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February 19, 2015 9:20 am

Rumsfeld Says Current Approach to Islamist Threat Brings to Mind US Inaction During Holocaust

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Former Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld said the current threat by the Islamic State terrorist group brings to mind US inaction during the Holocaust. Photo: Screenshot.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday that the current US course of action aimed at dealing with the threat of Islamic State terrorism reminds him of the nation’s nonintervention during the Holocaust.

“I think back to the 1930s when the Holocaust was going on and the Nazis were killing Jews by the tens of thousands and the United States government turned away ships filled with Jews from our ports,” he said during an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record.

“The antisemitism that’s rising in the world today — we read about Jewish cemeteries being desecrated, synagogues being attacked and it is important that we not have a leadership vacuum,” he added. “That we in fact take a problem, put it on the table, look at it, be honest about it and then develop a strategy to deal with it, which is hard, admittedly.”

Rumsfeld’s interview came after reports that Islamic State terrorists burned 45 people to death in Iraq in addition to the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. Rumsfeld said much of the country seems to be “in a state of denial” about the threat of Islamic State terrorism.

“It brings back to mind the period before World War II where people said ‘I didn’t know’ or ‘I was just following orders’ or ‘it’s random,'” he explained. “But when you kill — systematically kill — Jews and kill Christians and say that’s what you’re doing, it’s not random, it’s purposeful.”

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  • I don´t know how much of todays world tragedy can be charged on Rumsfeld´s moral account, but I agree with the basic concept that the US, Europe, and most other Western counties are not doing enough to stop the raising of islamic terrorism in the many packages it comes wrapped.

  • Kayla Thibault

    History is repeating itself!
    Open your eyes people!

  • It truly amazes Me. The Holocaust is a matter of the Remembrance for 6,000,000 Jews of Europe. It is not a bargaining tool of failed political expedience. Tragic! Rumsfeld should have more grace and credibility!

  • Dr.M.Otero

    WMD has been variously interpreted as implying atom bombs included or not included. Many of us may remember that in the last nights of Iraq’s resistance, there were reports of scores of trucks headed for Syria by night. I’ve always assumed that those were the WMDs.

    • charliep

      There is no doubt that Iraq sen there WMD to Syria which has no capability to manufacture War gases yet they have used it abundantly throughout the rebel war. Where in the world do people think that they got that gas.

  • tom tuey

    Line the drug cartels up with isil…….the isil
    has got lits of $….which is what the dealers want…
    and the boys of isil have been doubling mj already…
    so, its a match…..and everything quiets down….

  • Larry Andrews

    Donald Rumsfeld is guilty of gross, and that is a gross understatement, incompetence regarding America’s invasion of Iraq. Furthermore, he knows extremely little about the Holocaust. The Holocaust did not officially begin until September, 1939 when World War II commenced.
    Tens of thousands of Jews were not murdered until Nazi
    Germany’s invasion and conquest of Poland. Interviewing Donald Rumsfeld about the Middle East is like asking the
    leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran about Israel!!

  • Stan Nadel

    How anyone can take anything that Rummy says seriously after all his lies about Iraq is beyond me.

    • zadimel

      He’s on top of this tragedy. At the time of our consideration for invading Iraq most elected federal officials supported this act,being so close to the 9/11 disaster. Even Israel warned the US that Iraq was not a significant danger to US or allied interests – that Iran was!

  • US. Leadership and honest?? a joke,a bad one.

  • Amy Phillips

    What shot memories some have. It was Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, who got us into this long trail of tears. We left many innocent civilians and soldiers either maimed or dead. NThere would be no ISIS today without the terror we reigned down on Iraq and Afghanistan. Nor have they forgotten Abu Ghraib and Guantanimo. Rumsfeld was a powerful man who still desires to be heard. Remember last year he compared President Ovama to an ape. He has nothing to say to me.


  • Fred

    There is very little that a “straight jacket “has enfolded the US & its lawgivers. The Muslim President
    Barak Hussein Obama has shown himself to be a protector of the Muslim faith by trying to divert anything negative no matter how murderous it may be by the power of semantics. He shows outrage by anybody speaking the truth about Islamic Extremism expecting the wolf be spoken of as sheep. His attitude encourages the outrages in the world. He is incompetent, he should be impeached.

  • Harvey

    US administration is sleep walking its way to a disaster . There is no leadership . Russia is doing what it likes in Europe and IS is a few hundred miles from Italy . That’s before Iran . All the belligerents are thumbing their nose at the US . It’s almost the same as the Appeasement movement of the 30s . These problems don’t go away, they just get bigger. It’s tragic to see a great nation led by the nose in this fashion . I only hope all is not irrevocably lost before the expiry of this current admin .

  • Itis not possible anymore to keep on accusing / defending this blindness that has taken over a large part of humanity. As we have sown , so we shall reap a terrible ,terrible whirlwind.

  • Douglas Brown

    Rumsfeld was too polite. Leadership vacuum? Looks like a little more than leadership vacuum. Looks like you have a great big nation with it’s panties in a twist. The President can not be indicted because he is the first black president. He is safe. He knows he is safe. Sparing his legal removal from office, the country is sunk.

  • judithg

    Israel never threatens. it is said it is done. that is why the scumbags freeze when Israel speaks. last month, hezbullah was sabre rattling and arming for war against the Jewish nation state until they were told in a one sentance message: we will wipe you out.

  • Scott

    Rummy….we miss you!

  • NCS

    This would not be happening on Rumsfeld’s watch.

  • History does repeat it’s self. Can the world let this happen again. The jews will come after the Christens are slautered.

  • Too bad Rumsfeld got his dates wrong. Jews were certainly persecuted during the 1930s (and many were killed in 1938) but the Holocaust accelerated after Operation Barbarossa failed. See Saul Friedlander’s interpretation has lost out to Martin Broszat’s, unfortunately, for the upshot is that Hitler’s often-stated aims for genocide became marginalized.

  • z

    The root of the problem is Imperialism. The Jihadistani imperialists the Anglo imperialists the Club of Rome imperialists the Russ imperialists the Chin imperialists the Hindu imperialists etc., are all playing the game of Empire and predation. Until these Empires are dissolved, the centralized gov mafia and its institutions discredited, NOTHING will change. The only way to change the situation is through non-consent non-participation and non-sponsorship.

  • Emanuel

    It’s actually way worse now, you still have Kissinger, the Saudis actually can help now, but Europe will pass the point of no return with these leftist scum and messianic privileged liberals who have no respect for anything suggesting we give IS jobs, that’s insulting to every homeless person and anyone who’s gone to a day of school in their life. Allowing Christians to be killed is the most heinous, Jews know we are the world’s most hated people which is why we will never let this happen even if we have to earn that hatred, it’s really not a big deal we are happy to take the heat if lives are saved THAT is how we do.

    • Dr.M.Otero

      My assumption about Jew hatred is that each religion sought Jewish conversion but was rejected or laughed at by the Jews so enraged those who began each new religion that each new religion fed on Jew hatred viz. Christian, Muslim, and Lutheran. Most Orthodox Jews offend modern Jews and others for the rejection of traditional Jewish precepts. There is a ghastly comment made that if the Jews of Israel weren’t engaged in their struggles with Muslims, they would be at war with each other so different are their world and religious views. I speak as a Jewish citizen of Israel.