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February 19, 2015 8:47 pm

Conference of Presidents Releases Statement From Former Chairs Backing New Iran Sanctions

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Iran's President Hassan Rouhani. Photo: Screenshot.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations released Thursday a statement from its former chairs Kenneth J. Bialkin, Seymour D. Reich and Richard B. Stone in support of new economic sanctions against Iran.

Bialkin told The Algemeiner, “Iran is in the business now of leading terror activities over the whole Middle East. And that’s a very dangerous thing . . . I think we need to be as hard on Iran as we possibly can be.” He added that of at least as much concern for him personally as the “potential nuclear quest by Iran” is the “the hegemony Iran is exercising in so many of the hotspots of terrorism,” and fears that “President Obama is playing with fire by trying to make Iran into an ally for a small part of our anti-Islamic-terror effort.”

The statement from the three ex-chairmen comes at a crucial juncture in US-Iran and US-Israel relations. Negotiations between the US government and Tehran about Iran’s nuclear program are reportedly set to resume Friday in Geneva; there is a visible and growing rift between the Obama and Netanyahu administrations over the terms of a putative deal; both governments have engaged in a highly mediatized but indirect grappling match over the talks, the US’s broader Iran policy and charges of electioneering leveled both at Obama and at Netanyahu.

Perhaps most interesting about this statement is the fact that the COP rarely allows former heads to make use of its megaphone in this way — it might attest to the seriousness with which the organization views the issue.

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  • I have been warning America about this for years and have been called an alarmist by the liberal rabbis and establishment . I guess I have been correct. Fight with all your might — never again, never forget, never forgive. We are living in pre-world war 11 times. The world did nothing then to help Jews and is doing the same now. Another holocaust is around the corner. Speak out, become active in politics, write letters to the editor. If Iran gets the nuclear bomb they will use it on Israel. Anti-Semitism is on the rise everywhere. Extremist muslims are the new nazis. This is world war 111. RABBI DR. BERNHARD Bernhard Rosenberg

    Anti-Semitism now ‘fashionable’ in the US, warn experts

    According to the FBI, attacks against Jews account for close to 60% of US hate crimes, despite strong cooperation between government agencies to combat the scourge

  • Edward

    Duh! About time! Isn’t this a little too late. Where were these people in 2008? Corraling votes for the main problem; Obama?

  • Max Cohen

    President of Iran Hassan Rouhani daily communicates with Allah to receive instructions on how to gull President of the United States Barack Obama. He needn’t bother. Both of these world leaders enjoy a delusion in which they serve the same non-existent super duper deity. Well, you say,what about Yahweh and Jesus? This is only one man’s opinion, but I believe that Yahweh retired when the Jews were driven out by the Romans. The diaspora was just too complicated. Jesus might as well have retired, since he advocated turning the other cheek to aggression. Its no wonder that true Middle Easterners (who invented empire making) chose Allah as their non-existent super duper deity. In the delusion of Obama and Rouhani they believe they are on the winning side and this is all that matters to either of these simians.

  • Doris Steckerl

    Mr. Obama is dedicated to pursuing his own personal agenda and elevating his status with Saudi Princes and wealthy Muslim and Arabian potentates. He champions and favors their interests over those of the US. It is a dangerous and potentially explosive situation. And then threatening to keep the details of any final nuclear treaty agreement with Iran secret from Israel until after it’s signed? And seeking to convince Senators not to attend the meeting called by Republicans who have invited Israeli PM Mr. Netantahu to explain his fears about the Iranian program? Isn’t that interfering and manipulating the very concept of free speech? Please respond,
    Thank you,
    Doris Steckerl