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March 2, 2015 4:00 pm

Obama’s Moment of ‘Peace’ and Jewish Liberals

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President Barack Obama greeting Jewish supporters. Israelis and American Jews are initiating a campaign that supports Obama and is against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Isi Leibler.

Out of the whole shrill chorus of American Jewish liberals who have offered an evil-spirited defense of “their President” against the ruthless foreign invader Benjamin Netanyahu, the most obnoxious (and it is not an easy choice to make) surely belongs to Robert Reich. The former Secretary of Labor is not widely known for his Jewish sentiments or any particular interest in the welfare of the Jewish State, but on this occasion he took to Facebook to vent his anger against Netanyahu, AIPAC, settlements and, of course, Sheldon Adelson.

Addressing “the people of Israel,” Reich accused “the new-found alliance” between the Republicans, AIPAC, and “some wealthy right-wing Jews” of poisoning the relationship between Israel and the United States. Reich then demanded submission to the “nuclear deal with Iran that’s one of the President’s highest priorities.” Considering that the said nuclear deal doesn’t get better just because Barack Obama wants it very much, the ravings of the former Clinton henchman could be easily dismissed. Trouble is, they are all too common in American Jewish liberal circles to be ignored, so they should be addressed in the vain hope that common sense, shame, and simple decency will eventually prevail.

By now, most informed observers of the increasingly secret negotiations between the world’s mightiest democratic superpower and the semi-bankrupt Islamic tyranny agree that the deal that Obama will surely hail as “peace in our time” is going to be a very bad one. It will recognize Iran as a nuclear threshold state, it will allow it to continue developing the means to deliver nuclear warheads, it will legitimize its quest for regional hegemony, it will do nothing to curb its campaign of terrorism abroad and its reign of terror at home, and it will surely launch a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

If recent history is any judge, the prognosis for the future is also clear. Just like all other rogue regimes have done, once allowed to get to the “nuclear threshold,” Iran will not wait ten years for the “sunset clause” to expire, but will time its final rush for the bomb for the last months and weeks of Barack Obama’s term, banking on the feeble response of the outgoing administration. If this gamble succeeds, Iran could be poised to launch an attack on Israel.

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This is what the issue is truly about. This is the genocide that is in the offing, which the Obama Administration has chosen to be maniacally oblivious about. On the other hand, having set most of the Middle East on fire, why should Israel be spared?

History will record and preserve for posterity how, faced with the choice – to show solidarity with other Jews or with the President determined to ignore the mortal threat to those Jews – the American Jewish liberals made the same craven choice that their predecessors made during the Second World War, when the peace of mind of Franklin Roosevelt was deemed more precious than the lives of their brethren in Europe. It is truly symbolic that the most damning words about their conduct were uttered by none other than the late Benzion Netanyahu, the father of the man who has arrived in Washington to plead for his people:

Take, for example, Rabbi Stephen Wise – leader of the American Zionist movement, the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress. He thought of himself as a servant of President Roosevelt. He referred to Roosevelt as ‘chief,’ and he really meant it that way – Roosevelt was the chief, and Wise was the servant. Wise was happy to just follow along with whatever Roosevelt wanted. He was content as long as FDR just remembered his name or gave him a few minutes of his time every once in a while.

American liberal Jewry must, finally, open its eyes and realize that since the beginning of the Obama presidency, the rifts and conflicts between Washington and Jerusalem were caused not by Netanyahu but by the constant malevolent application of ill will emanating from the White House. If today the Democratic support of Israel stands at historic lows, it is in large part because of Obama’s unrelenting effort to make public each quarrel with Israel, to paint its government as a chief obstacle to peace, to undermine its legitimacy, and to belittle the threats to its security.

The deal with a murderous religious dictatorship, which enables it to become a more prosperous murderous religious dictatorship, cannot, by its very nature, bring peace – but only a war even more horrible than anticipated today by those who, again, demand to choose dishonor out of fear of war. American Jewish liberals claim that peace for the Middle East and the security of Israel is what they are really after. Upholding Obama’s nuclear Munich with Iran will give them neither. It’s time for them to wake up.

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