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February 10, 2015 8:55 am

‘There’s Nothing Random About the Threats Against Jewish Targets:’ US Jewish Leader Chides Obama Over Paris Terror Comments

avatar by Ben Cohen

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President Obama described the Jewish victims of the HyperCacher terrorist outrage as "a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris." Photo: Screenshot

President Barack Obama’s description of the January 9 Islamist terrorist attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris as a “random” assault on “a bunch of folks in a deli” has sparked widespread outrage, with a top American Jewish leader telling The Algemeiner, “President Obama absolutely misspoke…there’s nothing ‘random’ about the threats against Jewish targets.”

In wide-ranging interview on foreign policy with Vox magazine editors Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias – “Again and again, they serve him softball—no, make that Nerf ball—questions and then insert infographics and footnotes that help advance White House positions,” observed a scathing commentary on their effort at Politico magazine – the president complained that the media’s focus on terrorism was disproportionate, pushing less “sexy” stories like climate change out of the headlines.

“What’s the famous saying about local newscasts, right? If it bleeds, it leads, right?” Obama scoffed.

A few moments later, he added: “It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

Obama’s use of the term “randomly,” his continuing refusal to describe the assailants as “Islamists,” and his apparent reluctance to acknowledge that four individuals were murdered at the HyperCacher market because they were Jews, was labeled by one popular website as “unreal.”

“President Obama absolutely misspoke – if he wants to check the facts, he should talk to his special envoy on antisemitism at the State Department,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Algemeiner.

Cooper, who is currently in Paris for talks with French Jewish leaders and government officials, added: “We’re talking about an explosion of antisemitism on this continent, and a convergence of antisemitic hate with terrorism. As we know, many Jews left France last year, well before the January attacks. Here in France, people in authority, especially the leaders of the country, have their eyes wide open to the nature of this problem and the seriousness of the situation. There’s nothing ‘random’ about the threats against Jewish targets, which is why the government has put 10,000 troops on the ground to protect the Jewish community.”

One tweet reacting to Obama’s interview declared, “POTUS in interview calls terrorist shootings at Paris Jewish deli random. Mr. President, antisemitism isn’t random,” a sentiment that was widely shared in similar comments.

Obama also insinuated that the threats to security and freedom emanating from the Middle East had been exaggerated over the past decade. “You know, the strategy that was crafted in Washington didn’t always match up with the actual threats that were out there,” he claimed, in yet another swipe at the previous George W. Bush Administration.

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  • Bruce H Scroggins

    The worst part is all the Commentators and Com-mentors who truly believe “they have a clue”… when they have exactly what the “murdering thugs” want them to call it, these comments cannot see the simple “CY-OPTS”. They want legitimacy under a Faith, a Religion”

    They want a Worldwide Holy War… and too many in the media, in Israel and in evangelical circles of mush-hate, play hard into it, because they believe they need to help GOD, the God that in his word, set this up, without any of their help…. set the outcome, set the Prophecies in the Old and new testament’s, again, didn’t need any of their help, has told one Pastor to start anything, but here we are today, with the TREACHEROUS TREASONOUS Boehner, being played by BB, like a 10 cent Merrenett puppet, only his hand is up Boehner’s Yahoo and mesmerized drones and lemmings, with virtuous claptrap and tripe tropes, spewing the like true religious Warrior’s and doing the work for Murdering thugs is OK, (but they can see that and their leaders won’t allow them to think) how dumb, stupid and ignorant can people be… this is not about Islam, it’s not about “onward Christian soldiers, because our treasures are not all Christian and are not going to buy it if they were”.

    God has not called our Flag and our “a nation of Immigrant’s” to fight a religious Worldwide War.”

    So shut the f up with that he won’t use the word “Islamist”, these Christian Zealot’s want a religious War, so go over to Israel and Fight, a Religious WAR, Make an announcement: you are forming a RELIGIOUS Army to only Fight Islamist, gather your Cannon fodder troops and arms, good luck finding a place to do this stupidity.

