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February 27, 2015 5:16 pm

Leading Black Activist, Ministers Say ‘Congressional Black Caucus Should be Absolutely Ashamed’ for Boycott of Netanyahu Speech

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Black leader Star Parker said members of the Congressional Black Caucus should be "ashamed" by their boycott of PM Netanyahu's speech. Photo:

A prominent leader of the black Christian community on Thursday, along with leading black ministers, lashed out at the Congressional Black Caucus for its boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress on March 3.

“The Congressional Black Caucus should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and these black ministers are standing to oppose them,” said Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a public policy think-tank. “We want the Israeli Prime Minister to know that he is welcomed here by the black Christian community.”

“Israel has had to fight for survival every single day since its founding and it is a sign of ungratefulness that the Congressional Black Caucus is not supporting Prime Minister Netanyahu as the Jewish community stood by us throughout the Civil Rights Movement,” she added. “They financed Dr. Martin Luther King. They helped found the NAACP. Two Jewish youth even died in Mississippi trying to help the black community.”

Parker made the comments during a press conference in Washington where leaders of the black Christian community gathered to voice support for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Ministers who delivered statements at the event included Bishop David A. Richey of the Gulf Coast Christian Center in Mobile, Alabama, Pastor Levon Yuille of The Bible Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Pastor Cecil Blye of More Grace Ministries in Louisville, Kentucky, Pastor Dexter D. Sanders of the Rock Center for Transformation in Orlando, Florida and Rev. Ralph Chittams, Sr. of the Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church in District Heights, Maryland among a number of others.

Leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus said their position on Netanyahu’s speech, which will address the Iranian nuclear threat, is an act of protest against US House Speaker John Boehner, who invited Netanyahu to address Congress without giving much advance notice to the White House. Boehner admitted earlier in February that he made a politically calculated decision to inform the White House on the morning of his invitation to Netanyahu, fearing “interference” by President Barack Obama.

Parker on Monday wrote an op-ed entitled “Black Christians Love Israel,” in which she argued that all Americans should support Netanyahu’s speech “with enthusiasm.” She said that those Congressional Black Caucus leaders who do not attend the prime minister’s address to Congress “violate the principles of freedom of our nation, for which Dr. King fought. They also betray the unique relationship of black Christians, and America in general, to the Jewish people and the state of Israel.”

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  • American

    Israel is not our friend. Americans are beginning to realize this.

  • Luke

    Ugh, DON’T conflate Israelis with Jews. Parker’s comments are ignorant and insulting to the Jewish community ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Just because Jew’s helped found the NAACP and protested on the street means nothing as far a supporting Netanyahu is concerned. Drawing a comparison between the two is like the LGBT community demanding that we host Vladimir Putin because Pussy Riot has been outspoken about gay rights. It’s racist, moo pic, ignorant and a shame that Isreal-America relations are being politicized like this.

  • Chad Chen

    This Aunt Tabby should be horse-whipped for her comments. No foreign leader has been as insulting to the first African American president as that obnoxious racist Netanyahu.

  • Robert

    Read the above article.

    Star Parker sounds like Michael Berry, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly. . .all Masters of the Minor Premise.”

    No one is arguing against Israel. . .just the political manipulation of Netanyahu and Boehner. Anyone heard of Isaac Herzog? Yes, he is running AGAINST Netanyahu in their elections which are three weeks away. If Netanyahu loses, I am confident everyone will welcome the NEW prime minister to come speak.

    Sorry Star. Appears you are a tad bit short sighted in your condemnation of the caucus. I expected more from an educated person.

    • Robert

      . . .and help me, please? What criteria or entity labels Ms. Parker as a “leading” black activist?

      • D.L. Flakes

        Do any of you who are thanking Ms. Parker for supporting Israel know who the 761st Tank Battalion was? Because what I’m reading is how we blacks should be grateful for the Jews who gave their lives in our struggle for freedom. What I’m not hearing is the debt you owe us for fighting to liberate you when we weren’t free ourselves. Carry on.

        • Joes

          You weren’t fighting for freedom and justice and to prevent a white racist from world domination?

    • John Phillips

      The ashamed part is because the Black Caucus was prompted by the White House to boycott, as if Obama believes they cannot make a decision on their own, but must wait for the Obama people to decide for them. The Obama people decided the caucus should side with Obama on every issue based on the “White House” fact that all disagreements with Obama must be racist. In other words, the black caucus are the racists because they make all decisions based on race, always asserting the other guys are the racists, of course, never with any proof.

