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February 14, 2015 9:11 pm

One Dead, Two Policemen Wounded in Attack at Copenhagen Synagogue

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The Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Wikipedia.

One civilian was killed and two policemen were wounded early Sunday morning in a shooting attack outside the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen, Denmark, according to multiple media reports.

The civilian, a Jewish community member guarding the house of worship during a bat-mitzva celebration, was shot in the head and the two policemen were shot in the arm and leg in the attack, according to the reports. Officials say it is likely that the attack was connected to an earlier deadly assault on a cafe in the city.

The gunman fled the scene on foot, and a manhunt is underway, The Times of Israel reported.

“It started with police being down at the site. A person comes up and starts to shoot,” police spokesman Allan Teddy Wadsworth-Hansen said.

Sky News cameraman Pete Milnes, who was near the scene of the attack, said: “There was a succession of about six or seven gunshots.

“Within a minute or so, armed police were on the scene, a helicopter was hovering overhead. I witnessed police apprehend an individual who was handcuffed and later released.

“There was 20 to 30 armed police officers with semi-automatic rifles shouting at locals to stay indoors and close windows.”

A photo published on Twitter purports to show a wounded policeman and another person lying injured, Sky News reported. Photo: @Rtridder.

A photo published on Twitter purported to show a wounded policeman and another person lying injured, Sky News reported.

Danish television station TV2 said a large metro and train station nearby, Norreport, was being evacuated, Reuters reported.

In a WhatsApp post, Rabbi Yitzi Loewenthal, the Chabad representative in Copenhagen, said he was at the synagogue just minutes before the attack and that his own center is now under lock-down.

“BH we are all fine. I was at the shul 30 minutes before it happened,” Loewenthal wrote. “Chabad house (where we also live) is in full lockdown. Police with machine guns have now closed the chabad house street at both ends. Helicopters and sirens all around. Barricaded all doors.”

A former member of the Copenhagen Jewish community, now living in the US, told The Algemeiner that “the Jews in Denmark, who mainly live in Copenhagen, feel like most European Jews — it’s safe as long as you stay stealth. Don’t wear anything ‘Jewish’, don’t talk about Israel or anything Jewish in public, and you’ll be safe.”

The source, who did not wish to be named, added that “increasing Muslim immigration combined with increasing radicalization amongst a minority of this Muslim immigrant group has caused some trouble for the Jews in the past 10-20 years.”

Responding to the incident, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio offered his sympathies.

“The people of New York City offer solidarity to the Jewish community of Copenhagen, and urge Danish authorities to do everything possible to protect the Jewish community there,” De Blasio said. “Intolerance and anti-Semitism must be confronted and defeated, and security efforts must be visible and extensive. These brutal, hate-driven attempts to intimidate must not and will not be allowed to succeed.”

Officials said the earlier attack, which saw one man killed after some 40 shots were fired into the Krudttoenden Cafe, was likely a terror attack.

The Cafe was hosting a debate on freedom of speech which was attended by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has been threatened with death for his cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Following the first attack, Denmark’s Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, said, “We feel certain now that it’s a religiously motivated attack, and thereby it is a terrorist attack. We take this situation extremely seriously. We are in a high alarm all over the country, and our main priority at this stage is to catch the perpetrators and make sure that we find them as soon as possible.”

Last month, after the terror attack at the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris left 4 Jews dead, Denmark’s Jewish community asked for a police presence outside the Copenhagen synagogue during services and when students arrive and leave the city’s Jewish school, the Associated Press reported.

Community chairman Dan Rosenberg Asmussen made the request to Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen who stopped short of making any promises to the country’s 7,000-strong Jewish community, according to the report. She said Denmark’s security agency would reconsider security at Jewish institutions.

At the time Frederiksen said the attacks in Paris made “us painfully aware of the importance that our Jewish fellow citizens can feel safe.”

