity

avatar by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn /

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Ever notice how the Obama Administration officials who attack Israel always insist on anonymity?

This week, “a senior administration official who would not be named” made strident comments to the New York Times about Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer. The anonymous official accused Dermer of “placing [Prime Minister] Netanyahu’s political fortunes above the relationship between Israel and the United States.”

Earlier in the week, the Times of Israel quoted “officials in Washington” who said the vulgar term that an unnamed White House official used used to describe Netanyahu last October “was mild compared to the language used in the White House when news of Netanyahu’s planned speech [to the U.S. Congress] came in.”

That earlier anonymous insult was part of a tirade unleashed by an Obama Administration official in an interview with The Atlantic, in which, among other things, he compared Israel’s prime minister to chicken excrement.

In between those two barrages, there was a report in the Israeli daily Haaretz, in December, that “senior White House and State Department officials” had been holding meetings to discuss taking harsher steps against Israel “to make it clear” that the U.S. disapproves of some Israeli policies.

Sometimes, the “anonymous” mask can be pretty thin. For example, last May 2, an unnamed “senior U.S. official” told Israeli journalist Nahum Barnea of Yediot Ahronot’s Ynet website: “The Palestinians are tired of the status quo. They will get their state in the end — whether through violence or by turning to international organizations.”

Unfortunately for that senior official, Yediot’s rival, Haaretz, was not bound by any confidentiality that Yediot offered, and three days later, Haaretz reported that the Israeli government believes Martin Indyk, the top American envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, is the anonymous official. Interestingly, that remark, in which the official in effect justified Palestinian violence, was similar to some statements made in the past by “U.S. officials in Israel” during the period when Indyk was the U.S. ambassador in Israel.

The potential disadvantage – for the Administration – of making accusations anonymously is the possibility that the public may not believe the statements were really made.

So why don’t these Obama officials come out and make their statements openly, so there can be no doubt as to the Administration’s view?

Why hide behind the mask of anonymity? Why not tell the public exactly how they feel?

Because they know that the vast majority of the public will be appalled.

The Obama Administration knows that the vast majority of the American public – as well as Congress and American Jewry – strongly supports Israel. Most Americans want close U.S. – Israel relations. Poll after poll has shown that most Americans support Israel and few support the Palestinians.

The Administration’s hostility toward Israel is a minority position – a very small minority. And that’s why Obama officials attack Israel anonymously. If this Administration, which claims to be “transparent,” were transparent about its real feelings toward Israel, it would sink even lower in the polls. And so they are left to thrash about in frustration, throwing epithets and vulgarisms at America’s ally and desperately hoping that some of the mud will stick.

The authors are president and chairman, respectively, of the Religious Zionists of America, Philadelphia, and candidates on the Religious Zionist slate ( in the current U.S. World Zionist Congress elections.)

The opinions presented by Algemeiner bloggers are solely theirs and do not represent those of The Algemeiner, its publishers or editors. If you would like to share your views with a blog post on The Algemeiner, please be in touch through our Contact page.

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  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Obama is the “Snake in the grass”!

  • nelson marans

    What are we to expect from Martin Indyk and his pro-Arab policies, in accord with this administration. Birds of a feather flock together. Too bad the presidential elections are nearly two years away and hopefully by that time the American Jewish electorate will come to its senses and place the security of Israel as a top priority.

    • Security is indeed important nelson. The thing is though, many American Jews see that Israel is creating its own security problems. Indeed those problems that it is creating are inspiring even more problems around the world.

      When Israel has illegally moved more than 600,000 of its citizens into the state of Palestine along with an occupation army to “protect” them, it should be self-evident that this would cause a huge problem.

      When at the same time Israel is still occupying Gaza and keeping it under siege due to the plan by Dov Weisglass it should also be self-evident that this would be a problem.

      Israel has a host of security problems and they are largely a result of the unlawful actions of the state of Israel. And I would not hang your hat on American Jews suddenly changing their votes. President Obama received overwhelming votes in both elections from Jewish Americans.

