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March 8, 2015 7:01 pm

Israeli Driver Chases Down, Arrests Two Palestinians Who Threw Rocks at His Car

avatar by David Daoud

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An Israeli man chased down and detained Palestinians who threw stones at his car. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

A resident of the West Bank town of Ateret was able to chase down and arrest two Palestinian youths who had just thrown stones at his car, Israel’s NRG reported.

The resident, “Y” was traveling last week on the road between Ateret and Neve Tzuf that traverses the Binyamin region. He noticed two young men on the side of the road, who then began throwing stones at the car in which he was driving with his wife.

Y said that after he identified the stone-throwers, he acted instinctively and stopped at the side of the road, pulled out his weapon and pursued the two. After a chase that lasted only a few meters, he caught up with the youths and subdued them. Immediately afterwards, he called in Israeli military forces who came to take away the two men and transfer them to police custody.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the two were adults. They admitted to the act and will be held until the end of court proceedings. Police officials said that the “two Palestinians were arrested by the resident of Ateret after stones were thrown at his car while driving on the road between Ateret and Neve Tzuf. The citizen, Y, pursued the two immediately, stopped them, and reported them to the army. The two were arrested, and the case will be transferred to the prosecution for further investigation, and examining the possibility of an indictment.”

The locale in which the event occurred is considered troubled, and in recent weeks a number of terrorist events have occurred in that area, according to the report. Almost daily, stone-throwing attacks are carried out in the region against Israeli vehicles. At the settlement of Neve Tzuf pipe bombs were thrown, and shooting attacks were attempted and carried out. Residents of Jewish settlements in the area have established guard shifts on the roads to prevent and disrupt enemy activities.

Two weeks ago, the IDF and Shin Bet arrested a terrorist cell in the Palestinian village of Beit Rima. The cell members had carried out shooting attacks against vehicles traveling in the area on the roads to Binyamin. In addition, the group was involved in terrorist activities that included stone throwing and Molotov cocktail and pipe bomb attacks. In the course of the investigation, Shin Bet investigators discovered the four guns with which the attacks were carried out. The cell members admitted to interrogators that they had planned to carry out other attacks, including against military targets, stabbings of soldiers and kidnappings.

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  • Hugo

    No wonder antisemitism is on the rise when people read hateful comments like the above.
    the Palestinians are the terrorists and the Israeli Jews are the good guys. Reminds
    one of the conquest of the US with the good guys fighting the Natives (terrorists?).

    • Liliane Abergel

      I would suggest you read some REAL History books to set you straight! As for your remark about the rise of antisemitism, it smacks of it! So I see now an antisemitic ignoramus, but not all of us have the desire to educate ourselves. Then, there is your support of criminals because that what it is if you throw a stone at a passing car. Your intent is to hurt of kill! So by your own words, you support criminal “activities”. As for the so called “palestinians” why don’t you check on Goggle or anywhere else you would like why there is NO “P” in the arabic language? And if so, where did they get a name stating with P for “their” supposed “country”? As for the presence of Jews in the land of Israel, it’s over 4,000 years old. Maybe not as long as Native Americans but still way longer than “palestinians”

  • Andrew

    Good job!

  • David




  • Goooooooood…!
    Of course they do that because Benjamin Territories belong to the Muslims Arabs since and for ever?
    1967 and further years were in the hands of the Left a suite of errors mistakes and political cowardice.
    Judea Samaria should have been annexed and the population cleansed from no-willing non-Jews to became Israelis.
    Now, it is too late probably to reverse the situation….?!
    Two States was and remains a nonsense in such tiny space and I am convinced all that stuff will drive to cleansing war anyway. from one and other sides…

  • Wm. J. Levy

    He should have shot them.

    • Rob1

      Where do you think the name Banjamin came from – the Koran????

  • Reform School

    Similar incidents occur in the United States, except the police arrest the victims for gun possession. Federal prosecutors take the stonethrowers into custody for transfer to the White House. Those that cause physical harm are issued the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  • art

    In most US jurisdictions throwing stones at moving vehicles is a felony crime. Throwing Molotov cocktails is a felony and an ugly crime meant to burn someone to death. They were famous in WWII as weapons against tanks. The world media minimizes the destructiveness of these weapons

    • esther noodelman

      TRY THROWING STONES at cars and people IN Any U.S. city and see how tolerant they will be!

  • Emmett

    What’s with that “west bank” crap? Only Jew hating Arabs & leftist morons use that term to describe Yehuda & The Shomron, which is not near Israel’s West Bank. FYI, Israel’s “West Bank” runs along the Mediteranean Sea. Enough of your leftist propaganda and distorted, manipulative, subliminal messages disguised as news.

    • esther noodelman

      The language is a little foul,but the truth is the truth,,The land is called Yehuda/Shomron…Judea/Samaria.A Rose by any other name is still a Rose,YES! IT BELONGS TO THE JEWS!

  • Milhouse

    Why do you call this person a vigilante? He was minding his own business when he was attacked, so he arrested his attackers and immediately called the authorities and turned them over. Is that the act of a vigilante?! No, it’s the act of a decent law-abiding person.

    • Milhouse

      Never mind, the headline was corrected.