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February 13, 2015 2:15 pm

Support for Netanyahu Speech to Congress on Iranian Nuclear Threat Surges

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Pro-Israel activists and legislators on both sides of the house are shoring up support for Prime Minister Netanyahu's forthcoming speech to Congress on Iran. Photo: Twitter

Advocacy group Christians United for Israel (CUFI) has hailed the response to an action alert distributed to its supporters urging members of Congress to attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming speech to a joint session of Congress on the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“Within five hours the action alert generated more than 10,000 responses,” a CUFI statement said. Respondents sent emails to their legislators declaring, “I can think of no issue more important for America, Israel and the West than our response to Iran’s nuclear efforts. And I can think of no voice on this issue more important than the Prime Minister of our front-line ally, Israel.”

CUFI executive director David Brog reaffirmed his condemnation of those Democrats who said they would boycott the speech, based on the now disproved claim that the Obama White House was not told in advance by Netanyahu of his acceptance of House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation. “Our elected officials have a sacred duty to listen to all views on this critical issue – including those with which they may disagree – before making up their minds. Whether they like the fact that Netanyahu was invited or not, they should stop acting like peevish children and start doing their jobs,” Brog said.

CUFI’s announcement came as senior GOP leaders stepped up criticism of those Democrats who plan to boycott Netanyahu’s speech.

Speaking on the Senate floor on Thursday, Marco Rubio (R-FL) demanded, “One of our strongest ally’s prime minister wants to speak before the Congress and they won’t even attend the speech? What do you think the headlines will be read as in Iran, by the terrorists in Gaza, by the terrorists in Judea and Samaria, by the terrorists in all parts of the world, such as in Lebanon, who want to destroy Israel? What do you think they are going to read into it?”

Some prominent Democrats have also dissented from the position taken by colleagues, on the grounds that the Iranian nuclear issue is too serious for partisan politics.

“A nuclear Iran is a huge threat to the United States and an existential threat to Israel. I agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu that a nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel,” said Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) in a statement on the ongoing US-led negotiations with Iran.

“I believe the only way Iran will voluntarily stop their march for nuclear weapons is if they know that tougher and tougher sanctions will be enacted if they fail to come a strong agreement that prohibits them from obtaining nuclear weapons,” Schumer said. “If Iran does not come to an agreement by March 24th I stand ready to vote for additional sanctions.”

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  • michael farkas

    Appeasement in a political context is a diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an enemy power in order to avoid conflict. let’s pray that president obama has better judgement than neville chamberlain. a world at peace is always the prime objective of a humane society, but freedom is not free, and anyone who is naive enough to trust the “supreme leader” given his current and previous actions, just doen’t know history.

  • Sofia Bain

    We have only one ally in the Middle-East and that is ISRAEL.
    This tiny Country has been fighting for its life for decades facing enemies from all sides.
    Israel and its PM knows the facts well, he also has his brother that lost his life rescuing the Jews on the highjacked plane in Entebbe. Everyone knows that Iran has no intention of honoring its role of not producing nuclear bombs – it probably has them already.
    The West better wake up before it’s too late, if it isn’t already.
    Please give Israel its respect that is it due.

    • Dr. Belman

      I am absolutely support P.N. coming and presenting to Congress his idea about the current situation with Iran, because P. O. looks like lost with management and prevention of Iran to have the nuclear bombs.

  • Those who refuse to support Israel and BBN with regard to Iran are indirectly supporting the war Islam has declared world wide. BBN is currently the only Statesman world wide who clearly understands the threat by Islam not only Israel but world wide.

  • I wish the U.S. had Ntanyahu as President instead of the traitor we have now.

    • judorebbe

      Obama told us exactly what he planned to do; “reach out to the Muslim World” and “fundamentally transform America” … but most American voters were too dumbed-down to pay attention.

    • Joyce Bross

      I was amazed to read your comment, as I said exactly the same thing to my husband. I was so glad to read your comment and to know others feel the exact same way that I do. I feel our president is a closet muslim and therefore feels he needs to protect his own religion and throw Christians and Jewish believers under the bus (so to speak). God bless you and all other Christians, Jews as well as the moderate, non-violent Muslims all over our world!