      For good reason. He has been an amazingly generous and gracious US President in the face of some of the most insulting behavior of the state of Israel to the US President, ever, since Israel’s founding in 1948.

  • H. Givon

    ‘Anonymity’ provides a convenient hiding-place for the White House when it does not want to take responsibility; that is the reason for no apology, for example, when disparaging remarks were made concerning PM Netanyahu. This policy does not bring honor to the presidency any more than the more recent tactic of ‘going nuclear’ – the expression being used regarding the coming visit of the Israeli leader to the U.S. where he will address Congress on the imminent danger of Iran’s nuclear progress. Had President Obama used his experience as a ‘community organizer’ to organize the international community against the Iranian threat it is likely that the free world would not be faced with today’s crisis. Instead, the President has twice in recent times re-adjusted the date by which Iran must comply with the demands to end its project. Not only has that country refused to cooperate, it has been involved with proxies who are actively doing its bidding – anonymously. For some time Americans have been concerned about the threat of another 9/11 – a highly valid fear. In order to thwart such an attack Speaker Boehner has invited PM Netanyahu to speak before Congress about this worldwide peril which is far above ‘politics’. President Obama seems more concerned with acquiescence to his personal wishes rather than the more urgent need for Americans to have maximum information about the world threat. Time for direct talk – not anonymity.

    • There is no apology because it is true. Benjamin Netanyahu does not have the cojones to make peace, and everyone on the planet knows that making peace is simply following international law. Bibi is a chicken because he won’t face Israelis and tell them the truth.

      If there is going to be peace the occupations of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip must end, and Israel must take its colonists back or they will become citizens of Palestine.

      But Bibi does not have the guts for that. And he’s entirely unpredictable because he started the summer war on Gaza by lying about the three teens. The Jewish Daily Forward has the scoop on that aspect of recent history.

      And most of all Bibi knows he lost the US President so now he is trying to go behind his back through a failed Speaker of the House of Representatives.

      There is ample proof that there is simply no apology needed.

      • Fritz Kohlhaas

        You are soooooooooooooooooo wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    The “Judentrat” member Indyk is a worm in human clothing. IT is a shame that he calls himself a Jew, but then again some of the worst enemies of the Jewish people have been Jews themselves. He is too busy butt kissing the President that he has become blinded to reality.

  • Brian Shapiro

    These are the same as the terrorists who cover their faces in their parades. It is the same for the KKK. Cowards one and all.

  • Zach

    Your call for ‘sobriety’ (my term) when discussing Israel is desparately needed.
    Thank you.

  • RobiMac

    They don’t want to bee noted as cowards.

    News flash! It’s already well known.

  • Hugo

    It is not at all surprising that certain officials of the current administration don’t want to be identified when speaking about Israel.
    It so happens that Israel has the powerful Jewish lobby backing which has a tremendous influence in Washington and can make or break any politician.
    Don’t complain so much when you’re attacked. Change your ways instead.

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    2 min – Dec 2, 2013 – Uploaded by Bernhard Rosenberg

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have Some Nerve. ISRAEL Will …

  • Mickey Oberman

    ” Why the Israel-Bashers Request Anonymity”

    They are COWARDS.


  • steven L

    According to Martin Sherman parameters, an IL expert on Israel security, a Palestinian state will have no army and NO physical connection with any other Muslim lands or state.
    Any government left or right who would deviate from these parameters would commit treason against IL and the Jewish people.
    The Liberal Jews from America will need to be rescued from their total insanity. Peace be on them; they do not know what they are doing.

  • David M

    When POTUS visited the new Saudi king he chose to close his eyes to the vicious, sadistic lashing being administered to a “Blogger” with young kids. Obama said NOTHING, we are told to try to get the lashing sentence mitigated.