  • victoria brandeis






    • Jacob

      What’s embarrassing is your level of ignorance. To frame President Obama as the worst President is just down right ignorant. You forget or choose to ignore that this President came into office when the economy was spiraling downward. Not a single Republican voted to help turn the economy around and where are we today, the economy is moving forward.

      Now what Ms. Parker, the so-called Christian leader, has failed to realize is that Netanyahu is not doing God’s work. He reminds me of the Jews who persecuted Jesus Christ.

      “. . . of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sin alway: For the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.”
      I Thessalonians 2:14-16

  • richard sherwin

    wow! someone remembers and cares. and speaks non political non media truth. thanks for the article, and thanks for the support. at best, the president’s gotten carried away by his dislike of Netanyahu, perhaps mutual antipathy. at worst, the whole brouhaha is a scandal, a tempest in a teapot turned into a ‘teapot dome scandal’…. and to whose benefit, i can’t see.

  • Norma Stevlingson

    Oh, so now it’s Boehner didn’t give MUCH notice to Obama. He gave plenty. Obama chose to ignore it so he could whine now. Period!

  • yehudi

    Thank you! Those who bless Israel will be blessed.

  • Phyllis

    “Black Christians Love Israel” is a ridiculous phrase. Name me one country in the entire world, as we know it, that would allow a foreigner to address their parliament or congress in a manner that would disrespect their president. You people can’t be serious. Netanyahu and Boehner are extremely disrespectful to President Obama, and I can’t believe your organization can’t understand what is going on here. Never, never, never would the Jewish community allow an African-American, an Anglo/European, or anyone to enter their country and talk against their president or prime minister. Christian, well you people have a hellva way of showing it towards the President of the United States of America. You people need to be ashamed of yourself. I am totally disappointed in your logic. And please don’t tell me about the two Jewish kids who died in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, or anywhere down south. Lots of people who were not Jewish gave their lives in the civil rights struggle. Do you really want your reader to believe that Jewish people have not killed African-Americans. Check your history. Yes, some Jews were friends and supporters of the NAACP, civil rights causes and have been great friends, but that does not give that rude, disrespectful Netanyahu a pass. Even people in Israel consider his behavior unacceptable. You people give christianity bad name. You people betray African-Americans.

    • Marc

      You have a very selective memory. It is Obama who disrespected Netanyahu, the leader of a sovereign nation who is our strongest ally in the Middle East, in a very public & obnoxious manner -several times.And I will remind you, despite your objections, that the Jewish people were instrumental in helping Dr. Martin Luther King & the black community in the civil rights movement. The Jewish community continues to help to this day. Dr. King publicly acknowledged & praised his Jewish compatriots & the sovereign nation of Israel. You evidently support President Obama simply because of race. Ergo: racism.

    • Leesah

      I feel this statement is biased, because anything that is not favorable to the President is immediate cause for dismissal. I don’t agree with Speaker Boehner, but on this I do. Israel has a right to exist–period. They used to be our ally, but unfortunately that appears to be coming to an end under this Administration. Especially when he sent political operatives to Israel to undermine the Prime Minister’s reelection–that is despicable. Iran is NOT a friend to America, and we should be supporting people and policies that bring that out, not appease it.

    • jefeinoc

      Unlike many nations we have three co-equal branches, it was part of the genius of our nation that our president is not a potentate. In terms of invited speakers, many nations do this including Great Britain which also had Benjamin Franklin speak. Many people have supported the struggle for freedom in the United States, the Jewish community however was one in the forefront in both organization and a desire to help, along with others. Netanyahu has a right to speak in one of the co-equal branches of government and the President does not have a right to stop it. One can understand his worry, Israel is a small nation and it cannot sustain the damage of several nuclear weapons. Iranian leaders have stated repeatedly they wish to destroy Israel. Netanyahu has a responsibility to speak to the leaders of our democracy, even if Obama wishes to silence him.

    • Bob Steinberger

      Phyllis, it’s sad that you, as well many in the black community, as well the black caucus members who choose to boycott the Prime minister of one of America’s staunchest allies and defenders in this world. I believe that this is a circling of the wagons around the President whom they feel is being attacked, wrongfully, by a foreign leader.