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  • Who is ultimately responsible for these honrrible attacks? The British and other EU governments who pour money into dodgy NGOs such as Oxfam and Amnesty International who funnel the money to terrorist organizations. The families of the terrorists are given vast sums of money as “compensation”, the terrorists, who are always caught, if they are not killed in gun battles with the police (and unfortunately some are not) are paid huge ‘pensions’ while in prison, and the money comes ultimately from governments, so the Danish government is contributing to funding terrorists acting on its territory.

    • There are words I could use, but shouldn’t. There are Jews being Murdered and this has nothing to do with the delivery of aid, but the sequestration of funds meant for humanitarian purposes! Oxfam might have its faults, but it is wrong to see it as an entry level conduit for terrorist funding!

  • es hora de organizarse para prevenir y repeler los ataque de los terrorista, ya basta de ser el tiro al blanco Judio, y pedir solidaridad al mundo hay que actuar puntuar contra ellos primero

  • Wm. J. Levy

    When are the Jews going to start protecting themselves by arming and organizing instead of standing around like buffalo being shot by Arabs?


  • Friends and surprisingly amazing article written by Dr. Azriel Carlebach

    The article was published in Maariv on September 7, 1955

    translated from Hebrew with Google translator


    How can you talk with Allah?

    Article by Dr. Azriel Carlebach. Published in the newspaper “Ma’ariv” on 7 October 1955


    “No matter border is a source of conflict between the Arabs, but the Islamic psychology. Arabs are members of Islam, and with it, a world view, you can not speak. With Islam do not live side by side in peace.”

    Clear and simple truth is, that between the Islamic world and the Western world culture there is no one common word, and was not and will not and can not be any misunderstanding. This guidance is not religion, all religion can be good or bad, what they’ll implement or overlooked believers the moral principles. Refers to Islam’s influence on social life and social services, the sense of the world and the relationship with other human beings.

    ….. Fifty -shishim one after the other generations have been brought up in Islam rape human nature – not to use the power of thought, not wanting to individual rights, not lust, not demand, not to stand tall .. Islam in front of you will actually dim, dark, unexplained of Allah. Front strict and capricious, hidden, sick .. This essence of Islamic religious – not to ask. Person undertakes this belief, what he says: Allah il Allah “, not in what he is convinced the idea, but what he entrusts himself a tyrant.

    Such faith by its very nature generally may not be distributed or intellectual persuasion moral beacon, this work of mind and body, and may not be distributed, but by physical force. And therefore there is a constant to a holy war against the un-believers “and bring them to the bosom of the true faith by force Saif al-Islam, Allah loves blood ….. Never largely failed danger itself, but stuck to the trigger finger and a small bomb by the crazy one can destroy an entire philosophical Committee.

    … Danger for the West against Islam was far greater than that of communism. That the Communist religion multiple nuclei rationalistic than the Muslim religion. Communism can talk on the foundations of give and take, takes into account also for Harsh reality, measures forces, formulating requirements, considering proposals by utility.

    All these data do not exist in Islam. Muslims had not agreed to anything, whatever it might be – even among themselves … and they can not hold anything – not just in matters of Israel; All along the mighty Muslim world could not make an agreement on one common postage stamp. Responses – about anything – they have no relevance to common sense. They are all an emotional calculated, transient, baseless … with all you can talk about “business”, even with the devil, but not with God ….

    … We did – and continue to do foolish that should not be forgiven, if we help the world to draw ahead Arabs do not exist and are the fruits of imagination wishes. And we are adding insult to injury when we distort the image and reduce the dispute between Israel border dispute and its neighbors.

    Over amazingly democratic it is not correspond to reality. Borders is not a source of conflict, but the Islamic psychology. What were our neighbors Westerners, which were Protestant – were recently living in peace next to them as Norwegians and Swedes. Or if they had even Catholics – were lined up our relationship as a way to get along French and English Canada, and many South American countries among themselves. But here we are trying for fifty years all means possible to reach an agreement that he, and never appeared on the horizon even a shadow of hope – meaning it does not lie with actions and facts and fears.

    It lies only in that the Arabs are members of Islam. And with it, a world view, you can not talk. It does not matter at all who, no matter about what, with Islam do not live side by side in peace.

