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February 17, 2015 6:13 pm

Report Says Dramatic Rise in Wisconsin Antisemitic Incidents; Data Released Day After Major Graffiti Spree in Madison

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At least 30 private properties were spray painted with antisemitic graffiti in Wisconsin. Photo: Twitter.

Antisemitic incidents in the state of Wisconsin more than doubled in 2014 compared to reports seen in recent decades, according to an annual audit released late last week, a day after widespread antisemitic vandalism was reported in the state’s capital Madison.

The report noted 33 confirmed incidents of antisemitism last year compared with 13 a year earlier. It detailed acts of vandalism, hate group activity, discrimination, harassment and incidents involving school students. The recorded occurrences included the daubing of a number of swastikas on public and private property, and harassment of Jewish middle and high school students.

The audit was released by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council, and all incidents were corroborated and reviewed by three separate panels in the Council, according to the organization.

Elana Kahn-Oren, director of the Council, said Jewish officials in Wisconsin saw a rise in antisemitic attacks even before Israel’s Operation Protective Edge last summer but that incidents surged during and after the war, the State’s Journal Sentinel reported. Kahn-Oren said the Jewish community is alarmed by the heightened number of attacks but added that the spike should worry everyone.

“America is a great place to be Jewish. There is less antisemitism in this country than in many places across the globe,” she explained. Still, “Hatred is hatred. And wherever it goes unchecked, it harms us all.”

The release of the annual report came a day after Madison residents on Saturday faced at least 30 graffiti and vandalism attacks, some of which included racial slurs and drawings of swastikas, local news station WKOW 27 News reported.

One resident, Jim Stein, told Wisconsin television station WISC TV that he discovered on Saturday morning “F*** Jews” spray-painted on a garage door across the street and a swastika on the driveway, Haaretz reported. Other graffiti included a garage door defaced with the words “KKK Bound.”

“It was, of course, extremely disturbing to me,” said Stein, who is the president of the Jewish Federation of Madison.

Madison police said none of the victims saw potential suspects around their homes, according to WKOW 27. They estimate the cost of the damage to be well over $10,000 and have not yet identified the incidents as hate crimes.

“It just looks like it’s malicious damage,” said Officer David Dexheimer with the Madison Police Department. “While some of the things that were painted are troubling, we don’t know that that was specifically targeted to a particular victim.”

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  • Mike

    There is only one person to blame and that is Barak Hussein Obama who is brain washing the American people all the way to believing that Islam is the religion of peace. I once read that “not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim”. He has promoted antisemitism from the beginning of his time in office.

  • Reform School

    Distressed by anti-Semitic graffiti, secular Americans ethnically self-identifying as Jewish who reject “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me,” might learn from Hispanic neighbors, coating their homes and businesses with Teflon-based ‘El Barry O.’ paint. Nothing sticks to it.

    Speaking of sticks and stones, they have been so busy campaigning to outlaw privately-held guns (as Russia, Germany and Italy did last century to imprison their entire populations) they will have nothing but sticks and stones to defend themselves when it happens here, which they are stupidly working hard to ensure.

    Politically correct American Jews vote Democrat 4-to-1. They vote Leftist 3-to-1. They voted for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton before him and if she runs will likely vote Hillary Clinton next year. Were he the Democratic Party candidate for President, they’d vote for Adolf Hitler. Ben Shapiro explains why:

    One downside of the Jews’ college educations, is exposure to Leftist college professors who can destroy career paths. Had Joe McCarthy raided college campuses (where so many young idealists were first indoctrinated) instead of Broadway and Hollywood (where many Liberal Arts grads found careers) the overwhelmingly liberal entertainment media (led by broadcast and print ‘news journalists’) might never have gained the ability to shape public opinion and swing elections—as Rudy Giuliani lamented. ‘TV Programming’ isn’t called that for nothing. Rudy Giuliani should be elected President:

    Andrew Klavan’s solution:

  • Probably the UN anti-Israel position caused this surging atmosphere of anti-Semitism in Europe?

  • We don’t know that that was specifically targeted to a particular victim? I would hate to have to depend on the Madison Police Dept. to solve a really bad crime like arson or assault etc. It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out!

  • Just “malicious damage?” “Troubling?”

    Sounds like our POTUS, Antony, King of Denial.

    It was targeted toward particular victims, i.e., Jews. It’s called anti-Semitism.

  • Signe Knapp

    American teenagers have no respect for others or their property.

  • Lauren Goldman

    “While some of the things that were painted are troubling, we don’t know that that was specifically targeted to a particular victim.” Whether or not all of the recipients of this vandalism were Jewish or not, the symbols and words are very specific and the message is clearly meant for the Jewish community.

    The fact that the three people gunned down at Jewish sites (Jewish Community Center and Jewish senior housing) in Kansas City were not Jewish, does not mean that it was not an attack on Jews. Law enforcement and the media go to considerable lengths to call attacks against Jews anything other than anti-Semitism.

