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February 22, 2015 5:02 pm

Poll: Labor Party Leading in Israeli Elections

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The Israeli Knesset. Credit: James Emery

Arutz Sheva – A poll published Sunday by Nana 10 and TRI Strategic Studies indicated that if elections were held today, the Labor-Livni list would receive 25 MKs, and Likud 23.

In third place with 14 is the Jewish Home under Naftali Bennett, which may be recovering partly from the slump it has suffered since Bennett’s failed attempt to appoint former soccer star Eli Ohana to the list. It had been polling at 15-16 MKs and dropped to about 12. Another factor in the slump may have been a video in which candidates for the party’s primaries opined against gay marriage.

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  • chris

    Bibi Netanyahu is determined to have war with Iran and drag America with him. Thankfully Obama is standing strong on his decision. If netanyahu wants war then do it without the US.

  • I sincerely hope the people of Israel would understand the monumental mistake it would be if Livni won. Would the labor party have the courage to do what Netanyahu did yesterday? Israel faces many challenges in addition to Iran. Rising anti Semitism, prejudice and bigotry in organizations like the U.N. and EU, the long standing problem with the Palestinians, Hamas and other terrorist groups, and a pro Arab international community. There would be no more Israel. There is no doubt that someone the likes of Livni would be very popular but popularity should not be the objective of a Prime Minister, doing what is in Israel’s best interest is the goal. Popularity should never be misconstrued as competency. In 2008, Obama walked on water for many Americans, has his popularity done anything constructive for the U.S. and key allies, no. Israel can’t afford to have weak leadership but that is precisely be what they would get with Labor and Livni.

  • The left in Israel is responsible for the current state of hostilities between the Arabs and Israel and the lack of safety and security for the people of Israel..

    If you want to destroy Israel, vote for the delusional leftist candidates.

    If you want to sustain Israel and have a future for Israel you must vote for a government that lives in reality and not delusional fantasies that the Arab want peace.

    Netanyahu is the only viable candidate, weather people like to admit it or not. Anyone else is detrimental to the existence of Israel.

    Weather Jews worldwide like to admit it or not; Israel is a defender of Israelis and Jews worldwide. When Jews on Air-France flight were high-jacked to Entebbe, who rescued them, the Israelis military. During this rescue Bibi Netanyahu brother was killed. Bibi’s father was instrumental in working with the U.S. government in 1947-48 to help re-establish the Jewish State of Israel.
    YJ Draiman

    • Adam

      Netanyahu is a sociopathic megalomaniac leading Israel to a path of self-destruction. It takes no genius to see his antagonistic and genocidal behavior towards the Palestinians, not to mentiorecordwar he instigated under what we now know we’re false pretenses, are counterproductive to any form of peace deal. If NetanyahHauser re-elected, Israel will be signing his death certificate.

      • Adam

        meant it’s* not his

    • Adam

      also, very obvious JIDF shill.