      What this speech IS about is the attempt of a leader of his country trying save his people from a country that has repeatedly called for their destruction for decades, and called for the destruction of your country as well. You may have heard the Iranians call Israel the little Satan and the U.S. the great Satan.

      The president has stated that his objection to the PM coming to speak at Congress was because the pres. feels it would be inappropriate because of the close proximity of the speech to Israel’s election. Let the people of Israel worry about their election misdeeds. As it turns out, the PM’s speech will not be aired in real time in Israel, in order for Israeli censors to remove any kind of electioneering propaganda may come across, so electioneering is not the issue.

      Incidentally, Prime Minister Cameron also spoke within close proximity to his election where the president showed no such inclination to condemn or boycott England’s Prime Minister as well. Also the then Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Perez spoke to Congress three weeks before his election as well, with no objection from the President.

      No, the real issue here is between two men having differing opinions on a strategic struggle with a third country’s attempt to develop nuclear weapons. The President’s points of view are well known as are those of his Secretary of State.

      It is incumbent on the members of congress who have a serious blackout of the information available to Israel to be able to proceed in judging this life and death situation (more for Israel, less for America), as they must have to fulfill their duties as congressmen and women.

      I choose to ignore abvious issues of ego which should in any case be ignored in true leaders.

      In reference to your question of whether or not there were Jews that may or may not have killed blacks, I don’t think you would want to open up that can or worms.

      But I can testify about a video clip of Martin Luther King See a video of Dr. King stating that, “the whole world must see that Israel must exist and has the right to exist, and is one of the great outposts of democracy in the world” :

      You also might want to Google all of the aid, education and service that Israelis have given to African countries throughout Israel’s short history. Even you would be surprised to see how much help that a country the size of New Jersey has extended to those countries and compare that aid to the rest of world.

      In the final analysis, your accusations of rudeness and disrespect toward the Prime Minister of one of the only countries in this world, that has consistently backed the United States in every forum in the U.N. and all others only highlights your lack of understanding of reality as well as that of the Black Caucus as well.

      You might want tune in to the speech, your mind might be enlightened.

      • Robert

        Well written and on point.

        Now, please enlighten me. Aside from the “grandstanding” about the speech, which is now a nonissue. . .how is this president and the polices of our country in contradiction or detrimental to the state of Israel?

        Help me with facts to support your position.

      • Glenn

        Truly a thoughtful, outstanding reply, Bob! Sadly, I suspect it will fall on deaf ears. The country is so polarized at this point, that to a large swath of people, facts, logic and common sense carry no weight. Labels, name-calling and accusations of racism have replaced conversation.

    • ned

      African-Americans should be embarrassed by the performance of Barack Obama, who will almost certainly be evaluated as the worst president this country has ever had. He has made a mess of essentially everything he has touched. Indeed, African-Americans are worse off now than they were six years ago.

      Obama is not entitled to be praised regardless of his performance, as is implied by the notion that anyone speaking against his views and/or performance is “disrespecting” him implies. The notion that black people should stand by him because he is black, regardless of performance, is explicitly racist. “My president, when he is of my race, right or wrong” is far more offensive to what the civil rights movement fought for than “my country right or wrong,” yet many of the people who insist on unqualified support for Obama reject that later notion.

      • Robert

        Stop with the generalizations, please.

        I am an African American, and it’s guaranteed I am more well off now financially than I was six years ago.

        Your statement is in error and therefore false.

    • Avenging Angel

      Phyllis, you are a racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic piece of refuse. You do not deserve the privilege of abiding in America. I’d say that you should be ashamed, but I know that there’s no chance of that — Lowest of the low!

    • Joseph

      England, South Africa, Ethiopia, France…do I need to go on.

    • Glenn

      Phyllis, one would think by your comments that you, too, boycotted the Prime Minister’s speech. He was extraordinarily gracious and respectful to the President. And if you didn’t bother to listen to the speech, why should anyone take your ‘critique’ seriously?

  • Conny Nichols

    Thank you for your courage to stand up for justice and righteousness. We thank you for voicing the truth and we are ever so grateful to you for your support of Israel.

  • Ms. Parker,

    So well stated. It was Israel that evacuated, at risk to the military team involved, thousands of Black Africans with Jewish heritage and brought them back to Israel.

    That the Democrats in Congress, including the Black Caucas, would boycott Netanyahu reveals that it is the Democratic Party that has become the anti-Israel party in the USA. Their leader Obama detests Israel.