    • Barbara

      I agree! I support God’s Israel. If you are against Israel, you are against God. Obama and butt-kissing Pelosi seem to care more for Iran and Mexico’s illegals, than American born Americans.

  • Jonah

    We have a problem Scotty, Russia wants a nuclear Iran to take out America with an EMP, and Obama wants a Nuckear weapon to take out Israel. That is a dilemma! Russia while walking this gauntlet beeee very careful, God is watching you. Red snow, blue snow, sinkholes, volcanos, earthquakes, meteorites, and red seas….be very careful in your treatment of Israel…this is an admonishment from God. Although God does enjoy seeing the Christian bear sinking its teeth into the beast.

  • Max Cohen

    I believe that President Obama does not wish to halt the development of Nuclear bombs by Iran. But, would that not be a sign of madness, you ask. Not quite, I respond. There is a fine difference between madness and delusion. When Obama views the slaughter at the kosher market in Paris and observes no terrorism, but only some random people caught by machine-gun fire, this surely indicates a mind in deep denial, and this is a sign of his delusion. He sees no threat in Iran despite all the terror Iran sponsors in the Middle East. And the West wonders what is to follow.

  • But without the support ADL, AJC, AIPAC and other groups that presses PM Netanyahu to CANCEL speech…!
    Very Interesting, is not it?

  • Especially when you see that J Street is so strongly against the speech that they are prepared to cheat to make people obey them, you know you should listen.

    Last speech Netanyahu was also invited by the speaker and very successful,

  • Isabella1709

    I belong to CUFI because I am a Christian committed to keeping Israel safe and free of the terrible corrosion put upon the conservative Likud government by Obama and the EU. Perhaps they have fooled themselves that appeasement will stop Iran and it’s march to nuclear weapons, but I am a student of history and I see the 1930’s all over again. The Europeans moved so far away from Christianity during that era they allowed evil to overwhelm them….and they have never recovered from that loss of ethics and humanity. Now it is exacerbated by their immigration policies that now threaten them with an Islamic cultural shift. Pathetic and so very dangerous.

  • Emanuel

    You would think the WH was being run by a spoiled little girl “boo whoo two months notice caught me off guard even though we were given notice waah”

  • After the Shoah it is forbidden to let Iran plan to destroy Israel with an Atomic bomb.

    It is the right of PM Netanayahu to address the American Congress to explain this.

  • Paul

    The dispute over Netanyahu’s speech is presented as not being about the (legitimate) content, but about the timing.
    The accusation against Bibi is that he purposely timed the speech to just prior to Israeli General Elections as an election gimmick.
    But the timing is actually dictated by the date set for closing the agreement with Iran – which is a few days after the Israeli elections. He must speak out prior to THAT, if the outcome is to be affected.
    So, the IS no other time for Netanyahu to address the congress.
    Is is a pity Netanyahu has not put this point on the table.

  • RiverKing

    I noticed that Senator Schumer made most of the thought noises but did not say that he would go against 0 and attend Bibi’s speech. It will be interesting to see who does and does not attend.

    Not being a masochist, I could not bring myself to watch the SOTU. However, assuming it’s televised, I won’t miss Bibi’s speech.

  • steven L

    Only crippling sanctions will start the process of back rolling the nuke program of the Jihadi state of Iran.
    We don’t even talk about their international terrorism that MUST be addressed too. Shame on the US Adm.

  • steven L

    Those democrats who plan on boycotting are derelict and should not be in the congress.
    This is the single most serious foreign issue faced by the WHOLE WORLD and this President brought this nightmare on the world.

  • God bless all those men and women that are supporting PM Netanyahu!! and may God show those that appose him the same mercy they show him.. God bless and be with you Mr. Netanyahu.. A Christian Zionist friend

  • Rabbi Emily f. Korzenik

    I am relieved to learn that the now disproved claim that Obama was not informed in advance that Netanyahu had accepted the invitation from Congress is losing at least some traction. In the 2014 election cycle a surprising number of Democrats had no trouble trying separate themselves from an unpopular president. Many are questioning the wisdom of Obama’s Iran nuclear policy for reasons which I and many others have stated. I predict that most of the Democrats will see the wisdom of giving Netanyahu a hearing.

