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February 10, 2015 11:41 am

Mystery Shrouds J Street Claim That ’84 Percent’ of US Jews Back Obama Over Iran

avatar by Ben Cohen

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J Street has provided no evidence for its claim that 84 percent of American Jews oppose Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran. Photo: Twitter

J Street, the left-wing Jewish organization dedicated to undermining Israel’s campaign to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability, is in hot water after publishing the results of a poll that claimed 84 percent of American Jews back President Obama’s diplomatic overtures to the Tehran regime.

No link to the poll appears on the J Street website. Nor was there any detail provided about the number of respondents polled, or the phrasing of the questions posed.

A number of social media commenters suggested that the numbers provided by J Street were entirely fabricated. And by J Street’s own admission, the results are actually contradictory.

A report in the Christian Science Monitor, which quoted the 84 percent figure without independently verifying it, noted that the J Street “survey registered a strong sense of connection to Mr. Netanyahu among American Jews, even though its results suggest they don’t support his policies. Asked to gauge on a scale of 1 to 100 their feelings of warmth toward various leaders and personalities, respondents gave Netanyahu a 61 – higher than Obama (49) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (57).”

Some of the "signatures" on J Street's anti-Netanyahu petition. Image: @danielmael/Twitter

J Street’s Communications Director, Jessica Rosenblum, merely deepened the confusion while trying to clarify it. “The prime minister is personally popular with American Jews. The difference here is that they have deep concerns about the policies he’s pursuing,” she told the Christian Science Monitor. Rosenblum made no attempt to reconcile Netanyahu’s personal popularity among American Jews with the assertion that the vast majority of them reject his position on the main security threat Israel currently faces.

Moreover, a small line of text underneath the ’84 percent’ claim – “strong support for progress made by P5+1” – indicates that respondents were asked an entirely different question, meaning that J Street’s claim that the vast majority of American Jews reject Netanyahu’s stance contains a heavy dollop of spin.

The Christian Science Monitor also quoted Dylan Williams, J Street director of government affairs, as saying, “I don’t think Jewish Americans are different from where the general American population is on this.” However, a recent Gallup poll pointed towards the polar opposite conclusion, with 84 percent of respondents having a “mostly unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” view of Iran.

J Street is currently running an aggressive campaign opposing Netanyahu’s forthcoming address to the US Congress, using the hashtag #Bibidoesn’tspeakforme. A petition being run by the organization goes so far as to describe Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, as the envoy of Netanyahu, and not the State of Israel.

The offense was compounded by a screenshot (above) which showed that among the petition’s signatories were Nazi leaders “Adolf Hitler” and “Rudolf Hess,” as well as the American black nationalist leader “Malcolm X.”

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  • svengi

    As someone who voted for Nixon in 1972, I saw in Mc Govern appeal for fairness on the part of Israel towards the Palestinians, I knew, fairness was a euphemism for screwing Israel.
    I think, that people don’t think about Arabs, the way they should, Arabs killing other Arabs, see it as a legitimate, religious or clannish war. Arabs dying from
    Jews (dogs and monkeys) is seen as a demeaning, event something which under no circumstances should be tolerated as it implies that they have not been either successful or courageous or made into slaves.
    The other issue about anti Jewish Jews, or being hypercritical of Zionism, is whether or not they see any future (as concerns their children–not themselves) in being Jewish. One should do a survey of J streeters to see how many of them, have Jewish spouses, not whether or not they come from religious or non religious families, but how they project a future generation.

  • steven L

    Tks G-D that Israel does not need the US liberal Jews.
    The American people in this precise situation are far more intelligent than the liberal Jews.

  • steven L

    J st suggests that the majority of US Jews (who are liberal) are not interested in Israel. Most likely true.
    Since Israel is a fact of life, the diaspora has no more “raison d’etre”.

  • DockyWocky

    If that 84% figure is accurate, then there is no hope for Israel and Jews everywhere should be contacting imams and ayatollahs to arrange for their conversions to islam.

  • Yale

    If J Street members actually are “pro-Israel” as they claim, it’s doubtful whether 84% of them believe Obama’s handling of the negotiations is good. Crikes, even the Washington Post has figured out that Obama is making a mess of this.

  • zadimel

    We must not overlook the presence in the Jewish State of 200 to 400 nuclear devices. Iran may superficially be outspoken and arrogant,but its leadership is deeply concerned for Israel’s capability of converting much of its country to a level parking lot in the blink of an eye – OK two eyes .

  • sidney sands

    WE have J Street, the usual anti Jewish Jews, who are the new Sonder Jews of 70 years ago, but are not being forced to vent their spleen on an elected Prime Minister, but enjoy doing so, may they disappear along with Obama sooner than later.

  • sidney sands

    Confirming that Obama is hell bent on being anti Israel, his devotion to Islam shows up on a daily basis, he is not good news for the Jewish people, who mistakenly gave him support, must go down as the worst President in U.S history, even worse than Carter, and that’s saying something.

    • steven L

      Liberal Jews still support him.

  • Moshe Choueka

    I don’t get it. Why not make a counter petition and show the real truth?

