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February 7, 2015 9:11 am

24 Groups Call on California to Investigate Professor’s ‘Boycott Israel Resource Page’

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Email a copy of "24 Groups Call on California to Investigate Professor’s ‘Boycott Israel Resource Page’" to a friend Twenty-four pro-Israel organizations have signed a letter to California Attorney General Kamala Harris demanding that she respond to evidence that California State University Northridge (CSUN) mathematics professor David Klein has illegally used taxpayer resources to promote anti-Semitic ideas.

“Many members of the Jewish community and concerned citizens of this state are appalled that a mathematics professor at a California state university is permitted to use the taxpayer-funded university website to post anti-Semitic material and promote an illegal boycott of Israel, and they are troubled that the state Attorney General is unwilling to even respond to these serious concerns,” the organizations wrote.

The letter, which was spearheaded by the AMCHA Initiative, a non-profit group dedicated to investigating and combating anti-Semitism at American academic institutions, accuses Klein of misusing tax dollars by using the CSUN web server to host his politically motivated “Boycott Israel Resource Page.” The pro-Israel organizations contend that aspects of the webpage “meet the definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the U.S. State Department.”

The groups said that if Klein is found guilty, he should be “appropriately sanctioned” and have his webpage removed from the campus server.

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  • splooie

    Julian, there is a cost to the server. Disk space that has been paid for by tax dollars and bandwidth used by traffic to the site dies cost money.

  • KGA

    Lots of hateful trolls out today. Go back to electronic intifada since that’s where you’re heart lies.

  • Philomena McKenna

    When are you going to quit this nonsense of equating criticism of an oppressive quasi religio colonial militarised country which inflicts death and destruction on the colonised and is in breach of numerous UN reolutions and Geneva conventions with an outmoded and frankly becoming comical comparison. The Israeli government does not represent ths millions of law abiding Jews of conscience. What are you implying?

    • Al Szajman

      Yeah, it is all Israel’s fault, right? The terrorism practiced by the PA, Hamas et al is ok? Your comments are consistent with those who opt to simply ignore that Abbas, the PA, Hamas and the others ultimately want to see Israel disappear entirely. And if you don’t think Anti-Semitism is part of that equation, you are woefully wrong.

    • Berel Dov Lerner

      Here’s the problem: BDS ideology is completely irrational and over-the-top in its “criticisms” of Israel. I can understand why a Palestinian might be in favor of BDS (it’s perfectly human for parties to a conflict to be blinded by emotion) but why would a non-Palestinian demonize Israel? It’s just a matter of common sense that antisemitism is a likely basis for such irrational politics. Of course, in the case of a Jew it might reflect some underlying internal conflicts concerning Jewish identity or an irrational hope that by joining the attacks on Israel a Jew might avoid the wrath of terrorists and other antisemites.

  • Julian Clovelley

    1. What does it matter which server hosts the site?

    2. The article implies that there is a cost to the server involved hosting the page. Anyone remotely savvy with the internet knows there isn’t

    3. Opposition of the kind this article portrays merely draws attention. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

    AMCHA needs to do a rethink of its approach. I think that there is a delusion that “academic anti-Semitism is fueling the vilification of Israel on a global level.” see earlier detailed Algemeiner article:

    It is not – What is feeding antisemitism is the determination on the part of militant Zionists that the terms “Jewish” “Israeli” and “Zionist” should become congruent, and that Israel should be regarded as something similar to a peninsula of a worldwide Jewish Continent. In this they are painting the whole of Judaism and all Jewish people with the same brush and attempting to make all Jews allies of Israeli local policy. In this approach they also “confirm” antisemitic delusions such as “the world-wide Jewish conspiracy” – one of the daftest pieces of nonsense in the world today.

    In my opinion this is an outrage rather akin to the ISIS attacks on civilians and executions that are based on their nationality. Zionism does not have the right to pretend that all people who call themselves Jewish agree with their particular policies. They are diverse in opinion like everyone else – an everyone of which they are an integral part.
    I’d like to ask one simple question in this as a background question. The professor says on his logo “Apartheid _ Wrong for South Africans _ Wrong for Palestinians.

    Do you agree? What is AMHCA’s position on the statement per se? Is Apartheid wrong for Palestinians? If so then maybe they should also be promoting some changes in Israeli policy – for it is not the BDS that is firing antisemitism, it is Zionism’s policy of forcing all Jewish people to take ownership of Israel’s West Bank and Settlement policies, its blockade of Gaza – its actions during the last military confrontation in Gaza, especially those in civilian areas, the slagging off of the International Criminal Court, the International Red Cross Geneva Conventions, numerous international charities, media Zionism does not like such as the Guardian newspaper, and any Jewish person who sincerely speaks out against Zionist policies or ideology

    Zionism for over 100 years has shaped the way the world sees Jewish people almost as if they were their PR are Advertising Agents. But their core beliefs are simply wrong-headed and their attempt to supplant Jewish diversity an outrageous imposition. They aren’t evil – just hopelessly, dangerously deluded… and in their delusion they draw fire and opposition that affects the whole community, Jewish and Gentile (not that there is any real difference between them – that’s a core Zionist delusion too!)

    • Al Szajman

      Hey Moron… the whole premise of Israel Apartheid is a big lie in the first place so don’t present it as “fact”. You are using the same tactic used by the BDS folks…. repeat the lie often enough and eventually people will believe it. That was the same tactic used by the Nazi propaganda machine as well. Yeah, you know, the Nazis; that evil group with whom Abbas claims the Zionists were in kahootz with. Do you ever see what the PA airs on its official state TV station? It is filled with anti-Semitic content, not merely anti-Israel stuff. Get a friggin’ brain!

    • Berel Dov Lerner

      “In my opinion this is an outrage rather akin to the ISIS attacks on civilians and executions that are based on their nationality.” Thanks for the tip-off. otherwise sombody may have accidentally taken you seriously.

  • Dave O

    David Klein…..figures. More erev rav.

  • Jack

    Academia should only engage in politics when it protects the institution and it’s integrity.
    Kamala should uphold the law.
    Call JERRY!!!!

  • Carol

    Thank you for being the concerned “watchdog” for anti Semitic which we know from history is a human rights issue and violation. Please keep this fight up and encourage CSUNand the Attorney General to make the right and just decisions. Please let the public know how we can help. Thank you

  • debby L

    Fire the professor he is stealing our money for purposes of discrimination.

  • Mickey Oberman

    What happens to Kamala Harris for refusing to do her duties?