    And besides – Presentation of the problem as a conflict between two similar equips the Arabs weapons of argument that is not theirs. If the argument with them is really political, then there aspects to this. Then we are Coming to Israel was all Arabic, and occupied and put ourselves wedge rush through, and loaded them refugees, and they are a danger to our army etc. etc. – and can one justify this or that party. In other words, in this play, rational and political problem, it becomes understandable European minds – against us.

    They claim also received complaints about Western opinion normal legal fight. But really, who as we know, that is a source of hostile stance. All political and social concepts these are their conceptual world.

    Conquest by the sword, in their own eyes, the eyes of Islam, is not at all an injustice; On the contrary, is a franchise and crushing proof of ownership. Care for refugees, dispossessed brothers – not from the world of thought; Allah expelled, Allah will take care of.

    He had never touched a Muslim politician like this (unless calamity risked his personal status). And were it not for the occupation and were it not for refugee problem, we oppose that really works for. By what we discuss with them on the basis of concepts Marbeim- we dress gown savages European justice. Thus helping in place to alert the people of the world, we anesthesiologists them.

    This is the basis of our mistake, and in my opinion; The secret of our isolation and our failures.

    We, though we are crying about the stabbing sting into our flesh and – the crater gulf peace of the world. We ask bandage biting that we were bitten, and we warn: Here rotates between my legs all mad dog !!

    It was like? – What, when Hitler came to power, we would say that he was indeed the case an anti-Semite, but usually is the founder of the religion wise and respected not worry about her – and our hands are extended to peace, and intense we want to arrange our bills small private, then call peace covenant with him, to help him in developing his teachings and spread its influence …..

    We sin not only our struggle we, the existence of this country and the lives of our sons and daughters, we are sinners to the world if we eliminate the simple truth, in the heart of all of us, including government spokesmen, when they read statements peace is the truth, the enemy is the spirit of Islam.

    He is not only our enemy because we are sitting in the case here. Is an enemy to us even if we were sitting at the North Pole. That is the enemy of all free. It is the enemy of all fertile mind, any kind initiative, any idea who created us. Is the enemy of life for every Jew, every Christian – and every Muslim. All of which will be given in hand, a sword of wood if steel tank if the water-pitcher makes his threat to human grazed.

    Is not conducive ever and will contribute nothing at all for the better; He did not even figure one person who has led the world forward, any area; Is darkness, is the reaction, is prison and 500 million people are being tortured Is inherent obstacle to peace of the world.

    And as long as we can not make the effort and the free world to impart this knowledge, it will be us always the first victims of lack of knowledge.


    And that our sages said, “All that adds – subtracts”

    Mention that the article was written in 1955 … copier: Bear Klein.

  • To be outraged is natural and right in the face of evil. But let us NOT forget the brave Jewish brother who lost his life protecting others and the two policemen who were injured. Let us put the same amount of effort into our prayers for them and their families as we do in expressing our outrage.

  • steven L

    Are European Jews masochistic?

  • Steven Glazer

    How long will it take for Muslim Brother One to call this a random act of violence directed at some random sampling of “folks” at a location chosen by chance. At least that rules out “workplace” violence. Will the Charlatan and Traitor – in Chief comment at all after the last time he opened his mouth and showed his true colors. How much egg can one face take. Does he even see it that way? Probably not.

  • It’s more than time to go to Israel.That always where we must make out stand!

  • Steve Matthew

    Comments that life for Jews in Europe is fine as long as they hide their “Jewishness” (no kippahs, do not talk about Israel, etc.) is utterly ridiculous. Are they to also stop going to synagogue lest they upset the anti-Semites? In a free and democratic society, why should there be a need to hide one’s anything? Muslims don’t hide their Muslimness; on the contrary, their Muslimness is in everyone’s face on a daily basis.

    The answer to this sickness is not to suppress those things that make the murderers act. The answer is to confront the evil that does the murdering and punish it. Period.

