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February 6, 2015 3:57 pm

Anti-Zionist UK Parliamentarian George Galloway Eviscerated by Audience on BBC Panel Show (VIDEO)

avatar by Ben Cohen

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George Galloway faced a tough grilling from a BBC audience over the issues of Israel and antisemitism. Photo: screenshot

George Galloway, the British parliamentarian infamous for his unflinching support of terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, was the recipient of a feisty response from Jewish members of the audience during a BBC panel discussion on rising antisemitism in the UK.

Galloway was appearing on “Question Time,” a show which invites politicians and opinion-formers to discuss current affairs before a studio audience. This week’s edition was broadcast from Finchley, a north London neighborhood with a large Jewish population.

Gabriel Rosen, a Jewish audience member, received boisterous cheers when he asked, “Why is antisemitism rising in the UK, and do you think a certain member of the panel may bear some responsibility for this?”

Galloway’s remarks were preceded by those of Jonathan Freedland, a Jewish columnist and the executive editor of The Guardian newspaper. Freedland pointed out that Jewish fears of antisemitism had increased, as evidenced by a Community Security Trust report which pointed out that there were more antisemitic incidents in 2014 than at any other time since the organization began maintaining records in 1984. While he didn’t explicitly accuse Galloway of antisemitism, Freedland pointed out that the parliamentarian had traded in antisemitic conspiracy theories, for example by accusing Israel of being behind the conflict in Ukraine.

Galloway was unrepentant nevertheless. After chiding the program’s host for not selecting a “balanced” audience – another way of saying there were too many Jews who disagreed with him present – Galloway launched into a fierce condemnation of Israel. As he accused Israel of carrying out “mass murder” during the summer 2014 war in Gaza, audience members heckled and booed. One member interjected that Galloway had branded the city of Bradford, which he represents in parliament, “an Israel-free zone.”

“In doing that, you directed your comments to the British Jewish community,” she declared. “You put the British Jewish community on the front line at a very volatile time.”

Eventually, Galloway did condemn antisemitism, adding that he would have readily fought against fascism – which he described as a “European, Christian” phenomenon, ignoring its Islamist and Arab nationalist mutations – had he been alive. At the same time, Galloway lambasted the fact that “not a single Jewish community” spokesman or newspaper condemned the violent assault against him in west London last August; as protests again erupted from the audience, he wondered aloud, “am I on trial?”

Watch audience members challenging George Galloway on Question Time:

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  • Mh8169

    This man is a sophomoric fool, as well as a dangerous fool😁!

    • Galloway is no fool. He’s a evil anti Semite with excellent oratorical skills which he plays to his own advantage.
      Because of the stupidity & ill manners of a few Jews in the audience, some kippa – wearing,
      shouting & yelling, he claimed victim status , likening himself to Daniel in the lion’s den, & complaining that his freedom of speech was being suppressed.
      I was there, and unable to make valuable points which would have nailed him, because so much time was lost by Dimbleby trying to maintain order.
      A debate is not won by yelling insults, but by using language with laser precision in argument to destroy your opponent.
      What a wasted opportunity to nail him for once and for all. It also put our supporters in a bad light.

  • TheAZCowBoy

    Evicerated my ass! He told the Zealot Tel Aviv Jewish mafia that had appeared to harress him that the committed by the Jewish cut-throats in Gaza was committed by low life parasites that walked on their hind legs emmulating human beings, but were in fact Jewish hyena’s!

    The truth needs no memory Jewish scumbags!

  • simon G

    There is no doubt about the fact, immaterial of the various rhetoric and statements that have been said in question time . I believe that George Galloway is a great supporter of terror organisations and their bestial ideology.. In putting himself in this situation he is also an anti-Semite ,a racist,and anti-jewish since he makes by his incitement and statements of hate against Israel , though with denial , the association of Zionizm and Jewishness acceptable to the general media.