    Is there any more evidence needed to see where his true interests and support lie? He chose to ignore the nasty, brutal, anachronistic Sharia decision to administer 1,000 lashes that will ruin a man’s life, if it doesn’t kill him first.

    I’m watching to see if this Saudi cruelty will even be modified slightly as a result of a pleading by Obama.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    The “anonymous” remarks about Netanyahu have been so nasty, I was convinced all along they had to have been made by a Jewish official.

    Only a Jew would feel licensed to engage in such intemperance.

  • Scott

    And yours stinks….
    Your moral relativism is classic Western Euro Think.

    The Palestinians are “an aggrieved people” who just want “justice” and a home of their own.

    If that were true, it would have happened on at least three previous occasions. Oh and BTW, Mr. Indyk was intimately involved in those previous occasions. President Clinton’s with Ehud Barak and Olmert’s folly as well.

    Please do at least a little in depth research sir. The Palestinians want the destruction of Israel – and yes that includes the West’s favorite “moderate”, Mr. Abbas.

    They are part of the pan Jihad the world sees today, but are just excused from it by Westerners who think, they are different….

    They’re not any different. And when they’re through with Israel, they’ll be on your doorstep. Don’t be a fool. Wake up and smell the coffee…..then go brush your teeth.

    Those who appease are always the ones who just hope that the monster will at least eat them….last.

    • Scott

      This comment was in response to Paul

  • There Was Never A Country
    Called Palestine
    If you consider Palestine to be a “Sovereign” and “Independent” country that goes back through most of recorded history as many would have you to believe, then a few questions need to be answered:
    – When was it founded and by whom?
    – What were its borders?
    – What was its capital?
    – Who was the President?
    – What was its form of government?
    – What were its major cities?
    – What constituted the basis of its economy?
    – Who was the Palestinian leader before Yasser Arafat?
    – Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation?
    – What was the language of the country of Palestine?
    – What was the prevalent religion of the country of Palestine?
    – What was the name of its currency and what was the approximate exchange rate of the Palestinian monetary unit against the US dollar, German mark, GB pound, or Japanese yen on any particular date?
    – And, finally, since there is no such country today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?
    If these so-called “Palestinians” are anything but a generic collection of Arabs from all over the rest of the Arab world and if they really have a genuine ethnic identity that gives them right for self-determination, then why did they never try to become an independent and sovereign nation until Arabs suffered their devastating defeat in the Six Day War in 1967?

  • Paul, the readers of Algemeiner should take heed of your words. You have explained well what is going on and why it is happening. The more the right wing calls everyone anti-Semites for pointing out the undeniably obvious, the more the luster comes off the word that people like the “religious Zionists” have polished on the Shoah.

  • Sadie

    The Emperor has no clothes.

