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February 24, 2015 2:07 pm

Algemeiner’s Dovid Efune on CNN: Demonization of Israel ‘Translating Into Antisemitic Acts’ (VIDEO)

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Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune on CNN. Photo: Screenshot.

The uptick in violence against Jews in Europe is a result of widespread demonization of the State of Israel, Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune said in an interview on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront on Sunday.

Commenting on video footage of an Israeli reporter who was harassed while roaming the streets of Paris wearing a kippa, Efune said, “It’s this demonization of the Jewish state, which translates into antisemitic acts, and it’s something that really needs to stop and it needs to be addressed.”

“It’s impossible to guard every single target,” he said, responding to a clip of Rob Wainright, Director of Europol, detailing the steps his organization is taking to protect Jewish targets. “You’d have to have bodyguards following around every conspicuous-looking Jew who’s walking in the streets of Europe. You cannot protect the Jewish community fully in that way. What is needed, and what is more necessary, is to go after the root causes and a lot of that stems from the indoctrination.”

The discussion on CNN follows deadly attacks on Jewish targets earlier this month and last month in France and Denmark. In Paris, four Jews were killed by an Islamist gunman as they shopped for food in a kosher supermarket right before shabbat, and in Copenhagen a Jewish security guard was shot dead outside a synagogue.

Watch the full clip of the interview below:

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  • Bullfrog Europe

    C N N .. Crap News Network

    It is hard to believe so many Americans trust Iran. Iran supports the proxy politicial groups Hezbollah, Hamas and the dreadful chemical weapon using demon, Assad of Syria.

    Perhaps Obama will be seeking Iranian citizenship some time soon.

    The only country that can guarantee Israel’s security is Israel. Wake up !

  • David Goshen

    The murder of 4 jews in the Kosher Market in Paris was NOT PLANNED1!The public was not told that the real target was the very large Chabad School with several hundred children.
    The 2terrorists had a car full of arms explosives.What actully happened that the 2 terrorists were invoved in a minor traffic accident on their way to the school where they planned to create a holocast of children of teachers.The wooman policeman routinely approached the terroriss to question them an was shot dead in cold blood before she could even routinely question them.The terrorists rapidly changed their plan to the only other Jewish target they knew the wife accompanied the martner to the Jewish Super Market dropped her husband and proceeded to the arport abandoned the car fukll of arms and flew to Turkey on the way to Syria.THIS INFORMATION WAS KEPT FROM THE FRENCH PUBLIC FOR FEAR OF MAJOR PANIC-
    The reason for attacks on Jews is the cowardice of the attackkers who look for soft targets.They do not attack large strong groups There is a need for well armed security forces to be spread out in the cities who are in civilian clothes who can quickly liquidate or arrest attackkers of Jews.It is important to spread the word to prospective attackers that they and their familieas that engaging
    in such attacks may result in them being the VICTIMS who may

    • Jeffrey Justin

      where did you get your information , please supply names and sources so that the pub lic knows this is or is not the truth

  • yussi

    These antisemites must be dealt with in every way possible. Networks like CNN etc.should be boycotted and their sponsors as well. as the saying goes $ talks and Bull st walks..and if a jew is attacked the assasine should be found and executed on the spot. It s the only thing these savage barbarians understand. Anything less is taken as a sign of weakness..

    • You and David Goshen are absolutely right. Only backlash can stop those bandits. (remember Six-day war) We must be strong without a smallest hesitation to finish the bandits at the spot. The French Jews (I mean young men) must be armed, and watch and patrol the streets and towns. Otherwise the European Jews have to leave Europe. But for this –Israel must be prepared and make their living not much worse that in Europe. It cost huge money, helas…But Europe will lose, staying with Muslims (mostly living on subsidies) than with Jews (mostly bright, educated and being a great asset for the State).



    • Mark Finkelstein

      Americans have a constitutional right to assemble.
      Rethink your politics. You’re skating off the edge.

    • how about you delete your email and fill your mouth with good old Arab oil.



    • You think? He’s right on about the treaty with Iran. Maybe your attitude about Bibi is influenced by the way our Democratic President has treated the leader of the only Democracy in the Middle East.

    • June Grant

      Change y our name to SPKBIGLIES a laGoebbels?

    • zadimel

      Uranium enrichment in the many thousands of known units are going full blast. Why are you lying to the readership? The Iranian scientists in co-operation with those who would not lose sleep over the destruction of the Jewish State are producing the necessary amounts of active uranium. At the same time,their engineers and scientists are designing the delivery vehicle and navigation system with the help of others. You wouldn’t know the truth if you ran over it.

  • Eric R.

    CNN = Caliphate News Network.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    “Children of Death” or tough,strong and willing to fight instead of running away.

    Who would you rather fight? Blacks,Irish, Italians or Herudi Jews?

    Cowards always pick on the weakest. Look at the Black Punch A Jew
    Game knocking out religious Jews both men and women with one punch and videoing it to send out.