    The irony of this shrill and furious attack on Netanyahu by the Obama Administration and its congressional toadies is that it has brought tremendous attention here in the USA on the March 3 Congressional speech, frankly, far more than it would have had Obama kept his mouth shut. However, Obama’s narcissistic personality prevented that.

    If Obama was so confident in the propriety of the deal he is striking with Iran, he would have welcomed Bibi with open arms but he is terrified that Bibi will expose that Obama’s deal is an act of catastrophic appeasement.

    • Robert

      What is he going to say that the Obama administration doesn’t already know? Again, three weeks before Israeli elections, and the PM is gaining significant media attention before the election? Is his opponent in Israel getting that same media attention?

      Cry foul here. Is America supporting Israel or . . . is Boehner supporting Bibi in his political race in Israel?

    • D.L. Flakes

      Here is the problem I’m well read and black and I have never heard of this Ms. Parker neither have my friends. We would also like to know where she is leading black people since the article never stated.

  • Star Parker, may God bless you for standing up for Israel! Its amazing to me how people claiming to fight racism can turn their back on Israel. Equally concerning are people claiming to be Christians that dont feel a need to support Israels protection only because the wrong politician is soliciting the help. MLK thought with his heart ~ Not placing judgements on color. Would HE have chosen a side based on the race of the politician, rather than a position that holds true to Gods word? It seems that many black Americans of today would follow any black politician off a cliff. While Speaker Boehner made an unwise move in the way that he handled this; it was wise to bring Israel’s issues to surface for a discussion. God promises that he will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. Where do black Christians stand today? God bless Star Parker and all fellow Americans chosing to stand true to Gods word! Israel needs our prayers, love and support. That includes black, white and all colors in between, around, above and beyond!

  • Star Parker, may God bless you for standing up for Israel! Its amazing to me how people claiming to fight racism can turn their back on Israel. Equally concerning are people claiming to be Christians that dont feel a need to support the protection of Israel only because the wrong politician is soliciting the help. MLK thought with his heart ~ Not placing judgements on color. He would not have chosen a side based on the race of the politician, but rather what position holds true to Gods word. It seems that many black Americans of today would follow the President off a cliff just like lemmings. i dont think Spkr Boehner made a smart move by the way that he handled this, but it was wise to bring Israels issues to surface for a discussion. God promises that he will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. Where do black Christians stand today? God bless Star Parker and all fellow Americans chosing to stand true to Gods word!

  • Robert

    Am I wrong in understanding some of the rationale behind not wishing to participate in hearing Netanyahu speak?

    As many of us support the cause of the Israeli people, I also understand Netanyahu is an elected politician currently running for re-election. Could it be perceived by many as showing favoritism by us in not allowing his opponents to speak as well? I understand it is not our wishing for him to be here but the timing. For some, it could perceived Netanyahu’s goal is not national pride, but an attempt to gain votes?

    • TANIA

      Robert, Obama went to Israel when he was running for president and gave speeches. Did anyone want to stop him there? No !!

      Obama definitely went to Israel to campaign, trying to gain the votes of Americans residing in Israel. He even lied about his “belief” that Jerusalem should remain united under Israeli sovereignty, something he seems to fight with all his might now.

      British candidates have given speeches in the US while campaigning. So why is it different with Netanyahu?

      • D.L. Flakes

        Did he go before the Knesset? No oh I guess that makes the situation different? Also some (a very small percentage) of Americans hold dual citizenship between these countries yet we are by majority expected to buy whatever they are selling.

    • Yale

      It is my understanding that there was an effort to get Isaac Herzog, leader of the Labor Party, to come along with Netanyahu, but that on Obama’s insistence, that came to naught. This reinforces the truth that it is Obama who is politicizing the Netanyahu speech because he sees it as an opporuntunity to change the subject away from the abysmal way he has messed up in the negotiations with Iran.

    • Gordon B

      With Obama sending his campaign staff over to work for Netanyahu’s opponents, it seems a bit weak to complain that Boehner’s invitation is a substantial campaign gesture.

  • Eve

    Black, white, brown, yellow, red or otherwise, we are all Americans and we need to stand by Israel and for freedom.

  • Brian B

    Thank you Ms. Star for your support for Israel and Mr. Netanyahu’s right to speak to Congress. Your words are right, true and comforting to me. I recognize the courage that was necessary to make your stand.