    Funny, not one, not ONE of the Christian Militia’s IN AMERICA is gathering the entire Hate-fill zealot’s and race hating Militia’s together in America to go fight the Islamist… WHY IS THAT? WHY haven’t these CHRISTIAN MILITIA’S, been chomping at the bit to get in the fight, these very same Militia’s had no problem aiming the “sniper Rifles at American’s, ready kill them dead for a welfare farmer”…. but they all clam up to fight, when so many of the leaders say it about our Religion against their Islamist religion… all of these American militias have tens of hundreds of dollars and can advertise the “fight”, the “righteous fight”, but “they are silent”, they only hate other American and there Christian faith is just for show, just here in the good old USA, just for legitimacy for killing any other American, regardless of faith, just for show huh.

  • This is a gift to all the Obama-haters in the USA, people who want to live in the only country in the Western world that denies equal heath care to all. Claiming that militant Islam is not typical of Islam! He is not mad or brain-washed, my guess is that this is all to do with the despots of the UAE and Qatar donating funds to the USA.

    • RE: “the only country in the Western world that denies equal heath care to all.”

      What “western world country” do you live in? We may be corrupt as shit – but certainly not unique in lack of universal health care!

  • It is policies that Count. I notice America has not budged on allowing Medical Care for all! Shameful. We are either in this together or some are more important than the rest of us!

    • RE: “some are more important than the rest of us!”

      Yes! We spend more on fighting Israel’s enemies than we do on health care for US citizens.

  • Ron

    Unfortunately there is nothing “random” about Obama’s pronouncements, policies and actions since taking office. He cultivated the Muslim Brotherhood from day one of his “presidency”, and has persistently ignored the persecution of Christians and minority groups right across the islamic world. Even President Sisi of Egypt says that all the “extremist” (they are not extremist they are simply following the Qur’an) jihadi organisations stem from the Brotherhood. He cares nothing for the lives of his fellow Americans [look at his reactions to Fort Hood, Benghazi, Extortion 17] so why should he give a hoot for yet more murderous attacks on foreigners and Jews?

  • Sven

    I sent Obama a clue yesterday.

    Now he has one.

    • thinking man

      I’m sure he lost it already.

    • Bruce H Scroggins

      The problem is you really believe you have a clue and fellow drones and lemmings, concur, having no clue themselves.

      Please stop with the tropes as substance.

  • The killers in Charlie Hebdo asked Elsa Cayat if She is a Jew. When she answered yes, they murdered her.

    • iche

      Yes we can……….lie

  • Joanne Bess

    Obama should not be allowed to speak in public His speech writers should be fired
    He is now giving Palin a run for not fact checking

    • Richard

      She was not the president. This is dire.


    Obama and the present administration are despicable!
    Their handling of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis overtly favors the Palestinians…..and don’t get me started with the NY Times

  • zadimel

    Yeh,and I guess the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on Dec.7,1941 was a “random attack” on just plain “folks.” What the hell has gotten lately into his head? I voted for him twice, because I felt it would help our country economically and the security of both Israel and the USA, but – I assumed he included Jews everywhere.

    • Rosanne Smithe

      You voted for him twice?? (Even after knowing what he was like after the first tour. That’s why we’re here with this slug today)

      • zadimel

        Obama has provided Israel with the largest amount of military aid in US history. Did any Republican(or Democratic) presidents provide such aid? What? I can’t hear you! Over $3 billion per year has provided Israel with the latest and most efficient technologies and weapons available. In addition a half billion dollars of supplemental funding went into development of the Iron Dome missile system,which has saved many Israeli lives. In addition, Israel has purchased bunker-busting bombs as well as the advanced F-35 fighters. US-Israel joint efforts in the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems and joint military exercises (2009 Juniper Cobra and 2012 Austere Challenge) were the largest and most extensive exercises ever. A billion and a half dollars worth of military equipment is stored in Israel, and can be used by the IDF in emergencies. The US, during the Obama administration, has defended Israel’s legitimacy on the world’s stage, and has protested efforts to isolate Israel at the UN. At least I know what is going on between the Obama administration and the Jewish State.