    Imagine if they came to a religious Jew and before he gets punched and knocked out , he shoots the attacker in the face. How long would it take before the attacks stop?

    Stop being such cowards and fight as if your lives depended upon it because they do. Never Again? Why Not?

    We need strong Jews. We need another Jabotinsky.

    The late poet Hedon said it best. “If someone does evil unto you do evil to them in return.”

  • Dr.M.Otero

    My perhaps unique position is that the issue of the refugee Arabs has NOT included the concurrent 1948 issue of the North African Jewish refugees who today are more than half the Jews of Israel. Unlike the Arab refugees, they have purposefully rebuilt their lives without UNRWA. And unlike the Arabs who claim refugee status now and into infinity, the Jews of Israel reject the word refugee altogether. They are Israelis even though they lost their homes, lands and businesses after a stay in the Arab world for up to 2600 years. see JJAC and Harif

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Of which CNN is a huge contributor. Barely a day goes by w/o Jewbashing on CNN.

  • Steve Loeb

    And lets not ignore CNN’s contribution to all of this Jew hate given that to this very day CNN are still reporting that Israel killed 2200 Gazan civilians this summer in the Hamas war -and that means not one since Hamas fighter died. How many actually believe this is even possible and yet CNN has NEVER explained that the information about the 2200 comes directly from the Ministry of Health in Gaza – and who is the Ministry of Health? Take a guess ….

  • I believe that all Jews who possibly can, should make aliyah, meaning to emigrate to Israel. This is the whole point of the existence of the State of Israel: to serve as the land into which all Jews can gather and be welcomed. This does not mean that there will not be problems, but of an entirely different kind: whatever problems may arise, the immigrants will face them together with a helpful, kind and enthusiastic population. I have been in Israel twice; the Israelis are the kindest, most welcoming people I have ever met. Instead of feeling helpless and a stranger, barely tolerated in some one else’s land. Totally different experience.

  • Howie Subnick

    If I said it once I’ve said it hundreds of times! The JEWS MUST BE ARMED! That is the ONLY solution to antisemitisem.
    Jews must organize and hire men from the Jewish Defense Force to teach at an authorized small arms range. After qualifying they must return every 90 days to improve their shooting. Some are going to say, we don’t need guns. I say it is better to shoot than to be shot at. If this is not done, the JEWS will be running for the rest of their lives.
    IT IS TIME TO STAND YOUR GROUND TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS! Need more information, I will help in any way.
    Howie Subnick Sholom

  • brenrod

    Effune confuses the issue by not making it clear that the incitement from the Israel pal conflict is based on LIES from the media. Someone could take his argument to mean that Israel is the cause by their actions

  • steven L

    Demonization: Alinsky 1.0.1.

    • Our own President has played a role in this demonization. His attitude toward Israel has stoked the fires of anti-Semitism.

  • NCS

    Thank you for your voice. You speak for us all.

  • renate rittmer

    This anti semetism is a terrible thing. God is calling His people Home, to Jerusalem and I think they should go. They will be a great loss to the countries they leave, but a great strength and blessing to their own country, Jerusalem. God bless you all!

  • Diana Antoinette

    Jewish people should live ‘WHERE EVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO LIVE’ IF someone doesn’t like that..let them move their sorry keesters. Jews have been kicked around enough, I won’t stand for it anymore (not like I ever did anyway) but from now on I’ll be more vocal about it. LIVE and LET live for goodness sake. Nobody owns this planet it was created for ALL mankind.

  • That’s a shame. The media specially the CNN very much responsible. Poor kids in Gaza what about the Jewish kids in they own country. The kids in gaza I call it casualties of the war. But jewish kids gat purposely killed. People don’t bother with history. Not the bible but modernity. Arabs was just there with gangs on camel backs. Come from the Arab peninsula.

  • Michael

    Not mentioned in this article is the Obama connection to the rising tide of anti-semitism.
    When the leader the most powerful nation on earth, publicly goes out of his way to condemn the State of Israel for “overreaction” as President Obama did in the conflict between Hamas and Israel last year, the world is listening.
    Israel has an enemy on its border committed to the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews. Hamnas has initiated rocket and mortar attacks against Israel attempting to fulfill its commitment to that end.
    President Obama has a deep responsibility in reopening the doors to global anti-semetism.

  • When national newspapers like the Daily Mail publish propaganda lies such as Israel flooding Gaza by opening dams (Israel has no dams near the Gaza Strip), even if they retract later, the damage has been done. The lies about Israel have been ratcheted up ever since the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen and this is no coincidence. Nor is it a coincidence that the Guardian newspaper published a letter purportedly from 700 “artists” condemning the “colonial occupation” of the West Bank. Al Jazeera now refers to “occupied East Jerusalem” before the present Sheikh took over Qatar it was much more moderate, now it is just a mouthpiece for Hamas.