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February 20, 2015 11:05 am

Iran Has Direct Military Presence on Israel’s Borders, Report Says

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Israeli military outpost and heavily patrolled border fence near the now-shuttered Queneitra crossing point with Syria in the Golan Heights. Photo: Dave Bender

Israeli military outpost and heavily patrolled border fence near the now-shuttered Queneitra crossing point with Syria in the Golan Heights. A new report notes the direct presence of Iranian forces in Syria, particularly on the Golan Heights. Photo: Dave Bender – Iran has a direct military presence along Israel’s northern border, according to a new report by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The authors, whose report is founded on research of Arab and Iranian media, write that in recent years, “Iran has based its deployment in Syria on the establishment of a new Hezbollah Syria organization along the lines of Hezbollah Lebanon, as well as on the direct presence of Iranian forces in Syria, particularly on the Golan Heights.”

According to the report, Iran’s deployment in Syria “reveals a trend of Iranian activity in the region that is direct, not only by proxy as it has been to date.” Iranian command posts in the Golan Heights oversee “130,000 trained Iranian Basij fighters waiting to enter Syria,” which is evident from comments by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) senior official Hossein Hamedani last May that were removed immediately after publication in Iran.

Senior Iranian officials have boasted in recent months that direct Iranian deployment in the Golan Heights creates a unified battle front against Israel spanning from Rosh Hanikra along the Mediterranean coast to Quneitra in the Golan. For example, former IRGC commander Yahya Rahim Safavi said last year, “Our strategic depth reaches to the Mediterranean, and above Israel’s head.”

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  • Eli Jaaf

    It’s no surprise that the Persians, whom have not attacked a sovereign nation since the 1700’s, have placed soldiers on the bordered of enemy #1 – Zion. I wonder how many nukes the Children of Zion will launch at Iran.

    Nuclear winter, wahooo! But in all seriousness, Israel should relocate it’s settlements to — say — Africa. There it will face no troubles expanding.

  • Lynne Bursky-Tammam

    You can reach any U.S. Senator by calling the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121. Spread the word!

  • Lynne Bursky-Tammam

    It is urgent that you write and call Senator Charles Schumer and your Democratic Senators urging them to pass the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act and to vote to override Obama’s expected veto of that bill. Congress must have the final word on any “political framework agreement” with Iran! Call Schumer: 202-224-6542 or write at We need to bombard him with calls and letters. 322 Hart Senate Office Bldg. Wash. D.C. 20510. The current terms being negotiated threaten Israel’s existence and will leave Iran with the capability of producing a nuclear weapon within months. They already have an intercontinental ballistic missile which can reach the U.S.

  • jaff

    Iran is free to have a direct military base anywhere in the world provided it is within d law and want of d host country just like America have direct military points in d middle east. Isreal don’t be afraid, if u don’t attack there won’t be any prob.

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  • Kris kristian


    What an utter arsehole.
    Why don’t you go there are see if Israel is like the Muslims. Israel does not lie. See for yourself.

    Then, please change your name to arshole

  • Arthur Fliegenheimer

    Iran is under obama’s umbrella of protection during the nuclear negotiations.obama sees iran as the boots on the ground in the fight against isis.obama is choosing dishonor,he will have war.

  • Sofia

    Israel does not lie, in fact, its the only Country that knows the truth! Their lives are at stake, and have enemies on all its borders.

    Israel isn’t like the dumb West, that is so politically in tune towards their destruction. Seems the enemies are all around them, and they refuse to see the light.

    God bless Israel and its People.

  • tom tuey

    No weapon designed………well, I have to laugh
    although this is serious, I think about all of those
    turbaned, robed, bearded, fat belly Muslims,
    running around in circles shouting alley Akbar
    and death to Israel….all the confusion and dust..
    running over each other in their deuce and a half’s,
    shooting themselves in the foot, and beheading
    others because of this or that….making their long
    winded death to America threats….what A Bunch
    Of Clowns…..IF they achieve anything it will be
    self-destruction and throwing the ME back into
    the middle-ages….well, actually they are there now..
    Not to repeat myself but…What A Bunch of Clowns..

  • Eco


  • Valery

    serious threat

  • Hank

    Oh, spktruth, you are a clever little devil. How did you know it was Israel spreading this stuff. Better be careful, you could be the next one to be lied about by the Jews.

  • Weather Jews worldwide like to admit it or not; Israel is a defender of Israelis and Jews worldwide. When Jews on Air-France flight were high-jacked to Entebbe, who rescued them, the Israelis military. During this rescue Bibi Netanyahu brother was killed. Bibi’s father was instrumental in working with the U.S. government in 1947-48 to help re-establish the Jewish State of Israel.

    I am not in the Israeli government. But I think, Israel should have taken action against Iran years ago.
    The longer they wait the harder it gets,
    Menachem Begin as PM made the decision to bomb the nuclear dev. in Iraq. It was the right decision under tough circumstances.
    The world most times will not agree with Israel’s defensive actions. It seems as time passes they realize that Israel saved their butts.
    As history shows. The Jews and Israel have always been criticized, no matter what.
    You might as well do the right thing and defend Israel and its people. Dam the world opinion.
    The world did nothing when 6 million Jews were exterminated during WW2 and they did nothing when the Arab countries expelled a million Jewish people and confiscated all their assets.
    There is a famous Jewish saying “If I am not for myself who is for me”.
    YJ Draiman

  • Light the Dark Corners

    No surprise here. There was an Iranian Republican Guard general officer killed in an Israeli airstrike just a few weeks ago. Don’t think he was there on a holiday visit.