  • Obama’s relations with Israel and other Nations r3
    Obama has no respect from many of the International community. Obama has no credibility, he has the least experience in real politics, he is the worst president the U.S. has ever had.
    Obama has alienated many nations and has caused foreign policy damage that is costing the American taxpayer trillions. His decisions are also costing numerous American lives in vain.
    Obama has abused his executive powers and should be prosecuted for his violations. Obama is ignoring the true sovereignty of the Jewish people in Israel and the various treaties and international agreements entered into after WWI and the various congressional resolutions on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people since WWI. Obama’s blatant disrespect of Netanyahu and Israel’s International legitimate rights shows his naivety in International matters and foreign policy.
    Obama’s lack of etiquette is an outright embarrassment to the United States.
    Natanyahu is trying his best, but he will not compromise the security of Israel and that is the way a leader should perform. No other decent leader of the free world perform differently.
    It is interesting to note, that Jordan is a country that never existed in history before WWI and nobody is contesting its legitimacy or territorial sovereignty and control. The same powers that established 21 Arab States plus Jordan after WWI also re-established the State of Israel based on the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Treaty of 1920.
    On the other hand, Israel and its Jewish people have over 4,000 year of recorded history.
    Many Nations and people are questioning Israel’s control of its liberated territory. No one is mentioning that the Arab countries had ejected about a million Jewish people from their countries, confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land. About 650,00 of these expelled Jewish people were resettled in Greater Israel. The Land the Arab countries confiscated from the Jewish people 120,000 sq. km. which is over 5-6 times the size of Israel, and its value today is in the trillions of dollars.
    Let the 21 Arab countries resettle the Arab Palestinians in the land they confiscated from the Jews which is 5-6 times the size of Israel. Provide them with funds they confiscated from the million Jewish people they expelled and let them build an economy, This will benefit both the Arab-Palestinians and the hosting countries, The other alternative is relocate the Arab-Palestinians to Jordan, (originally land allocated for the Jewish people under the San Remo Treaty of 1920) which is already 80% Arab-Palestinians, and give them funds to relocate and build an economy. This will solve the Arab-Palestinians refugee problem once and for all. It will also reduce hostility and strife in the region.
    If this is not discrimination against Israel, I do not know what is.
    It seems like nobody cares about land violations in other countries in the world, but when it comes to Israel, everyone has a say. Israel’s rights in the terms of the treaty of San Remo of 1920 are in affect in perpetuity, it clearly states that the Jewish people are the only ones with political rights in the British Mandate of Palestine and that the Jewish people can live anywhere in the British Mandate.
    If the U.S., Europe and other countries will stop meddling, and stop its criticism and involvement in the politics of Israel and the Arabs, than there will be a chance for peace.
    We know the great powers are only interested in the OIL and nothing else, that is the bottom line.
    A true and lasting peace in Israel will bring mammoth economic prosperity to The Israelis and The Arabs alike.
    An approach to peace starts by teaching your children and the people not to hate and condemn any acts violence that hurts civilian population and stop celebrating and rewarding the death and destruction of each other.…/20…/July/San-Remo-Resolution-Revisited/
    YJ Draiman

    • YJ, give it up. While San Remo is interesting as a matter of history it has no bearing on the reality of the state of Israel.

      David Ben-Gurion declared the state of Israel within the suggested borders of UNGA 181, the partition resolution. At the time the Truman administration sought assurances that this was all that the nascent state of Israel wanted; through correspondence with Eliahu Epstein the assurances were given that the new Israel was happy with those borders and that was what President Truman recognized. I suggest you make a trip over to the Truman Presidential Library and look at the documents.

      The rest of your post is just nonsensical rantings against President Obama, the scandal free US President who has given Israel more aid and comfort that any other US President including paying for Iron Dome.

      Sensible people will dismiss your words as those of a kook, I am just trying to let you know the facts so you can save yourself embarrassment in the future.

      • Mr. Hess;

        I have noticed your antipathy for Israel
        in prior posts. You seem to have issues.

        I find it amusing that, instead of countering
        Y.J. Draiman point by point, you ignore them,

        Why is that? What is the impediment that
        prevents you from so doing?

        Perhaps the reason is that you cannot
        refute them, Thus you attack the poster
        personally. That is sophomoric at best.
        At worst, I will refrain from saying.

        If you have the courage of your convictions,
        answer the questions listed. Given your
        inability to do so, you are revealed as nothing
        more than what you seem to be. Your refusal
        to rebut and counter not only exhibits the
        inability to do so, but exposes you for what
        you truly are.

        Use your (lack of) imagination on that.

        Algemeiner is providing this forum for
        discussion that might lead to understanding
        and possible solutions to the ongoing
        tragedy that envelopes the Mideast, and
        the holy land in particular.

        Yet, you use the forum to promote your
        own hate and distortion. Despite your
        sentiments, nor how fervently you believe,
        That does not mean anything you say is true,
        It is your :truth”,

        Revel in your delusions

        I noticed when I clicked on your name,
        your page exposes you for what you
        truly are.