  • RiverKing

    Come on, people. Give 0 a break. Paris is a huge city with a large Jewish population and a lot of non-Jews (like me) who enjoy kosher foods. There must be many kosher delis in Paris, maybe a hundred or more. This deli was chosen at random from that number.

    There. Having cleared my sarcasm for now, I can get on with my day.

  • Where are the 45 comments? I can’t find them.

  • RAY

    Obama is a Muslim who continues to downplay anything ISIS does. Obama is ABSOLUTELY the worst & most dangerous president in history. Obama should of never gotten a Peace Prize but a Pitiful Prize! And the clowns he has trying to cleanup his remarks are a bigger joke! A hostage gets his head cutoff & he publically goes back to golfing 7 minutes later, now that is a “Whats The Difference” moment!

    • ColonelK

      Ray –

      When you level nonsensical accusations you just make yourself and your position seem ridiculous. Obama is not a Muslim and he certainly isn’t the worst president in our history- that honor would go to the one that preceded him and created the circumstnces that spawned ISIS. Obama has killed more Muslims and specifically more terrorist Muslims than his predecessors in both parties did – by a large margin. Look at the trajectory of drone strikes and special forces raids since 2001 and you will see a huge spike after he came into office. He also took the gloves off when it came to going after them in “friendly” places like Pakistan that Busy and Cheney were too scared to go to.

      Yes, he keeps some perspective and doesn’t get his panties in a bunch because ISIS demonstrates how “powerful” it is by killing an unarmed reporter or aid worker. Would you prefer someone who panics and in a kneejerk moment re-occupies a place we never should have invaded? Would you prefer that boys from America get sent back to hold that turf and become part of the IED meat grinder? I wouldn’t and the military wouldn’t either. He is in fact getting Arab Muslims to do most of the killing and take the casualties, while our bombs and special forces lead. It is a smart strategy and it not only saves US lives but forces Arabs to actually stand up and take a position against the most radical elements in their midst. Bushy and Cheney (and apparently McCain and Romney’s) strategy would have been to have us just backstop the weak arab regimes forever.

  • David Barrett

    It would appear that there is a random black man running the White House in a random manner in such a way that his random decisions are the cause of random comments!!

  • Cindy Burns

    President Obama said he could not blame the media for the hype because it brings in viewers. He went on to say that the average American viewer does not care about stories about poverty rates or global climate change.

    Really. Mr. President???

    Could it be that the average American viewer DOES care about the unknown and unpredictable real threat of “a bunch of violent, vicious zealots”?

    Mr. President – your down home dialect may be designed to reach out to the average American, but it sounds like a downplaying of what is a clear and present danger. I find it disrespectful to that “bunch of folks” who were “randomly” massacred by an organized, terrorist cell who planned the attack.

    Your criticism of former Presidents for the misleading, inaccurate or even unintelligent use of the English language appears to have kicked back its sarcastic foot and wedged itself firmly in your erudite mouth. It’s disingenuous to characterize these executioners as anything other than a coalition of mass of murderers.

    I know plenty of average Americans who actually see global climate change as more than melting ice caps. It goes back to your bunch of violent, vicious zealots. Now there’s a global climate change for you. Things are heating up in our own backyard and it has nothing to do with the sun or the ozone layer.


  • Rabelad

    Ok, if that’s the game he’s playing then we can play the “random” game, too. Whenever we condemn Islam for promoting terror, and the PC-crowd accuses us of “Islamophobia”, we should respond by saying that the condemnation was not against Islam but against “random acts of terror” and nothing whatsoever to do with Islam directly. We can use that same mind-game against them.