  • Fred

    At least Barak Hussein Obama has revealed himself as the first Muslim President. He knows how to classify deeds committed by Muslim extremist & declassify everybody else’s . His rage about the shooting of the 3 Muslim student was not even clarified if it was about parking or not. Already he showed outrage not even considering it a random shooting. Instead of hope for the world he is doing his best to bring more misery and despair.

  • Baht Harim

    All these idiotic comments about President Obama are off-topic. This incident is not about him, it’s about Jew hatred in Europe. Can we please stay on topic, folks? Sheesh!

    • Lynn Poynor

      No, these “idiotic” comments about Obama are not off-topic! By refusing to admit that these murderous assaults are being committed by Muslims he is encouraging their depredations. Hatred of Jews in Europe (or America) is not a problem if you take Muslims out of the equationl.

    • Yosi

      its totally relevant to the conversation and dont try to shut down debate……………….

    • Reform School

      No one personin power has done more to unleash the Devil called Islam than ‘The Great Pretender.’

      If one cannot spell ‘Beit,’ one cannot moderate debate.

    • I concur! I also think it is a falsehood to have Jews move from their homes to Israel. They will find a level of protection from those who seek to appreciate their place in our History, our Culture, their Country’s!

  • emil lime

    What a tragic irony that this should have taken place in the capital of the one country in wartime Europe that made heroic efforts to save it’s Jewish citizens by smuggling almost all of them out by sea to neighbouring Sweden. I for one do not forget these brave Danes.

  • Stephen Kohn

    Another random killing at a randomly chosen hall where some folks of no common heritage gather??

    Let’s see how Pres. BO describes the latest atrocity.

  • Gerald Simenson

    Nothing more than a random attack on some random folks who happened to be outside a synagogue.

    • Baht Harim

      Hopefully you are being sarcastic and not merely stupid.

      • TAYO LUYI

        keep quiet and stop supporting murderers

  • be sure that you you are going to face the same terrorist threats as we face now in Egypt Have to thank US Department of it s stupidity and their believes that it is possible to implement their policies through the terrorist groups very soon the taste of bitterness that we have ,You will taste u and the west They insist to keep meeting and support Muslim brother the origin of all radical groups MB fire will reach them as it reaching us here in Egypt

  • The administration regrets the randon attack on a random cultural center and the random attack on a random twelve year old girl’s birthday party. It is suggested the link may be that the shooter’s feelings were hurt when he was not invited to either random event.

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    GOEL HADDAM, its time that the community band from every area and build one security firm, and contract the community with trained security, many reserves floating around doing nothing.

    Any suggestions, im open to collaborations.


    • The UK has a highly effective security organization called the Community Security Trust. Contact the British Board of Deputies or the Iraeli embassy.

  • norm_t

    Another Random Work Place Incident.

  • pxfragonard

    More from the “Religion of Peace,” no doubt. They worship a child molesting head-hacker as a “perfect man.” A prophet? A false prophet. And a billion followers. Imagine that!

  • lejardin

    Europe: Deport your Muslims before it’s too late!

    • Good advice. It is late already!

    • maria

      Yes, agree. But you see th Europeans are in the hands of the leftists and muslims. And they Think tha if they give away more and more the muslims will “change”.
      The European never read quran and the leftists who govern in for example in Sweden like the muslim “Culture”.
      they Believe that the muslims can help them to maintain their Power and don´t realize that when the muslims are at Power, they will kill them all.

    • theo

      These acts stem from those sources which encourage anti – Semitism They should take a hard look at themselves . Israel, and implicitly Jews, are singled out for attack by governments and authorities ,when the true offenders are given a free pass
      This failure to distinguish the victim from the aggressor will only aggravate the condition
      I fear the Scandinavian countries ,in particular , will pay a heavy price for their distorted values and lack of moral and ethical selection

    • Steve Matthew

      It is already too late. Way too late.

    • Why doesn’t nation?

    • Why doesn’t every country? Why do they choose to live in Europe and America?

  • dina


  • Alana

    Will Obama call this one “random” too? Condolences for the families of all involved.