  • Powerful, truthful, courageous words of truth. Star Parker talks the talks and walks the walk of her Savior. He, too, came to set the captives free. The captives in this case are those politicians who bind themselves to skewed political rhetoric.

  • Paul Stark

    It is a disgrace that Obama is giving Israel a hard time. Israel is the only true friend of the USA in the middle east. Obama’s policies have made the world a much more dangerous place.

  • Robert Weintraub

    It is indeed heart-warming to read the words of support for Israel from this young black Christian minister. Jewish support for African American equality has been virtually unanimous throughout our history.

  • sharon

    As a Christian and black American I stand with the Pastors. The Bible says to pray for the peace of Israel that we might be blessed!

    • Dfortruth

      So, it’s all about us getting blessed. So it’s okay that this is a leader of another nation, coming against our President, before the whole world. And our congress setting themselves in agreement with this leader.

      Why is okay with Christians that the Prime Minister of Israel, do not believe that Jesus is the Christ, or the Son of God, or the Messiah, nor people of the Jewish faith, but they do not believe our president.

      The Prime Minister has proven before the whole world that this is not a Christian nation. Where in Scriptures does it say, that at the name of Israel every knee shall bow, you preacher one thing and do another.

      Go to the Scriptures, the first time we see the word Israel, is when Jacob wrestle with God, and God changes his name to Israel. Galation 3:16. The promise to Abraham, Issac, and The man named Israel, which brought forth the Seed Christ. Who died for the sins of the whole world even the nation of Iran.

      For God is no respect of persons, what wrong with trying to work out an agreement without going to war? Whom are we as Christians placing our trust in? God has never needed American to defend His Promise to Israel. Can you find America in that OT?


  • Homer Jones

    Very important article

  • June Grant

    Surprised that there is such thing as a Black Caucus in Congress. What happened to integration?

  • Press Watch

    Thank you Ms. Parker for speaking out

    Unfortunately, you are speaking to airheads/morons

    Why would they be ashamed ?

    They have no shame to start with

    Pretty much they have NOTHING but the race card

    I pray that more minority leaders lead more than our “leaders” in DC are

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Star Parker is perfectly right and the excuse by the Congressional Black Caucus is not acceptable they are in practice support the traitor president Obama that is doing everything to help Muslim fundamentalists like his friend Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization! Saying nothing abut Turkey regime supporting ISIS and the Muslim brotherhood there. They should listen to PM Benjamin and the voter should left them know if they insist to not attend.

  • Earl H. Foote

    Thank you, Ms. Parker and other leaders. I hope that the community listens to you.

  • `Bob J

    It is no coincidence that our black President was able to convince much of the Congressional Black Caucus to boycott the PM of the Jewish State.
    Could this be a form of reverse racism? Sounds like what the President said after the Ferguson killing – that our country has a way to go on the racism issue. Strange, coming from a black President of the U.S,, who has done little to improve the lot of black people in America, even as has spoken out for and actively helps Muslims around the world.

    • Yale

      It’s not “reverse racism” which is racial preferences, but the old-fashioned racism where race determines where one stands.

  • Arnold Kezsbom

    Well said and thank you!

  • yussi

    Good for them! Both groups have been discriminated against throughout history and it was the jewish community,by and large,that provided the largest amount of support for the civil rights movement.The jewish community put politics aside and so should the black caucaus…

  • Batyah

    FINALLY, AT LAST…long overdue…and they can count one less American and one less Jew on their team. The evolution of the civil rights movement all our Jewish Organizations dedicated their membership toward — has, for me, personal, been for a lost cause SINCE THE BLACK LEADERSHIP ACCEPTED ARAB MONEY SINCE THE 1979…(See Vernon Jarrett’s article in Chgo Sun-Times).



  • Florence

    Finally, someone in the black community spoke up and acknowledged the generous and compassionate role of the Jewish community for the civil rights movement. In addition to the founding of the NAACP and the deaths of at least two Jewish youths in Mississippi trying to help the black community, Rabbis along with other clergymen marched in Selma. Although it wasn’t acknowledged in the Hollywood film “Selma”. They just forgot?? Thank you Star Parker.

  • Jean Stevens

    Ms. Parker knows her history about the Jews who contributed to the Civil Rights movement. It is unfortunate that Hollywood, the Black Caucus, and Obama have ignored that part of history. Israel is the only Middle East country that welcomes Christians and where they are safe. Instead of boycotting Netanyahu, they should be thanking him.
    Ms Star is a reminder of what is right in America.

