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March 3, 2015 3:42 pm

Twitter Users Rip David Axelrod for ‘Existential Threat’ Jibe at Netanyahu

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David Axelrod on CNN.

Twitter users reacted harshly to a slew of petty and snide remarks from former President Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod, who criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday about the Iranian nuclear threat.

“Iran is a grave issue,” Axelrod tweeted. “But make no mistake: Bibi’s speech is more about an ‘existential threat’ to his own electoral prospects in 2 weeks.”

Axelrod further tweeted: “Speech broke no new ground nor offered realistic path short of war. But apocalyptic language & GOP cheerleading tailor-made for his base.”

Responding to Axelrod’s assertion that the speech was an electioneering effort aimed at Israeli voters ahead of the country’s general election, some Twitter users were livid.

@davidaxelrod implies Israelis wrong to view nuclear Iran in ‘apocalyptic’ terms. Astounding,” wrote Noah Pollak.

Twitter user Allen said: “@davidaxelrod I can’t imagine how he could use apocalyptic language when discussing nukes in the hands of a country sworn to his destruction.”

@davidaxelrod Not surprised that you didn’t recognize true leadership nor understand the historical significance of this speech. Sad….,” another said.

In an interview with Reuters on Monday, President Obama challenged Netanyahu’s objection to the nuclear deal currently being negotiated between Iran and world powers, claiming that there is no viable alternative to seeking a temporary freeze on Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu has consistently called for an arrangement that sees Iran’s nuclear capability completely terminated, a sentiment he repeated in Congress on Tuesday.

Other Democrats adopted a similar tone to Axelord. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed: “I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister’s speech – saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation.”

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  • Zvi

    Unlike Netanyahu, Axelrod is ONLY a political hack and is responsible only to his employer/s, who are politicians.

    In contrast, Netanyahu is both a politican and – more importantly – a national leader. He has the responsibility to his PEOPLE. He is responsible for keeping them alive.

    It would have been a lot easier for Netanyahu to avoid rocking the Obama boat in advance of his election. He could have stayed at home and let Obama lie. He could have stayed at home and campaigned.

    When I want to learn about how Axelrod employs modern technology in politics, I will listen to Axelrod.

    When I want to understand the threat that a genocidal and terrorist regime poses to the rest of us – a threat that our cowardly leaders and the cowardly leaders of other countries are too timid to address or even recognize – I will listen to Netanyahu.

  • manley kiefer

    Whether David Axelrod really believes or not what he states about Netanyahu’s primary concern for his speech was for his upcoming re-election,, that is only his opinion or for his staying in good standing with the administration.

  • Philip jacobson

    It’s almost funny to see the Democrats resond lock step in their response to Bibi’s speech. In thought only Fox New’s analysts were so absurd. As a liberal Democrat I expected better, silly me they’re all just politicians, no brains, no balls!

  • Lynne T

    Says Ms. Pelosi, who was so eager to raise her own profile domestically that she hurried off to Damascus to shine Bashir Al Assad’s shoes for him and then come home to tell folks what a delightful pair he and his fashionista wife Asma are.


  • If I remember correctly, Ahmedinajad said: “Even if 35 million Iranians die in the confrontation with Israel, Allah still wins!”
    (The total population of Iran is 70 million). You tell me the Iranian leadership is not crazy.

  • Howie Subnick

    What did you expect to hear from a small minded PRICK! Pelosie, you are about as smart as the south end of a mule jumping over a fence. You should be lucky that no one stepped on the rock you were born under.

  • Pinchas Baram

    In my book, david axelrod is an obama-asskisser, a traitor to the Jewish People and Israel, a little jewish commie-type from Chicago, and a piece of you know what.

  • Nancy Pelosi needs to move to Israel and live there. She needs to feel the tension and anxiety Israelis go through on a daily basis, surrounded by Hamas from the south, Hizbolla from the north and Isis from the Syrian border and Iran’s nukes threats to understand where Mr. Netanyahu is coming from. Its easy to criticize from her safe and cushiony environment she lives in.
    Wake up Mrs. Pelosi and see the real world.

  • Historian

    Axelrod has no clue like Obama what the temporary freeze will not do and that is stop Iran from moving forward with their Nuclear bomb capabilities,

  • arthur lubitz

    david axelrod is as shortsighted as his president. The appeasement of this deal for a false promise of nuclear disarmament will be seen for what it is a failure to udge the threat of a nuclear iran and the attempt to create a foreign policy legacy at all costs

  • These democrats are the demoncrat minions of the worst president in American history. Carter must be smiling.

  • steven L

    Axel must be an Alinsky’s fan!
    How can the US pretend to protect anyone when in 10 years Iran will have full rights to build as many nuclear war heads and rockets as they wish? Probably in less than 10 years.
    Pelosi must suffer from AD!

