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February 6, 2015 2:24 pm

On Israel, NY Times is an ‘Addict’ in Need of ‘Intervention’ Says Media Watchdog, Following False Report on Netanyahu’s Visit to Congress

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The New York Times fundamental reporting errors in a recent item about Israel's Prime Minister is indicative of its "addiction" to anti-Israel reporting, according to a leading media analyst. Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.

A leading US media watchdog has compared the New York Times‘ constant publication of misleading and even false reports about Israel to the behavior of an “addict” in need of an “intervention.”

Gilead Ini, a Senior Analyst with CAMERA, which monitors media coverage of Israeli and Middle Eastern issues for balance and fairness, was commenting on how the Times was compelled to run a story-changing correction to a January 30 report which claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had not informed the White House before accepting House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to address Congress on Iran – a major violation of protocol which flowed from the fact that “Netanyahu…and many pro-Israel lawmakers in Congress have urged a hard line.”

Later that same day, editors ran the following correction to the story by reporters Carl Hulse and Jeremy W. Peters: “An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before.”

“The Times‘ misreporting on Israel is looking more and more like an addiction,” Ini told The Algemeiner. “An addiction to anti-Israel advocacy that has been preventing professional news journalism — and if there is anyone in the building that cares about the newspaper’s reputation for fairness, it is time for an intervention.”

In a commentary for Tablet magazine on the latest Times scandal involving Israel, Liel Leibovitz argued that the White House was also culpable for an outcome in which Israel’s Prime Minister was again portrayed as power-hungry and hubristic.

“If Bibi had followed standard protocol, and given the White House the diplomatically-appropriate heads-up, as the Times‘ correction clearly and unequivocally stated, that meant that the Times‘ White House sources had been woefully and entirely misinformed about a key matter of protocol—or, more likely, had invented the tale of Bibi’s outrageous behavior out of whole cloth in order to blunt his unwelcome criticisms of the Administration’s Iran policy,” Leibovitz wrote.

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  • Jack Kandy

    Chapter 11 is not far away for the NY Times!

  • The Israel hating suits on the top floor need to leave.

  • Partha

    So NY Times is anti-Jewish. So,I guess Fox News and CNN is neutral as they always convey Israeli propaganda to the audience. Oh, and I think BBC is anti-Jewish too as they always show the horrific deeds of Israel.

    • That’s interesting…first I’ve heard that CNN is pro Israel. If so , I’m Santa Claus.
      When you say that the BBC shows the ” horrific deeds of Israel” would that be the recycled pictures of children from old conflicts in Syria & other places, subsequently exposed as fraud?
      By then the damage is done, but hey, who cares, all in a good cause of trying to destroy Israel by whatever means! Isn’t that so?

  • Bo


  • I fail to understand Israeli Politics. It seems that the left in Israel are putting pressure on the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu to cancer his speech to Congress, because the President and Vice President of our land has uninvited him….
    Not only is this a personal insult towards a leader of our ally nation, but a stupidity that the left in Israel, for their own political agenda, take a position, that in my view undermines the Jewish nation. Shameful!

  • Cliff

    This is so TYPICAL of the NY Times. That is why I have NOT purchased or read this rag for over twenty (20) years. The day that they will close their doors will be a day that I will celebrate.

  • Why is anyone surprised about the NYT anti-Israel bias and mis-representations? This is the paper that is guilty of the most appalling journalistic malpractice of the century when it consistently buried news of the Holocaust week after week as millions of Jews were sent to the gas chambers.

    It has utterly no credibility on Israel.

    Addiction is one characterization. Another characterization is anti-Semitism.

  • Martin Bookspan

    It’s time for every Jew to end a subscription to the Times, and every non-suscriber to stop buying a copy of the rag at the local newsstand. Also, every Jewish business should immediately cease any and all advertising in that corrupt “newspaper”.

  • Charles D. Gelfand

    The N.Y. Times reporting is remanisint of the Detroit papers when controlled by the wealthy anti semite Henry Ford.
    The constant distortion of the news is amazing. This paper will ultimately wind up in the trash heap of defunct newspapers we see so often.
    Once the advertisers take notice, their days will be numbered.
    Hopefully, sooner than later.

  • Markus E Brajtman

    What can we expect from those who on the payroll of the Arabs.
    They knew quite well that Netanyau did not go against protocol and that the W.H. was advised.

    These people know that when you “break the news” which is false, that news is remember
    Only after they “got what they wanted” did they correct the “news” But the world does not read any correction. So, Netanyahu and Israel will always be the baddies.
    Time for Israel to sue the reporters. Once they win their case, then, only then, will the world wake up and start to support Israel.