  • David Polovin

    Actually the problem with Obama is much more serious that his refusal to acknowledge the scourge of Islamic fanaticism and its alliance with the ancient scourge of anti-semitism. There is no looking for a solution until there is recognition of a problem. It is Obama who negotiates with Iran about its nuclear weapons ambitions. How can a person with his power who demonstrably fails to grasp reality be in charge of dealing with one of the greatest threats facing the West and Israel? Bibi has to speak fearlessly to the representatives of the US electorate in the hope they will be persuaded to curb this dangerous man.

  • June Grant

    A recent poll found that Kerry is the least effective diplomat ever. What would be the result of a similar poll on Obama?

  • As a supporter of the President I can not understand his statement about the saluter in Paris. Unfortunately he understood his mistake when he appologized for not attending the demonstration rally against anti-semitisim held in Paris with many heads of State.
    Mr Obama please WAKE UP.

    • robert nebel

      Isaac, if this is the first time you are in disagreement, that’s shocking. To many Jews (I am a Jew) have blindly supported his agenda. At a micro level, he is an anti-Semite, at a macro level, his is bad for America because he does not like America. He wants to change our country and that is not what he was elected to do.

    • Rosanne Smithe

      Hussein is not REALLY your friend.

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    SON-OF-ISLAM obama, with no accomplishments after 7+ unbearably long years, is the most hostile-to-ISRAEL US Pres in history.
    He is a shameful unabashed ANTI SEMITE who is a Narcissist-In-Denial.
    He has treated ISRAEL, the US’ most steadfast loyal ALLY like a pariah while bedding down with the NUCLEAR iran and islamist extremists.
    10 current members in good standing of the MB-muslim brotherhood work in what used to be the people’s White House in close proximity to the Oval Office.
    He is a Black RACIST who is a divider and not a uniter.
    He refuses to make the nexus of muslim and extremism or terror.
    His and george soros’ darling J street are comprised of JEWISH SELF loathers who are more loyal to SON-OF-ISLAM obama and the democrat Party rather then to a safe secure ISRAEL for the JEWISH people.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Golds Meir rightly said that Israel has a secret weapon. ‘We have no where else to go’.

    The wholesale riotous waging of war through out the Arab world, backed by Iran, Turley and Saudi is a travesty for so many innocent people, resulting in a refugee crisis of huge proportions.

    Iran with nuclear power is a RED LINE. Iran has changed the face of Lebanon. Iran ‘was’ and ‘may be again’ be the supporter of HAMAS.

    The world can not trust Iran or Obama.

    Long live Israel, the home of the Jews. Israel must defend itself.

  • Max

    It’s a sad fact that Mr. Obama is a modern Neville Chamberlain and believes he can make points with Islamists my underplaying the atrocities they commit and neglecting our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel. I have voted for the Democratic Party all my life, but if they nominate a middle-of-the-road candidate in 2016, I am very likely to vote Republican.

  • David Levy

    J-Street does not speak for me, nor for anyone I know.

  • Edna

    With all due respect, why are those murderers called Islamists and not terrorists?

    Perhaps the media could start calling a spade a spade!

  • Rabbi M. Friedman

    Obama has a history of Antisemitism and his administration. Watch Judaism EXPOSE on anti Semitism every Wednesday 10:00Am & 6:00PM New York Time go to scroll down to Community mEdia then click on Brooklyn Media then click on Brooklyn Public Network then click on arrow in channel 2 In addition, every Thursday 12:00 Noon New York Time go to then go right scroll down to 4 Judaism click on Watch now and Watch Live

  • Israel must stay united and determined to preserve and maintain an unparalleled security at all cost r2

    In order to develop and maintain a robust economy that is able to withstand violence and political pressure, it is imperative that Israelis be united and stay united. Only an exceedingly strong, unified government will drive the country’s security and safety up, and at the same time, drive the price of basic staples down. One of the most important steps toward a robust economy is for Israel to develop its’ energy resources and to become energy independent.

    Israel must be a country that will be able to stand up to anti-Israel propaganda, to rising worldwide anti-Semitism, to the political pressure and the constant de-legitimization and demonization of the nation state of the Jewish people. Remember, a unified and strong Israel means a strong and undeterred entire Jewish nation with the ability to support the country and its citizens, and provide a safe haven for Jews worldwide.