  • 4Christ

    Iran isn’t playing around. They are very serious in their aim to destroy America AND Israel. Any Jew who doesn’t support their own people are a sorry lot indeed.

  • Attention J Street Jews: You are part of the problem!

    • RobiMac

      Yeah, and Obama insists on helping Iran destroy America. What he’s doing is apparently not enough for him.

  • Dale

    Whether you like Bibi or not, Iran is a threat to Israel, nukes or not. With nuclear capability, Iran also becomes the new bully in town among it’s muslim neighbors. I’m an American Jew and I support Bibi’s understanding of Iran with nukes. As far as Obama goes – he’s just as antiAmerican as he is antiIsrael.

  • SpecialKinNJ

    For this citizen, explaining the documented Jewish-bloc-voting pattern in presidential elections has long defied earnest effort. Over the past 50 years, with one dramatic exception -Carter got only 45%–and a couple of percentages in the mid-60s, Jewish-bloc-voting percentages for Democratic candidates have tended to be in the mid- to high 70s or low 80s. How can this particular pattern be explained? In degree, it’s second only to that for Black voters.

    How is it that group identity tends to trump national identity when members of bloc-voting subgroups vote for presidential candidates?

  • RC

    84% is a ridiculous number and not even close!! Even my liberal Jewish friends have changed their minds or will at least admit that they’re disappointed. I don’t understand how you could be just disappointed but I never understood why any Jews voted for him in the first place??

  • KMan

    As an Israeli who takes deep interest with international media, I have only one conclusion to draw from J Street and other extreme left, Anti Israeli organizations: They are simply mentally ill. Psychotic. All I wish for them is to have a muslim majority where their kids are attending school.
    This would be their therapy.

  • Cynthia

    If you cannot verify the numbers they claim, it is likely not true. I think they should just bow out gracefully and go away. There is no more room for these groups that just throw out numbers willy nilly expecting people to believe them, we have been deceived so much on so many things, i don’t think there is any favorable grace left to go around. I stand firmly with the Israeli people and Bibi….he can come over here and speak any time any place as far as i’m concerned. The Israeli people have been bashed and maligned enough, time to start to see the truth for a change.

  • Beverly

    A muslim supported organization supporting a muslim president and anyone with a modicum of intelligence believes it….duh! WRONG…..

  • These quisling Jews are a blot on Judaism.

  • Wayne J Scott

    How can any true Jew support he opening anti-semetic Obama? Wake-up!

  • Joel

    J-Street? Why aren’t they tackling antisemitism on campuses and other places?? They seem to have money to burn on screwy surveys!

  • howiej

    The survey could have been taken at a meeting of J-Street leaders

  • g

    if #bibidoesn’t speak for me, all I can say is:


  • Eve

    I’m a Jew. J Street does NOT speak for me.


  • nelson marans

    Liar, Liar, pants on fire. The old nursery rhyme describes J Street properly. I am disturbed by a recent announcement originating in my synagogue’s weekly program stating that Jeremy Ben Ami will bespeaking at another synagogue. Apparently even synagogue directors are unaware of the J Street anti-Israel agenda.



  • Arthur Hausman

    J Street wants Jews to negotiate with Arabs that have vowed to destroy Israel. You tell me How does that work?

  • Jstreet is Anti Semite, Anti Israel and intend to destroy Israel. See the film Jstreet where they say it in their own words. Jeremy Bird of Jstreet is a Traitor and needs to be Arrested and charge.

    They are in contact with Hamas.

  • harri

    and they were sampling who? ISNA? moslem brotherhood? secular humanists?

  • Wm. J. Levy

    We Jews don’t need enemies when we have each other.


  • Tell JStreet folks to pack up and move to Iran. The scariest I have ever been was when I was detained at the Iraqi/Iran border and this is when the Shah ruled! I don’t know much about this organization but how dare they use the initial J in their name.

  • Fred

    Does J Street assertion mean that all the millions of Jews murdered by Hitler approved of his policies ??
    These J Street Jews should convert to Islam quickly with added benefits the petrodollars . Iran a friend of Israel ?????

  • Carla Isselmann

    The wise way is to ignore this J-street filth: support only Netanyahu, as he is the man who will save Israel.

  • H. Givon

    President Obama is more concerned with having his way than facing reality. He has politicized what should be a much needed warning about the imminent global danger. Despite promising that Iran would not be permitted to achieve its nuclear goal Obama has twice moved the red lines and is now prepared to acquiesce to the demands of that country. Does the President really imagine that Iran would reveal its progress?

  • spktruth

    There is NO mystery in the US, we Jews in the US do not condone what the Zionists are doing. J street like Jewish Voices for Peace and many other groups, are democrats and will continue to be Your pandering to the repukes is a joke. Many conservatives have seen the video on the attack on the USS Liberty, and they despise Zionists more than anyone else..No mystery here, your time is up. Calling J Street an Arab organization is so outrageous its laughable

    • Marco Redwolf

      You are joking ,,right? You actually believe that the Liberty Documentary shown on Al Jazeera was factual? If you do I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I own and will sell to you at a great price. I am sick and tired of self loathing Jews . Just go to Walmart and buy a cheap prayer rug and a pair of slip on goat skin sandals and end your pain.