    Those reporters should be fired



    During the George Bush administration Representative Nancy Pelosi and Sen. John Kerry visited Assad in Syria and publicly gave him support. This was despite both of them being requested by the State Department not to do so, since such support undercut US policy.

    Joseph Biden visits Israel. A lower level Israeli (Jerusalem) bureaucracy announces one of many steps in authorizing housing in a section of Jerusalem. This is not the 1st step nor is it the last step in this lengthily bureaucratic process. The US State Department goes ballistic, publicly blaming Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu for this “slap in the face”. The same weekend the Palestinian Authority names a square after a bloody terrorist who is responsible for the murder of numerous Israeli schoolchildren. And yet not a peep out of Joe Biden. Not a peep out of the State Department. Where is the indignation of the Israeli left? Where is the indignation of American Jews? Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama released five Taliban terrorists in his swap for. Bowe Bergdahl,. He did this without discussing this with or even notifying Congress… which is against the law… Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama unilaterally reversed long-standing US policy relating to Cuba without discussing this with or even notifying Congress… Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama insulted visiting head of state Prime Minister Netanyahu very publicly during a previous visit by Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House. He did this by blindsiding Israel and the Prime Minister by announcing his “decision” about Israel’s future borders while Prime Minister Netanyahu was on the airplane on his way to Washington and then by leaving Prime Minister Netanyahu alone to “cool his heels” while the president went off to have dinner with his family. Where the indignation of Israel’s left-wing? Where is the indignation of American Jews? Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama had “high level administration officials” call Prime Minister Netanyahu chicken shift and other such insults. Where is the indignation of Israel’s left-wing? Where is the indignation of American Jews? Where is the media criticism?

    THIS LATEST EPISODE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIOLATIONS OF PROTOCOL. The preliminary discussions for the visit started in October. The staff of the speaker of the house of representatives (as opposed to the staff of representative Bohner) includes both Democrats and Republicans. And as has been since published the White House did receive advance notice. The White House could have done exactly what they did with the president of Israel–talk about having scheduling conflicts and being unable to meet. This example just played out before our very eyes and only Washington insiders realized that the scenario of disrespect was created by the presence political advisers within the White House.





  • blackrose

    The NY Times needs to change its Board of Directors and Editors. Several rabbis and Torah scholars would be welcome substitutions.

  • Bernard Ross

    not since I was a little boy and did not know any better has the times had a reputation for “journalism”. Its become a rag that every day sends me begging emails for subscription but I NEVER read them any more unless someone I read refers to them

  • Fred

    If only the world would be flat. If only. The New York Dimes does not & never has shown media integrity, So any rubbish publication that is a sensational lie but makes it to the street is good ideal journalism. The arrogance of management if as phenomenal as they act as exploiters of misery & solvers of world problems. If any of these peoples are Jewish they should hang their heads in shame & convert to good Muslims they can be. Obama would open his arms to these new brethren.

  • barry panensky

    I hope he leaves the charts or drawing of bomb
    At home. At the u.n. he looked like a child showing his seince project. Barry

  • Jack Holan

    It sounds more like an intended hatchet job and guess what, it worked. It is still being misreported or reported with omissions. I often believe there is a Red Phone between the Oval Office and the NYT and MSNBC. PM is still being vilified and as recently as today a Democrat Congresswoman from HI cited the PM not telling Obama before he accepted as reason for boycotting the PM when he speaks.
    It Is probably the most significant speech they will have heard since 2001. If I can sit in her place, I’d be ecstatic.

  • Larry

    So would someone explain to me why a Jewish person would buy a copy of this horrible newspaper. Why would any Jew patronize any product advertised in this Anti-Semitic rag sheet. The only thing that comes to mind is the idiocy of the self hating Jew.

  • Fred Chalfin

    They only print the news that goes along with their agenda. If the news doesn’t conform, they will make up news to conform to the agenda. HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN AND SHOWED THEIR FEET OF CLAY.

  • steven L

    The NYT has steadily evolved from leftism to far leftism to pure antisemitism. No surprise. No different from what has been going on in Europe for hundreds if not thousands of years.

