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February 7, 2015 8:36 pm

Washington Post: After Supermarket Attack, Jews Planning Exodus From France

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The HyperCacher market seized by Islamist terrorist Amedy Coulibaly. Photo: Twitter

The HyperCacher market that was seized by Islamist terrorist Amedy Coulibaly. Photo: Twitter

France — For all her 30 years, Jennifer Sebag has lived in a community that embodies everything modern Europe is supposed to be.

Inclusive, integrated, peaceful and prosperous, the elegant city of Saint-Mandé — hard against Paris’s eastern fringe — has been a haven for Jews like Sebag whose parents and grandparents were driven from their native North Africa decades ago by anti-Semitism. “I’ve always told everyone that here, we are very protected. It’s like a small village,” Sebag said.

Read full story at The Washington Post.

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  • Julian Clovelley

    When I go to the article itself I see a photograph of the flowers laid opposite the supermarket. Behind them is the flag of the State of Israel

    Why isn’t it the French flag? – These people were French? Why the subliminal incorrect association. It may be innocent but it is wrong.

    This is what Zionism is doing in terms of identification of Jewish Communities outside of Israel, in the eyes of the public. Jewish people in France are ordinary French people, just as Jewish people here in Australian are ordinary Australians, and amongst our mates

    I don’t run into a Jewish friend and think of them as Israelis. Much of the time I don’t even know they’re Jewish until either they or someone else points it out. Why should I? – as I said they are Australians, and here except for the Aboriginal community we are all the descendants of migrants, or migrants ourselves

    Jewish people here are good friends and good citizens, warm and hospitable like most Australians, an integral part of who we all are

    That is how it should be, but I don’t think of their flag as being that of Israel, I think of it as being the same as mine, bearing the beautiful stars of the Southern Cross

    If there are Australians of Zionist opinion reading – I’d say to them please do not divide us as an Australian people. Do not use symbolism that suggests some people are different, as seems to have happened in France. Multiculturalism is not about difference so much as being about sharing the best in all of us, protecting each other with our lives, caring for each others children, and giving them a secure and beautiful world to grow up in. In fact my children when young were looked after by an Australian who migrated from Israel. She did a great job, looking after mine alongside her own.

    She came from Israel where people from all the nations share one flag. We are the same – France is the same – our flag is the flag of our nation, not someone else’s. No propagandist should try to make it otherwise. It is for me alone to choose such an identity

    My Grandad fought in France in the early years of the Great War, which he failed to survive. He fought in the mud and the trenches. He later fought in Greece.

    But this does not my flag the French flag – or the Greek flag. My grandfather’s flag was the Union Jack – mine now is the Australian one