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February 3, 2015 5:28 pm

Outrage as Paris Graphics Company Runs ‘No Jews’ Job Ad

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A Paris graphics company advertised for a well-organized jobseeker, "if possible, not Jewish." Photo: Twitter

SOS Racisme, the French anti-racist organization, has filed a legal complaint against a Paris design company for a job advert specifying that candidates for an open position should be rigorous, well organized, highly motivated but “if possible not Jewish.”

The row started when a Parisian jobseeker noticed the advert placed by graphic design company, NSL Studio, on the jobs site, The Guardian reported. The advert for a permanent graphic designer specified in its first two lines that the candidate must be rigorous, motivated and keen to develop in an “ultra-dynamic” environment.

The offending job ad specifying a preference for candidates who are not Jewish

The third line specified: “If possible, not Jewish.” Shocked, the jobseeker took a screengrab and posted it on Facebook.The French magazine Les Inrocks swiftly picked up the story. It quoted an unnamed person at NSL Studio saying that the ad wasn’t “at all discriminatory” and that the company did not want to employ anyone restricted by “religious or cultural” worries.

Soon after, NSL Studio tweeted that it had been hacked and would never have posted such a “discriminatory” advert.

The incident is another sign that antisemitism retains a worrying hold over large sections of the French population at a time of heightened security around Jewish institutions, following last month’s terror outrages in Paris that included an attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris.

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  • victoria brandeis

    yes, another note from the world again,,,again…..against JEWS….and what do some jews do with all the beauty they were given, inherited…5775 years of genetic development… well the other too compiled genetic development of murder hate and all the stuff that has been used before

    same old….same old……

    this time they can all disappear…..and, sadly jews will be burnt too…out of their own disgusting hands…..J STREET AND SO MUCH MORE



  • Helena

    When they find out who wrote it they will see it is a muslim.
    If it was a Frenchman or woman then the excuse would not be that they do not want people with “religious or cultural ” worries. Then as a number one the Muslims would be banned from the job.
    You can ask for people who do not let religion or culture interfere with the job, that I find reasonable but you don’t specify which religion.

  • Paul

    No jews or dogs allowed ? where did I hear that ….?

  • dante

    “we said it and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

    “we didn’t say it. somebody else said it and made it look like we said it.”

    WHICH IS IT? GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT. either those running nsl studio are bigots, or liars, or morons, or, most likely, some combination. maybe, it’s the result of too much time spent in the “ultra-dynamic environment.”

  • I have yet to see a satisfactory account of anti-Semitism in the schools or in the media–either straight media or “alternative.” Is this an accident? See

  • Eric R.

    Discrimination is becoming increasingly common against Jews in France, especially in University admissions.

    The universities feel that they do not want to spend money to educate Jews who will then emigrate.

    Which is doubly outrageous, since the leftists at these universities are among those most responsible for creating the hostile environment forcing Jews to leave in the first place.

  • Golum

    The Bastards!!!…..What else can you really say???

  • Steven Geller

    The French are schizophrenic, how can a people so cultured and create beautiful cities pay homage to destructive behavior; oh, I forgot about the Germans.

  • judorebbe

    After terrorist attacks, Europe is returning to normal.
    Didn’t take too long, did it?

  • A Sanders

    Absolutely disgusting after Charlie Hebbdo, Kosher Supermarket and the 7oth Anniversary of the Shoah. NSL Studio are lucky that nobody will go into their offices and murder them. Are they too frightened to mention no Muslims either?