        Palestine in the time of Saul? Israel
        was not renamed Palestine by the Romans
        for well over a thousand years after the
        time of Saul. Hence, you are a lame
        revisionist, and seemingly intellectually

        You seem to have an issue with Jews and
        Israel. That is your prerogative, though
        this does not give your comments any

        I suggest you refute Draiman by answering
        each question posited. Are you
        unable to do that due to a lack of knowledge?

        If true, then it only goes to show you have
        no answers, only vitriol for those you do not
        agree with, yet cannot refute.

        You state that he San Remo conference
        is only “interesting” as a matter of history,
        but is not relevant. Perhaps the Magna
        Carta is interesting but not relevant either.

        I seldom post, but your inanity motivated
        me to do so.

        You are not even a blip on a radar screen,.
        You appear to be as deep as a puddle after
        a two minute spring shower.

        I am embarrassed for you. Perhaps you should
        take stock and be embarrassed for well.

        However, that would take a measure of introspection
        and a bit of self analysis, both which you seem
        to be incapable of doing.

        Your postings impress no one but yourself.

        Please impress those of us who have the
        misfortune to read your words of faux wisdom
        and answer Draiman directly. I am sure your
        fellow posters would find your replies of
        great interest, given your high academic standing,.
        your credentials, and depth of knowledge.

        Refrain from personal attacks, If you disagree
        with someone, or what they post, prove them wrong
        by using facts; It appears you are incapable of that.

        As for your comments regarding the current administration
        and the man who heads it, I will address at another time.

        Iron Dome was not initiated during the current administration,
        nor was the Arrow System, nor Green Pine. Do your
        research before posting. It may take you a considerable amount of time, but try not to be discouraged.

        • Doug, spare me. I answered the only intelligible portion of YJ’s comment. But San Remo has no bearing on reality any more than the Balfour Declaration.

          What does have validity is David Ben-Gurion’s declaration to accept the borders as suggested in UNGA 181. This is the reality. You cannot change that reality. Anyone can verify this reality by simply going to the Truman Library and reading the source documents.

          I refuse to address fantasy. Do you Doug really think that people working with this issue somehow missed San Remo or the Balfour Declaration? If you want to know more about both simply ask. I have been researching this issue since 1972 and writing about it on BBSNews for the last twenty-five years. I can hardly afford to just make things up like YJ did.

          YJ’s comment was just bashing President Obama and then going off on a conspiracy theory. There is no cabal of people in the world who have buried San Remo or Balfour. It’s a great academic exercise but it has nothing to do with the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

          All I noticed from your comment is misplaced condescension and ad hominem. You certainly did not go to the Truman Library otherwise you would not have embarrassed yourself in trying (and failing) to discredit me without looking at the source documents.

          I’ll take my chances with the facts and reality of the situation. President Obama has done more for Israel than any other US President including paying for Iron Dome. You should be grateful instead of just making things up and answering for other people.

    • myra vero

      it was fantastic to read this comment. Wish, every nations should read and follow it.

    • steven L

      This is all about visceral Western and Muslim antisemitism and anti-Zionism. The Islamic president has sided as he indicated in “Audacity of Hope” with Islam and the Muslims. The numerous facts available confirm that he has sided with the Islamists and not with moderate Muslims. He has rejected democracy for Islamism. Strangely enough he proclaims to be a devout Christian! What kind of devout Christian sides with Islam and against democracy. His ME allies are Iran, Turkey and Qatar. Each one supports either Shia Jihadism or Sunnis Jihadism. This is a war of the left hijacked by the far left against the rest of Americans. It is high time for the American people to wake-up.

    • Efram

      Thank you. However, it is not just oil. Europe never shed its 2000 years of Jew hatred. The Holocaust drove much of this belief underground, but it was never eliminated. It has been there all along, and now they feel they have the excuse to resume it in full force.

  • Yale Rodman

    Martin Indyk, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, is the coward who hides behind his “anonymous” statements, and the true piece of chicken excrement.