  • sasha

    Praying for all of Israel.

  • spktruth

    The only report on this lie is from Israel…NO ONE else is reporting on this lie…do you Zionists have any conscience left.

    • F Ali

      If it isn’t true, then why has Iran expressed outrage at the killing of one of its generals, along the Golan front, in the company of several major Hezbollah figures?

    • Liz Crawford

      Seriously?? These are actual quotes by actual Iranian officials about actual facts…whom do you ALSO need to hear it from before you agree it is reality?

      Yours is not an argument or statement; it is merely an instinctive flag-waving of a banner you don’t have the historical context to understand. Wow!!

      What more need the Islamists say and do before you believe them? Chosen ignorance; dangerous and unbelievable.

    • Joel Lewittes

      Prove that it is a lie; because you say so.

    • Larry


    • dante

      hey, genius: the report starts with a quote from the LEBANESE newspaper, Al-Akhbar, on 2-13-15. Zionist? from Israel? before one can “speak truth,” one has to have a mind and a soul sufficiently uncontaminated by hate. “spktruth” has his little opinions and his hate but that’s all he’s got…he has no use for the truth and would not know it if it bit him in the backside.

    • spk the truth u are the one stating bigoted lies you are the racist without an ounce of shame .Hetzbalah and Iran are allies . The mere presence ofIranian troops on the Golan , a norder that Iran does not have as contigous is in effect an act of war .Obama (your buddy) is encouraging this Iranian
      beligerence by allowing them(Iran ) or Ayatollah Islamic Iran to become a threshold nuclear power which will export its weapons of mass distruction to the terorsist gropups it (Iran)
      simathizes with
      so shoved it liar

    • Foolsaroundtheworld

      Hey look another anti-semite that classifies himself as a “Anti Zionist” so is not racism.

    • Henry k.


    • zadimel

      spktruth: Radio Liberty(Radio Free Europe) reported that the Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Hossein Hamedani told Fars news agency that the Corps was militarily involved in Syria on a May 4,2014 interview. Fars removed his remarks a few hours after posting it. Don’t be so quick to call it a “lie” from the “Zionists.” Would you believe that these “Zionists” have 200 to 400 nuclear devices that would remove these anti-Semitic barbarians and their nuclear weaponry in a flash?

    • Golum

      What does “Spk Truth” MEAN??? …certainly NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH…”Because you can’t handle the truth” ( Nicholson)!!!
      Put your towel back on your head and stick it in an ISIS BBQ!!!

      PS:…by the way why are you reading a Jewish Magazine???



      you are a real fool.
      Israel has every report on the Iranian activities in the area.
      why don’t you go and see for yourself?
      You are too afraid to see the truth.
      pls change your name to idiot, who does not know what the meaning of truth is

    • June Grant

      Exactly what is your basis for calling this report a lie? Could it be that the oldest hatred is at the root of it? Every one of your words reveals your ingrained feelings, including your acronym.

    • Serge

      Maybe…is because only the israeli media has real and truthful interest on the threats that Israel has to face nowadays…
      And you know…the israeli media is not controlled by the Jewish lobby, like in the rest of the world, right? # sarcasm….

    • Jack

      u sir need psychiatric counsel

    • zoro

      spktruth, here is for you from a zionist report, that there are thousands iranian agents in US at this right moment, and you don’t even know….

    • Harry Houdini

      Do you have proof that this not happening….If so, print it! You don’t have to be a Zionist to believe this. But you have to be an anti-zionist to not believe that this is a possibility.

    • No one else EVER speaks about the truth! America and it seems the world’s media are “Obamaized”.

    • MO

      Stay tuned. Al Jazeera has just reported:
      Israel on edge as Hezbollah, Iran move on Golan Heights

    • seetruth

      “founded on research of Arab and Iranian media”
      If you are going to comment on something, please read it properly first, so that you don’t look like an ignoramus.

    • Reform School

      Licking their wounds after their joint 1948 invasion of the Jewish State turned into a rat rout, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon expelled all their milennial Jewish citizens (with only the clothes they wore, plus maybe a suitcase, stealing all their Jews’ property. Enough walked to Israel to create native Arabic-speaking communities there. Sporting the only free press in the Middle East, the free-press organizations outside the Middle East mostly rely upon local Muslim reporters for news sources. These happily disinform their western infidel clients, spreading their Muslim faith worldwide.

    • Myron Robinson

      Well spktruth why do you use a pseudonym? We know that it is people like you who hate Jews that continually are strangers from the truth & cause all the problems. All Israel wants to do is live in peace. All you want is the destruction of Israel & the death of all Jews. In the name of Islam the Muslims have killed millions of their own.

  • BH in Iowa

    If Barack Obama has his way, all Iranian proxy groups will soon be working under a nuclear umbrella – and untouchable.

  • brenrod

    It appears that Israel is being given the opportunity to deal with the breach of the ceasefire in the syrian golan and retake the syrian golan which was returned under the agreement.