  • Fred

    With Obama turning out Arab & Iran friendly, who is prepared to hand US friend Israel out to Arab Islamist & Iran. What has become of the great US ??. The White House has shown extreme cowardice in the face of truth. The professional liars at the front desk of the White House do nothing but implicate the White House in treachery. The lies they churn out have no consistency.
    Israel should be heard as a friend. Obama would rather have the Mullahs a guest of the WH. To hear “Piece in our Time.

  • hay que cultivar, las relaciones con los grupos cristianos de USA, para tener su cooperacion, y presionen al gbno del musulman Obama

  • Carla Isselmann

    I sometimes wish that Netanyahu would be President of the USA. How much better would we be than we are now..

  • nelson marans

    Contrary to the recent poll in Israel that indicated that most Israelis do not trust Obama, I trust him, but for all of the wrong reasons. I trust him to placate our enemies, I trust him to allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon and long range missiles and I trust him to push Israel to the brink of extinction.

  • Israel, and the Jewish People everywhere, have a supportive friends in CUFI. Our friends understand what unfortunately some of our own brethren do not yet understand.
    When the Prime Minister of Israel will speak to the body of Congress his message will be profound. If there may be absent chairs that choose to boycott that speech, that absence, in my view, will be irrelevant.

  • Bernhard Rosenberg administration has deftly repackaged House Speaker Boehner’s invitation to Mr. Netanyahu, and the prime minister’s acceptance of it, as a personal affront to President Obama and a partisan gesture that risks weakening the longstanding bipartisan support in Washington for Israel. Indeed, some Jewish organizational types (most prominently the ADL’s Abe Foxman and the Reform movement’s Rabbi Rick Jacobs) have gone public with requests that Mr. Netanyahu cancel his speech for just those reasons.

  • RobiMac

    Rightly so. Any idiot can figure out that Iran obtaining nukes is s global problem

  • Leo Toystory

    If the Dems don’t show up at least it will smell better.

  • retired

    The whole deal is a damned swindle from the very beginning.The degenerate in the White House & his minions are responsible for this bad deal.Unfortunately too many citizens are so dumbed down that they believe what they are told without thinking about the issue!
    I hear the nonsensical talk about delicate negotiations going this way or that way as though real negotiation were going on!
    The truth of the matter is that no negotiations are necessary.If the screws were turned up on the sanctions from the beginning Iran would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.Why should we need to negotiate,we hold all of the cards & Iran has none!

  • spktruth



  • NCS

    There are few voices in the free world that hold much weight against a nuclear Iran. Netanyahu is one of those voices and should be heard by all of Congress.

  • I must add this comment; PM Netanyahu has better intell. about the middle east then we have. We need to hear the full story about Iran and it’s nuclear conquest! Who is the main backer of middle east terrorism and demands the destruction of Israel? (IRAN)!

  • robert nebel

    Every Christian and Jew should let their elected official know that if they do not attend PM Netanyahu’s speech they will be voted out of office. This is how how constituents make their voices heard. It’s not what the ass in the WH wants. They all work for us. To many Congressmen/women seem to think we work for them.

  • Isaac

    The wimp Obama is quick to throw Israel under the bus so he won’t have to make tough decisions regarding Iran. Just as he is avoiding confronting ISIS, Russia, and Radical Islam, he doesn’t have the courage to play hard ball with the Iranians.

  • Sharon Buck

    It is time for our leadership to stop playing politics and get on with the serious issues of our time, Iran’s potential for nukes being one of them. Americans are SICK of what goes on in Washington day in and day out. This is no child’s game, lining up on opposite sides and doing everything possible to “win”, taking everyone they can with them. Please, Congress, grow up. Give up your ill-perceived “rights” and DO wHAT IS RIGHT on every issue facing you, from Israel to Immigration to the Economy and on to more moral issues such as abortion. It would serve us and you well in the end if you would work together for the good of the country on all counts!

  • Based on this administrations past behavior I believe they knew about this speech! More importantly this issue has greater importance about America’s future and demands all true leaders to attend as there elected responsibility! This is not a party issue but a American issue!