    But, it is the Obama Administration, who are the most cowardly and contemptible of all. They are the masters of double-speak and duplicity. They tout the power and resilience of the unshakable American-Israel bond when in front of the camera, but make their treacherous statements and spew their vulgarities behind closed doors.

    But, even more disquieting and disgraceful than either of the above named perpetrators,is the seventy and sixty percent of the American Jewish electorate who shamefully voted in 2008, and again in 2012, for the most unabashed Anti-Israel President since the Jewish State came into existence.

    And, do we doubt, for even a minute, that most of these Jewish voters knew that it has taken more than twenty centuries, and a Holocaust of millions for this State to finally emerge?

    • Steve Korolnek

      Quite simply
      What more can you expect from a devout follower of Jeremiah Wright–a man who (along with his wife and 2 daughters) sat every Sunday, and listened to this racist preacher spew-out anti-white; anti-Semitic hatred–distancing himself from Wright during the 2008 presidential campaign was pure political expediency.

      • Steve, I have seen no evidence of any such thing from Jeremiah Wright. Because there simply was no such thing. It became an election issue and really became more notorious because it was a non-issue and so quickly put to rest. Wright posted a Palestinian plea with a weekly packet of sermonizing and that is the extent of it. I am amazed that you would even dredge up such nonsense that is fit only for the Drudge Report. Are you also a birther?

    • steven L

      Indyk MUST be persona non-Grata in Israel. A coward antisemite. The American liberal Jews are fundamentally antisemitic and anti-Zionists.
      There is no real double talk from Obama. It is straight anti-Israel and therefore antisemitic.

    • Efram

      I am ashamed of it, but I voted for him in 2008. I hoped that he would bring fresh air back into government, and turn it away from the cruelties of the right wing. However, by 2012, I could not vote for him if he were the only candidate on the ballot. As it is, I voted write in for the first time in my life. I suspect 2016 will be the second. Hillary is on record as supporting Obama’s policy towards Israel, and the Bushes have done enough to destroy the United States and the middle class. If, as it appears, they will be the choices, for me they will be non-choices.

      We need a new political party in the US.

      • Efram, the policy of the United States, and President Obama, is the rule of law. The colonies that are outside of the state of Israel in Palestine have been deemed illegal since the very first one was built. President Obama is simply carrying out long-standing US policy. President Obama has simply made clear that we will be a friend to Israel (Iron Dome etc) but we expect compliance with the rule of law. That is why the president has made it US policy to be favorable to the Arab Peace Initiative and the features of the state of Palestine as laid out in UN Security Council resolution 1860.

        You don’t have a problem with President Obama, he has done more for Israel than any other US President. You obviously have a problem with the rule of law.

  • Paul

    Martin Indyk apparently assessed that the Palestinians will get their state in the end one way or another. Your article then states ” that remark, in which the official in effect justified Palestinian violence”.
    Really ? Did he JUSTIFY violence ? Or did he perhaps try warn us of violence being a probable outcome of OUR actions ? Are you purposely using very biased suggestion ? Do you want to push your readers’ buttons by waving anti-zionism in their faces ? Are you practicing intellectual integrity in your writing ? When there are true, serious problems it is the MOST important time for clear thinking, and not emotionally biased thinking. So you may be doing your readers a disservice when you write in a biased way.
    If a driver in a car behind me honks and tells me I lack pressure in a tire, he is not hoping I will overturn, and he is not trying to harm me. He is trying to warn me of something important I need to know.
    If you INTENTIONALLY plant suggestions in your words, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. If it is unintentional, you should perhaps try convince people of your opinions using facts and not using slyly inserted biased suggestion.

