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February 10, 2015 3:51 pm

In Anti-Netanyahu Petition, J Street Says Israeli PM ‘Not the Spokesman for All Jews’

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The current J Street website homepage (pictured) features the organizations anti-Netanyahu petition. J Street said Netanyahu will not be speaking on behalf of all Jews when he addresses Congress next month. Photo: Screenshot. – The self-described “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby group J Street has launched a petition denouncing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion that he will be speaking for all Jews when he addresses Congress next month.

J Street’s petition states, “Israel’s Prime Minister is not the spokesman for all Jews.” Netanyahu made the remarks last Sunday, telling French supporters of the Likud party that he traveled to Paris last month after the series of Islamist terror attacks there not only the prime minister of Israel, but as the “representative of the entire Jewish people.”

“He’s in the middle of a tough election campaign, battling along with other party leaders for the right to represent Israelis—but he certainly cannot claim any mandate to speak for Jews in the United States,” J Street wrote in the petition. “Add your name. Help us let his Ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, know that—as an American, as a Jew—Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t speak for you.”

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  • James Richard Holley

    I believe that I am speaking for all men, everywhere, that it is the desire of our hearts to be able to live with the dignity that comes from both providing for and protecting our loved ones…

    Now that I’ve said that, is someone going to complain because they don’t feel that I am speaking for them? …and is J Street going to start a petition against me because I said that I speak for all men?

    Am I the only one that sees how juvenile this petition really is?

  • L. Goldfarb

    I am a Holocaust survivor. The Prime Minister of Israel represents me when he warns of threats to any Jew on Earth

  • Nora

    The Prime Minister of Israel is “not the spokesman for all Jews”? Who knew …. Duh

    Bibi certainly does not speak for a bunch of lying Soros’ hires at J[fault] Street and Obama’s sycophants.

  • When man says Jews, man means religion! We all know about the history of wars among Christians and wars between Muslims, both has countries under Christian and Muslims moral law. Israel is the only small country for Jews who are and were under mind attack into splitting minds among Jews. Those cowards barbarians who actually do use Christianity as a cover up making a stupid man to look intelligent as Obama who is a shape tool to attack Jews minds in cooperation with a Jew who converted to Christianity Kerry, where in the same time Iran had a country leader who was a Jew converted to Islam is and but a planned staged plot against not only Jews but against the entire world masses minds into global political chaos. It is about time to stand up! Because those coward barbarians are but cowards, a coward man is never strong! He do change matters into ideas, and ideas into matters attacking the soul’s eyes of humanity. Netanyahu is constantly under mind attack from within and without and knows his task! He is the right man for Jews to day!!!! If man says Israeli, it is another question because Israel has Israelis who are from all existing religions. Netanyahu was invited to the US Congress no mater the cause, he didn’t invite him self to the Congress which Obama must respect! This is politics not a salted fish pudding factory!

  • Emanuel

    J Street is pathetic and insulting. They don’t speak for anyone. Elder of Zion reported previously nobody who “signed” their phoney “petition” even was able to see what they were signing or knew what the petition was requesting. J street is a sham and always will be 20,000 idiot “Jews” out of 13,000,000 is nothing they don’t deserve a voice. No real Jew would ever sign something like that or support J street it’s tantamount to saying you don’t value your culture or your life, why do people like that deserve a voice?

  • Julian Clovelley

    So you are saying he does speak for all Jews?

    Then why is there an Opposition – and for that matter an election

    Has Algemeiner become a vehicle only for the Zionist view? I’m puzzled – it was far more impartial and balanced before the American mid term and Knesset election

    • Emanuel

      If a Jew values their culture or their life they are a Zionist, in order to not be a Zionist you have to throw Israel and yourself in the trash, sorry but no thanks if you want to try to throw me in the trash or disrespect my culture it’s gonna be a long day. There’s no such thing as Zionists just Jews who value Israel and their culture and ungrateful incredulous privileged idiots who are only “Jews” when they are signing a j street petition.

  • I know someone who signed Donald Duck and some other crazy name i forgot.I told this person not to give them any hits to higher their count even with crazy names. Someone should start a pro Netanyahu petition

  • Quite to the contrary, ignorant J-Street crowd! Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks for me any time. It is J-steet that does not speak for me. Why would any intelligent Jew side with an inept president of the U.S. who is sending millions of our scarce tax dollars to Gaza under the guise of ‘humanitarian aid,’ when every one knows that every penny will be spent for weapons, ammunition and rebuilding the tunnels into Israel? An American president who vowed that he will not tolerate a nuclear Iran and is about to let the Iranians have their nuclear weapons because he does not have the balls to deny Iran that military and diplomatic victory? The world has long discovered the inconvenient truth that this moron in the White House cannot be trusted. Did he not ‘draw a red line’ when rebellion broke out in Syria? What happened to that red line? One week later, the line was gone. Obama had gone yellow.