    Therefore,I believe his actions and public pronouncements have contributed and served as a catalyst to the rise of anti-Semitism in Britain
    As a respected Parliamentarian, George Galloway should not represent the Honourable Respect Party but alternatively a Party of “Disrespect” to fellow British citizens.

  • Donald Krausz

    I don’t like his face and disagree with his opinions, but will fight for his right to say them. There are people in the audience who agree with him. Let him talk.

  • I wonder what park bench Galloway sleeps on. He looks like he’s either been on a “bender” or doesn’t have shower facilities. What a loser!

  • Ray O’Connor

    George Galloway only spoken the truth, he was certainly not being antisemetic, anti isreal yes, but after the murder and cruelty they have carried out, he has every right. The israelis are a load of murdering scum
    Europeans and Americans taking over the state of Palastine.

  • Galloway, like most of his ilk is disingenuous in attempting to justify his hate speech by separating Jewishness from Zionism, and Israel. British Jews may not all be Israelis but all Israelis ( apart from it’s religious minorities ) are Jewish. There is nothing wrong with criticizing Israel’s actions in Gaza, but there is something wicked in lying about them. This is of course an anti semitic act against Jews because Israel is a Jewish country. To be anti Zionist is to deny the right of Jews to have a homeland because that is what Zionism means. As Martin Luther put so well ” If you are anti Zionist, you are anti semitic , my friend.

  • sfasd

    you can see barbarism of zionist here too.

  • Bernard Ross

    I can only hope to read of galloway suffering a painful outcome.

  • Leo Toystory

    Why has there been only one assault on him?

  • steven L

    Isn’t the Guardian antisemitic?

  • steven L

    Like psychotic individuals, antisemites “don’t know” that they are antisemites!

  • Dany Toren

    George Galloway is a nasty racist antiSemitic poisonous cane toad….He makes a very good living by hob nobbing with the worlds nastiest murderers despots and tyrants……This clown is now complaining that the BBC set him up….Like the BBC is pro Israel….

  • dante

    3 points:
    1. galloway’s charade consists, in part, of posturing as an opponent of anti-semitism while, AT THE SAME TIME, supporting the regime in gaza and the Lebanese hizb terrorist group that declare as their goal the destruction of the Jewish People. there is no secret about the nature of these groups. galloway is an accomplice. that point was made but not emphatically or clearly enough.

    2. while the hysterical charges against Israel doubtless elicit the approval of galloway’s benefactors, they are so untethered from reality, reckless, and incendiary that they can only be calculated to engender hate.

    3. the mask fell a bit from galloway’s porcine face when he said that for Jews to associate themselves with Israel was “very, very dangerous.” why should that be? even if one were to believe the bilge unloaded by that old sot, why should expressions of identification with or support for Israel would be “very, very dangerous”?

  • Edna

    George Galloway should not have been given a platform.

    He is a sick minded individual, who will NEVER change his mind or anti-Semitic spots.

    Because of his Nazi type rhetoric he has been the cause of mounting anti-Semitic behaviour in Britain, and giving him a platform is not conducive to anything positive.

    When my husband and I left Britain as newly weds to emigrate Canada, I pined for my family, my friends, and the wonderful British cultural and compassionate way of life that I was leaving behind.

    It took me seven years to get used to life in North America, and after that I realized that Britain had changed. England my beloved England had stopped being “home”. It had become filled with anti-Semitic “Islamists”, and hatred against the Jewish community.

    Canada had become my beloved home. I am now for ever grateful that we left Britain when we did.

  • Helle Thorning
  • noanoa

    Galloway is a mentally retarded baboon, I realize that i just insulted the entire population of baboons on the planet.
    I do have a question to the Baboon known as Galloway:
    Can I double the amount of money you get from the muslims, so that you can speak ill of muslims, and support the Jews ?
    If not what is your price ?

    I know that you are a shallow human like form, with mental issues and money does buy your mouth.

    You are an ISIOT after all.

  • What incredible nonsense you write. Galloway was “eviscerated”? Is that what Jews do to Christians? Do you know English well enough to publish this kind of nonsense?