    • steven L

      USS Liberty was spying on Israel.

  • Gregg Solomon

    I’m definitely not an 84er. I’m a non-praying guy, so using pray to mean the strongest hope, I pray Netanyahu wins and wins the way he needs to in Israel’s parliamentary system to be able to maintain his strong security stance.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Without labouring the point – it seems to me the most likely encouragement for Iran building nuclear weapons is Zionist extremism’s incessant urging of military action against it.

    What did Israel do historically under similar threat – it acquired nuclear weapons

    This whole issue is far from being as simple as some would have it be. There need to be a number of ideological changes on the Zionist side that make dialogue possible – but many see that as unlikely to happen.

    As a result Zionism in fact becomes the architect of its own opposition.

    By the way, in the view of Algemeiner’s editorship, is this article News or Comment? It is classified under news but the first sentence makes it clear that it is really comment

    • steven L

      When is the last time that IL threatened to erase Iran from the ME?
      You should not write stupid things on this blog. The Iranian people want to live in peace with IL!!!

  • HMA

    Is anyone really surprised that J Street now has the same credibility as the Iranian regime?

  • Linda Bee

    God Bless PM Netanyahu, and the people of Israel. If American Israeli’s were actually polled about this, I’d bet dollars to donuts they would back PM Netanyahu tenfold.
    The current administration has not supported Israel the way they have in the past, and it’s a direct result of this president and his ideology, which is warped by decades of anti-american views drilled into him by his parents and grandparents, and numerous others with anti-american ideologies.

  • c m vasquez

    The petition fad is just that a Fad. People run around signing petitions helter skelter, after all it’s free and easy. Surveys are conducted more to sway opinions than to gather data on opinions. Noe credibility here. Politics as usual.

  • Levi Garbose

    I just signed up as Joseph Goebbels
    Los Angeles, CA Yemach Shmo—Wow!

  • shloime


  • Levi Garbose

    I’m a Jew. Bibi does NOT speak for me!
    Israel’s Prime Minister is not the spokesman for all Jews.
    Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would be representing all Jews when he addresses Congress next month. He said he’s coming to Washington “not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people.”

    He’s in the middle of a tough election campaign, battling along with other party leaders for the right to represent Israelis–but he certainly cannot claim any mandate to speak for Jews in the United States.

    Add your name. Help us let his Ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, know that–as an American, as a Jew–Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t speak for you. Recent signatures
    Check out the newcomer alive and well!
    Joseph Goebbels
    Los Angeles, CA

    Asher Weiss
    Brooklyn, NY

    Deborah Garber
    Petaluma, CA

    Rebecca Slisher
    Groveport, OH

  • June

    I am a Jew…FOR Netanyahu!!! Go Bibi!

  • Vittore

    A member of the Russian Jewish community. The vast majority of us is not in that alleged “84%”.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    84% of the Democratic Jews who voted for Obama….support Obama is what they mean.

  • debbyfayga

    Everyone must understand that J Street is an arab supported organization, and their stance is completely anti-Israel. The comparison of Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler and Malcom X would be laughable if not obnoxiously ridiculous.

    • z

      Why would the Arabs run interference for the Farsies?

      This is Vatican/CIA operation. As is the “Christian Science Monitor” propaganda outlet. As is the hall of mirrors routine to echo their holographic propaganda lies.

    • galt

      Your comment would be laughable were it not idiotic. Not marching in lock-step with non-thinking ultra right wingnuts does not make a person anti-Israel. I support Israel and Judaism in words, deeds and money. While I respect Mr. Netanyahu, I do not consider him infallible. My support of Israel and Judaism does not extend to thinking that everything and anything done in their names, or, allegedly, in their support is best nor categorically correct. The same is true of The United States. It is my duty, as an American and a Jew, to express my disagreement, albeit respectfully, when I think that something done in the name of Israel and The Jewish People is not in the best interest of either one or both. Were you blessed with the capacity for thought, instead of merely the ability to regurgitate dogma and the opinions of others, you might agree.

  • ben kramer

    That number doesnt include the number of non jews supporting the president. That number is much higher.

    • shloime

      obama’s general support rating is nowhere near 84% even in his wildest dreams, or those of his fellow democrats. so it’s highly unlikely that, in this artificial “spat” with netanyahu, his popularity somehow magically doubled.

      either you are numerically challenged, or you get your numbers from the same source that supplies the ayatollahs with their “96%” support.

    • Jerry Hecht

      The 84% is right up there in fantasy land along with the 50,000 people who die in the US from second hand smoke. Can you name one?
      I can name a lot of bootlickers and they all belong to J Street and the ADL.

    • Allan

      Democrats mostly who are losing their power and are running away from Obama. Jewish allegiances to Liberalism is starting to turn
      and the Republican Jewish Coalition is getting stronger.

    • J. Brooks

      J-Street Does Not Speak For Me and Most of the Jews I know.

      Iran openly threatens to destroy the state of Israel on a daily basis. So I think we should be concerned about the security of Israel period.