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February 22, 2015 1:10 pm

Jerusalem Mayor Barkat Subdues Terrorist After Stabbing Attack in City (VIDEO)

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Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat subdued a terrorist who had just stabbed an Israeli man. PHOTO: Hatzalah

A 27-year-old Haredi youth was stabbed on Sunday by an Arab assailant in IDF Square in Jerusalem, near City Hall. Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat, happened to be passing by, and along with his security detail, succeeded in subduing the terrorist and preventing a more serious attack, Israel’s NRG news website reported.

Mayor Barkat said that, “I was driving near IDF Square, and suddenly my security detail saw the terrorist near us with a knife. I immediately jumped out of the car with my body guard. He drew his weapon on the attacker, and we both caught the terrorist, holding him until the police arrived. We then immediately took care of the injured young man, and fortunately his injury wasn’t too serious.”

In an interview with Channel 2, Barkat – who had served as a company commander in the Paratroopers Brigade – added, “We were on our way to a meeting to be held in the municipality. When we arrived at IDF Square, my security detail noticed what was going on, and my body guard and I got out of the car. We saw a young man holding a knife. My bodyguard drew his weapon on the terrorist, who then threw away the knife. We didn’t think twice, we jumped on him and brought him to the ground. If he hadn’t dropped the knife, he wouldn’t have remained alive. When he was finally neutralized, we attended to the young man who was stabbed in his stomach. We waited for the police to arrive, and to my relief and joy, the whole incident ended fairly quickly.”

Murad Salman, a Magen David Adom Paramedic who arrived at the scene, said, “when we arrived, we saw a young man of about 27 years lying on the pavement in the Square, near the railroad tracks close to City Hall. He was bleeding from  a stab wound to his upper body. He was fully conscious and said that he had felt that someone had suddenly stabbed him. And when the stabber tried to stab him again, he fought with him with the aid of a wedding gift that he was holding in his hand, preventing additional injuries. We gave him medical treatment, which included stopping the bleeding, and gave him fluids. We then evacuated him to a hospital.”

The  youth was taken to Shaare Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem. Salman added that his condition was defined as moderately serious.

Police are investigating the incident, and so far have determined that nationalistic motives were behind it. The attacker was an 18-year-old Palestinian man from the West Bank, who was in the area of the Jerusalem Municipality without authorization.

The mayor, wearing a white shirt, can be seen tackling the terrorist in the video below:

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  • The Mayor is a hero: political leadership reinforced by physical courage.

  • Lauren Goldman

    It is too bad that law enforcement does not a have protocol to shoot dead, on the spot, anything caught in a terrorist act. Dropped the knife? That should not matter.

    Sadly, the State will have to waste resources, which could better be used to serve humans, by feeding this pig offal for (hopefully) the rest of its life. Terrorists in prison should serve their sentences in solitary confinement, and if they cause trouble, it should become strict isolation.

  • I think it was terrific to see the Mayor of Jerusalem personally helping to apprehend the attacker; Israelis all have to do military service and that training comes in handy in the violent society we live (yes, “we” in the U.S. as well) of course, worse in Israel. Here politicians of some rank avoid military service – so, in a situation like the one seen here, they are as useless as they are as politicians. George W. avoided military service, hiding out in the Texas National Guard (courtesy of daddy) and then was AWOL even there. When Dan Rather had the audacity to report the truth about that he was sacked.

  • art frank

    Kill the savage. Do not let the animal live. Bury it in pig feces.

    • RobiMac

      Great idea, except Israel is too kindhearted to do such an atrocity. So, the alternative is to lock that sucker up for life and never let him go no matter what Obama says.

  • Sofia

    These palestians were taught to kill with a small knife, its so simple, and so deplorable.
    Mayor Nir Barkat, is a Man, a True Hero, he didn’t hesitate to put his life at risk, and he did the same eleven years ago.
    It’s sad that this is what he has to do, but the good thing all young men and women are trained and enter the IDF, and get good training to face evil.

    To a Great Hero, thank you Mayor Nir Barkat. You are a Special Man, among the many Isralis that would do the same.

  • Joseph Ozer

    That’s good leadership in action.

  • Baht Harim

    Here’s the irony: Haredis are against the State.

    • jeff

      Not against the state… not anti, simply non suportive. By the way, how often to you see Haredis exhibiting their views by stabbing people with knives?

  • Jack

    No doubt the wayward youth will be hailed a hero instead of seen as the criminal he is, by the PA.

    • Kris kristian


  • Ida Wax

    Now the family of the terrorist will be awarded by Abbas. He will give them thousands of
    Dollars to reward the great hero who stabbed an innocent man because he was a Jew.
    Ida Wax

  • Reform School

    The security video makes clear the mayor pro-actively led the charge. Americans can only hope their fearless leader, President Obama, with his superior military skills, in such a situation, would take similar personal risk to protect them.

    LOL. Fat Chance. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it!

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I walk by this area at least once a week on the way to daven at the Kotel. My barber is literally across the street. It is sad that mere pedestrians need to be mindful that at any moment they may be attacked in a public place in Jerusalem.