    • maria

      Of course Obama will call it “random shooting”.
      He is a muslim and support the muslim brotherhood where his half brother malik Obama is not only a member but has quite a high position

      • Adele Winston

        Obama was the first president to hold a Passover Seder in the White House.

        • Steven Glazer

          Well, then, that makes it perfectly ok for him to be a virulent anti-semite in fact and in his actions and especially in his relations with Israel and Israel’s Prime Minister. It’s OK if he throws Israel under the bus every chance he gets. He had a Seder.

        • Harry Houdini

          BIG DEAL. He probably held it up until he got off the golf course

      • Jane

        President Obama is a Christian. Disagree with his politics, fine. But get your facts straight! He is not a Muslim.

        • Steven Glazer

          No, of course he is not a Muslim. He just acts like one and does everything in his power to favor the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood. But he emphatically is NOT a Muslim himself.

        • Reform School
  • Dagfinn Hagen

    The great Synagogue?

    • pxfragonard

      That’s what it’s called. It’s name is “The Great Synagogue.” Much as Disneyland is called “Disneyland” and Denmark is called “Denmark.” I hope I’ve explained it to you in a way you’re capable of understanding. Things, you see, have names. Even you probably have a name, whether or not it explains what you are.

    • The Great Synagogue or Grand Synagogue in French means the ‘Cathedral Synagogue’ or synagogue where the Chief Rabbi presides. It’s an expression used mainly in Continental Europe, only rarely in UK or Commonwealth or the USA.

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    These attacks, Paris, Nice, now Copenhagen, spread like a deadly virus.
    The vaccine, I fear, will be a long time coming.

    • Adon Emmett

      The Vaccine is to smash Raqqqah

    • Atilla

      islam is a mental disease.

      It is time to start research on an Ebola/HIV type virus that is triggered by a genetic marker ( or other factor )that has resulted from many centuries of inbreeding.

      The numbers are too great for total eradication by any other means; as long as these vermin exist, there will always be war.

  • mr. H

    Somewhere it says, “Sin is A Reproach to Any People. ” Raised hearing of Nordic peoples , am saddened , because like many, we were is tending to hear when people talk of their culture. And, if is was like ours family’s , or from nearby, even more so. This is too close to home.
    The Golden Rule needs publishing again.

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    These attacks spread like a deadly virus.
    The vaccine, I fear, will be a long time coming.

  • Russell Mollot

    We are seeing the final Ingathering of the Exile. Rabbi Meir Kahane (H”YD) used to say that the very fact of Jews choosing to remain in Golus (Exile) when they can be in Eretz Yisrael, is Chilul-HaShem (a desecration of G-d’s Name). He added that HaShem will force us to come home by liquidating the Exile. I believe that we are now seeing the beginning of the liquidation of the Exile.

    • Yes, the silver lining of this dark, dark cloud is that more Jews from Europe will make Aliya. They will not be completely safe in Israel either, but they will live in their own country being able to contribute to their own and their country’s safety and have their children grow up proud to be Israelis, instead of being apologetic for being Jews in some one else’s country.

    • Joy D. Brower

      I cannot imagine living anywhere but the USA, although I have recently contemplated making Aliyah as I get much older and live alone. Putting all Jews together in a very small piece of land (although consecrated and holy) makes them even more vulnerable to attack – and, particulalrly, of the islamic variety!

    • Joy A.

      Kahane was despicable, as a rabbi and as a human being. His words and actions were anything but an honor to HaShem. Mentalities such as his are the reason we are still in exile.

      • Julian Tepper

        As true as that may be, the last thing Jews need at this time is internecine squabbling.

        Julian Tepper
        Brooklyn, NY

      • Steve Matthew

        Kahane made radical statements that challenged our worldview but of course not everyone would jump to support them. But you have to step back a bit and stop judging Kahane based on your long held beliefs about the overall goodness of humanity. Rather, judge him based on what you see going on around you and the world today. It is unimportant that only some Europeans or some Muslims want Jews dead just as it was unimportant that only some Germans were Nazis.
        I wish that the world was as gentle and loving a place as I have always hoped it could be. I wish more than anything that Kahane was wrong. But it has become painfully obvious that time has shown Kahane to be brilliantly correct.