  • ” intelligence of the United States ” ….really ??? I think it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to be put out to pasture

  • Ivana Talya Tufakov

    That political Hack-selrod wouldn’t recognize a true leader if it bit him on the ass. After all, look who his leadership role model has been. From his comments on Bibi’s speech, it is clear that Bozo has already thrown in the towel and believes that nothing but a temporary deal with Iran is attainable. That’s who we got when the libtards elected a community organizer the first time, then doubled down on stupid. It’s true that Bibi can’t speak for the USA, and maybe can’t prevent Bozo and Herman Munster from reaching a “deal” with current Iranian Assahola, but it is also true that the USA does not speak for Israel, and Israel will not feel itself bound if its very survival is at stake. We may all live to see that Israel, despite her nuclear ambiguity, WILL be the forced as an act of self-preservation to become first country in the Middle East to use nuclear weapons, if only because Iran is a big country….

  • Gabriel Eichler

    Axelrod is a cynical KAPO who made a career out of mercilessly whipping his fellow Jews.

    Nancy Pelosi who never worked an honest day in her life has been sucking the blood of US taxpayers.

    These two and their ilk have no moral right to have an opinion about anything that effects the lives of Jews in Israel or the US.

  • Irving D. Cohen

    ………..and I am saddened and angered commenting to the point of fury over the ridiculously ignorant and arrogant comments by Axelrod and Pelosi on Netanyhu’s speech. They resorted to “we know best” statements and meaningless, supercilious derision, instead of countering the points made by the Prime Minister. Of course, Ms.Pelosi, Bibi had to touch on the history of the Jewish people,and doing so was NOT condescending, because he had to explain why Israeli leaders could not, and should not, place its very existence in the hands of murderers who are out to eliminate Jews.That’s what was meant by “NEVER AGAIN.” Is Israel to believe that Iranian terrorists are just bluffing about wiping Israel off the map ?”

  • barry

    Axlerod has joined the league of useful idiots…pity.

  • joe phillips


  • Michael Palmer

    Nancy Pelosi should be in tears. Not beacuse of Netanyahu’s speech but because of her tet a tet with Bashar Assad in 2007. She should think about the 200,000 people he has enhilatated and how she embarrassed herself and her country by meeting with him.

  • Adele Gauer

    Nancy Pelosi should be in tears. Listening to a real national leader and statesman can be overwhelming. She and Harry Reid have no influence over him.

  • Audrey Clement

    I was very impressed with Netanyahu’s speech both with its forthright content and masterful delivery. Agonizing over Bibi’s motivation whether strategic or electoral–this is hairsplitting. The survival of Israel and ultimately the western world depends on electing leaders committed to defending their national interest as Bibi has done.

  • Fred

    Axelrod a looser hypocrite . Sour grapes.

  • Steve Keller

    Some of the career law makers like Polosi have out-lived their usefulness and need to retire. Our countries future is at stake. She is like a mule wearing blinders. She can only see partially and is mostly blinded.

  • Ness Pessah

    Hey Pelosi” buy yourself a box of Kleenex and wipe your tears…….

  • art

    When Obamas treaty fails he will be a retired President making millions as a speaker and inside financial trader. Susan Rice and Sue Powers will be heads of “think tanks’ or universities making millions They will not be facing a nuclear iran. Remember back to 2004 when Bush and Condi Rice demanded that hamas be allowed to participate in the elections. Bush is retired and wealthy, safe and secure in Texas Condi is a university President safe and secure. Israel faces hamas. US politicians move on Israel remains paying for the errors of their allies. Like Eli Weisel and I say when an enemy threatens to kill you pay heed and take the threat seriously. All Iran needs is 1,2 or 3 nukes 80% of Israels population is in a triangle, Jerusalem, Haifa Tel Aviv. A few nukes will hurt the US or EU they will indeed destroy Israel.

  • Ueberdoofus

    Axelrod and his cohorts never see red until they look into the mirror.

  • Ness Pessah

    I can only reiterate :
    They have eyes but don’t see, they have ears but don’t hear , unfortunately,
    They have big.and foul,mouth., spitting venom,lies and profanities……
    Grow up and face reality before it’s too late….. AM ISRAEL CHAI..LL

  • Efram

    Pelosi, it was not an insult to the intelligence of the United States, it was an insult to ostriches who grovel before the mighty “O.” I am glad you recognized yourself as one of those.

  • Morrie Amitay

    Clever politically, Axelrod was largely responsible for Obama’s ascendance to a position for which he has proven to be singularly unsuited for. Now Obama has turned out to be a disaster for both Israel and our own country.

  • Angie smith

    I am sadden I wish everyone in the USA would have
    Supported Prime minister. I am very sorry for the people
    That didn’t support him and don’t feel the way I is a
    Dark day for America. We will see the results for not
    being supportive . Thanks

  • David

    it was the same pelosi who assumed hamas was an humanitarian aid group, that and the same who was ” assured by Qatar” it was so, that is now allowing her self to be saddend by this Lack of respect to her knowledge and. Ability to see into the truth of things.
    America, choose your leaders more carefully, ffs.