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March 2, 2015 12:29 pm

Czech Republic President Milos Zeman: We All Must Say ‘I am a Jew’

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Czech President Miloš Zeman. Photo: David Sedlecký / WikiCommons.

Czech President Miloš Zeman called upon the global community to show solidarity with Israel. Photo: David Sedlecký / WikiCommons.

Czech Republic President Milos Zeman on Monday urged the global community to show solidarity with the Jewish people and Israel. His remarks were made in a speech at the 2015 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference

“Now we all must say, ‘I am a Jew,'” he told a packed auditorium in Washington, DC. After extended applause from the audience, he repeated the sentiment in Hebrew, saying, “Ani Yehudi.”

“Of course, your discrimination is our discrimination,” he added. “Your victims are our victims.”

Zeman told the gathered AIPAC delegates that expressing solidarity with Israel is the first step in fighting Islamist terrorism. He also advocated for “coordinated and systematic action, under the umbrella of [the UN] Security Council, against the basis of Islamic terrorism.” He denounced the efforts to fight terrorist groups that involve the “massive occupation of territory.”

“No tanks, no infantry, no artillery. But drones, rangers and secret service,” he said. “Never again we shall go, we shall march, like sheep to the slaughter. Never again.”

Zeman concluded his speech by highlighting the ties between the Czech Republic and the Jewish state.

“The Czech Republic has been the single island of democracy in central Europe. And [Israel] is the single island of democracy in the Middle East. And there must be the solidarity between those islands against the ocean of dictatorship.”

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  • Juni Sollar

    Zionism=Facism !

    • Pierrette Winter


    • Tom Daniels

      If you’re going to be an anti-semitic hate-mongering bigot, at least learn to spell

    • Mother Nature

      Islam = fascism. Try actually studying history.

  • Julian Clovelley

    But we are all “Jewish” – that is a matter of fact not propaganda. Zionism and fascism share the blame for perpetuating a myth that created a really dysfunctional concept of family history and genealogy, and to a high degree in the eyes of the Nazis “validated ” the outrageous persecutions.

    There is no pure “Jewish” line – nor is there a pure “Gentile” line amongst the European and Middle Eastern populations. All family trees a contain a mixture of Levantine and non-Levantine ancestors

    The features associated with the concept “Jewish “are more likely derived from East European ancestry than Judean or Hebrew. One sees the same features to varying degrees in “Jews” and “Gentiles” alike from the region

    In the USA at the moment 58% of Jews are said to be marrying out of the religion since 2000. The result is dispersal of ancestry, and “Gentile” input via conversion. But this is only the same process that has been happening since time immemorial. Either we are all “Jewish” or none of us are – Isn’t it long past time we buried this nonsense, founded as it is in mythology rather than history? it is highly unlikely any of the Torah’s events actually happened. Just as Christianity now has to accept its mythologies as such, so must Judaism – the alternative is to watch the intelligent leave. Nothing turns fiction into fact. The attempt to do so creates Fundamentalism – and that view is infecting the muslim world too.

    On the one hand I see you applauding the Czech president – but at the same time on the other hand I see you applauding the racist Zionist elements in Netanyahu’s speeches – the ridiculous claims of pure ancestry descended from the times of a covenant – from the times of a Divine Donation of land that Zionism continues to rely on. It is all myth and not separate myth but part of the pattern of mythology that belongs to all the world and grants no one special privileges. The separation between Jew and Gentile is not on the Gentile side – it is entirely on the Jewish side. Furthermore, short of major reformation in Judaism, the only path out of the fable is secularism – the same choice many Christians have felt forced to make for identical reasons and indeed in many cases because of identical mythology.

    • Rachel

      Torah cannot be viewed from secular or mythological point of view.
      It’s a spiritual experience that have been guiding Jews for almost 3328 years since receiving it at Sinai. Every year since, 100+ generations of Jews have been reliving exodus from Egypt and receiving of Torah as if it’s happening in the now since there is no past-present-future in G-d’s perception, but only in our.
      As for mixed Jewish heritage, even though Jewishness is given over through maternal line, Jewish is not a nationality but a relationship with G-d and an acceptance of 613 commandments (expanded and detailed 10 from Yitro). That is why there are Jews of all races and origins. When we claim the purity of origin, it’s because each one of us (whether born Jew or a convert) was present at the receiving of the Torah (spiritually).
      That said, I agree that Torah belongs to the whole world – exactly the reason why it starts with account of creation of the world and the first man, and not with Abraham.

      Privilege of having the land of Israel (including Jerusalem) is a right and responsibility as given by G-d. I don’t think it can be called a myth, when exiled Jews all over the world weep every year for the Temple that was destroyed twice, 2437 and 1945 years ago.