    We have a country to sustain and protect from external and internal enemies. We have a country to protect from the barrages of rockets and missiles that can reach every corner of the country. We have to protect our citizens from suicide bombers, terror and violence. We need a country that can stand up, with dignity and pride, to world pressure. It is imperative to be united at time of war.

    But Israel must also be united to sustain and achieve its continued survival, peace and prosperity.

    As such, I advocate that the citizens of Israel be smart in their upcoming exercise of political power. Israeli citizens must demand, with resolve, from their elected politicians to deliver on their promises to keep the country strong and safe. Israelis must not let Israel be weakened under the Israel’s new “5th column” or the political Left, whether it is the High Court or other entities. Furthermore, Israelis should no longer tolerate the politicians, the media, or even other citizens who delude themselves and refuse to accept reality based upon facts, harsh truth, and past history.

    Israelis must fight for the soul of our country. We must fight for our heritage and our Jewish cause, which is for a nationalist, political, and cultural movement which supports the continual development of the Jewish homeland in the ancestral territory defined as the historic Land of Israel.

    All Israeli politicians and leaders must understand any and all internal conflict which leads to divisiveness weakens Israel. If they really care about Israel and its people and want Israel to survive in these difficult times, they must unify in a common cause and work together to enhance Israel’s safety and security. They must learn how to overcome their differences, for the sake of Israel and its people. Any elected or appointed leader, politician or official that pursues divisiveness and continues to incite conflict does not belong in a position to govern or represent Israel and its people. The self-serving agendas of the individual or party, which does not promote unity must stop immediately.

    Here is a viable alternative: re-create the historical two Jewish entities which followed King Solomon. At that time Greater Israel was one Jewish entity, and Judea and Samaria was the second Jewish entity. For example, this template would allow the citizens of Israel the choice of living in the entity which strictly adheres to Jewish tradition and culture, or, they can live in the other entity which does not strictly adhere to said tradition. The end result would be a much needed unity in the common purpose of maintaining the security and prosperity of Israel regardless of differences.

    Without total unity of all Israelis, Israel will be subjected to follow the historical path of many nations which existed before, and now, no longer exist.

    YJ Draiman


  • manley kiefer

    Netanyahu tells it as it is, Obama as he would like it to be.

  • It’s obvious that the Paris crime scene was not randomly chosen. The assailant had clearly targeted a Jewish business. But once inside the store, it is the case that the assailant chose his targets at random. Whether Obama was referring to the crime scene or the victims in using the adjective “random” is a matter of speculation.

    Regarding Obama’s deprecation of threats from the Middle East, Obama inherited a military crisis caused by a predecessor who targeted a regional threat–Saddam Hussein–rather than an actual threat to U.S. interests-al Qaeda, and that’s what I think Obama was referring to in his interview.

    In invading Iraq Bush not only did not deal with the actual threat to the U.S., he spawned a Sunni insurgency which has evolved into ISIS, which is now a worldwide threat.

    How can anyone in Israel defend George W. Bush’s reckless military policy with ISIS now at its own doorstep on the Syrian border?

    You have George W. Bush and the Democratic majority in the U.S. in 2002, who voted for the Iraqi invasion, to thank for that.

