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February 22, 2015 8:58 pm

Iran, Hezbollah Reportedly Backing Al-Qaeda Attacks Against US Interests in the Middle East

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Reports Indicate that Iran, Hezbollah are backing Al-Qaeda for attacks against U.S. targets. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Iran and Hezbollah have been supervising and funding fighters linked to Al-Qaeda to target US interests in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, independent Lebanese online newspaper Naharnet reported on Sunday citing a breaking report from pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat.

Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that Iran is playing a central role in running the affairs of Al-Qaeda, and even, surprisingly, Jabhat al-Nusra, after it has taken in a number of leading fighters in order to plan terrorist attacks against these US interests.

The sources confirmed that the fighters have been moving between Iranian cities, including Tehran, Meshad and Zahdan. Meanwhile, Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah has been taking care of planning and providing them with financing.

The sources added that the Saudi Saleh Al-Qar’awi, known as “Najm Al-Kheir [the Star of Beneficence]” – the former leader of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades –  is the most prominent of the individuals leading Al-Qaeda’s operations from Iran. Accompanying him are a number of individuals who have close relations with Iranian officials.

The sources cited in the report also noted that Qar’awi plotted with the Saudi Abdel-Muhsin Al-Sharekh – one of those wanted under the Saudi “List of 85” in addition to being sanctioned by the UN Security Council – to kidnap a group of foreigners in Saudi Arabia. But for various reasons, the plot was not carried out. Qar’awi also schemed with others to attack American interests in Saudi Arabia.

Qar’awi also plotted to blow up the US armed forces headquarters in Jordan, after a Jordanian named “Firas” suggested that he carry out the operation in a housing compound frequented by US service personnel. The plot failed, as it was discovered by Jordanian authorities.

Qar’awi also supported a plot to destroy the US Embassy in Dubai by using a drone equipped with explosives, or a suicide attack by a pilot flying a training aircraft. To that end, he smuggled explosives into the UAE, and Qar’awi was awaiting the announcement of the attack, so that his group could take responsibility for it. Yet, this plan was also not carried out. He also plotted to blow up a Japanese oil barge in the Straits of Hormuz in 2010, and a bombing in Heathrow Airport in London.

The cooperation between Iran and these Al-Qaeda elements is unexpected,  since Iran and its proxies have taken the side of the Assad regime in the Syrian civil war against rebel and opposition groups, including Jabhat Al-Nusra. Perhaps most famously, Hezbollah and Jabhat Al-Nusra clashed in the 2013 battle of Qalamoun in Syria, bordering the Lebanese Bekaa Valley, resulting in a decisive Hezbollah and Syrian Army victory.

However, this is not the first instance of Iranian cooperation with Al-Qaeda, with the most recent instance being the 2013 Iranian-backed Al-Qaeda plot to blow up trains in Canada.

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  • Persian
  • Persian

    The main reason Al-Qaeda declined to join ISIS is because Al-Qaeda will lose it #1 state sponsor and its training camps inside Iran, even now Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Hamas have training camps inside Iran and Hezbollah is actively collaborating with AQ, the documents found at Bin Laden’s house in Pakistan proved that Bin Laden was in daily contact with Iran’s Islamist regime and AQ members protected, housed, financed and trained inside Iran! Al-Qaeda’s main targets are western governments and Sunni Arab monarchies and has no interest in Shiite-Sunni war unless they get paid from their backers in Iran to spark sectarian conflict as they did in Iraq during US invasion that created civil war and eventually ISIS to discredit the US efforts to rebuild Iraq. READ THIS

  • Reality

    Hahaha its so funny to see this sort of zionest propaganda and its funny how they still think this works, and it feels so good reading everyones comments and seeing everyone has woken up to realities and their propaganda tactics.

    CIA/MI6 created alqueda and anything related to al-queda ever since including ISIS/ Al-nusra. CIA is under full control of Al-queda and all its operations, and it is a tool in the US hand to use it how it sees fit, weather to use them as pretext for their own militery atatck, or use them against rivals, or use their disgusting image and get your rivals name involved with theirs to build a conspiracy to attack your enemies or rivals.

    All these sunni terrorists are dying under CIA command not Allah lol

    • Reality

      ‘CIA (is in) full control of Al-queda’

  • American

    I think you have it all wrong, Israel, UK, US, SA and other players are funding and/or training Al-quaeda and Isis. 🙂

  • Enrique

    “cooperation between Iran and these Al-Qaeda elements is unexpected…” Reading this statement in this article one believes that the author is taking such claims from a pro Saudi regime newspaper that has clear interests in making Iran look negative, taking their words as facts. The author did not even try to add “the alleged..” To this sentence. Unbelieveae. Such bad attempt by Saudi Arabia’s regime to throw a curve ball into the nuclear negotiations of Iran and the U.S. These Saudis are so scared from a US-Iran detente that they are doing clumsy attempts at sabotage. Even worse than what Netanyahu is doing with Congress. It is pathetic. Even more pathetic that this newspaper writes an article like this and states a Saudi Owned newspaper allegations as fact. Hilarious.