  • Vittore

    It’s true, he’s not. But he certainly has more support among the American Jews than J Street.

  • Suzette


  • You are a dreamer! You are living in a country of dreams! You have the right to have your opinion but you have no right to speak the way you do! Netanyahu is the right man in the right time! He is a man who devoted all his life for the people of Israel and therefore for all the Jews worldwide. Do you know who did kill J.F. Kennedy? No! Do you know how Obama came into power? No! Do you know what is like to live in Israel? No! Do you? Do you know how it is to be and live as a country leader to day in a world of terrifying madness? Do you? You know but nothing at all! Watch your mind!

  • Salomon dayan

    Well j street is really delusional who do they speak for. ? Certainly not for any self respecting ,proud Jew. They are the equivalent of jews for Jesus who claim they are jews . May god protect us from so called jews like them

  • BH in Iowa

    Netanyahu is a statesman on the order of a Reagan/Thatcher/Kennedy/Churchill.

    A letter to America’s rabbis —

    from Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    The DC Post ( is proud to convey a letter from Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg (Congregation Beth-El, Edison, New Jersey) to his fellow rabbis nationwide. We agree with Rabbi Rosenberg wholeheartedly and we support his “Rabbis for Romney” in every way. The rabbi’s letter, as sent to more than a thousand colleagues, follows. But first, a prologue from The DC Post’s Michael Podwill:

    Americans can no longer pretend that all is fine with our leadership…with America’s place in a world that’s growing more and more tenuous. We must all take note. And America’s Jews must take special note — because everything is at stake.

    The horrific attacks last week, the murderous display at the US consulate in Benghazi and the disgraceful scenes in Cairo and Tunis, speak volumes. So do the Obama administration’s ongoing apologies and appeasements to Islam. Then there’s that most revealing brouhaha regarding the Democrats and their “conflict” over God, and over Jerusalem’s true status as Israel’s capital.

    We cannot forget this president’s continuous insults — in policy, in behavior — to Israel. The latest, Obama’s apparent refusal to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, is glaring. Especially now, when the Arab world is exploding. When the threat of a nuclear Iran grows more palpable daily. And when the mullahs’ sickening calls for the obliteration of Israel are met with worldwide silence.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is correct in expressing consternation at an American president who spends far more time trying to rein in Israel than trying to preclude Iran from going nuclear.

    With greatest respect, we present this letter from Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg:

    To my fellow rabbis:

    I write to you at this time of dire trouble for our country and for Israel.

    Last week America was under attack. Our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were slaughtered by Muslim extremists. This was not a spontaneous “protest” against an admittedly stupid video. This was an organized military assault, coordinated expressly for execution on September 11.

    Likewise, the “protests” in Cairo at the American embassy. Where our flag was shredded, and the black Islamist flag of al-Qaeda was raised in its place. Reliable sources say the US was forewarned of both attacks — probably by Israel. But America’s State Department ignored those warnings. Why?

    The Obama administration’s reactions to these outrages is sadly typical. The next day, Mr. Obama flew off to Las Vegas to raise funds. And our government still apologizes for that inane video — made by an Egyptian Coptic.

    Where is the leadership here? What has such ongoing appeasement gotten us? Mr. Obama once promised a “reset” of America’s relationship with Muslim nations. But the reality is far different. The Islamic world holds us in greater contempt than ever, seeing Obama’s America as weak and incapable, or unwilling, to defend our interests and our friends.

    On that note, Obama’s policy toward Israel has been a disgrace from the start. It’s as if his goal is to disenfranchise himself — and America — from the Jewish state. To make clear to the world that Israel, should they dare to defend their very existence, will go it alone. Such signals serve only to embolden Israel’s enemies — who are also our enemies.

    The same signal comes from Obama’s latest snub of Bibi Netanyahu — who was told that Obama will not have time to meet with him when the Israeli Prime Minister arrives in America this week. Meanwhile, Obama can regale on the David Letterman. And extend an open invitation to Egypt’s President Morsi.

    Such actions say a lot to the world. Can we stand silent any longer?

    To the 613 “Rabbis for Obama,” in light of the president’s most recent actions, I ask you: What have you got to say now? What are your excuses for President Obama now?

    I say this with all my heart. I cannot keep silent any longer. The voices of my father and my mother, survivors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, compel me to speak out — with zeal.