    • ColonelK

      Well stated and entirely accurate. Not only did Bush’s shift of our forces and attention to Iraq cause negative strategic consequences in the region, it also caused us to lose focus on actual Islamic terrorists that were working to target us elsewhere. When Obama came to office, he immediately stepped up the tempo of drone strikes and special forces actions in places like Pakistan, Yemen and Africa, that Bush and Cheney had ignored. Also, for all of the ire against Obama’s attempt to negotiate with Iran, I am waiting for some defense of the years and years of utter neglect relative to Iran from the prior administration. Obama has at least succeeded in getting Iran to freeze its operations and perhaps will secure more. If not, he has committed to striking them. I would at least wait to see what happens before we call him a failure here – especially since even with the freeze he has achieved, he has achieved 100% more than the prior administration. I should also note that the prior administration withheld support from Israel’s request to attack Syria’s WMD facility. With his threats of strikes, Obama secured a total removal of chemical WMDs from Syria. Finally, in the Ukraine, people on the Right criticize Obama for not reacting “strongly enough”. Even though, when pressed, none would want to see our troops figthing there for a non-Nato ally. Again, it is instructive to look at what Bush/Cheney did in similar circumstances. When Putin invaded Georgia they did…nothing. Zero. Zip. In fact, this appeasement probably prepared Putin for his future move in the Ukraine. When putin moved in the Ukraine, while Obama did not go to war, he did ratchet up extremely crippling sanctions that are hurting Russia very much. He also expressly said that he would stand and fight for our Nato allies and sent in extra equipment to prove the point. He has deterred, so far, Putin from overtly taking the rest of Ukraine and he certainly has created very negative consequences for Putin’s actions to date – again much more meaningfully and aggressively than Bush/Cheney.

      When you remove the overheated rhetoric and look at actual results, country by country, Obama has achieved more than his predecessors.

  • `Bob J

    “The problem” is
    nor even ISIS.
    Please convey this message to:
    The White House 202-456-1111
    Key Senators & Reps 202-225-3121

  • Zipory

    B Hussein will always disregard Jews being killed …… no not killed but butchered by the jihadi terrorist. He won’t call them jihadis or terrorists but extremists and by doing so he protects and supports jihad. The idiot has the chutzpah to call them “random assaults on a bunch of folks”. What a pathetic use of words to describe what happened in the kosher market in Paris.

    J Street, Foxman and other Jewish leaders supporting B Hussein’s assault on Bibi is disgraceful but nothing new. Bib will speak before Congress and the American people and Congress will hear the truth and not the lies B Hussein is spouting.

  • Yochanan Lavie

    Obama is not anti-semitic, but he is tone-deaf to the struggles of the Jewish people. He also has a misguided foreign policy.

  • Efram

    The more apparently delusional Obama’s statements, the more plain it is that he says what he wants to be true, so that his terrorist buddies can operate unimpeded. It is kind of like the Soviet line in the past, stonewalling the opposing view, and stating theirs with no regard whatsoever for reality. Obama knows exactly what he is doing, and he is doing all in his power to lay the groundwork for his defending the non-deal he intends to make with Iran.

    Obama is a traitor.

  • Dr. Stephen Steinlight

    The President’s comments are abhorrent, so far removed from reality as to indicate some deep-seated form of derangement and so breathtakingly frivolous in their description of the murder of Jews as to suggest borderline anti-Semitism.

  • Danny Kid

    “President Obama absolutely misspoke …” MISSPOKE? That’s Orwellian doublespeak. He didn’t misspeak. He knew exactly what he was saying. The term is HATE-SPEAK. It is no different from Holocaust denial. Obama absolutely hatespoke. The man is despicable. It will take the West many years to recover from the willful damage caused by this lowlife.

  • Danny

    Shalom, You really have to have a deep hatred for the Jewish people and country of you even consider signing that so called J street. Bibi keep doing what your doing. The American people stand by you..

  • Only a virulent antisemite would call the murders at the French kosher deli random.

  • Bongo

    The closer it gets to the end of his presidency the more his true feelings are revealed. Wait until his term is over.

    You have not seen anything yet. Barack Hussein Obama is full of surprises.

  • Bongo

    The closed it gets to the end of his presidency the more his true feelings are revealed. Wait until his term is over.

    You have not seen anything yet. Barack Hussein Obama is full of surprises.

  • Larry

    Our President does not appear to have much common sense on lots of different subjects. What should we expect, after all he is just a Community Organizer!

    • Larry

      why is my comment awaiting moderation? Where are all the comments??

