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March 12, 2015 7:31 am

British Paper: Israel Has ‘Argued’ That Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza

avatar by Adam Levick

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A rocket attack on Israel from Gaza. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Telegraph’s coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is generally fairer and more accurate than other British publications we comment on. However, as we’ve noted since monitoring the paper consistently over the past year, they do, on occasion, inexplicably demonstrate the kind of egregious bias more typically found in the GuardianIndependent, or Economist.

A passage in a February 26 Telegraph report by  represents the latest instance of such skewed coverage. Akkoc’s story on the British graffiti artist known as Banksy, who produced a video criticizing conditions in Gaza, included a perfect contrast in credulity when faced with Israeli and pro-Palestinian ‘claims.’

First, the pro-Palestinian claim:

In the less than two-minute long video published on the artist’s website, Banksy refers to the “development opportunities” then adds that no cement has been allowed in to the area.

The Telegraph reporter doesn’t challenge Bansky’s allegation that “no cement has been allowed into the area,” despite the fact that Reuters and other media outlets, including a separate Telegraph story on the video also published on February 26, all reported that cement is indeed entering Gaza under an agreement struck with the UN.

Now, for the Israeli “claim.”

The destruction the artist depicts was a result of the 50-day conflict which left 539 Palestinian children dead and close to 3,000 injured.

In total, more than 2,000 Palestinians and 67 Israeli soldiers were killed, according to United Nations figures.

Six civilians in Israel were also killed. Israel argued that Hamas militants attacked the country with rockets.

That’s right, Israel has “argued” that Hamas fired rockets at the country during the summer war!

The language used by the Telegraph journalist suggests she had no doubts regarding Bansky’s allegation that “no cement has been allowed into Gaza” – but wasn’t ready to confirm the veracity of the Israeli “argument” that “Hamas militants attacked the country with rockets.”

We have contacted Telegraph editors to request corrections to both passages and will update you when we receive a reply.

Adam Levick is the managing editor of UK Media Watch, an affiliate of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

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  • Julian Clovelley

    I have never been a fan of the Telegraph which has always been avery Right Wing newspaper.

    However I cannot agree with Adam’s criticism here. Banksy is a well known artist and the article merely reports what he said – the article is clearly a portrait of him and not of Gaza. It blandly reports what he says – nothing more – adding however that Israel has an argument in its favour

    The article is balanced by the existence of a free comment section. That is where Adam’s comment belongs

    The most obvious example of Algemeiner doing exactly what Adam claims the Telegraph was doing here is in the reports of Netanyahu’s speech. Comments were moderated out and the speech was no analysed line by line in the reporting article – which is what Adam seems to be wanting

    in addition comments against Netanyahu were blatantly suppressed under the guise of “moderation” – You cannot demand absolute free speech in one Journal and nor criticise its repression in another.

  • dante

    banksy is a really clever, funny cartoonist but he IS AS DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS. he doesn’t know much, but he has very strong opinions. great combination: ignorance and stubborn bias.

    so, he’s placed himself on the side of a hateful, genocidal, jihadist regime. and, the fool thinks he’s virtuous, noble & courageous. banksy is a complete fool, a perfect fool.

    just to remind you: years ago, Dick Gregory said that “There’s no fool like a young fool because he’s got so much time to be a fool.” he might have had banksy in mind.

  • Steve jeromes

    This is such a piece of basic factual information broadcast for anyone with vision to see that the reporter and editors should have been fired on the spot.

    That that has not happened says a good deal about this paper and its biases. Sham

  • bea green JP BA

    Thank you, Adam Levick. I hope the Telegraph will correct both passages openly, boldly and visible to all!

    Bea Green

  • Barry

    The whole business started when Hamas fired rockets into Israel after the Israelis broke up a Hamas group in the West Bank that was responsible for the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli students.
    With the international media there is no honest unbiased reporting.
    The Israelis should have lain down in the fetal position and taken their punishment for going after the killers.

  • I read The Telegraph on line most days and I find it a very fair paper. Part of the problem most papers have is that their journalists covering Israel tend to ‘trust’ Haaretz and The Guardian, both of which, like the BBC and The Independent, lean as far Left as the Tower of Pisa! Although The Guardian and The Independent have fewer readers than most of London’s dozen dailies they get quoted more than The Times, The Telegraph and other more fair publications. Then we find ‘Jewish’ wriers out to prove they are more anti-Israel than Galloway, overlooking that to the man on the street anti-Israel is the politically correct way of being anri-SEmitic.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    What is wrong with British Jews to be so meek?

    Have they learned nothing from fighting Mosley’s men in the streets?

    I would break their heads!

  • Leo Toystory

    Ha-ha-ha, The Telegraph will only be available in Arabic in another decade!