  • Adele Winston

    Rather difficult to understand the incidents not being categorised as hate crimes.

  • Ne pas en faire ” des tonnes”….Il y a toujours eu et il y aura toujours des antis quelquechose quelquepart –
    Ce sont de pauvres imbéciles comme nous en avons aussi en France.
    Il faut les combattre et les détruire,mais ne pas donner trop de publicité a ces abrutis : ça les encourage ! ! !
    Je suis avec vous dans ce combat : comme beaucoup de Français –
    Bien cordialement .

  • racy

    What is the governor of Wisconsin doing about it? He wants to run for president, doesn’t he? Why hasn’t he curbed the vicious rise of hatred and anti-Semitism in his state. If he can’t lead a state, how will he lead a country? We need better leaders.

  • Joel Lewittes

    Is this a not so subtle swipe at the Governor of Wisconsin?

  • Moishe

    Time to bring out the Glocks

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Will Obama have a few words of his usual condemnation. If he really wants to do something then strongly condemn would be in order.

  • Efram

    Another voice of ‘workplace incidents’ and ‘random attacks.’ Swastikas on Jewish homes? Must be a coincidence, right? Dexheimer of the Obama school of denial.

  • Fred Chalfin

    AND THAT IS A GOOD PART OF THE PROBLEM. None of the incidents were listed as “HATE CRIMES”. Doing so may make the perps feel bad about themselves.

    Clearly, these were not “welcome to Wisconsin” messages. David Dexheimer with the Madison Police, probably not Jewish.

  • tom tuey

    The levin of hatred…..if u have a 50 gallon barrel
    filled with pure, clear spring water and to which
    you add one tablespoon of manure, in approximately
    one week you have 50 gallons of manure tea…consider
    the levin of hatred…..

  • CG

    Is it a coincidence that these antisemitic acts occur in liberal locales? As a liberal I’m dismayed. How do I vote now?

  • David Levine

    Most of the violent bigoted incidents in this country are by far directed at Jews and Jewish institutions. Yet we have a president and an administration (for whom most American Jews voted) who thinks that “Islamophobia” is the great enemy. Since the perpetrators of these incidents are either Arabs or inner city manure influenced by them I conclude that there isn’t enough Islamophobia in the USA. Further, we need an immigration policy that has at its core the concept that the air of America is too pure to be inhaled by Moslems, especially Arabs.


    If I had a swastica sprayed on my property, I damn well would consider it a hate crime. If is is done to a Jewish perons’s home, how the hell can you NOT consider it a hate crime. Grrrrr.

  • Curious it is that those parts of Wisconsin (Milwaukee-Madison area) which voted heavily liberal are the ones now overtly anti-Semitic. Shame on you!

    The great majority of politically-conservative Wisconsin cities and towns do not demonstrate this ‘hate agenda.’ I lived in Wisconsin for over forty years until 1998, and the rise in incidents like these remains a sad fact and a poorer reflection of who we are as a people.

    Lance Otto

  • Heebo

    It is time across the world for Israelis to lead all minorities, to join together for a knockout game against white nazi eurotrash and show these albinos the gates of hell.

  • Art frank

    Lots of people in Wisconsin. Of German descent.
    Ergo anti-semitism.

  • Does anyone doubt that Wisconsin is a mixed state, with both a strong left and a strong conservative base? Yet another unfinished revolution. See And Goethe is not irrelevant here.

  • Larry

    Must have a lot of Neo-Nazi’s and Muslims living in Wisconsin.

  • Mikhail

    Rise in antisemitism is proportional to the rise in emigration of muslims, arabs, and palestenians

  • Time to Aliya to Israel?

  • Robby

    It’s not just Wisconsin. It’s happening throughout much of the world.

  • Al Talena

    How many muSLIMES live in Wisconsin?

  • Liberalism and antisemitism….the perfect Wisconsin stew.

  • Debra Michels

    I hope he’s not going to deny that these are hate crimes – ? Maybe not a particular person/victim, but certainly these are targeted so as to victimize – to harass and intimidate – the Jewish community – ?

  • Leo Toystory

    Was it done by lefty square heads, rag-heads or both?

  • Michael

    Funny thing is we Jews don’t seem to be able to ask ourselves: “Why have we been so disliked everywhere for so many centuries?”. Could it be that our behaviour is offensive? Why do we see an anti-Semite behind every tree? Don’t the gentiles have anything else to do in their spare time?
    It’s getting really tiresome, enough already!

    • Uriel Priwes

      The time to say “enough already” is when the last person who shares your view is convinced that he or she is absolutely WRONG!!

  • Kerry M Berger

    I wonder if any of this anti-semitism can be traced to Arab immigrants or Arab-Americans in Wisconsin or if it is just KKK or Neo-Nazi White trash. Either way, this kind of hate needs to be stamped out.