      Thank you to Czech Republic and its president for standing up with the Jews when most of the world is drowning in antisemitism. Reminds me Denmark and Sweden during WWII.

    • Pierrette Winter

      How much kook-aid did you drink before writing your ridiculous comment?

    • Mother Nature

      Did you know that the Y chromosomes of all Jewish men are identical, be they Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Mizrahim? Mizrahim are Jews who have lived all around the mideast since the Babylonian exile, for over a thousand years before Muhammad and Islam.

      Arabs are indigenous ONLY to part of the Arabian peninsula. From there, with jihad, they COLONIZED the entire mideast and north Africa. Are you so ignorant that you think Arabs are indigenous to any bit of Africa?

      Between 1940 and 1970, Muslim states expelled 1,000,000 Jews from their homes. You haven’t heard of this? Because all you know is pure, racist propaganda.

      In 1864 the west bank and Jerusalem were 80% Jewish. In 1948 the Jordanian army (armed and outfitted by the Brits) expelled all Jews from the west bank and Jerusalem. Gee, where are your tears about that?

  • Daniel Paul K

    Strikingly admirable ! You are awesome Czech Republic President Milos Zeman ! We are always grateful to great Czech Republic for the great help it did to baby Israel for its survival and it is continually doing for Israel.

  • Dr Hilton Evens

    President Zeman – a courageous man indeed!

    • Pierrette Winter

      How much kool-aid did you drink before making your ridiculous statement?

  • Tyler

    Traitor. Israel and its lobbying has nearly everything to do with the existence of such extreme (reactionary) Islamic extremism in the first place. Our “leaders” just play into their hands. They want unrest in the Middle East, they want unrest in Europe and America. They want us to kneel to them.

    • Mother Nature

      Tyler, What is the biggest propaganda machine in history? Islamic rabid racism against the only Jewish state (56 Muslim states)

      This is not a land war, it is a religious war against Jews that has been going on since the birth of Islam and the time of Muhammad:

      Khaibar, a Jewish city north of Medina (also originally a Jewish city):

      “The Prophet offered the Fajr Prayer near Khaibar when it was still dark and then said, Allahu Akbar ! Khaibar is destroyed, for whenever we approach a nation, then evil will be morning for those who have been warned.

      “Then the inhabitants of Khaibar came out running on the roads. The Prophet had their warriors killed, their offspring and women taken as captives…”

      Sahi al-Bukhari
      book of Military Expeditions led by the Prophet
      Chapter: Ghazwah of Khaibar

  • “..Je suis Juis.”

  • George

    for the first time since this ex-communist was elected president I can say I agree with his speach. Lets just hope he was sincere!

  • Eugene Levich

    Thank you, President Zeman, and your beautiful and cultured country, for supporting democracy and human rights.

  • Dante

    He speaks out what all European presidents also should.

  • Tzvi vinokoor

    we are thankful to the Czech people.

    • r.m.

      Tschechen haben Jews voller Zähne, du Trottel.

  • Bob Brenner

    This could be the start of a great new movement.

  • Alex P

    As an Israeli jew that lives in Prague, it makes me proud and thankful. This is not so common, unfortunately, around here. The Jewish history is well integrated with the Czech one. Respect to him.

    • Dalibor

      Hi Alex, firstly, hope u enjoy living in Prague 🙂 Secondly, it is really common for a Czech citizens to stand with Israel. If u can speak just a little Czech, look for the articles regarding Israel on any news (i.e., and look down to comments….majority of them are supporting by nature 🙂

  • Was it not Czechoslovakia that was sold to the Nazis for a piece of paper so called by chamberlain as a peace for
    the century.?
    No, no, the world will no submit itself to a bad deal, leading to the destruction of the world,starting with Israel.
    The resurrection of the Jewish State is for eternity.

  • sidney sands

    One small country in all of Europe, which Israel can call a friend, the others are not dependable or even hostile, thank you Czech Republic.

  • Mayer

    Hypocrisy on behalf of a leader who has openly exonerated the Russians for what they are doing in Ukraine, has infuriated the Czech and international public and with his opportunism has damaged Vaclav Havel’s legacy, who stood up against oppression.

  • James Mensch

    Thank you!

    from Prague

  • Lauren Goldman

    May G-d keep him safe. To have such a supportive voice from central Europe lets exist a spark of hope for that continent, yet.

  • Richard Kirschenbaum

    Way to go Czechs!

  • Ariel Miller

    Biggest anti-semitic people in the World are Polish peole !!!!!!!

    • Robert

      Poland is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Always very friendly. I am not jewish, so that perhaps explains 😉

  • Derek Merry

    I am NOT a jew.

    • Peter


      Why did you feel that you had to share that with us?

