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March 13, 2015 11:33 am

IDF Outlines Defense of Southern Airport, Braces for Islamic State-Linked Attack

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The IDF outlined the defense for the new Timna Airport in southern Israel. Photo: Twitter. – The Israel Defense Forces—which is said to be preparing for the possibility of an Islamic State-linked terror attack along the Israel-Egypt border—is outlining its defense of the Timna Airport, the new international airport that is currently under construction in southern Israel.

The airport is expected to become operational in 2017. As part of the planned defense, a roughly 18.5-mile fence is being designed to encompass the airport and its adjacent area.

Wilayat Sinai (formerly Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis), the largest Islamic State-affiliated jihadi group in the Sinai Peninsula, on Thursday released a video in which its operatives claim to have fired three rockets at southern Israel’s Eilat port last week. The group claimed it plans to fire up to 150 rockets daily at Egyptian security forces in Sinai and the Eilat port.

It is believed that Wilayat Sinai will attempt to target Egyptian security forces along Israel’s southern border using what has become its signature modus operandi—surprise attacks by dozens of terrorists on several targets simultaneously. The IDF believes these terrorists will attempt to disguise themselves as smugglers, or perhaps even as Egyptian security forces, so they would be able to approach Israeli troops in the sector.

Earlier this week, IDF Southern Border Brigade Deputy Commander Col. Arik Hen said the threat emanating from the Sinai was a priority for the Israeli military, and that it “affects military readiness for various scenarios that may develop” near or on the border.

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  • Lyn Clack

    The G_d of Isreal fights on her behalf. It’s not by might nor by power /might but by MY Spirit says the Lord.

  • This is truly a waste of time, and money. Israelis, once they vote Labor and Zionist Union in will be giving this land back to the Palestinians or whomever wants it. Their stated goal is to create a true Palestinian State built right on Israeli land. Why defend something that you are going to lose?

    It seems that the Israelis just love the idea of seeing someone come in and exterminate them. Every word out of the Palestinians either in their press, or Internet, and TV states that they want to kill the Jews, (Israelis) yet the Israelis are still trying to make peace with these savages. Simply amazing. A vote for these left wing Parties is a vote to kill yourself and your neighbors.

  • steven L

    IL should have an understanding with El-Sisi on the right of hot pursuit on sea and land!

  • A nuclear-armed Iran puts the whole world in danger.
    Nuclear-armed Jihadi terrorists are the greatest threat our civilization may ever face.

    Bibi’s address to a joint session of the US Congress this week 3.3.2015 was appropriate and necessary. There are some who have ears but they do not hear and eyes but could not see. Such people said and asserted that Bibi said “nothing new”. There is an adage which says “a dog that is destined to get lost will not hear the hunter’s whistle”. Majority of Americans heard the whistle, loud and clear on Tuesday, when Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his speech about terrorist Iran’s acquiring nuclear capabilities is a threat to the world at large.
    We must learn to face reality and not delude ourselves to wishful thinking.
    Iran the destabilizing factor in the Middle East and beyond..
    The PM stated the greatest dangers facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons.”
    A nuclear-armed Iran puts the whole world in danger.
    Nuclear-armed Jihadi terrorists are the greatest threat our civilization may ever face.
    Radical Islam is not just a threat to American and Israel. It is a threat to Western Civilization everywhere. Unless the West wakes up now before it’s too late and stops this evil.
    Do you want prevent nuclear terror? Do you care about you children and your family’s future? Vote for nuclear free Iran.
    A terrorist state must not be permitted to possess nuclear capability.
    Iran already controls; Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza, etc. how much more before we stop them from devouring the Middle East and more.
    When Israel takes defensive action for its survival. Israel would rather be condemned for its actions as a live Israel than eulogized as a dead Israel.

    YJ Draiman