    I urge you to consider the following:

    – Silence did not work in the 1930s, when the looming evils of Nazism could have been stopped in their tracks. Nor will it work today when Islamists, who deny the Holocaust, threaten another one in Israel.

    – Why does the United States say nothing about the daily denigration of Jews and Christians by imams worldwide?

    – Why do we tolerate an American media that continues to play dumb when our real interests, and our very lives, are at stake?

    – Why does America continue to send money (and excuse outstanding loans) to Morsi’s Egypt?

    – Why doesn’t America compel Morsi to uphold the peace treaty with Israel? To rein in Hamas? To act like a responsible, civil government?

    – And of utmost importance, why don’t we rabbis come together and insist that the Obama administration express — in words and in deeds — their unequivocal support for Israel during this most challenging of times?

    I started “Rabbis for Romney” as a counterweight to “Rabbis for Obama.” My message at first was not political. But the situation has evolved — or devolved — into one where the danger to Israel is more paramount than ever. Don’t kid yourselves. We are nearing the 11th hour.

    Please join me in my quest to see that America and Israel stay safe from the growing danger that’s all around us.

    We can no longer afford to stay silent. Let us make sure that “Never again” means “NEVER again.”


    Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg

    Note: To join “Rabbis for Romney,” please contact Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg at

  • Retired

    J-street say’s that Netanyahu is”not the spokesman for all Jews”?
    How would they know?
    Have they spoken to any Jews lately?



    During the George Bush administration Representative Nancy Pelosi and Sen. John Kerry visited Assad in Syria and publicly gave him support.  This was despite both of them being requested by the State Department not to do so, since such support undercut US policy.

    Joseph Biden visits Israel. A lower level Israeli (Jerusalem) bureaucracy announces one of many steps in authorizing housing in a section of Jerusalem. This is not the 1st step nor is it the last step in this lengthily bureaucratic process. The US State Department goes  ballistic, publicly blaming Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu for this “slap in the face”. The same weekend the Palestinian Authority names a square after a bloody terrorist who is responsible for the murder of numerous Israeli schoolchildren. And yet not a peep out of Joe Biden. Not a peep out of the State Department. Where is the  indignation of the Israeli left? Where is the indignation of American Jews? Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama released five Taliban terrorists in his swap for. Bowe Bergdahl,. He did this without discussing this with or even notifying Congress… which is against the law… Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama unilaterally reversed long-standing US policy relating to Cuba without discussing  this with or even notifying Congress… Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama insulted visiting head of state Prime Minister Netanyahu very publicly during a previous visit by Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House. He did this by blindsiding Israel and the Prime Minister by announcing his “decision” about Israel’s future borders while Prime Minister Netanyahu was on the airplane on his way to Washington and then by leaving Prime Minister Netanyahu alone to “cool his heels” while the president went off to have dinner with his family. Where the indignation of Israel’s left-wing? Where is the indignation of American Jews? Where is the media criticism?

    Pres. Obama had “high level administration officials” call Prime Minister Netanyahu chicken shift and other such  insults. Where is the indignation of Israel’s left-wing? Where is the indignation of American Jews? Where is the media criticism?

    THIS LATEST EPISODE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIOLATIONS OF PROTOCOL. The preliminary discussions for the visit started in October. The staff of the speaker of the house of representatives (as opposed to the staff of representative Bohner) includes both Democrats and Republicans. And as has been since published the White House did receive advance notice. The White House could have done exactly what they did with the president of Israel–talk about having scheduling conflicts and being unable to meet. This example just played out before our very eyes and only Washington insiders realized that the scenario of disrespect was created by the presence political advisers within the White House.




  • H. Givon

    The supposedly ‘pro-Israel’ J Street claims with its own brand of audacity that Netanyahu does not speak for all Jews. Neither does J Street whose policies conflict with Israel’s best interests and only cater to the Jewish State’s enemies. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress has a much larger scope; his message will be a warning of the imminence of a worldwide catastrophe should Iran achieve its nuclear ambitions. While the annihilation of Israel is one of Iran’s first goals it is the destruction of Western civilization that would follow. No one should doubt Iran’s threats as it has already been providing proxies with weapons for terrorism. The ultimate goal of Islamic radicalism is a worldwide caliphate with sharia law. Anyone who understands today’s reality is not misled by J Street’s claim of being ‘pro-peace’. PM Netanyahu’s mission is to prevent a tragic and unimaginable global nuclear war. His message must be taken seriously and we hope that J Street will be listening.

  • I AM CRITICIZING Jewish Groups for Opposing or Silence on Netanyahu Iran Speech. Rabbi Dr. BERNHARD ROSENBERG