  • Jim42

    If Jews were really smart and efficient (?) they would have had a Maffia to defend their security and Honour …and there would have been No NYT….Nor all these modern Pfefferkorn Model 1504-Modified Trotski1917–transformed 39-NKVD-polish, modified NYC 2008….
    In case of a catastrophe (?!), I wouldn’t like to be at their place…..
    Mossad doesn’t consider them, right now, of any importance in facts…

  • Media accuracy and unbiased reporting must be enforced

    It seems the Media cannot regulate itself to present a true and honest reporting.
    Responsible and honest reporting has been replaced with ambiguous confusing and illusory news reports, with no regard to the consequences. Facts and sources are not properly verified and an inaccurate unsubstantiated news story gets released to the public, that may cause substantial harm.
    What has happened to ethics in Journalism? Has Social Media added a new dimension to honest reporting? Can we overcome distorted Social Media for accuracy? How can we verify instant Social Media images from being photo-shopped? Can we impose responsible Social Media without affecting the freedom of speech?
    Whether we like it or not, the masses are influenced by the Media, could you imagine how children and young adults absorb the Media hype, regardless weather it is truth or illusion. The damage is long term and may not be reversible. Children are very impressionable, they think what they see on TV emulate real life, which we know is distorted and make believe, they carry these illusions as reality which affects their future adversely.
    The Media reporting must be neutral, unbiased, balanced, objective and impartial. Violators should be subject to fines and criminal charges if people suffer due to intentional distortion of reports or intentionally slanted to deceive or promote favoritism that escalates into violence and or cause harm and or financial loss.
    When a Media outlet intentionally distorts and misinforms the news and events, it should forfeit the right to free speech and free press and face the music.
    In the past decades Media outlets have expanded the creation of sensationalism to promote readership and revenues. These types of reports many times intentionally distorts the facts and true dimension of the report. Thus creating more dissention and crisis that leads to violence and death.
    It seems that the Media today has no emotion, no compassion. Much of the news is choreographed for the sake of sensationalism and rating. Which comes down to dollars and financial gain. Society today is so hungry for money, power, instant gratification and glamour.
    Is there a chance of going back to honor, honesty, integrity and fighting for truth and justice the old American way. Overcoming false showmanship and artificial presentation. Broadcasting truth and reality, thereby regaining public trust in the Media?
    This very same rebuke and standards must be applied to our elected government officials.
    A change for the better must be initiated and it must start at the top.

    YJ Draiman

    P.S. “The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They’re about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover and keeping us in a uproar.”

  • The New York is an anti Semite news paper.

  • Yale

    We shouldn’t exclude the possibility that the White House failed to report/acknowledge that Netanyahu had in fact reported the invitation specifically to instigate the current hostility between Democrats and Israel.

  • Jerry Rosenberg

    Why would a world famous paper that advertises all the news that’s fit to print, destroy its reputation for the
    sake of maligning a small country like Israel that offers so much to the world. Its policy of never having a good word about Israel, indicates an unusual bias that sets the tone for unbelievable reportage(if one would call it that) against everything the people of Israel
    really stand for. If enough people stop reading the it.
    Jerry Rosenberg

  • There is nothing new in NYT hiding facts from the public. Deborah Lipstadt’s book BEYOND BELIEF showed how stories about the Holocaust in progress were buried in the back pages. Unfortunately, she repeated over and over that Jews were being murdered just “for being Jews.” It is more complicated than that, as I laid out here: But this too is forbidden knowledge, not only in the NYT, but in our universities too, even in “Jewish Studies” programs, which tilt toward Palestinians and other Arabs.

  • I don’t understand why anybody should be surprised at the conduct of the Times. This is why the tabloid should be renamed, New York Slime.

  • Mickey Oberman

    We must make allowances for the Times just as we do for muslims.

    It’s inbred. They can’t help themselves.

    Scrunch up the pages. They can still be used for cleaning windows even if not for wrapping fish.

  • nelson marans

    No thinking person now accepts the reporting of the New York Times when it comes to coverage of Israel. With Jodi Rudoren and Isabel Kershner reporting, one can only conclude that the publisher and editor of that newspaper are terminally prejudiced against the Jewish state.

  • David M

    More and more of the US positions in the Iran nuclear “negotiations” are showing exactly where POTUS’ policy is heading. He seems to be willing to accept Iran as the Hegemon in that part of the world and believes them when they claim they only want to do medical research with their nuclear industry.

    May I show you a lovely bridge I have for sale?

    Mr. Obama is so willing to throw allies under the bus it’s downright scary. If the Iranian BS machine has such a powerful influence over our leader we better get a new one quickly. Oh, I forget: we’re stuck for two more years with this radical “Progressive” naif!!

  • DockyWocky

    Interesting take on the addiction of the NYT and 99 -44/100 percent of the other liberal media.

    They rarely make any mistakes on anti-Israeli or anti-American screed coming from you-know-where.

  • It’s Der Sturmer…it is only spelled ny times

  • Arthur Hausman

    The NY Times editorial board is Anti-Israel and in fact Anti-Jewish and has been for a long period of time. Go back to WWII they were anti Jewish then and now. Its a liberal rag and stopped reaading the paper years ago.

  • elle

    Netanyahu gave Obama as much heads up,just as Obama gave Netanyahu when he went behind his back making secret agreements with Iran.