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February 9, 2015 9:32 pm

UK Parliament Report Shows Doubling of Antisemitism Over Last 10 Years

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A Palestinian flag at a rally in England. A United Kingdom parliamentary report released Monday recommended that the British government take urgent action to curtail a “disturbing rise” in anti-Semitism recorded in the country.

The “All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Anti-Semitism” found that hate crimes against British Jews have doubled in the last decade and have worsened during periods of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Some of the incidents noted in the report include a violent attack on a rabbi in north London, anti-Semitic placards displaying “Hitler was right,” and anti-Semitic graffiti such as swastikas at Jewish sites.

The report also recommended that that the British government devote more funds toward improving security for Jewish schools and synagogues. Meanwhile, U.K. police have increased patrolling in Jewish neighborhoods since the murders of 17 people in three Islamist terror attacks in Paris last month.

Jewish Agency for Israel Chairman Natan Sharansky welcomed the U.K. parliament’s report.

“This recognition is an important step in the struggle against all manifestations of anti-Semitism— in the streets, on the internet, in the media, on university campuses, and in schools,” Sharansky said in a statement.

But Sharansky added, “The problem must be addressed at its very roots, through education, legal steps, and social action. The new anti-Semitism, which fuels many of the violent attacks against Jews, feeds on the delegitimization, demonization, and double standards applied to Israel. It becomes even more pronounced and vicious when Israel is forced to defend itself and protect its citizens. The hotbeds of incitement and the root causes of anti-Israel hatred must be dealt with in order to quell all forms of anti-Semitism and ensure that Jewish life may thrive in safety across Europe.”

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  • victoria brandeis

    there seems to be a limited amount of news in this Blog and i am not ashamed to deliver this small note…..what is this blog about…it seems that everyone has their hair tied far to tightly to the Brits and the usual same old same old……firstly the Brits are a combination of too many histories to make them ‘normal’……

    as well…..jews have been there as long as the brits and before possibly so when the queen puts on a black hat and the prince has a rose in his mouth… me.

  • 12 years ago a British artist had a show in one know gallery in China, I was invited to the gallery at that time for watching Chinese contemporary art which the gallery had in their collection, the same day I visited the Gallery the British photo artists did hold with the show installation for the opening of the exhibition, I said hello to him, he did ask me where I come from, I told him I come from Norway, he did say “ you are kidding” at that time I had nothing in mind about how British thinks about Norway, he answer was not a positive one on Norwegian art, I let I go. Few years later one at my school Oslo Photo Art School I was confronted with a fake infiltrated Norwegian student, “at that time I was not aware of those infiltrated fake students” she ” the infiltrated student” told me when walking with my students toward an exhibition in Oslo that she did live among Palestinians, and what was my opinion about the Palestinians, I was surprised that she did ask for something that has nothing to do with my school education!!! I teach picture making not politics! Norway cultural background space mind has nothing even with central European culture background; I mean the way men do see. Whatever, doing my stay in China from 2007 I find out that one infiltrated fake student in 2004 who her mother V.T. who did a criminal political propaganda short film in Gaza abusing children’s I guess it was in 2005, I was mind attacked by the infiltrated student, her mother V.T. in collaboration with coward people from out side the school who did stage fake photography’s for the infiltrated students where in this case the fake student did deliver an anti – Israeli photography which had nothing to do with her cultural background, with the school education, even with art photography! You can imagine if Edvard Munch did paint as a French painter Matisse, or Ingmar Bergman doing films as Hollywood does. The infiltrated fake student did not participate in the last semester of the school education! And I was clamed anti – Palestinian by the Norwegian porno news paper Dagbladet who did collaborate with the mother of the infiltrated students V.T. who all were prayed by the government of Jens Stoltenberg who did authorized my school for using it as a criminal political tool to target defenseless naive people to become political activist’s trough my school permanent foreign international travel studies which I have clean – cut evidence. The same infiltrated did enter an art school in England by the staged fake anti – Israeli photography. As we know art education to day is a business where men is mind attacked by given ideas which some of the recruited Chinese students into political activist are invited to England to stage fake art photography which are exhibited in fake art galleries under cover up of been a foundation. Large amount of my students did went to England to take their BA and MA degree in art photography. In fact on of the infiltrated teachers pedophile gay Fin – Serck – Hanssen did study in England who did recruit Chinese artists into becoming political activists under evidence been helped by a recruited Chinese university teacher in Beijing lesbian who did help him to target young naïve gay people in China. She did also invite Norwegian lesbian fake infiltrated students to her flat in Beijing which is not according to my school teaching moral. I have nothing against gays, but gays and lesbians are an easy tool to target people into political activism. The same pedophile F.S.H. is a good friend of the pedophile Tom Garretson who did shoot down dead young Chinese students with his photo camera under photography fact evidence. Those cowards stupid primitive man do not understand that photography is a tool that says a lot what man is behind the camera. Those infiltrated fake students from the year of 1997 where an infiltrated fake students did exhibit a Nazi flag and literature in my school space which had nothing to do with photography under an infiltrated Nazi teacher Robert Meyer who did manipulate a whole class under Nazi propaganda cowardly take the whole class for starting his private art school without been an artist, he was working as an agent under cover up as a photo journalist for the porno newspaper Dagbladet in South America for many years, he came back to Norway controlling the photography milieu and been infiltrated in my school which I as a painter knew nothing about it at that time until I was cowardly claimed anti – Palestinian in 2004. A photographer will always fear a painter because painter has no box to see trough, a painter does see trough light reflected by matter which is “reason” beyond matter which is Justice. Those infiltrated fake students are mostly abused in childhood who did travel in the open world education to inject anti-Semitic propaganda including in England who calls the Norwegians wolfs among sheep’s, I cal them cowards among man. If man does watch the psychology, philosophy and religion of western and Asian civilization facts, you will understand the cause of the chaos of to day. Jews has much to offer who did give birth to Christianity and Islam which is the cause for been attack! The anti-Semitic propaganda of to day is planned by cowards that the only thing they can do is to target weak defenseless naïve people into becoming political activists into hates and fear, making people attacking each other minds into a chaotic political reality.

  • Julian Clovelley

    All schools and places of religious worship should receive appropriate and adequate security but when it comes to education this is not just a one sided problem. If you want to make the Jewish communities secure then you need to educate them away from Zionist identity, Zionist pseudo history and Zionist imperialism – the entire bosh!

    In recent years American and Israeli Zionists have detrimentally changed much of the perception of “Jewishness” and “Israeli” in the public eye. We now seem to be expected to regard “Jews” as “different” where before we were wanted to regard them as integral parts of the general community, whose only difference was an unimportant and insignificant matter of religion, many might say “stupid religion” referring to all of that weird, devisive and destructive worldview

    I don’t think there is a shred of hope that antisemitism will diminish – entirely as a result of Zionism campaigning to have Jewish, Zionist, Judaic and Israel regarded as congruent terms – until the Settlements on Palestinian land are closed the Occupation brought to an end, the Gaza blockade ended, and a Palestinian State founded. Mr Sharansky is applying pressure in the wrong place. The danger causes are far closer to home.