  • Hill

    Some more random folks attacking random folks and they happened to be Jews but could have been random Obama folks. Not only Jews shop at a synagogue.

  • Ron

    Presumably the attacker will be hiding in one of Denmark’s “no go” muslim enclaves which Danish police do not enter for fear of attack. When, oh when, are Western governments going to wake up to reality and acknowledge that they have an immigrant muslim population that does not integrate, does not recognise man made laws, whose “religion” is the complete antithesis of Judeo-Christian values and civilisation, and has as it’s goal the subjugation of all infidels until “religion is for allah”?

  • barry panensky

    Are you allowed to carry a gun into a shul?

    • pxfragonard

      In Texas, yes. Even the Rabbis do in some parts.

    • If you’re a soldier or police officer on security duty you can have inside the shul any required weapon. Tanks, however, preferably should be parked outside the shul.

  • Larry

    Are they still considering? Is considering worth a plug nickle?

  • Ron

    Just a “random” shooting, says the Islamic White House. No hate here. It was only outside a synagogue so how could one possibly conclude that the human scum in Denmark were aiming at Jews? Geez, before you know it we’ll all be accused of being Islamophobes, especially if we walk into a kosher butcher market in Paris.

    • be sure that you you are going to face the same terrorist threats as we face now in Egypt Have to thank US Department of it s stupidity and their believes that it is possible to implement their policies through the terrorist groups very soon the taste of bitterness that we have ,You will taste u and the west They insist to keep meeting and support Muslim brother the origin of all radical groups MB fire will reach them as it reaching us here in Egyp

      • Yosi

        Very sad what is happening in Egypt but thankfully you have General Sisi.
        Unfortunately America has OBAMA who started the whole problem.He has to be impeached for the sake of the free world.

  • This is what happens when you let fanatics and terrorism run rampant.

    The world needs a coordinated security effort to stop such incidents with the full force of the law

    Any delay will only cause the proliferation of such incidents worldwide.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    YJ Draiman

    • Why European countries let all these Muslims enter and live among them is beyond me. They sure did not open their borders when the European Jewry needed refuge from Hitler. Yet the Jews, as a people have the least violent record of all nationalities.
      And to those who answer: Oh, not all Muslims are bad, the answer is: It only takes a few to do considerable harm and bring a civilization down. When Hitler started, he had only 10% of the German people following him. Look how much damage they did; and not just to the Jews and others they persecuted because of their political views, but to the German people as well.

      • Harry Houdini

        YOU ARE CORRECT!!!

  • Okey

    The Community Organiser-in-Chief of the USA, sitting in his White House, will say that the dead were random folks.

    • Right. Like the black students in Memphis were just random folks who did not make the grade to enter Memphis schools. Dr. MLK just exaggerated the situation out of all proportion. Right?

    • maria

      Yes, he does, but now, people in the US should demand that he must go. Nixon had to, why not this person?

      • Stan Nadel

        because Nixon was a criminal and Obama isn’t.

        • Yosi

          Really by any definition he is worse Nixon because he is imperilling the free world.

      • Baht Harim

        Because Nixon was a crook who subverted the Constitution. I was an adult during Watergate and know what happened. Were you?

  • Mickey Oberman

    And so the Scandinavians are beginning to pay for their hospitality, generosity and stupidity toward Muslims.

    As usual the Jews of those countries are the first victims.

    If I were a Jew in any of those countries my first duty would be to get my family and myself to a more hospitable clime.

    My second would be, although I have never handled a real gun in my 82 years, I would buy one and take lessons in its use.

    WW ll proved that timidly awaiting the inevitable and not fighting back ferociously is not the way to survive.

    • Harry Houdini

      The PROBLEM IS SAUDI ARABIA…PUE AND SIMPLE. WAHABISM……Those folks are here in the upper mid west!