    There appears to be a mental problem with the advocates of the extreme right-wing policy in Israel: if anyone objects to the right-wing mindset, they are traitors. They are are not against a different opinion, they are against ISRAEL. the right wing have come to believe that only what THEY think is acceptable. Well, Many of us here feel the right wing do not really know what they are doing, and that they are leading us on a path to destruction. Any true friend of Israel who observes what he perceives to be a danger, SHOULD speak out and voice his opinion – even if you here then try make that to be an attack, or treason. Even if the opinion is wrong – it is a decent thing to do, not an act that should be branded.
    Is there any doubt that what Indyk warns us of is actually happening ? They ARE turning to international institutions. And so far, although Abu Maazen is acting AGAINST Hamas violence and so far objects to another intifada – does your newspaper guarantee there will be no future turn to violence if we continue our present path of not wanting a settlement ?
    Our friends are trying to help us, in the well founded belief that we are making grave errors. Half the Israeli population believes the same thing. Only Messianic people who believe God is on side our no matter what we do, ignore the realities and respond with gut-reactions of denial and attack when faced with any disagreement. Is God always on our side, no matter what we do ? The bible is full of accounts of how seriously God punished his chosen people for hubris and arrogance.
    Only a good friend can tell you when your breath smells.

    • YK

      As a foreign national, Indyk is entitled to have and even offer his opinions but not push them on a democratically-elected government.
      Right or wrong, the Israelis will pay the price of mistaken policy, not Indyk, not Obama. Consequently, it is incumbent upon the administration not to actively undermine the elected government in Israel.
      Unfortunately, the Obama administration, which has demonstrated incredible incompetency on foreign affairs (especially in the Middle East – see Arab Spring) shows once again its arrogance and luck of respect for anything but the Commander in Chief’s alleged “legacy”.

    • Makava

      Obama and his administration a friend to Israel and Jews, who are you trying to kid???

      To truly know Obama one needs to be capable of recognizing the truth, and that is Obama is a spoiled, vindictive juvenile with no real world skills besides manipulation of the dumb and uneducated.

      He is an abomination, an absconder in chief, an apologist, aspirant vichyssoise, a bellicose, a blasphemer, a bloodsucking and bloody-minded busybody, characterless, cheap Communist, a condescending, cowardly conspirator, a death cultist, a demagogue, who is disingenuous, false, fetishist, foolhardy, and a gawking heretic, as well as a humorless ideologue, an ingrate, that is inscrutably insipid, a Judas, lackadaisical, lackluster, lazy, litigious, and a Marxist, who is a master of mendacity, mawkish, mean, megalomaniacal, and a mentally deficient mollycoddler, a necromancer, an obscene oath-breaker, an occultist, a panderer, a pedantic, petty, pigeon molesting progressive and queer race-baiter, who is remorselessly revolting, sly, smelly, and a suborner of perjury, that is stupid, sullen, underwhelming, vapid, vulgar, weird, willfully ignorant, and a natural born liar, as well as a distorter, a deceiver, and a treasonous divider……

      Obama the POS, is a really nasty little boy, a sodding (golfer), with no serious skills or convictions other than to that of his own notoriety, unfortunately he does garner the support of the rabid anti Semitic crowd of judenrot in the USA.

      Now lets look at some facts and although this will get me labeled as a racist, nothing below is news to anybody…..

      The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
      The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
      The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
      The Underwear Bomber was a Muslim
      The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
      The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
      The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
      The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
      The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims
      The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
      The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
      The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
      The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
      The Beirut U.S. Embassy Bombers were Muslims
      The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
      The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
      The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
      The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
      The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
      The Beirut Marine Barracks Bombers were Muslims
      The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
      The First World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
      The Bombay, Mumbai, India Attackers were Muslims
      The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
      The Nairobi, Kenya Shopping Mall Killers were Muslims
      The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims
      The Sydney, Australia Lindt Cafe Kidnapper was a Muslim
      The Peshawar, Pakistani School Children Killers were Muslims

      ***********So why is it that ***********

      Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
      Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem
      Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
      Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
      Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem
      Christians living with Jews = No Problem
      Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
      Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
      Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
      Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem
      Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
      Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
      Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
      Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
      Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem
      Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem

      **********And yet **********

      Muslims living with Jews = Problem
      Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
      Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
      Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem
      Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
      Muslims living with Atheists = Problem
      Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
      Muslims living with Christians = Problem

      **********SO THIS LEAD TO *****************

      They’re not happy in Gaza
      They’re not happy in Egypt
      They’re not happy in Libya
      They’re not happy in Iran
      They’re not happy in Iraq
      They’re not happy in Yemen
      They’re not happy in Pakistan
      They’re not happy in Syria
      They’re not happy in Lebanon
      They’re not happy in Nigeria
      They’re not happy in Kenya
      They’re not happy in Sudan
      They’re not happy in Morocco
      They’re not happy in Afghanistan

      ******** So, where are they happy? **********

      They’re happy in Australia
      They’re happy in Belgium (Loads of Welfare Benefits)
      They’re happy in France (Loads of Welfare Benefits)
      They’re happy in Holland (Loads of Welfare Benefits)
      They’re happy in Italy
      They’re happy in Germany (Loads of Welfare Benefits)
      They’re happy in Spain
      They’re happy in Sweden (Loads of Welfare Benefits)
      They’re happy in Denmark
      They’re happy in the USA & Canada (Loads of Welfare Benefits)
      They’re happy in Norway & India
      They’re very happy in England (UK) (Loads of Welfare Benefits)
      They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic!
      But who do they blame for their miserable outlook on their lives and the world? Not Islam… Not their islamic leadership… Not themselves…
      Hence they want to change the countries they’re now happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were so unhappy and after they finally found the will to leave!!!!

      Abdullah Azzam Brigades: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION

    • Makava

      How Peace Negotiator Martin Indyk Cashed a Big, Fat $14.8 Million Check From Qatar

      One Middle Eastern nation does indeed pay to influence U.S. foreign policy. Hint: It’s not Israel.

    • John Glueck

      Your opinion is based on a foolhardy assumption that Netanyahu and the rest of the majority of the electorate is right-wing. You are deceived by humanistic leftist thinking that leads to destruction. Indyk and his kind are JINO’s as are all who reject G-d. Traditional Jews believe in G-d too. This is a religious conflict Paul. These bloodthirsty Arabs mean business, even if the PA and its successors just use religion as a convenient front when necessary. The sooner they are disarmed and deported the better! Oslo was a contrived political hoax put together by a showman from the USA and a man who sold himself for nothing! The One State solution is the only answer as Mr. Draiman above states in his own way.

      • Actually John, the dreaded One State Solution(tm) may be just what you get. I remember twenty years ago when you would be called an anti-Semite for daring to even mention the dreaded One State Solution(tm).

        The right wing extremists in Israel who insisted on the illegal colonies, the wild-eyed hilltop extremists, they now number more than 600,000.

        Sure it’s a Crime Against Humanity but who cares?

        Well, now that those hundreds of thousands of illegal colonists (Article 49, 4th Geneva Convention) have changed the “facts on the ground” it very well may be too late.

        But guess what? The world will no longer tolerate Ethnic Cleansing so all those millions of Palestinians come right along with the dreaded One State Solution(tm) deal.

        Oh! And Oslo was proudly “stopped” by none other than Benjamin Netanyahu. He destroyed the promise of that agreement because Israel has all the power. Haaretz has the video.

    • steven L

      Abbas coordinates violence with Hamas. You are a fool.

    • Efram

      Very interesting article. Are you an adherent to the cult of politically-coerced censorship? I suspect that you are. This venal and insidious concept totally censors any thoughts with which they disagree. They call themselves liberal, but are in fact left wing fascists. Destroying the right to present arguments is censorship, and is evil whether it comes from the right wing or the left wing. So, if you truly believe what you wrote above, then you must surely condemn the evils of politically-coerced censorship and all of its intended consequences.



    • Dante

      Of course, a good friend will not do so anonymously.

    • Your breath smells!