  • Every black member of Congress who boycotts the speech is establishing his bona fides as a virulent antisemite….just like Obama.

  • Scott

    Thank You Ms. Parker….you are indeed a shining Star!…

  • art

    Thank you. Our communities have, unfortunately, been drifting apart. We have worked well together in the past and should not let ourselves be split apart and used against each other. Politically correct or not the reality is that both of our communities have been targeted by islamists, Nigeria and Mali as just 2 examples. Common courtesy would have all of our congress people attend and listen to PM Netanyahus’ speech. If Obama/Kerry are wrong it is Israel who will pay the price.

    • Yale

      “Divide and conquesr” is the principal play in Obama’s political repertoir. Dividing Jews from others, and dividing blacks from others are all in a day’s work for him. This turns naturally into dividing Jews from blacks.

  • steven L

    The black caucus has an anti-black president who is far-left and pro-Islamist.
    Black slavery in the Muslim countries is not even addressed by the US President. This is NO MORE a Judeo-Christian country, therefore J-C values are irrelevant and black people are irrelevant except for voting for the leftist Islamophile president. If you don’t chose your friends properly don’t be surprised if bad things happen to you.

  • Jon R.

    Yeah, Star Parker is a “leading black activist.” LOL.

    The Congressional Black Caucus are among the few doing the right thing in connection with the collusion between the psychotic Bibi and Traitor of the House Boehner to assault the US political system.

    I am not usually a big Obama fan but in this case, I STAND WITH OBAMA!!

  • Shootingstar

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the combined IQ of these Congressmen and women is embarrassingly pathetic…not to mention seemingly incapable of making an independent decision without being told what to say, how to say it and how to vote. Surely the black community can find better people to represent them. In this particular case, it’s obvious they are “following orders” and not taking their representative responsibilities seriously.

  • Frederica Barlaz

    Bravo for Star Parker! She should be a role model for all people.


    Bravo! Thank you to StarParker and all the Black Christians for your support. So heart warming.

  • Why is it that all of a sudden the Primer Minister of Israel is not welcome in the US, and AIPAC supports the boycott. It´s not real, it doesn´t look normal.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    As a former Freedom Rider I can only say that I am ashamed and insulted that the Blacks are the most anti-Jewish group and have no idea of the aid and sacrifices that American Jews had made for them in the Civil Rights movement and even well before that by founding the NAACP and financing and guiding it to 1975 when the first black became president.

    Harry Belafonte can dare talk about the Jewish landlord forgetting that most whites didn’t rent or want black tenants.

    My mother was born in Harlem when it was a hard working, decent and safe neighborhood.

    The blacks have terrible leaders who are actually haters like Jeriamiah Wright, Al Sahrpton, Jess (Hymietown) Jackson. Farrakan and all the other Jew haters. We should never have died for them but should have only taken care of our own.

    Blacks have terrible leaders and Jews only have weak,pathetic, wealthy leaders who think they are the leaders because of their wealth which is 3rd generation. Jews are soon going to be irrelevant in politics as the Black and Hispanic populations continue to explode.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    Is it a CRIME to have a decent print function? It seems the only thing web sites do well is being shameless obnoxious Ad Whores.

  • Hallelujah! It is about time I see black religious criticism of the Congressional Black Caucus. This group is dominated by a far left agenda that all to often makes reconciling your Christian faith difficult if not impossible.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    The Black Caucus members should realize that if Iran gets the bomb, black children, women and others of the Black community are exposed as anyone to the dangers. The matter is not a racial affair, but rather survival of the free world. I urge the Black Caucus not to play racial politics at this juncture. I read that one Black congressman said that they were boycotting, because Netanyahu was disrespectful to the Black president. How narrow, how stupid, how shortsighted. A person like that representative should not be invested with the honor of serving in congress. The one who is playing politics here is Obama and his lemmings.


  • Cherrell

    I’m with the Black Caucus on this one. What has been done “historically” doesn’t mean it should be maintained as the status quo. I believe everyone should do their OWN research and decide who and what to support. Me being a Christian does not tie me to this man (who has been acting EXTREMELY ungodly btw) or his way of thinking.

  • Steven Wenick

    I could not agree more nor could I have expressed it better. Thank you Star and BTW I do enjoy reading your blog in Town Hall.

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