  • Fred

    The remarks coming from Obama should not surprise, he has proven himself a thorough extreme Islamist apologist. Time after time the most gruesome atrocities committed by extreme Islamist he dismisses as a non events. He must be living in the Ivory Tower or Lalaland , decapitations , live burning , rapes & all sorts of atrocities he dismisses as naughty events, & do not read much into it. He compares these to the Crusades, why he does not compare these to another peaceful Islamist Tamerlane who left in his wake 16 million dead and the destruction of the Middle Eastern civilisation in the 14 Century. He should brush up on history before he speaks. To him 2 wrongs make it right.

  • yussi

    The president had best start calling things as they are. Just how many Kosher groceries are there in France?. This attack was NOT RANDOM,it was targeted to kill jews.PERIOD,and its high time our president says just that.These people are subhuman savages and are on the march and a threat to our very way of life. Hear Bibi and listen carefully and heed what he says. He is the only world leader with the set to fear no one and see things as they are through clear,not rose clored glasses.And J street is useless and dangerous to our wellbeing.

  • H. Givon

    President Obama’s refusal to name the true identity of the terrorists who killed four Jews at the kosher market just before the Sabbath is in the same category as his denial of today’s world terrorists being Islamists. Not naming the evil doers justifies his lack of strong action against those who are a world danger. Equating radical Muslims with Christians during the Crusades is another manifestation of the same. At a time in world history that demands strong leadership in the interest of Western civilization, the Obama presidency is an abysmal failure.

  • Gregg Solomon

    A friend, non-Jewish, said to me the other day, “when you think Obama couldn’t get more absurd, he does.”

  • Why are we surprised at the insensitivity of POTUS? Probably most Americans are oblivious even to the major elements of anti-Semitism, just as they don’t get the latent anti-Semitism in “multiculturalism”–the meme of the last few decades. See Though I have a doctorate in US history, I had to teach myself how to decode racialist discourses. So it is not a shock that Barack Obama goofs up.

  • Steven Kalka

    Now that the midterm elections are over and Obama cannot rerun, he’s showing his true colors.

  • barry G

    Soros and J Street are nothing but useful idiots.

    Obama on the other hand is a mendacious lying fool,
    700 days from being uneployed.

  • CS

    Uh, the article has nothing to do with J Street. What’s your point?

  • victoria brandeis

    OBAMA IS NOT A RANDAM SITE NOR IS J STREET……The campaign, entitled, “I am a Jew, and Bibi does NOT [sic] speak for me,” calls on American Jews to sign a petition against Netanyahu’s Washington visit to Israel’s Ambassador in the US, Ron Dermer.





    • Danny

      Amen. Amen


      It is well known that Obama is a Muslim as he has proved it time and again. If that is true then his guidebook is the Qoran and not the Constitution of the USA. The Quran states “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12). All that Obama does seems to show that he is scared of offending Islam and he has surrounded himself in the White House with Muslims. Here is what terrifies all Muslims and it is made obvious by their silence in the face of blatant terrorism and atrocities.
      Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject the faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.” Most Muslims are good people but good people with bad ideology are a danger to the world. There will be no peace unless the Quran is rewritten and to rewrite it is to invite violence to yourself, according to the prophet and his guidebook.

    • Frank Fariello

      As a non-Jewish, strong supporter of Israel, I am amazed at the continued support of Obama at the polls in the last election. Now that he is not running, Obama is showing his true colors, the most anti Israeli Presiident in my 80 years of experience.

      I await the results of the next Presidential election to see if Jews will support the candidate of the party which has not said a word of sensure against Obama for his anti-Israel actions.

    • Golum

      I would like to agree with you but I don’t have a clue what the hell you’re talking about????

    • Mike

      Nice letter Ms Brandeis, would have been more powerful had you skipped the Xenophobia about converts though, Rabbi Akiva no less was thought to be a convert!

    • Mireille Mechoullam

      Very well said. Bravo.

      Those liberals Jews vote usually for the party not for the best candidate. They make me sick. If you voted for Obama the 1st time, you might have made a mistake but voting for him the second time you’re an idiot.