    • No your a pig

  • The real isle of democracy- Czech Republic is a brave small
    country among the rest of Europe. For European countries submitted to terror of fanatical Muslims, will be not easy to save their culture and national values under deep impregnated terror cells who feel themselves in power given to them by liberal political correctness of European governments. It will be difficult to bring back what was lost. But it is not impossible, if Europe will be united by common goal- to get rid of the radical Islam. Israel should be thankful to the President Milos Zeman for solidarity, courage and determination in supporting Jewish State in world of hatred,antisemitism and the threat of complete destruction.

  • Maxwell

    Telling me what I can and cannot say is the definition of Fascism. Thanks for adding to the fascism of the European continent, joker. What happened to your support of Russia?

    • Joshua1779

      No Maxwell. Telling people what one can and can’t say is a definition of socialism. Not of fascism. Socialism, communism and leftist in general is the definition of tot as totalitariansm. It is belief in a big, all encompassing government that decides and controls everything. Nazis were an integral part of this. Nazi name is derived from full name National Socialism. Nazi party started as German Workers Party “. Today, the goal of the leftist socialist progressive movement is to create a single world government. A world government that controls and decides everything. That regulates all human endeavors. George Soros, EU leaders, Obama and most of the left is on board with this. Destruction of Israel is just a small side show for the left.

  • Markus Elnana Brajtman

    I wish this gentleman would come to speak in South Africa, where they are holding the ‘ISRAEL APARTHEID WEEK’ with hate a d lies about Israel
    It appears as though those who have never visited Israel and have no idea of the truth.
    All they need to do, Is visit Israel and then make comparisons with South African apartheid.
    They would be shocked to learn the truth.

    They also refer to the Gaza war, but never mentioned that Hamas (a designated terrorist group)attacked Israel for months with rockets and mortar fire, before Israel attacked and bombed legal military targets from where rockets were fired ,
    In hospital grounds, schools, mosques etc.
    That Hamas kept civilians and children in those places, knowing that they would be killed.
    This suited Hamas, the more killed, the more Israel would be blamed.
    No mention of ther terrorist fighters killed.

  • thankyou thankyou thankyou president zeman….you have said so much with so few words…you brought a smile to my face….with so much bad news all of a sudden something so very refreshing to hear…may all world leaders be as enlightened as you…a standing ovation by me to you….mr president zeman…SIR….wyatt earp(ficticious name used)…poet singer songwriter toronto ontario canada…..80 yrs ago we could only hope….the times have definitely changed…hope is no longer….action must always be initiated to guarantee survival…..i welcome input….thankyou

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Great to hear .. ! It is quite amazing that the Western World remains so quite. The collapse of Middle East countries and African States, due to failed US / Western wars is leading to an influx of Islamists and trouble for Jews.

  • – I am a berliner – Ich bin ein berliner . -President Kennedy
    We say, “Walk a mile in a man’s shoes.” We must not sidestep the facts.
    It is moral impotence to disregard the facts of the intent of these who claim rights of world dominion, and who believe they’ve moral right to erase a people from the globe.
    Dmnable literally, to sleep through this, or click the mouse away from the evidence.
    What or who is next then? This is not a sim game.

    • Dante

      Whom do you mean?

  • Charlotte Roth

    A voice of truth amid the darkness.

  • Absolutely, not only solidarity alone, but solidarity matched with actions to show massive support like, wearing of Yarmulke(Kippah) by non-Jews, as it indicates solidarity.

  • Steven Kalka

    He understands the nature of oppression, having lived under the oppressive yolk of Soviet Communism.

    • yes, we did, and my family under nazis also…

    • Robert

      Mr. Zeman should research the start of Communism and which people invaded Russia in 1917 to start the murderous regime which troubled Eastern Europe so much.

  • Dale

    Few are they of good conscience. Thank you, Sir.

  • Corrine schlessel

    Incredibly heart warming that their ARE some leaders in the free world that are not afraid to stand up and be counted…hear that Obama?

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Kudos to Milos Zeman!

  • Sandman

    Im not a jew.

    • Dante

      Neither am I, technically, but in spite of it I am in the sense Peter Struck meant it when he said “we now are all American” after 9/11.

    • Eugene Levich

      Neither are you a grammarian.

    • No of course not your a racist filthy pig

    • What are you

  • Eva Kraus

    Makes me proud today I’m a Jew born in Czech Republic

    • i am also born there…i thank my family for cosmopolitan upbrink. .. have many j. friends there and here /name change in second war or became chris., but paper work went to synagoques when they passed away. thank you

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    To Mr Zeman:

    The Jewish people will always be thankful to you and to the Czech Republic for your support. G-d bless you and your people. Amen.